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The UWFFL Heads West – Seattle & San Diego


By Phil Hecken, with Rob Holecko

We’re closing in on our last four sets of teams for the UWFFL, and because four is just too many for one day, we’re going to have two more for the penultimate UWFFL post today — and those two teams “hail” from the West Coast — Seattle and San Diego. To be precise, the teams are the Seattle Superbeasts and the San Diego Storm.

I want to thank Rob Holecko for all his work on this, and all the great submitters for taking such an interest in this contest. And now, I will turn this over to Rob, who’ll take you through the next two groups of entries, complete with polls (so be sure to view all of the entries for each team and then be prepared to vote — write down your favorite if you have to, so you can easily vote on it after each of the sections). We’ll do these alphabetically, and some submitters sent in more than one graphic. Click on each graphic to enlarge.

Ready? OK — here’s Rob:

. . .

Greetings and salutations from the UWFFL. We are back with another group of winning designs to congratulate and another selection of teams for you to vote for. First, for those of you who maybe haven’t been around for every UWFFL column that has been running in recent weeks, I wanted to reset exactly what the UWFFL is. We’ve had a few emails from people that may not be exactly clear on this project, so I wanted to clear up any confusion that may still be around.

In March we announced the UWFFL — the Uni Watch “Fantasy” Football League. It will technically be “fantasy” football, but fantasy football done Uni Watch style. Instead of drafting NFL players and scoring points based on their performance on the field like in traditional fantasy football, teams will be facing off and Uni Watchers will vote on their uniforms in head-to-head matchups when the season starts in the fall. The best teams will make the playoffs and eventually compete in the UWFFL Bowl, while the three last place teams will be “relegated” to the minors to be replaced by three new teams from the minor leagues in 2014. We held a contest for desiging the uniforms for the twelve existing franchises which is just wrapping up this week and next with your voting. For those of you who didn’t or haven’t won yet, we’ll have more opportunities this summer for you to design uniforms for a minor league or an entirely original expansion franchise.

Also breaking news here we are thinking about also — if Phil is down with it — possibly starting up comparable hockey & basketball leagues this fall as well as baseball in 2014. Let us know in the comments your thoughts and/or interest in that. The 2013 UWFFL football season will be fourteen regular season weeks, but if we do add these other sports leagues, we may shorten it to a 10- or 12- game season and make UW fantasy sports a year-round thing with as little overlap between the four sports as possible. It’s all up to how much interest there is among everybody. Tell us what you think, and we’ll have more about these other sports later this summer!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Anyhow it’s now time to announce last week’s winner and also bring in two more groups of teams to vote on.

First off we had a run-off for the Top 4 vote getters of the previous week’s New York Sharks entry, and the top two vote getters, Adam Cain and Robert Kramer are still in a virtual dead heat, only separated by three votes:

New York runoff results

Therefore we will have an unprecedented second run-off for these two entries


Cain, Adam - sharkshome

Cain, Adam - sharksaway

Cain, Adam - sharksfauxback Cain, Adam - sharkswordmark


Kramer, Robert - nike_pro_combat_template_New York Sharks PNG

Kramer, Robert - nike_pro_combat_template_New York Sharks Alternate PNG


Vote for New York Shark submissions (2nd RUN-OFF!) free polls 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now here are the other results from last week:

Trent Daniel’s entry for the Chicago Cyclones won by about twenty votes over Brett Callero.

Chicago results


Daniel, Trent - Home Uniform

Daniel, Trent - Away Uniform

Daniel, Trent - Alternate Home Uniform Daniel, Trent - logo


Brett, however, prevailed over runner-up Jeff Provo with his Minnesota Mustangs entry.

Minnesota results


Callero, Brett - Mustangs uniform

Callero, Brett - helmet


And finally Wes Peters picked up another win with the Texas Timberwolves.

Texas results


Peters, Wes - Texas Timberwolves All


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now the final rounds of voting. This week we will vote on the Seattle Superbeasts and the San Diego Storm, and next week we’ll close it out with Tampa and San Francisco.

