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Timelessly Representing the Ballclub – NHL Edition, Part I


By Phil Hecken

I’m back again today with another installment of the popular “Timelessly Representing” series, and today we will look at hockey.

Originally envisioned for baseball, several readers have submitted their thoughts on which uniform and stadium (or arena/building) would serve as a “snapshot,” if you will, of a club’s perfect uniform and home, if one were to consider a team’s entire history. It’s subjective, of course, and very likely can be heavily influenced by the ballclubs and stadia from a particular reader’s childhood, although this is not necessarily the case. But based on the more recent vintage chosen of both team and building, it seems like one’s formative years play a role in this.

Thus far, we’ve covered both leagues of Major League Baseball, and both conferences of the NFL, both conferences of the NBA, and the CFL. Today we’ll cover the first half (two divisions — Atlantic & Metropolitan) of the NHL, and next week should be the final half of the NHL. I want to thank those who volunteered to cover these sports, and there was more interest in all of these than I could have imagined. Obviously, it’s a popular topic. It looks like I won’t be able to get to the MANY NCAA football submissions during my weekday run filling in for Paul, but fear not — they will all run on Saturdays during College Football Season, which is just around the corner.

Before we get into today’s “Timelessly Representing…”, which will be the first of two parts covering the NHL, if you’d like to reacquaint yourself (or acquaint yourself, as the case may be) with the past “Timelessly Representing” series, you can check them out here: NBA, Part I; NBA, Part II NFL, NFC Edition; NFL AFC Edition; MLB, National League Edition; MLB, American League Edition, and the CFL.

With that, I now present to you …

. . .

Timelessly Representing the NHL, Atlantic & Metropolitan Divisions
By Kyle Schroeck

My name is Kyle Schroeck, that’s Shrek like the ogre. Thanks to the readers and Phil Hecken for having me write the “Timelessly Representing the Hockey Clubs” feature. Born and Raised in Erie, Pennsylvania, I have grown an affinity for all things Western PA and I have loved hockey since the late 80’s. I am only 31 years old, but I do embrace the history of the NHL and other sports. By the way, in regards to the NFL column of the same topic, Three Rivers Stadium is as timeless as $10 Wal-Mart sneakers.

The NHL is not exactly the most stable league for teams staying in their original cities. That fact makes this write-up a bit challenging, because the best jerseys in Hurricanes history have a Whalers logo in the center of the chest. Plus we add the Winnipeg to Phoenix and Atlanta to Winnipeg conundrum. So here we go, sorted by the new divisions. On an aside, if they wanted to make the division names timeless, they would have gone back to the Patrick, Adams, Norris and Smythe divisions.


Atlantic Division

Boston Bruins ”“ The Broons have stayed the course all these years, and the odd dimensions of Boston Garden.

Buffalo Sabres ”“ No Buffaslugs or black and red unis here. Just stripey goodness, and The Aud.

Detroit Red Wings – What else can you say. At least the hockey team isn’t bankrupt, and the Joe.

Florida Panthers – The original, expansion era reds and whatever bank sponsors the arena this week.

Montreal Canadiens ”“ Another Original Six classic. The blue stripe across the logo is so historic, as is the Forum.

Ottawa Senators – I realize that these are their current thirds, but they are more timeless than the 3D Spartan and the jerseys when he was 2D were pretty blah, and Scotiabank Place.

Tampa Bay Lightning – The black jerseys and the lightning bolts down the breezers, goofy, but that’s hockey in Tampa and the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

Toronto Maple Leafs – So many to pick from but I will go with 1967 for obvious reasons and, the grocery store once known as Maple Leaf Gardens.


Metropolitan Division

Carolina Hurricanes – I present to you, the Hartford Whalers. Green is just so underused, with blue accents it’s a beaut and the Mall in Hartford.

Columbus Blue Jackets – Current, nothing too interesting except the NOB font and Nationwide Arena, the architecture is more intriguing than the unis.

