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Countdown to SBXLVI…Meet The Giants

Catch 42

By Phil Hecken

The Big Day has finally arrived. As in years past, I’m privileged to have two outstanding guests who are here to bring us everything we ever wanted to know about the uniform history of the two teams involved in the Super Bowl…so huge and impressive are their efforts, in fact, that it has taken both days of Super Bowl weekend to cover it all. Past Super Bowl coverage has featured Doug Keklak & Rick Pearson, Tim Brulia & Rick Pearson, and Chance Michaels & Rick Pearson. I’ve given Ricko the Super Bowl off this year (although I’m sure he would have helped had I asked him to). Yesterday featured Rob Holecko, and if you missed that post, be sure to check it out now.

Today, I’m joined by resident Giants fan Heather L. Scott, who will take us for an amazing (and amazingly thorough) look at the uniform history of the New York Football Giants. Are you ready for some football?


Giants Uniform History
By Heather L. Scott

Originally named after the baseball club, the New York Giants were founded on August 1, 1925 when Timothy James Mara purchased the franchise for $500. They would later be renamed The New York Football Giants to avoid confusion. Although the Giants called the Polo Grounds at West 155th Street and 8th Avenue home, on October 4, 1925 they played their first game away in New Britain, CT against the All New Britain team. Despite a crushing 26-0 defeat, the NY Giants finished their inaugural season with an 8-4 record.

Still in its infancy, the NFL had not established a formal playoff format and so the team with the best record at the end of the season was considered the NFL Champion. The NY Giants took this title their third year in existence, 1927, finishing the season with an 11-1-1 record.

1929 saw an innovation incorporating raised felt cut outs into the sides of their light blue jerseys to help ball carriers hang on to the ball. This lasted only one season however and the team added numbers to the front and back in 1930.

It was not until 1933 when the NFL split into two divisions ”“ Eastern and Western ”“ that the first NFL Championship title game was played. On December 17, 1933 the NY Giants took on the Chicago Bears at Wrigley Field in Chicago donning solid red jerseys with white numbers, tan pants and red, white and blue striped socks. Their leather helmets were also multi-colored with blue earflaps and red and blue skull coverings.

They would shed the solid look in 1934 opting to add white yokes to the red jersey with white numbers and a red yoke on the white jersey with blue numbers. The former is what they would wear when they hosted the Chicago Bears in what has become known as “The Sneakers Game.” Because of freezing rain the night before the game, the field froze. In the third quarter the Bears were leading 13-3 when the Giants changed their footwear to basketball sneakers with the idea that the sneakers would give them better traction. They proceeded to score 27 points in the fourth quarter to win 30-13.

A minor tweak came about in 1936. The NY Giants kept the white jersey with the red yoke and blue numbers, but made a jump from their tan pants to a darker blue-gray shade with red and white stripes down the back. They also changed the helmet to white with blue detailing.

1937 saw the introduction of the solid blue jersey with white numbers which would remain a staple for decades to come garnering the nickname “Big Blue.” This year also saw the return of the solid red jersey as well as the return of the tan pants and blue helmet with red accents.

They would continue this look into 1938 when Quarterback Ed Danowski, a former classmate of Wellington Mara’s at Fordam University, would lead the New York Football Giants to their second NFL Championship title against the Green Bay Packers and then again in the 1939 title match against the Chicago Bears.

A breakthrough in equipment came about with the Riddel plastic helmet in 1949 and, with the exception of logo additions and subsequent changes, the blue helmet remains the same today.

The red jerseys were replaced by white with red letters in 1953 and in 1954 red stripes were added to the sleeves. They would wear this white alternate in the first championship game to be played at Yankee Stadium in 1956. This win resulted in New York’s third title, defeating the Chicago Bears 46-7.

Two years later, on December 28, 1958, Big Blue would wear the jerseys for which they were nicknamed in what is known as the Greatest Game Ever Played ”“ the NFL Championship game against the Baltimore Colts. Played again on the Giants’ home turf at Yankee Stadium, the game was the first championship game to be televised and Johnny Unitas is credited with the first Two-Minute Drill which tied the game in the last ninety seconds sending it to Sudden Death Overtime. To date, it is the only championship game to be decided in overtime.

1961 recorded the first year with images on helmets. The Giants sported its NY logo in white on the blue helmet. The Championship game between the Giants and the Green Bay Packers on New Year’s Eve marked the first contest to break the million dollar revenue mark.

Prior to 1965, players would throw the football in to the stands to celebrate a touchdown. This practice would become illegal during the 1965 off season and players would incur a fine if they continued with the “excessive” celebration. During a game in 1965, after the rule was put into practice, Homer Jones, a NY Giants Wide Out scored a touchdown. He wanted to celebrate, but did not want to get fined, so instead of throwing the ball into the crowd, he threw the ball into the ground, thus creating “the spike.”

Both the red socks and the red numbers on the white alternate were traded for blue in 1966. They also abandoned their gray pants for a more modern white with red and blue seams down the outside of the leg.

The 50th Anniversary of the NFL was celebrated in 1969 and a commemorative patch was added to the uniforms of all franchises for the season.

The 70’s proved to be the club’s most challenging decade. After a disappointing 2-2 start of the 1971 season, Quarterback Fran Tarkenton asked to be traded, only to go on to make three Super Bowl appearances with the Minnesota Vikings.