Here are the entries for the Seattle Superbeasts. Vote below:


Ivie, Brady - BeastsHome

Brady Ivie

Ivie, Brady - BeastsAway

Ivie, Brady - BeastsAlt


Jang, Brendan - seattle superbeasts complete

Brendan Jang


Hutcheson, Dan - Seattle Superbeasts

Dan Hutcheson


King, Lewis - Seattle boats home

Lewis King

King, Lewis - Seattle boats away

King, Lewis - Seattle boats alt


Peters, Wes - Seattle Superbeasts All

Wes Peters

Peters, Wes - Seattle Superbeasts Alt


Katz, Yossi - SwanDemonHome

Yossi Katz

Katz, Yossi - SwanDemonAway

Katz, Yossi - SwanDemonLogo


Vote for Seattle Superbeasts submissions: free polls 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And here are the entries for the San Diego Storm. Vote below:


Hainsfurther, Adam - UWFL-SD Concept

Adam Hainsfurther


Seagraves, Andrew - San Diego Storm Mono Teal

Andrew Seagraves

Seagraves, Andrew - San Diego Storm Silver Seagraves, Andrew - San Diego Storm Teal Grey

Seagraves, Andrew - San Diego Storm Silver Charcoal Seagraves, Andrew - San Diego Storm Silver Teal Seagraves, Andrew - Wordmark


Ivie, Brady - StormHome

Brady Ivie

Ivie, Brady - StormAway

Ivie, Brady - StormAlt


Jang, Brendan - Storm

Brendan Jang


Callero, Brett - Storm

Brett Callero

Callero, Brett - Storm helmet


Peddle, Curtis - SANDIEGOSTORM

Curtis Peddle


Hutcheson, Dan - Seattle Storm

Dan Hutcheson


Provo, Jeff - SanDiegoStorm

Jeff Provo


Woods, Johnny - stormUNIFORMS

Johnny Woods

Woods, Johnny - stormhelmet2


Peters, Wes - San Dan Diego Storm All

Wes Peters


Vote for San Diego Storm submissions free polls 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

OK, good luck to the entrants this week for the Seattle and San Diego teams, as well as to Adam and Robert for their second run-off in the New York voting. Congratulations to Daniel, Brett and Wes for winning for their entries for Chicago, Minnesota and Texas respectively, and we’ll see you next week!


Thanks Rob (and all the submitters). OK readers, you know what to do. And let the concepters know what YOU think of their efforts.



Brew Crew Redux

Last weekend, we were treated to a really wonderful writeup on the Brewers throwbacks by my buddy Chance Michaels (with whom Paul and I had the pleasure of joining at the Mets game last night, dontcha know). I made Chance promise to follow up on that experience with an additional article I am running today. He obliged, gentleman and scholar that he is — and below is that follow up. So, without further ado, here’s Chance:

. . . . . .

The Big Day, Part II
By Chance Michaels

Finally, the big day. One year after I first suggested that the Brewers should consider holding a Turn Back the Clock event to honor the old American Association Brewers’ first pennant, the day had come.

It was a lovely Sunday in Milwaukee, and the roof of Miller Park was open. I was joined by Paul Tenpenny and Dennis Pajot, the two regular contributors to my site. Despite the fact that we have been collaborating for years, I had never met the gentlemen in person, and so the game felt a little like I’m sure the Uni Watch meet-ups do for Paul.

My first stop was the mobile studio for Newsradio WTMJ, parked just outside the home plate gate. At about 12:10, I spoke on air with host Doug Russell, who had interviewed me for the previous May and started the whole adventure. We had a great conversation about fandom and history, not to mention carrying our childhood sports loyalties with us across the country (he to Houston, where he had been working until recently, me to Brooklyn).

From there, it was a quick trip to pick up our complimentary tickets will call, and with a stop at the gate to snag our commemorative Corey Hart retro uniform bobbleheads, we went into the park.

The atmosphere was fun; ragtime music over the loudspeakers and photos of the old club on the JumboTron. Before the player introductions, the team played a short historical video introducing the fans of 2013 tp the club of a century before.

We settled into our seats behind home plate (two rows behind the radar gun) and waited for our first peek at the uniforms. I was very pleased with the results.

Despite the bobblehead’s pajama look, everyone on both teams wore their pants high-cuffed, showing off plenty of sock. Almost everyone, that is: Cardinals starter Jamie Garcia, who managed to ruin an otherwise-great look. Even players known for dragging their pants in the dirt, like Ryan Braun, managed to look respectable. Cory Hart was on the 60-day DL and didn’t actually play in the game, but he looked pretty good on the bench. Completely unlike his bobblehead.

Perhaps most amazing about the jerseys was the letter on the front. Not only did they get the style right, they used felt instead of tackle-twill. Check out the texture!

The biggest concession to modern style was numbers on the back, something the original Brewers wouldn’t adopt for a decade, but the large navy block numbers were well in keeping with the uniform’s style.

The Brewers also played around with the in-game graphics: they used a block “M” for the Brewers on the scoreboard and on the back of the mound, although they didn’t change the logo behind home plate.

I was surprised to notice, as the game went on, that the Brewers had removed the decal from their batting helmets, opting for solid navy. The Cardinals wore their regular helmets.