New Jersey Devils – The current uni has won some cups, nothing wrong with simple shoulder yoke and waist stripes and the Rock.

New York Islanders – Fish sticks! Kidding. A moustache and a double deuce and even though it’s a dump Nassau is all their history.

New York Rangers – They are called the Broadway Blueshirts for a reason and the most famous arena in sports Madison Square Garden.

Philadelphia Flyers – My hatred of the Flyers runs deep. In honor of that, here is a photo from 1975 and the Spectrum.

Pittsburgh Penguins ”“ This one strikes home, Le Magnifique and the Igloo.

Washington Capitals – They looked good in the 80’s and this was their Winter Classic “throwback” and the namesake arena, the Cap Center.

. . .

Thanks, Kyle! OK — that’s quite a bit to chew on (and we’re only halfway through the NHL). Like most “Timelessly” articles, I find myself agreeing more than disagreeing with your choices (and you couldn’t have found a better shot of Trots?), but I’m sure there will be some good discussion in the comments. Readers? What say you?


Weekday Uni Tweaks

WEEKDAY Uniform Concepts & Tweaks

Longtime and weekend readers know that I frequently run reader submissions for uniform concepts, revisions, or just plain tweaks. Usually they are in sets of three, but sometimes there are more and sometimes there are less. Sometimes they are so good these deserve their own lede.

During Paul’s monthlong Blogcation, I’ll occasionally run one (or maybe) two of these.

If you have any concept or tweak, and you would like to see it featured here, either during the week while I’m hosting the blog or on the weekends when I return to those, drop me an e-mail. For each particular design, please try to keep your description to ~50 words or so. OK? OK!

And now, here’s what we have for today (click any images to enlarge):

. . .

Today’s concept comes from Dylan Desimine, who has created a slightly new identity for the Texas Rangers:

Rangers Home 1 - Dylan Desimine

Rangers Home 2 - Dylan Desimine

Rangers Home Blue - Dylan Desimine

Rangers Road Grey- Dylan Desimine Rangers Road Red - Dylan Desimine


I’m not sure if you’d call this a really big tweak or a small concept. But, the Texas Rangers can’t decide whether they’re a blue team or a red team, as we’re all aware of. It seems like over the past couple of years they’ve wanted to be a red-white-and-blue time, and why not? They are from Texas, and they embrace their state flag very proudly. So what did I do? I simply removed the drop shadow, added two jerseys with the “Rangers” script, and overall incorporated much more red and blue to each jersey. (Yes, the blue and red jerseys can be worn at home or on the road)

Dylan Desimine

. . .

Thanks! I’ll be back with more weekday tweaks/concepts again.



‘Skins Watch…

Here’s the latest on the ‘Skins name and related issues:

• “How Scrabble Got the Washington NFL Team’s Offensive Nickname Banned from ESPN” (h/t Rufus @RufusMcDuffie, and Jimmy Neilly)

• “Obviously this homeowner is unconcerned with the use of native American imagery” (thanks to Patrick O’Neill (Mainspark))

• “‘Redskins’ Team Name a ‘Racist Slur’: Slate, Mother Jones, The New Republic Make ‘Symbolic Ban'”

• “The Left vs. the Redskins: Teaching people to take offense is one of the Left’s black arts.”

• “Berlin schools focus on future new mascot” (h/t Scott Hurley @WLUK_SH)