The change to the uniform in 1975 was probably one of the most unique. Lasting only one season while the team called The Yale Bowl home, the new NY logo replaced the solid NY and white was added to either side of the red stripe on the helmet. Blue and red stripes were added to the white jersey while worn with blue pants accented with a white and red stripe down the leg and blue striped socked completed the look. The blue jersey gained the addition of white and red stripes on the sleeve which was mimicked in their socks and the white pant had a more pronounced blue stripe flanked by red down the leg. Both sets of jerseys added a red outline to the numbers which would remain until the 2000 season.

As a result of moving team operations from New York to the Meadowlands in New Jersey, the NY logo was replaced with the GIANTS logo in 1976 and in 1977 names were added to backs. In 1979 the away uniform went white over white.

The omission of the white on the helmets in 1980 was the only change to these uniforms through the 80s although the 1986 season added a memorial patch for Carl “Spider” Lockhart to the jersey. The same season they went to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA to play the Denver Broncos in the team’s first Super Bowl where they wore their tried and true blue. The Beach Boys opened the game and, after setting a Super Bowl record of scoring 30 points in the second half, as Super Bowl MVP, Giants Quarterback Phil Simms, was the first player to announce that he was “going to Disney World.”

Although the uniform remained mostly unchanged, in 1991 the NFL logo was added to the V of the neckline.

The Big Blue Wrecking Crew returned to the title game in Super Bowl XXV where they beat the Buffalo Bills 20-19 at Tampa Stadium in Tampa Bay, FL. This marked the first year the teams would wear Super Bowl XXV commemorative patches on the uniforms.

In 1994, the NFL’s 75th Anniversary, the team revamped their look for the NFL’s week three throwback game and wore the patch on the jersey.

Reebok took over as manufacturer for the NFL from Apex in 1995. Super Bowl XLVI is Reebok’s last game as supplier for the NFL. Nike will produce uniforms beginning with the 2012 season.

The New York Football Giants celebrated their 75th anniversary during the 1999 season with a commemorative patch and did the same to the left shoulder of the jersey in 2004 for their 80th anniversary.

The millennium brought change for the NY Giants when they returned to the NY logo and numbers on the helmet and returned to gray pants. The red numbers were outlined in blue on the white jersey and red detailing was added to the neckline of both jerseys.

2000 also marked the third time in fifteen years, the team would again go to the Super Bowl and would again wear blue against the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XXXV at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL where Aerosmith was joined by Britany Spears, ”˜N Sync, Nelly and Mary J. Blige to play the Halftime show. Ironically enough, Greg Gumbel was joined by former Giants Quarterback Phil Simms in the announcer’s booth for the game.

The Giants returned to the red throwbacks of the early 50s in the mid 2000s ”“ in 2004 against the Philadelphia Eagles, and once in 2005, 2006 and 2007 against the Dallas Cowboys. They also added a memorial patch for Wellington T. Mara and P. Robert Tisch in 2005 and Gene Upshaw in 2007.

In 2007, the Giants traveled to Wembley Stadium in London, England on October 28th to play the Miami Dolphins in the first game of the International Series. Even with a rocky start to the season, they chipped away earning themselves a Wild Card spot where they beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The following week the Giants took on division rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, in the NFC Divisional Playoff game and won propelling them to the NFC Conference Championship game against the Green Bay Packers. After a stunning 23-20 win, the most unlikely team found themselves in Super Bowl XLII facing the undefeated New England Patriots at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ. During the regular season, the Giants lost only one away game, the first game of the season at Texas Stadium against the Dallas Cowboys. They won the contest wearing their road whites making them the first Wild Card team to win the Super Bowl in the expanded playoff format.

In 2009 Reebok introduced an innovation in sports apparel with the Seamless Compression Shirt. This breakthrough would provide ventilation, protection and ball security. Just as they did four years ago, the New York Football Giants will again be wearing their away whites today in Super Bowl XLVI at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN. This is the third playoff game this post season wearing their whites. Only in the Wild Card win over the Atlanta Falcons at home did they wear blue. The NY Giants went on to beat the Green Bay Packers for the NFC Division game and the nail-biting overtime win two weeks ago against the San Francisco 49ers to win the George Halas trophy in the NFC Championship game in white. Kelly Clarkson will sing the National Anthem and Madonna will perform during halftime. Today will also be the only day a Manning will take a snap in Indianapolis this season.

Eighty-six years and many ups and downs, one thing remained the same – the New York Football Giants are blue through and through.


Thanks Heather! Fantastic writeup. Are you ready for some football now?


And in case you’re not ready…

I made this little *video* featuring past matchups of the Pats & the G-men to get you in the mood for the big game today…

If you enjoyed that, give it a comment or a like. Thanks!


colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Bit of a shorter Colorize This! this week, but we still have the G&G boys, so it’s all good.

We’ll start with Gary Chanko:


Pitchers and catchers arrival is only about two weeks away. Time to start getting it on your mind.

To help with that I colorized a submittal by Dan Cichalski from last Monday’s Uni Watch News Ticker, a great vintage photo of the 1904 University of Nebraska baseball team. I understand they where originally known as the Waldos, that later in the decade was changed to what we now know as the Cornhuskers. I could be wrong about this but the photo seems to confirm Waldos was accurate.

So okay, maybe this was not exactly true and real Nebraska team photo looks more like this.

These uniforms are, well, distinctive. The player in the second row [4th from the left] is Clarence Steen. He is modeling the full Waldo in this amazing shot. By 1915 Clarence had advanced to the Omaha Western League club. And finally, we have his fully authenticated autograph.


Terrific Gary!


