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Arizona Sports Teams Mourn John McCain

By John Ekdahl

John McCain passed away yesterday, and while he will certainly be remembered more for his career in the United States Navy, his time in both the United States House of Representatives and the Senate, and his campaigns for President, he was a huge sports fan and Arizona’s teams paid tribute yesterday upon hearing of is passing.

From Yahoo News, which did a great job compiling these:

After Sen. John McCain’s death Saturday, several Arizona teams paid tribute to the late politician and sports fan.

The Cardinals tweeted out a statement from president Michael Bidwill, saying “the world will never be the same” without McCain’s voice.

Arizona Cardinals:

John McCain was busy helping run the country over the years as a Senator, but when he had a chance, he’d drop by a Cardinals’ practice or game to see his favorite football team and see friends like Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Bidwill.

McCain passed away Saturday night after a long fight with brain cancer and only a day after his family announced he would no longer be receiving treatment. The end, however inevitable, was difficult for those who knew him.

Phoenix Suns:

Arizona Diamondbacks:

Arizona Coyotes:

University of Arizona:

Arizona State University:

Rest in peace, to an American patriot and hero.

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Just what… on earth… is going on here?

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From Paul Kennedy, who says this is the first time captains’ badges have been added to Texas jerseys. Original tweet here.

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Via Joshua Hinton: “Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like Brandon Kintzler (Cubs #20 relief pitcher) has an off-centered player’s weekend patch.”

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Greg Shemitz noticed that Bryce Harper was wearing a snap-on cap yesterday. He says he saw it in the 7th inning. Anyone have a pic to confirm?

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So, this is great: Cincinnati Red Scooter Gennett is a huge Dale Earnhardt fan so he honored him for Players Weekend. He’s got the Intimidator’s number with “DAL3” on his jersey, a checkered pattern on both his cleats and bat and he’s even got his batting gloves flashing number 3.

A post shared by Scooter Gennett (@sgennett2) on

(Also: Alex Hiner’s tweet was featured in this Sporting News article)

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Via Joshua Hinton, here are the matchweek three kits (perhaps a bit late for some).

Comments (13)

    Best thing about Senator McCain is that both liberals and conservatives would have problems with him. One of the few senators that would cross the isle and work with both sides to try to get something accomplished.

    Speak for yourself. On foreign policy John McCain was a war mongering Neocon. I wish his mourning would be accompanied with details of a long political career than enabled the killing of so many, including the innocent American soldiers we supposedly love. John McCain is an embarrassment to many Arizonans and makes us all look like blind war-lovers. Shame on the sports teams for these tributes.

    I should rephrase. Shame on our sports teams for the tributes that filter out the bloodshed he helped eneble.

    New NCAA rule (Rule 1.Article 5.a.2) allows “The letter “C” to identify a team captain”

    It is a new rule specifically permitting a captain’s “C;” prior to this, the rules said nothing about whether such a patch was legal.

    Just a reminder that if the response from the Tigers’ Twitter account in link is accurate, then we should be seeing regular uniforms in Detroit this afternoon.

    The Yanks and O’s wore the Clown Shoes unis for both the regular and makeup games of yesterday’s twin bill. I was quietly hoping for a reprieve in one of the games, seeing how the reverse is true when the goofy uni games get postponed. Sigh.

    Tonight, Clown Shoes Weekend combined with ESPN’s unwatchable coverage are driving me to do something I can’t ever remember doing. Purposely not watching a Yankees game. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for radio.

    “davidb” , is that you? Congratulations on those amazing homers you’ve been hitting! :)

    Here’s a photo of Harper with the snapback cap. It’s dated the 24th though, so maybe he wore it Friday & Saturday?


    I’m currently watching the Braves/Marlins game, and both teams are wearing their Players’ Weekend get-ups. Not a fan of Miami’s caps (the black is just terrible) … but those jerseys ought to be the team’s everyday wear. It wouldn’t work for any other team, but the colors and design absolutely SCREAM “Miami.” Make it happen, Fish.

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