ticker 2

Uni Watch News Ticker: We begin with Warren Junium and multiple ND Shamrock helmets without facemasks, plus a look at the new Nebraska Arena. … he Buffalo Bills tweaked their socks this season: 2011-12 socks (Blue tops w/ two thin blue stripes w/ red outline on each), 2013 socks (Thicker, dark outline, bottom stripe only outlined on top), and in action: 2011-12 field shot and 2013 Field Shot (big thanks to John Pascucci). Nice piece from Todd RadomA Yankees Mystery””Almost Pinstriped, Each and Every Game.” Also from Todd: Yankees iconic top hat logo first appeared in 1946-here’s one of its first appearances. … Brian Orakpo calls the NFL’s ban on customized face masks ”˜disheartening’ (h/t TommyTheCPA). … Good spot by Harrison Tishler who notes the Orioles have been playing NL teams (the D-backs, Giants and Padres) but their lineup cards are using the American League logo for the teams instead of the NL one. … Jason Hillyer saw this short story in the Columbus Dispatch regarding players losing the black stripe from their helmets. “A cursory search produced the pic below in which the player behind Meyer is wearing headgear with a black stripe,” says Jason. “I am assuming (though I don’t really know) this is the stripe the story is referencing.” … “Nike Seats” (Barcelona Stadium) — pretty much all that needs to be said (h/t Sully @pal3327). … Nebraska remains among the nation’s top 15 schools in collecting royalties from the sale of officially licensed, team-oriented merchandise (thanks to Chris Bisbee). … Interesting article in Forbes, “Why I Gave Up My New England Patriots Season Tickets” (good spot by Tommy Turner). … “While some players get ‘medical clearance’ still,” says Justin Howland, “apparently the conservative businessmen running the NFL don’t like how they look. Much like the predator visors a few years back, the crackdown on any form of uni-expression continues.” … The purple shading on the Vikes helmets/jerseys controversy continues: This ESPN piece, “ConspiracyWatch: Two shades of purple?” even includes a consultation with Paul and while the Vikes deny a mismatch, we still have a mystery. … The NFL game pass app (only available outside the US thinks submitter Brian Eagle) still shows the Seahawks’ old helmet, from 2 seasons ago already! … Some great stuff on the Seattle Pilots/Milwaukee Brewers from David Pagano: the following link states that the Pilots original plan was to have white caps with a blue bill, but that was nixed by the AL. Also a few interesting articles on a 1970 Brewers’ prototype uniform as they prepared for the Pilots’ move to Milwaukee (and you’ll probably recognize a couple of those articles are from Chance Michaels’ website!). … “Got a Lollapalooza store email the other day. Among the wares they’re hawking are hats inspired by the Blackhawks and Cubs,” says Mike Eidelbes. … “I don’t know how many fellow UWers are Breaking Bad fans, like me. However, I thought this infographic was well-done and might be Ticker-worthy” (thanks to Jason Hillyer). … The second photo from this article, as well as many more in this set have some GORGEOUS stirrups (thanks to Alex Allen). … Here is an animated clip about Mike Veeck’s Disco Demo gone wrong (nice find from Dave Rakowski). … “I’m still calling it the Rose Garden” says Brian Mazmanian (do we smell a t-shirt?). … Bears footwear update from Paul: “After seeing (yester)day’s Ticker item about the Bears’ footwear, I contacted the team and asked if they’re changing to white shoes as their default color. The answer: No — no change.” … Nice NYT article on Zander Hollander, “For Sports Fans, Before the Internet, There Were the Complete Handbooks,” (great find by Adam Herbst). … Uni number news from Andrew Cosentino: With #44 taken by Vonta Leach, Dallas Clark will wear #87 for the Ravens. He apparently picked #87 for his favorite WR in the NFL, Reggie Wayne. He never even asked Vonta Leach for his #44, saying that he has too much respect for him. … Here is a link to the story about the new Marietta College football helmets. The program is wearing gray helmets for the first time in their 119 year history (thanks to Ryan Zundell). … The St. Louis Rams expect to make uniform changes “some time” in the next 5 years. … Chris Flynn saw this t-shirt on Zack Hample’s website. Looks very similar to Jerry Dior’s MLB logo. … Here are several short clips of Central Arkansas uni unveils (h/t Southland TV Network @Southland_TV). … Dave Dameshek has put together a photo essay of the best and worst jerseys for a fan (h/t Dan Kennedy @kennedds). … Is it possible there will be a new Detroit Pistons 3rd jersey unveiled today? That tweet from the Pistons is kind of cryptic — and several on Twitter think it’s the USA jersey. Even the Free Press isn’t sure. … Take a look at the special cleat for the Shamrock Series from Notre Dame (thanks to Warren Junium). … Just what we need — Orioles Maryland Flag Hats On Sale August 14 (spotted by Rick Friedel). … Here’s a photo of the installation the new Ole Miss script logo at midfield of Vaught-Hemingway (h/t Jason Cimon ”@cash4title). … Jeffery Uckotter was looking at the Tennessee football website of a practice session, and a number of the players had black striping down the helmet instead of the traditional orange striping. (Gallery here.) … Missed this one yesterday, but the BC Eagles will be NOB-less for 2013, the only ACC team to be so blessed. … The LA Kings AHL affiliate are allowing fans to vote on one of three jerseys (including the infamous Burger King sweater) that the Monarchs team will wear in 2014. To vote, go here. … Bit of late breaking uni reveal news: EMCC Lions new unis (video).