Next up is the second half of the dynamic duo, George Chilvers, who has two for us:

Hi Phil

First of two e-mails today.

You’ve probably seen this already as I had it on my Facebook page. Wigan Athletic 1964/1965.


Yes I’d seen it George, but the fine folks who don’t follow you surely haven’t ;).

And here’s the second of two from George:

And my second e-mail.

This is Pele with the World Cup. But the addition is that I have attached also a Word file of how I do it in Photoshop. I don’t know how easy it is to get a Word document embedded (particularly such a big file), but let me know if there’s anything you would like me to do with it if you think it would be useful.


And what was that about a word doc? Oh — right — here’s the third and final E-mail which contains the secrets of George’s magic:


I’ve put this now on Lulu for free download here or if someone really wants a printed copy (all 9 pages of it, at a cost though) here (slightly different titles – same content).


Awesome George! Be sure to check that out — whether you want to colorize or not — a tremendous read and a great resource.


And finally, we have Koutetsu Kaigun, who has shared colorizations with us before, and is back again:


I do not know if you remember me, but I sent you a few colorizations last year. Life and a new job assignment got in the way of me continuing with the hobby until recently. I present, for your approval, a sport that is not covered much on this half of the planet…Kendou (剣道). Basically it is Japanese fencing. This is from World War II and the participants are two Imperial Japanese Navy sailors.

The original can be found here.

–Koutetsu Kaigun



That’s all for the colorizations today. Check back next time for more.


Benchies Header


by Rick Pearson


Well, now, some things are just downright Un-American…

2-5-12 s-SB movie

And, as always, the Super Bowl super-size.


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

And so, lets begin:


We start with Michael Edenzon, who thinks the Oregon Ducks need another uniform:

These are just some tweaks of the Ducks 2011 pro combat uniforms worn against LSU.

Michael Edenzon


Next up is W. Ross Clites, with a bunch of MLB ideas:

Mr. Hecken,

Attached are some things I’ve been sitting on for awhile.

The first one is a Yankees logo. Let it be known I hate the Yankees very much. But if they are going to flaunt their brand in my face, I at least want a say on what I must see. The Gilligan’s Island version of the Uncle Sam hat and the “Yank Rees” script need a little tweaking for the 21st century. And someone with an artistic mind, please explain how the old logo’s bat disappears in the center of the hat.

The next batch is for the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals. If I’m going to live here, I need to at least create a new identity for the Cards. Notice, I dirtied up the feathers on the road bird to match the navy hat (which, by the way, is the best executed home/road branding strategy in baseball). It also shows the female cardinal some love, since the males are the solid red “pretty” ones.

The most plain Jane uniforms in the modern Major Leagues needs some minor piping and a sleeve patch. Why not use the interlocking STL? It is underused for how good it is.

From a strictly aestheticism perspective, the Cardinals jerseys are compositionally a mess. Players have a cardinal on an angled baseball bat up by their necks and a script that is lower than nearly every other team in the league. That bird is hanging out there so far away from the bulk of the design; it is atrocious. Plus, the Coca-Cola “C” needs to go. I get it, people love the cursive “Cardinals” but it’s not like it has been their identity for 100 years. Why does the cursive “s” abruptly stop like that? I took a page out of the (now AL West) Astros playbook: give a non-cursive “s” a tail. I also dropped the center of gravity of the whole thing down a tad.

Lastly, I come to my beloved Cleveland Indians. I’ve had this concept in play for years; so much so that many front office guys in Cleveland know this proposal quite well. Here is a brief piece of the letter I wrote to them awhile back:

As you will notice the jersey colors shift so that red has now become [then] Cavs wine with gold accents. My first proposal is to unify Cleveland under a common palette. My second alteration proposal is simple. It is the reason there are unhappy Native Americans throughout the world still flooding forums and probably also your mailbox daily. It is the reason I have to maneuver around protesters at the Home Opener each season. I love Chief Wahoo, do not get me wrong. I was devastated when he shrunk on the caps after the 2002 season. At the same time, I agree that he needs an overhaul. The ’48 Wahoo is far too over-the-top with its politically incorrect stereotypical features, but at least the skin color is not red. The Cavs secondary color makes a nice color for a new Wahoo, updated to maintain his playful smile and eyes that fans are accustomed to (not making him stern-looking like the Washington Redskins). Yet, the update does offer a more distinguished, realistic Native American. We have to remember the Indians name should always honor the culture, not mock it.



We close today with Alexander Tsipis, who gets an “A” for “effort” in my book…but that BFBS…ugh:

Hi Phil,

This is my first design and I don’t have photo shop or whatever people use to get those cool templates. I had to use Office and use the free draw tool so its not very good.

The helmets for this Lions alt would be the helmet that you made.

Love your site,

Alexander Tsipis
Wayland High School
Wayland, MA


That is it for this week’s tweak show. Back with more next time.


Screen shot 2012-02-02 at 3.23.39 PM.png

In Case You Missed It Friday: Paul posted this regarding the 2012 Curling Nationals, which segues into our next Uni Watch Gathering:

The 2012 USA Curling Nationals will take place later this month slightly outside of Philadelphia, and Phil and I have decided to head on down for the semi-finals and finals, which will take place on Feb. 17 and 18. Several people I know will be competing: Dean Gemmell, who gave me and Phil our first curling lessons, is part of the fifth-seeded team; Craig Brown, who was my skip two years ago when I participated in the House of Hearts bonspiel, is skipping the second-seeded team; and Tyler George, who invited me to come to House of Hearts in the first place, is skipping the top-seeded team. If they all make the semi-finals, I’m gonna have a hard time deciding who to root for. Anyway, if anyone wants to join us, tickets are very inexpensive.