Have to admit that I was a bit disappointed in the caps. Once it was clear that New Era’s white caps would clash with Majestic’s cream jerseys, the Brewers had decided to revert to navy blue caps (perfectly in keeping with the 1913 look). They did decide to make one concession to modernity and place a cream “M” logo on the front. I didn’t mind the idea, but New Era’s execution was a little off. Once again, they made it too large, too squat, a variation on their standard monogram that drives me up the wall every time I see it.

But that’s a minor quibble.

I had the honor of wearing an original 1913 jersey while being interviewed on FOX Sports Wisconsin in the third inning. Surely that’s at least eight of my fifteen minutes of fame used up. My pal Paul also appeared on-camera, wearing a 1943 Brewers jersey.

Of course, the throwbacks were for sale, although the cap substitution happened so late in the game that they were selling the white caps alongside the jerseys, and no blue caps were available. Interestingly, the Brewers’ were also selling team-issued white caps in the game-used section of the store; late switch indeed.

I think the Brewers really nailed the essence of the 1913 uniform. I couldn’t have been happier with the game, except of course the final score. I already have plans to pitch some new TBTC events for next year…

. . . . . .

Great job (again) with that Chance — good to see you at the game, and great to hear about your big day! Thanks for sharing.


colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Got a small set again today, but with two of the stalwarts AND a new colorizer who took on the very first image (and the image that is used for the splash for this segment) of “Colorize This!”

Click on each image to enlarge.

. . .

We begin today with Dillon Levi West, who colorized the splash — and it’s full size — Dillon, if you’re out there and want the full size b&w to colorize, it’s here:

Original Colorize This image - Dillon Levi West

. . .

Next up is Pete Woychick with a two-fer (and of course, a story):

rickey_and_robinson - Pete Woychick

tarheel - Pete Woychick


I wasn’t able to get to this one in time for April 15; better late than never?

I almost didn’t bother with the second photo””an unidentified Tarheel player in a nondescript pose””until I thought “What if the uniform was Carolina blue, instead of white or gray?” On closer inspection, a couple of things stood out. First, I like the way the second button goes through the top of the R in “North.” Second, I’m no tailor, but that doesn’t appear to be “standard” wool flannel; it almost looks like. . .cotton?!?


. . .

And we close today with another colorizer-extraordinaire, George Chilvers. You’ll never guess the subject material:

1923 Cup Final colour - George Chilvers

Hi Phil””

I don’t know if you’re running a “Colorize This” this week, and if you do what day it will be on, but on Saturday I will be at Wembley watching my little team, Wigan Athletic, play in the FA Cup Final. A dream for any football supporter and one I never thought I would ever see.

So it seems fitting that I should go back 90 years for my subject to the first FA Cup Final at Wembley in 1923. I don’t know if readers are aware of the tale, but the stadium opened and the first major event was to be the FA Cup Final between Bolton and West Ham. The stadium was scheduled to hold 100,000 but so many turned up that chaos ensued. Estimates put the actual crowd at between 125,000 and 200,000. Obviously they spilled onto the pitch and there was a massive task to clear it for the game, which went ahead with crowds thronging the touchlines. It was the last FA Cup Final that wasn’t ticket only.

The iconic image of the day is a white police horse pushing the crowds back, but as this picture shows it was a big concerted effort by the British bobbies to get the playing area clear. We have here three of the Bolton team waiting, while it must be said that everyone seems quite light-hearted about the situation – I’m not sure these days crowds would be so tolerant.

Anyway – as a favour to a Wigan supporting Uni Watcher, could anyone who doesn’t have an allegiance to Man City please give a little cheer (and if it suits anyone a little prayer) for the Latics to bring home the Cup. :)

Best wishes,


… .. …

And that will conclude this shorter “Colorize This!” Thanks as always to George & Pete, and welcome aboard Dillon. And how about a little cheer from the UW faithful for Wigan! Lets keep those colorizations coming Uni Watchers!


That’s it for today Uni Watchers — due to the lateness of my arrival home from last evening’s Mets game, I didn’t have time to put together a “Stirrup Fridays” piece — but that will run tomorrow, so fear not.

Everyone have a great Saturday and I will catch you guys tomorrow!

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One For The Road

.. … ..

“Here in Washington we know that (Redskins owner Daniel) Snyder is one of history’s all-time assholes, non-dictator division. The man does reprehensible stuff, and gets called out on it, all the time. For example, when it’s pointed out that he has made a practice of suing elderly people who cancel season-ticket pledges into penury, Snyder doesn’t take to the air and announce ‘I will NEVER stop suing doddering grandparents into the poorhouse, and you can print that in all caps’.”
–R. Scott Rogers

Comments (36)

    Good luck to the Latics. More importantly, George, enjoy the day at Wembley.