That’s all I have for you today — big thanks of course to Kyle Schroeck for his take on “Timelessly Representing” the NHL, and all the contributors and tweeters. Paul will have a few words to say tomorrow about some upcoming ESPN stuff, and there will be a bit of a surprise. Everyone have a great Wednesday and I’ll catch you guys tomorrow!

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“Philosophically, if 60,000 see your helmet match your jersey, while 10,000,000 other people see your helmet not matching your jersey, does your helmet match your jersey?”
–R. Scott Rogers

Comments (84)

    That can’t be a USA jersey because in the tweet itself, it says Monroe has three Pistons jerseys in his locker.

    It’s most definitely NOT a Team USA jersey. Look at the number font. While the shade of navy suggests as much, that alone means it’s not. It’ll be a pistons 3rd jersey or a special jersey or something.

    When’s the last time Pistons rocked a 3rd? I think it was back in the teal/brick/white/black days of Hill and Stack.

    And the tweet said it was a Pistons jersey.

    The last time they had an alt was only several years back with the red alts.

    ah yeah, i shouldve read the comment at the bottom of the tweet. that has a link to the red alt. which was awful looking.

    The TN coaches have placed black stripes on all the freshmen (not sure about transfers). They have to prove themselves worthy of removing the stripe and eventually getting the orange stripe. They are calling it “Earning Your Stripes”. From what the local paper says it has nothing to do with what they will be wearing on the field this year.

    The NFL banning the custom facemasks is just stupid. I mean, sure some of those masks look a bit, well, silly, but they also look really hard to actually grab onto – resulting less facemasking penalties. Wouldn’t that be a GOOD thing, NFL?

    Well if the company would give the NFL money I am sure they would be istantely acceptable.

    BLACK STRIPE The Tennessee Vol black stripe does include JUCOs and transfers, its for all new players. Each incoming player is paired with a mentor player and once the new new teammate has met certain criteria (both on and off the field) the mentor then recommends that the black stripe can be removed.

    CUSTOM FACEMASKS The NFL did state that if a player has a verified need for the custom masks to prevent further injury, not unlike the waiver for tinted shields.

    I am in my 40th season as a NY Rangers ticket holder and disagree with both the Rangers uni and the venue. While their nickname may be the Blueshirts, the white uniform is still classier. In fact, they are only Original 6 with a better white uniform than color.

    And the old, boxy MSG, where those of us in the side balcony missed 1/3 of the ice and we had to walk down outside fire escapes was pricesless

    i have to respectfully disagree with this thought:

    “only Original 6 with a better white uniform than color”

    toronto and ESPECIALLY chicago have better white (should be home) jerseys

    The Blue & White’s 1963-64-based throwback White sweater is the best Leaf garment of all time. That outlined Leaf should return as the team’s official logo. The current 1970s-based “buzz cut” logo reminds us older fans of eccentric owner Harold “Pal Hal” Ballard who almost single-handidly ruined one of the proudest franchises in all of sports. Enough of the logo!