After the finals, we’ll repair to the Devil’s Den for a Uni Watch gathering — hope all Philly-area readers will join us there on Feb. 18, 6:30pm.

Hope to see you there — the last time Paul & I roadtripped and he hosted a gathering (in Minnesota in 2010), we had a tremendous turnout. C’mon Philly, we’re counting on you!


And finally…

On Friday, Paul put this at the bottom of that day’s post:

As for Sunday, I’ll be watching the game with Phil, and at some point we’ll raise a glass to our late fathers, both of whom were big Giants fans and would have loved to see their favorite team playing for another title. Whatever your Sunday plans are, enjoy the game, and don’t forget to watch the Puppy Bowl during halftime. Go Big Blue!

A bit earlier in the week, Paul asked me if I’d like watch the game with him — I figured, ‘geez, you’re not going to some big party or some ESPN thing or some other gig,’ but I really appreciated the offer and I accepted.

When I was a kid, and then once I got lot older I always watched the playoffs (even when the Giants weren’t in them) with my dad. We celebrated SB XXI & SB XXV together, missed the one Giants loss to the Ravens (I was married at the time), and then again saw the Giants knock off the 19-0 Patriots in 2008. I remember the day like it was yesterday, and it was a very warm day in New York — we actually went out golfing that morning, we were both kind of nervous and needing to bide time till the game. It was one of the greatest nights for Giants fans and a particularly strong bonding moment for us. He got sick with West Nile Virus later that year and was never the same.

We watched the part of the last Super Bowl (Packers versus Steelers) in his hospital room, but I had to leave before the half because I had to “cover” the game for a sports reporting class. I never thought that would be the last football game I’d ever see with him.

Like Paul mentioned earlier this summer in his very touching eulogy to my father, Paul and his pop, and I and my dad, had hoped to get to one Mets game all together. We probably would have gone to a Giants game as well, had the opportunity presented itself — unfortunately, that never happened either. So I echo Paul’s thoughts in lifting a glass to our fathers today. I know they’ll be watching from ‘on high’ as we cheer Big Blue on. Miss ya pop.

Everyone enjoy the Big Game (or not, I know there are some who can’t stand the spectacle, or who just aren’t into football, or whatever) today. But just remember, it is just a game — the sun will still rise in the East and life will go on.

Have a great day.


“Jim Vilk most definitely approves. Great stuff, guys!” — Jim Vilk

Comments (128)

    Heh @ Benchies. The Super Bowl has gotten (at least for me) to the point of being too popular & too hip, to that I don’t want anything to do with it. And I think it’s sad that some people actually only watch for the commercials, and some companies actually pre-released theirs? Seriously?? Doesn’t that defeat the element of surprise or purpose of spending all those millions for a specific spot?

    Well, at least I hope Phil, Paul & all the other Giants fans and the Pats fans enjoy the game, without all that filler crap inbetween excessively extending the running time.

    I’m not sure if I’m understanding you correctly, do you not like all the glitz surrounding the SB, or do you just wish less people liked football so it wouldn’t be as popular?

    Of course he’s talking about all the glitz & hype & whatever. It’s the NFL/TV networks trying to appeal to the masses instead of to actual football fans. The Super Bowl’s popularity isn’t driven by more people liking football, it’s driven by a bunch of mouth-breathing morons who actually *want* to watch advertisements – and thus make the game harder to watch for those who care about the sport.

    So we’re to believe IBM’s “Talk to Big Blue” ad campaign used a longstanding nickname borrowed from the Giants? And still does?
    We’re to believe IBM would do something that obvious in a national forum? Use a nickname from a team that played in the nation’s media capital?

    We sure it wasn’t the other way around? That Giants fans and the media adopted the IBM moniker? I’ve been closely following pro football since the days of Huff, Rote and Gifford, and I never heard it used for the Giants until well AFTER the IBM ad campaign was highly visible, which puts it in the LT/Simms era.

    So I’ll ask yet again: Has the Giants organization ever referred to itself as the “Big Blue”. I don’t think so. Not in any kind of anointed or official fashion.

    I think its a fans/media appellation.

    I’d better be clear. I have no problem with fans using the nickname. It’s fun and sorta says the Giants are/were the IBM of the NFL.

    I mention it only in the sense that, “Well, they ARE the Big Blue, after all” is not an argument against the predominant use of red on the road unis. The Giants, through most of their history, have been and blue/red team, placing a great deal of emphasis on both colors. Their white jersey is just a color flip-flop of their long-ago alternate red jersey, something they appropriately chose to do when white jerseys were mandated.

    Okay, a few things:

    1. “…in 1977 names were added to backs.” The Giants added the last names in 1970, as did all of the “old” NFL teams as part of the 1970 merger.

    2. No mention of the Giants going back to the 1950’s-early 1960’s white jerseys in 2005?

    3. “They won the contest wearing their road whites making them the first Wild Card team to win the Super Bowl in the expanded playoff format.” If you’re talking about the current playoff format that dates back to 1990, I’m pretty sure the 1997 Broncos, 2000 Ravens, and 2005 Steelers would like to have a word with you. Might as well throw in the 2006 Colts who, despite winning their division, were the number 3 seed and had to play all three rounds as well.

    Paul, I think we need to have an ombudsman for this site to check the facts before allowing someone who isn’t a regular contributor on your days off.