    George, I know y’all are fighting to avoid relegation, and it’s a great thing that you’ve made it back to Wembley, and my natural inclination is to cheer for the underdog, but my love for City predates the shiny new stadium, and the impending Nike contract, and the bagsfull of Arab money, back to Kinky and Goater and old Maine Road.

    Sorry my friend, but today I’ll be singing “Blue Moon.”

    If the tallies for Wes’ Seattle Superbeasts concept are any indication, it appears Paul’s disdain for purple may be a little misguided.

    Also, as a United fan, I’ll be rooting for City to fail miserably. I’m a little bit shocked, actually, that the FOX network (not Fox Soccer or Fox News, but the actual over-the-air network) is showing the final today instead of baseball.

    They’re sending their big-ticket soccer events there. This is the first time for the FA Cup, but IIRC, this will be the third time the Champions League Final will be on the main network.

    Yeah, I’ve watched it on there the past couple of years, and it’s no shock to show the CL Final–isn’t it the most-viewed sporting event on the planet now? But I’m shocked to see the FA Cup Final because, as an American who’s begun to follow European soccer–mostly the Premiership & CL–more closely over the past 4-5 years, the FA Cup feels (to me, at least) like it’s a consolation prize for a team that didn’t win the league (or a chance for the league champion to bag a double).

    Obviously I’m probably way off on that assessment, at least from an English perspective, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of Americans would mistake the match for an EPL title match (which, of course, doesn’t exist), and most of those people would be confused if you tried to explain the whole tournament to them.

    Regardless, it was a fantastic match, and I let out an emphatic roar when Ben Watson headed home the winner for George’s Latics very near full time.

    Thought about voting for Dan Hutcheson’s San Diego Storm concept. Then I realized that his logo concept combining “SS” with a lightning bolt was, perhaps, “historically inappropriate” (unintentionally, of course).

    Being a Ford man, I could not vote for Hutch’s take on the Storm since his “SS” logo was much too similar to the one Chevy uses:


    I had on the last part of the Wigan win. Glad for our expert colorizer George.

    Hey I just heard Espinoza played at Ohio State. That makes me extra happy for George

    You have to admit, that was the worst announcing job in major sports history. Did you catch that “what does ‘dead legs’ mean in soccer?” interplay? It was closely followed by Mr. Wright’s “Oy, he got leggy, he did” declamation. So awful, so very awful.

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who was cringing. I can’t remember the exact phrase he used, but Wright said something about Wigan’s keeper flailing at the ball off a set piece, using (I suppose) some British colloquialism, and the American announcer (I already forget his name) asked what he meant by it. I’m pretty sure the word was “flaily” or “flappy” or something like that and it’s like, ‘jeebus, use your damn imagination!’

    It was sadly appropriate. Gus and Ian were like two guys who had never met before, describing a sport they’d never before seen.

    Which is exactly how City played.

    Congratulations, George. Well done: Wigan was much the deserving team. City, as is so often the case in key matches, played like five were hung over, five had food poisoning, and one was just served with divorce papers.

    I’ve trained our youngest son to be a devoted City fan. When the time comes, I will not blame him if he puts me in a dangerously substandard retirement home.

    George, I had to raise a pint in your honor sir. What an outstanding performance from your boys! You must be a bit giddy and a bit in shock.

    Now, if they can somehow manage to both stay up and hold on to Roberto Martinez…

    The best way to explain the FA Cup (with Budweiser) would be to say that it’s. March Madness on steroids. There were something like 300+ teams entered, if I remember right.

    I think it’s more like 700… and it’s crazy with all kinds of double-byes, triple-byes, quadruple-byes, etc. I think all of the Premier League teams get in at the round of 128 or 64… all the way back to the very first round starting with the small teams from way down the British pyramid. I’m sure someone that knows a lot more about it than I do could explain it more.

    Just got home – very very giddy and emotional.

    But the competition satrted with 758 entries. Lower level teams compete in qualifying rounds, on a progressive basis – the lowest ranking teams play right from the start, and then other teams are added.

    The First Round Proper brings in the teams from Laegue One and League Two (levels 3 and 4), and the big boys (Premier League and Championship) join in the Third Round Proper.

    You then have Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Rounds and Semi-Finals before today.

    Congrats! Must feel incredibly good to have been there to see your team make history.

    Gee, I feel like the only guy in the theater who was cheering for Clubber Lang.

    Um, Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone, without a dream in my heart…aw, forget it.

    Wigan! Wigan! Wigan!

    My concepts haven’t received very many votes, but the whole design process was so much fun that I would jump at the opportunity to do it for other sports.

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