    I do like the Rags white jerseys too, but they are the Broadway Blueshirts. Chicago’s white is the best, cleanest jersey in all of sports, hands down. And honestly, born in 82, I have never seen the old MSG, so fault me for being a young guy. I love walking out of Penn Station and the Garden is right on top of you, literally.

    I’d have to say Continental Airlines Arena for the Devils instead of the Rock as well. Glory days came in that arena.

    Agree 100%. Though The Rock is a far superior venue, the old Byrne Arena — parking lot parades and all — timelessly represents the Devils. Maybe someday The Rock will surpass, but not yet.

    Nice call on the blue stripe in The Forum. If I recall correctly only Montreal, Quebec & Winnipeg had the blue stripe.

    link at least in the 80s.

    But I think he was talking about the blue stripe on the sweater, not the stripe on the boards.

    Urban Meyer did the black stripe on the helmet his first year at BGSU back in 2001. All freshman came into camp with a black stripe and had to “earn” the right to get it removed. Not sure if he carried that tradition out at Utah or Florida.

    oh, come on. a note about one of the great hockey franchises, with an outstanding, classic uni and terrific arena, and you make a ‘bankrupt’ joke? cram it.

    Oh, take a joke. I wrote this 3 weeks ago when the Detroit bankruptcy was front page news. I have been dealing with Erie and Pittsburgh jokes for years. Some people get so offended when their city, religion or political beliefs are quipped, thicker skin is needed.

    I’m with you re: the bankruptcy joke. Completely tasteless and unnecessary. It’s open season on Detroit, and Uni-Watch doesn’t need to pile on with the rest of the world. This has nothing to do with sports.

    And the Joe? What was the Olympia, chopped liver?

    great catch on olympia…only went there once, in probably 1975 (?). terrible team, great old barn.

    At least the NFL game pass app has a Seahawks helmet with a logo. You would be amazed at how many things out there still have their original plain silver helmet.

    “My hatred for the Flyers runs deep”

    I see what you did there – reminding us of 75 wasn’t really the jab, but showing Rusty Fedotenko winning the Cup with Tampa Bay really was…

    Can’t say I really disagree with any of your choices, though.

    I just wanted to stress 1975 more than anything. I hate the Flyers, but the Cooperalls are far from timeless.

    Are you certain that a ’75 Clarkie?
    The hair’s a bit short, I don’t see the huge captain’s designation the Philadelphia NHL team employed and the collar should look over-lap like this:


    You’re absolutely right. I completely ignored the lack of the ‘C’. He was made captain in ’72, so that’s a very early picture.

    This is not an early photo of Bobby Clarke. It is either from 1979-80 or 1980-81. Clarke was captain from 1972 until 1979 when league rules made him give up the “C” after he was named a playing assistant coach under Pat Quinn.

    Mel Bridgman and Bill Barber were Flyers captains until Clarke gave up the assistant coach role during the 1982-83 season.

    The Flyers moved to a darker orange road uniform in the late 1970’s.

    in 2012 the Bills used the “2011-2012” socks with the all-white combo and when they used the blue pants. the “2013” socks with the blue over White combo.

    Head almost exploded when I read the national review column … or at least the first 33%. Just a bunch of false logic, rhetoric, and spin. The “logic” used is the same old tired logic that is actually false logic meant to incite a reaction in the uneducated and ignorant. He can call this the Age of Feelings all he wants, but really it’s the Age of the Ignorant.

    UNIWATCH, I appreciate the attempt at promoting the debate by posting something from the other side. But please put on a better filter and make sure the other side isn’t just more right-wing garbage. He can stir up the left-wing conspiracy theories all he wants, but at least be intelligent.

    Yeah, it’s good to see a diversity in opinion, but NRO isn’t the place to go for anything resembling intelligent or intellectually honest arguments. Plus, the Slate article did a pretty good job of presenting both sides of the debate.