    #3 is correct, though I don’t think we need to go overboard with the last recommendation. No one is getting paid here, no need to get upset over a mistake or two.

    The Reebok mention is a bit incorrect, as they did not take over all of the NFL until 2002. They did take over making the Giants’ unis in 1995 from Apex, but Apex never had a league-wide uni deal. Also, the Giants went to Nike for a couple of seasons (1999-2000), and it was with Nike that they made the change back to the NY logo, stripeless blue unis, and gray pants. They did go back to Reebok in 2001, a year before the league-wide deal took effect.

    Paul, I think we need to have an ombudsman for this site to check the facts before allowing someone who isn’t a regular contributor on your days off.

    Dude — chill. While the errors are regrettable, that’s no way to treat a guest contributor.

    Pointing out errors = fine; constructive criticism = fine; insulting a guest writer = not fine. And somewhere in there you should be thanking Heather for putting together a huge post.

    Joseph Gerard’s response is one reason why I refer to the commentariat of this website as “The Asperger’s Syndrome Convention.”

    Thanks Heather for the informative entry.

    “Joseph Gerard’s response is one reason why I refer to the commentariat of this website as “The Asperger’s Syndrome Convention.””

    Well, I do have to admit that I can be a little OCD sometimes. It’s like when someone talks about my other big interest: cars. For instance, I like to joke with people by asking them what the base engine was used in a 1983 Chevy Corvette. (It’s a trick question: there was no ’83 Corvette. After production of the third-generation Corvette ended with the 1982 model year, GM introduced the fourth-generation Corvette in March 1983 as an early 1984 model.) I tend to tell people I have “Adrian Monk syndrome”. I personally think everyone has OCD. I’ve actually been diagnosed with it.

    To Heather: I apologize for the ombudsman comment. You did write a good article, and I thank you for that. But I do gotta list errors when I see them. Like the badly-needs-updated Football Uniforms website that has the Steelers listed wearing their 1963-1965 uniforms for 1966, even though they were wearing the “Batman” uniforms in 1966.


    Craig Wheeler’s ‘Football Uniforms’ website did get updated: Tim, Bill & I made the ‘Gridiron Uniform Database’.

    I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with the Cardinals concepts. Not every team needs piping or a sleeve patch.

    I don’t think adding accurate flesh tone to the Indians helps any. I think they need to go to a more dignified & generic logo. But I think eventually Chief Wahoo will be phased out completely. I don’t see him lasting much longer.

    “eventually Chief Wahoo will be phased out completely.”

    Not to mention he looks like Max Klinger.

    Not to mention he looks like Max Klinger.

    For most teams, that right there would be enough of a reason to change it… but the Indians are in Ohio.

    My boss at work is a diehard Indians fan. (I like the Pirates but unlike the Bucs, the Tribe do make a good attempt to win.) We’ve had this discussion on Chief Wahoo. This isn’t the first time they’ve tried to de-emphasize him. To quote my boss–and sadly he’s right–as long as there are racist white people, Chief Wahoo will live on. And if you look at the antisemitism in Europe that dates back several CENTURIES, that should be evidence that racism will unfortunately always be around in some form. In other words, despite the organization’s best efforts, Chief Wahoo isn’t going anywhere.

    The piece also failed to discuss the uniform revision of 1980, deletion of the mid-sleeve stripes, in favor of smaller end of sleeve stripes. Number fonts changes and stripes were added to collar. This, in addition to deleting the white stripe from the helmet.
    It might have been the biggest change in team history and a little more than a year after season of “The Fumble” signaled the start of a new era, that would lead to two Super Bowl titles.
    We could quibble on more subtle changes – from the pants in the early sixties going from stripes similar to today’s roads to thicker more standard striping. And of course, never mentioned the scary blue pants from the mid 1970s.
    As for no one getting paid — someone must be, as it appears from the bottom of the page, that Gannett – the Nike of the newspaper business, in terms of style over substance – would appear to have some ownership or affiliation role, hence the USA Today Sports Media Group tag.
    Just sayin’

    As for no one getting paid – someone must be, as it appears from the bottom of the page, that Gannett – the Nike of the newspaper business, in terms of style over substance – would appear to have some ownership or affiliation role, hence the USA Today Sports Media Group tag.

    For the past year, about half of our ads have been served by the Big Lead group, which was acquired by Gannett last month, at which point we had to add that fine print at the bottom of the page. It doesn’t mean anyone “getting paid” any more than they were before (i.e., very, very little).

    My apologies, then.
    But as some one who makes his living operating content-driven Web sites, with your site stats (top 50K Alexa), I wonder whether other Ad networks might offer you better revenue, without insisting on the “logo creep” that suggests some sort of editorial ownership/management. I use a number myself, none of which ask me to use their branding.
    My criticism of the piece was not directed at Heather who clearly did a lot of work – but rather omissions that I would hope – given the typically detail oriented nature of the site – would have been picked up on edit.

    On weekends, this an all-volunteer Army, you know.
    It involves a great deal of audience participation, too.

    Everyone messes up, and the spirit of things is to get it right, so any corrections usually are gladly accepted…when they’re offered as helping contribute to the knowledge base.

    When they’re presented as nit-picky or “one-upsmanship”, that’s something else.

    I’ll admit to that, aka the time I wrote a piece on the Tour De France and forgot how many teams were in the damned race.

    I’m loving the fact people are standing up and reminding folks to be respectful in their comments. Thanks.

    A. I really like that Yankees update concept.

    2. While I’m generally getting tired of throwback uniforms, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Giants use the late 70’s uniform for an alt. The blue pants were awesome.

    III. The obsession with Super Bowl commercials is just stupid. If I even bother watching the game, it’ll be with the ads cut out.

    Always have liked the 1975 Giants uniform with the multiple striping, would like to see a one time throwback some day.

    Yes, that was during an era of bad football for the Giants, but you can’t blame the uniform for that.

    I loved the Giants uniform history. Great work. Thanks especially for the various shots of the old baseball stadiums in football configuration. I’d probably feel differently if I were a paying customer back then, but to my eye, nothing beats the look of the NFL being played in venues like Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, Tiger Stadium, Wrigley Field and the Polo Grounds.

    Likewise, great job yesterday on the Patriots uniform history, I really appreciate the ton of work that went into both of these. And I neglected to comment yesterday that, by far, I prefer the Pat Patriot era for New England’s uniform and would like nothing more than to see the team return to one of the classic designs of the past.

    Excellent history on the Giants uni’s, Heather!

    My favorite Giants jersey of all time has been the white jersey with red Northwestern stripes ever since I first saw it in 2005.

    We all know this is a throwback to the 50’s and 60’s, but what I didn’t know is that the 1994 throwback jerseys were the same style, first appearing over a decade before I first saw them in 2005 and fell in love with them. I find it really odd that when the Giants returned to the “NY” logo uniforms in 2000 that they didn’t retain the red Northwestern stripes on the white jerseys that had already been there on the 1994 throwbacks. It took until 2005 for the look to return. Why wasn’t the look already there in 2000?

    Probably because, much like the Jets and their darker green, the 2000 uniform was initially intended as a modern take on an old look, rather than a complete throwback.

    (and it looked better)

    The Jets desperately need new uniforms. Their current look just screams 1998 when they first adopted it, which is ironic because when it debuted it was supposed to be reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s, aka the Joe Namath era, because the Jets only played a single season in those uni’s without Broadway Joe: 1977.

    I think it would be cool to see the Jets change to ultra modern, new uniforms. I’m really tired of the throwback trend. How many more times can we see them dressed as the New York Titans? It got old after the first time.

    New York City is like the center of the fashion universe, and both NFL teams that call this city home are wearing dated uniforms. With all the creative people living in the Big Apple, I’m sure somebody can come up with something for these two teams that pushes the football uniform design envelope.

    If the Jets insist on one or two throwback games per season, right now is the best time to throw back to the late 70’s and 80’s green helmet uniforms.

    Not being a fan of most modern uniform innovations, I lean in the opposite direction and would rather see New York continue to be a place where sports tradition is given a high priority. And when you look at the Yankees, Rangers, Giants and Jets, and to a lesser extent, the Knicks, Islanders and recently revised Mets, I think there is a leaning toward the country’s biggest metropolitan area being a place where sports history and traditions are solidified. Of course, this comes from the guy who yesterday was proposing the Jets in kelly green, metallic lime green and gold, so maybe I’m not one to talk.

    I agree it might be time for a Sack Exchange throwback (the 1978-89 version, without the black trim), but I think the Jets uniforms are fine the way they are. The only changes I might like to see, and they’re minor, are (1) sans-serif NOB lettering; (2) move the shoulder stripes down a bit so they’re angled instead of vertical; and (3) make the logo football-shaped instead of oval, like the 1965-77 version.

    Also, the Jets actually played 1963 and ’64 in those unis without Broadway Joe, albeit with different helmet logos (jet plane in ’63 with single stripe, white oval in ’64 with double stripe).

    And I love the blue and gold Titans unis.

    And I have to agree with Tenz regarding tradition in NY sports. The Yankees are the area’s most successful team and haven’t meaningfully changed their uniform design since before WWII. We’ve already seen the Jets, Giants, Islanders (twice) and Mets revert to traditional designs (the Rangers too, if you count link), although the Isles were the only ones whose “modern” designs got link link.

    I kinda always thought that’s why the Giants went back to their 50’s-early ’60s look, to position themselves as the NY team that’s been around longer, since the GGEP and before…a counterpart to the Yankees in that sense. Remind people they were playing in title games long before the Jets even existed.

    All things considered, not really a bad marketing move. Giants have always had a more “corporate” image (for lack of a better term) than the Jets, anyway.

    I actually like the Giants current unis, as do the Jets throwbacks. By default, the Jets should keep the Namath-era uniforms, since the 1978-1997 unis were worse IMO and anything newer could end up looking like something the Cardinals, Falcons, or Vikings would wear.

    For some reason, though I generally am not a fan of the monochrome look, the Jets and Rams going monochrome doesn’t bother me.

    “Reebok took over as manufacturer for the NFL from Apex in 1995. Super Bowl XLVI is Reebok’s last game as supplier for the NFL.”

    Is there a difference between “manufacturer” and “supplier”? I remember the Puma logo was on NFL jerseys in 1999. The above sentences imply that once Reebok took over in 1995 that they’ve been in control ever since, for 17 years until today. During this time has Reebok always been involved in uniform manufacturing/supplying for NFL teams despite Puma’s involvement as well? Are exclusive contracts a new thing in the NFL? I’m pretty sure I remember seeing a “W” logo on Colts jerseys in the mid 90’s so was Wilson involved in all this too?

    there is indeed a difference.
    At one point in the 90s, Wilson, Russell, Champion, Starter, & Apex all had their logos on uniforms, though I don’t -think- ANY of those places MADE the garments. (Somefactory in Wisconsin? Why do I think that?_ Licenses were sold off, so Apex disappeared (thus the Cowboys going logo-less for a season)before Nike rolled in. (Converse bought Apex thus Converse became the ‘official shoe’ for a time.) Logo Athletic came into the photo, and that rolled over to Puma as there was -some- type of connection. Reebok was also in the mix there somewhere before they went all in with the current deal.