    Also, I think “take offense” is sort of kind of straw men. For one thing, pointing out that something is offensive isn’t the same thing as being offended. The argument against the Redskins name isn’t so much that people are offended, but more that it’s a tacky anachronism of the worst kind.

    Wasn’t “The Tacky Anachronisms” Buster Poindexter’s backing band?

    Dennis Prager is very, very hard to take. Have you ever heard any of his comments on the differences between the sexes? Suffice to say, they make his essay on “Redskins” seem like something out of The Portable Emerson.

    I blame the O part of NRO for the intellectual wasteland that once-proud publication has become. But there’s value in acknowledging the worst arguments as well as the best in any debate. When I find people making specious or even disgraceful arguments in support of positions I hold, it makes me question my own reasoning and conclusions. Doesn’t mean I change my mind just because a noxious or ignorant person agrees with me, but it’s a useful signal to check my own reasoning. The result being that I approve of Phil sharing the NRO piece. The very fact that is has no value as a reasoned or principled argument makes it, paradoxically, valuable to our understanding of the debate.

    I was under the impression that there is no valid other side to this particular debate. The name is racist, it needs to be changed, and that’s that. There might be a small amount of wiggle room around Braves, Chiefs, Indians, and Blackhawks, and even a little more around Seminoles, but in general, the practice is racist and needs to be stopped sooner rather than later?

    What would you perceive to be something the other side that worthy of considering?

    Must disagree with my fellow Western PA sports fan Kyle about his view of Three Rivers Stadium. If you happen to be a fan of another team or have strong memories of TRS beginning in the 90s, then you likely have a negative opinion. Obviously, those multipurpose facilities went from state of the art to obsolete faster than predicted. However, if you’re old enough to experience the earlier years of Three Rivers Stadium, then you may have positive memories. Six world championships across two sports in only ten years is very rare for a single stadium. And I’ll still take any outdoor stadium over the likes of lifeless dome.

    I grew up in Three Rivers, and I wasn’t around for the 70’s, so take that into account but as soon as we moved to PNC and Heinz, the city was on display and it made it feel better. I remember in Three Rivers, I felt awkward because I did not know whether I was facing north or south until I walked to the concourse. I loved the team on the field, but hated the Stadium. I dislike the cookie cutters in general, even Consol Energy Center is a cookie cutter.

    Three Rivers may not have been anyone’s definition of beautiful and you may have hated it but, Kyle, all those indelible moments in Pittsburgh sports history can’t be denied. Whenever someone mentions Pittsburgh, I always see Franco Harris catching the deflected pass just before it hits the ground and rumbling down the sidelines to beat the Raiders. Three Rivers.

    Huge fan of the Zander Hollander “Complete Handbook” series. I got my first copy of the baseball edition in 1987 or my 7th birthday and it was a yearly tradition after that. I still pick up pre-1987 editions whenever I can find them at used book stores. I have a few editions of the footbll and basketball, too, but baseball was always the best. Sorry to hear about Mr. Hollander’s current state, but I’m sure he knows he made a huge, lasting impression on generations of young Aemerican sports fans.

    That Swoosh in Barcelona’s stadium has been there for pretty much ever (here’s a link that shows the logo at one end, and “MES QUE UN CLUB” (“more than a club”) and FC Barcelona along either sideline,

    Old Trafford, Manchester’s United’s home has the link. Yeah, they’re covered by supporters’ butts during matches, but they do press events at the stadium and have tourists taking tours, so they get plenty of views.

    Most teams do have some form of message written into seats, though it’s usually club name/initials/nicknames/slogans.

    For some of the bigger clubs, yeah, shirt manufacturers/sponsors creep their way into the seats. It’s hard to see when the seats are full, though.

    Now I want to do a project that catalogs things painted onto the stands. For example, Stadium of Light (Sunderland AFC): link

    “the architecture is more intriguing than the unis.”

    You could have gone with the most underrated sweater in the NHL, the Jackets’ third, if that’s the case.