    OMG thanks SO MUCH for this link Paul! I’m gonna be playing with their interactive Uniform Designer website feature all day!!!!!! IT’S AMAZING!!!! :)

    Paul, I just want to say right now that I hate you for posting this link as I will now be wasting copious amounts of time creating uniforms in the uni creator there. Damn you Lukas, damn you to hell



    Don’t forget Ada, Ohio – where Wilson makes the footballs for the Super Bowl every year.

    Wonderful colorizations today. Special love for the UNebraska baseball team and Pele smooching the trophy.

    A suggestion for those who don’t want to watch any of the pregame crap – link has every SB highlight film – freebie with quickie 30 ads on continuous play if you have an hdmi slot son your laptop…hook it up to your tv and watch – just like when ESPN used to do that…

    well that too – but its cool to watch the older games, and check out the unis…the way the fans are dressed, etc…

    yeah…screw that puppy bowl


    so…no madonna at the half today? i may not have to kill myself now best news i’ve heard all day

    /avoided all super bowl talk, tv, posts, blogs, boards, memes, thus far…

    won’t tune in till 5:30ish

    Heather, wonderful job on the Giants uniform history. I love any type of team uniform history and today’s was a well done one.

    I always wondered about the material used on the old jerseys. Either the oval inserts or friction strips. I am sure different material was used. So you say they used felt.

    Really good post today, I can’t stand the Giants but Heather did a really nice job chronicling NYG uni history great finds on the pictures, of the uni’s and stadiums. Question though, the lil blurb about the Reedidas compression shirt what significance does this have? Is it the reason the Giants D-line’s jerseys look like mankini tops?

    Ross good look on the Indians, however the chief needs to go ASAP it’s a product of a bygone era that needs to stay in the past.

    three cheers for scotty!

    damn fine lede today, and thanks to all who are appreciative of her efforts

    GO G-MEN

    I don’t like any of Ross’s uni-concepts. His NY Yankees logo is too busy; his STL Cardinals concepts are too diverse; and his Cleveland uni-tweak is too derivative.

    excellent points — can you send me your concepts for comparison?

    i’d like to post them on here so the rest of us can rip the shit out of them

    While I disagree with the posters opinion, I think Ross’ concepts are all pretty good, and the way the opinion is expressed I don’t think it’s necessary to be an artist to criticize art.

    Ross’ Cardinals and Indians uni ideas are nicely done and the colors are great, but it’s time to retire Chief Wahoo for good. Some traditions have been timed out…

    Can one of you master colorizers get to work on this photo? I tried doing it with crayons on my laptop but that ended poorly. link

    Happy to give it a go, but I’ll show my Limey ignorance and ask who are the teams (and colours although I can Google that)?


    George, NY Giants and Chicago Cardinals is who I think they are.

    From that great site. And I did check out yesterdays column about the Patriots. Congrats to all from yesterday too.

    The question is this. Are the Giants wearing the blue jerseys vs the Cards red or both wearing red???

    I think it’s actually the Giants (definitely) and the Eagles. Since the site is explorepa (Pennsylvania), I would definitely think the Eagles in green and the Giants in red.

    The year? Anywhere between 1937 and 1940. OR a possibility that the pic is from 1941 in which it would be the Steelers in green and the G-Men in red.

    the google is a wonderful thing:


    “Philadelphia Eagles playing the New York Giants, October 16, 1938.”

    “On October 15, 1933, the New York Giants crushed the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia’s first game in the NFL by a score of 56-0. The Eagles struggled through mediocrity the rest of the decade, and went 5-6 during the 1938 season, splitting their two games with the New York Giants, who won 17 to 7 on October 16, 1938”

    Great entry today Heather. As someone who’s written for this website nine or ten times, and who blogs regularly on another (non sports related, industry) website, I can relate to how tough it is to pull together an interesting, informative, correct post. Well done.

    Phil, very touching piece about your and Paul’s father. I’ve written a similar paragraph here about me, my father and sports (baseball in our case), so I know exactly what you guys are feeling. Once those days are gone… anyway, enjoy the shared memories and know that your dads are watching and enjoying from somewhere.


    That was a great contribution to the site. It obviously took a great deal of time & effort to compile all of that info.

    I am a big fan of Uniwatch – When I discovered the site, I swore it was created for me! I never realized there were others like me who cared so much about teams’ uniforms and logos.

    Speaking of caring so much, I am a torn Giants fan: I want to root for the team but I hate the logo and the uniforms. I became a fan in the mid-70’s and to me, the 1980 – 1999 uniform is the best… ‘GIANTS’ on the helmet, white facemasks, red highlights on the home jersey/blue numbers on the road jersey, white pants.

    I don’t understand the appeal of the ‘ny’ logo – They’re the GIANTS for gosh sakes, not the giants. The team’s not owned by e.e.cummings! And the rest of the uniform is so dull, it looks like they’re stuck in the 60’s (not a good time for the team, by the way – zero championships and a slide into poor performance) while everyone else in the league is in the 21st century.