    There was this whole trend a few years ago for NHL teams to adopt jerseys, especially thirds, combining blue, yoke, laces, and round logos. That Bluejackets version is the only one of the bunch I really like. Clean look, and to my eye it does a better job of capturing the team’s identity than their regular jerseys (which I nonetheless also like). Only thing is, I’d have made the yoke light blue -or the jersey light blue with a navy yoke.

    But I think the navy blue with the circle logo is used by so many other teams that it can’t be iconic.

    Columbus, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Minnesota uses the circle on their reds, Chicago’s Third. It’s trite and overused.

    The red pants were the first Caps uniform; which had the corresponding white breezers with the red jersey. They quickly changed to all blue all the time half way through their inaugural season.

    Agreed, not 100%, but 1000%. The Joe is a dump, thrown together in months to keep the Wings in town.

    The article about the Pilots says they didn’t wear white caps because the AL had a rule against 2 tone hats. The O’s and Angels both had 2 tone hats.

    Good catch.

    Also seems strange that the AL would draw the line there. They’d allow scrambled eggs on the bill, those stripes on the sleeve, but not a two-tone cap?

    Wish they would’ve said MoTown or something better. like the darker blue but thats about it

    As a Sabres fan, I must disagree with the blues being the “timeless” uni. That honor has to go to the infinitely classier whites.

    On the St. Louis Cardinals’ Facebook page today, they posted an interesting piece of trivia relating to today:

    “On his way to winning the NL MVP award, Cardinals pitcher Mort Cooper engaged in one of the most unique superstitions in franchise history. Stuck on his 13th win (which was his uniform number) for over a month in 1942, Cooper wore Gus Mancuso’s number 14 jersey and notched the victory on Aug. 14. Cooper continued the garment switching on his way to a 22-7 record. His “changing style” also helped the team to a franchise-record 106 wins and the World Series title.”

    Source: link

    On the purple issue, we fight this fight at Tennessee all the time. The oranges on the helmet and jersey match when sitting next to each other, but the shade is easily altered in photos and on TV across different materials and with different lighting. In person, it looks fine. Take a picture and it’s way off.

    I’m sure this is the same issue Minnesota has.

    Good spot by Harrison Tishler who notes the Orioles have been playing NL teams (the D-backs, Giants and Padres) but their lineup cards are using the American League logo for the teams instead of the NL one.

    I think that it may just be two AL logos on either side as a sort of title, since the Orioles are an American League team, and not meant to indicate the team below each one. I think if the logo on the right side was meant to indicate the team on that side, it would be centered over that team’s column.

    It’s kinda like stats, players playing for an AL team in an interleague game are still accumulating AL stats, but if a player is traded from one league to the other, his stats start over at zero in the other league, even though interleague games are against other-league teams.

    Did you really link to a National Review article? I feel like I need a bath just after reading the title. Fair play for giving “both sides of the story”, I suppose. Still, the notion of a leftist conspiracy against the Redskins is worse than stupid.

    Although the Yankees have worn the same road uniform since 1918 (with the exception of 1927 to 1930, when the arched “NEW YORK” was replaced by the word “YANKEES”), a radical change was proposed in 1974. Marty Appel, in his book Now Pitching for the Yankees, describes the proposed uniforms:[4]

    “ In 1974 I walked into (then-General Manager) Gabe Paul’s office to find samples of new Yankee road uniforms draped across his sofa. They were the opposite of the home pinstripes – they were navy blue with white pinstripes. The NY logo was in white. Gabe liked them. I nearly fainted. Although the drab gray road uniforms were not exciting, with the plain NEW YORK across the chest, they were just as much the Yankees’ look as were the home uniforms. I think my dramatic disdain helped saved (sic) the day and saved the Yankees from wearing those awful pajamas on the field.

    The road Yankee uniform for 1974 would have been navy blue not gray with white pinstripes and a white NY . This uniform would have the Bill Veck look going on

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