    If I had time and talent, I’d create a website like “Mets Police” and push for the team to return to uniform greatness. If there’s anyone else who feels the same, let me know – I’ve mostly gotten shrugs from other Giants fans when I’ve stood on my soapbox, but then I don’t travel in the best circles anyway.

    I’m so glad there’s a place like this for me to vent! Love Uniwatch!

    Well articulated, Bill. I appreciate your passion.

    However, I completely disagree with your assessment of the Giants current look. The ny logo, to my eyes, is strong and says “New York,” center of popular culture and design, like nothing else could. It is at once unusual and understated. The jersey is simple, refined and beautiful.

    I get how you associate the GIANTS logo and uniform with greatness, but to me it is a remnant of a period in culture and design that has come and gone. I respect your positive association with that time and look, though.

    The ny, to me, remains iconic and represents the great city perfectly and there is no need to look elsewhere.

    Less is more. There is strength in dignified understatement.

    The ’80s/’90s Giants uniform brings back great memories, but it looks pretty dated to me at this point. The current unis — especially since they changed the road uni in ’05 — actually evoke the mid-’50s-to-early-’60s era for the G-men, which was pretty successful, all things considered. Not sure why they ever went away from the red numbers and grey pants on the road unis to begin with; the white-on-white/blue numbers look always struck me as boring.

    One good thing about this year’s SB – I haven’t seen anything labeled as “Central Indiana”. It all says “Indianapolis” (or Indyapolis if you’re Jimmy Fallon’s wife).

    Speaking of Rovell, this gem:

    Today is the 6,510th NFL game with players are wearing Reebok jerseys. It is also the final 1 w/Nike taking over.

    I would love to see Rovell’s corporate cell bill.

    Pre-game snack. Lo-fat Oreos and 1% milk in my vintage 70s NFL thermal mug. Trying to balance out the taquitos.


    I’ll try and stay awake into the early hours of the morning, but I’ll have the HD recorder working, so if I doze off (has been known – well, let’s be honest, frequently has been known now, even when Wigan Athletic highlights are on) I’ll be able to catch up. Nice thing about now being retired is (a) I can stop up into the early hours, or (b) I will be able to watch it in the morning :)

    And I will be able to skip through the ad breaks (although as it’s on BBC there’ll be no actual ads here). Bliss.

    My Super Bowl prediction:

    1.”Like A Prayer”
    2.(some new song)
    3.”Express Yourself/Vogue”
    4.”Ray of Light”

    Or do you guys only do that for ‘The Who’?

    New song: Give Me all your Luvin’ (not bad at all cept for the rapcrap- bought it anyway on iTunes)

    Ray Of Light
    Like A Prayer
    Into The Groove

    And now my annual reminder than you can impress friends and family today by pointing out that, yes, Super Bowl is busiest day/evening of the year for pizza delivery, BUT do they know the SECOND busiest?

    A: The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving.

    (Well, that’s according to my late friend who was a former COO of Pizza Hut, anyway).

    Oh, sorry. No. Thought you were making a joke. Jim Grimm. Was with National Pizza, before that Papa Gino’s and Godfather’s.

    I’ll go out on a limb

    Give me all your Luvin’
    Beautiful Stranger
    Some strange unexpected cover – I dunno, maybe Gimme Shelter

    Not so bold prediction of the night:
    The Giants’ Super Bowl record, as dependent upon Bill Belichick wearing red, will remain perfect.

    Ooops. Considering I’ve watched IDOL for absolutely zero seconds in its entire run…

    Although I do know Carrie Underwood is a blonde.
    (forehead smack)

    Can I have a vote for Steve Weatherford as having the most extreme biker shorts in the NFL? They are practically Daisy Dukes!

    Someone get a screen shot of Boothe’s missing Super Bowl patch (clearly shown right after he was flagged for for a false start).

    So true. I’ve forced myself to sit through some years that I just didn’t care but this year the rematch between 2 of my least favorite franchises in all of sports there was no way I could watch it. I saw 1 play and the NBC announcers made me sick so I turned it off again.

    Bring on the baseball… Even if my Pirates will be extending their record streak…

    Since they won in them again please don’t tell me we’ll be stuck with this absolutely horrendous Giants road uniform for the rest of time. The home isn’t fantastic either but at least when Big BLUE wears them they’re, ya know, BLUE….

    The helmet stripe doesn’t match the uniform stripes or the pants stripes. The uniform is way too similar to the 49ers and should be blue not red, the stripes don’t match the helmet stripe of the pants stripes. The pants stripes are the worst in the NFL, including the Vikings and Cardinals, and of course they match nothing else on the uniform. To my OCD it’s a complete mess that should’ve stayed buried in the 60’s where it belongs. It’d be almost tolerable if they added some more blue to the jersey but as it is it’s horrible.

    Don’t know if I’d say top 3 but I’d easily put them in the 5 or 10 worst road uniforms in the NFL. Of course the ones I’d put them in with would have a lot of unpopular additions.

    Sadly, I think we’re stuck with them.
    I had hoped, after the blow out against the Ravens in 2001, that someone would have the good sense to ‘re-retire’ the throwbacks and return to the uni’s of LT and Simms (2-0 in championship games while 0-4 with the ‘ny’ logo in championship games) but good old fashioned superstition didn’t take hold. Now, with two miraculous wins, I fear it will be a very long time until this boring, dated look goes away.



    thanks for the entertainment Paul — twas a great evening…one of those where you just knew the g-men were going to win…

    although i still am scratching my head at belicheat allowing the g-men to score and go up by more than a FG…

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