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Rolls Reuss, Volume IV

Rolls Reuss 4 Splash

By Phil Hecken

Today we continue with the Jerry Reuss series, and in this part, we will take a look at one of Jerry’s nascent talents — uni tweaking. Jerry is not only a stand up gentleman, a tremendous ball player, and a terrific announcer, he has a few more talents (some of which you may not even know about). We’ll get to those another time, but today, we’ll take a look at a few of his uniform concepts:


When I spoke with Jerry, he had just sent me his first ever set of tweaks — for the Cardinals and the Dodgers, two of his former teams. Here’s how he described those then:

Jerry Reuss: When I see the Cardinals and Dodgers uniform logos, I think DCAT! (Don’t Change A Thing!) However, when put into context of the uniform top as we see it on TV or at the ballpark, there appears to be a vast expanse of white. It’s too much white, especially with baggy pants covering the shoes. So, here’s a different look that frames and finishes a few of my favorite uniforms.

St. Louis Cardinals Home

To the Cardinals current home uniform, I added a thin band of red piping around each sleeve and down the outer seam of each pant leg. Instead of solid red socks, I incorporated the striped stirrups worn over white sanitary socks. Here’s the “tweak.”

St. Louis Cardinals Alternate Home

To the Cardinals current Sunday alternate home uniform, I added a thin band of navy piping sandwiched with red piping around each sleeve and down the outer seam of each pant leg. Instead of solid red socks, I incorporated the striped stirrups worn over white sanitary socks. Here’s the “tweak.”

Los Angeles Dodgers Home

Since the Dodgers road gray uniform has a thin band of royal blue piping around each sleeve and on the outer seam of each pant leg, this is what the home uniform would look like with the same piping. For the “stirrup-enlighted” brethren at UniWatch, I added stirrups over white sanitary socks. Here’s the “tweak.”


I asked Jerry in our phone conversation about future “tweaks.” At the time he wasn’t sure he’d send any, and here’s how that went:

Uni Watch: Do you think you’re going to submit any more tweaks? Because I’m looking forward to it and I know the readers want it.

JR: I’ll take a look at some of the uniforms I wore. After the first two tweaks, I’m more at ease making the changes using the template from Chris Creamer’s website.

I’d like to take a shot at tweaking the Astros uniforms from 1965-1974. There’s a middle ground somewhere using the dark blue/orange combination with the original Astros logo. Hmmm! The hamsters are up and running in my mind!

Sure enough, Jerry came through with this:

JR: Here are two tweaks of the early Houston Astros home uniforms.

The Classic Look

This uniform tweak is comprised of three elements:

1) The hat, belt, stirrups and buttoned uniform top are from the 1965-1971 home uniform;
2) The logo, player name and number use the color scheme from 1972-1974;
3) The dark blue sleeve and pants piping are new.

Not shown are dark blue sleeves and black shoes.

The Retro Look

The same three elements:

1) The hat, belt, stirrups and buttoned uniform top are from the 1965-1971 home uniform;
2) The logo, player name and number use the color scheme from 1972-1974;
3) The orange/blue sleeve and pants stripes are new and refer to the 1972-1974 era.

Not shown are dark blue sleeves and black shoes.


But Jerry wasn’t done — he had plans for a third set of tweaks:

JR: When I heard of the White Sox plans to change to their current style of uniforms around 1989, I was delighted even though I knew I wouldn’t wear them. The retro style of black outlined in silver was a curious choice, however. I remember the White Sox uniforms of the ’50s and early ’60s with dark blue or black outlined in red. The addition of red gives the logo a depth that the current silver color doesn’t. There are two options that immediately come to mind. Here’s option #1 and #2. Add the red and you’ve got the perfect White Sox uniform using today’s template.

UW: I agree completely! The guy who I worked with (a while back) — said the same thing — looks just like the uniform they wear today but with the red substituting for the gray or silver.

JR: UW readers have submitted some excellent tweaks of the White Sox uniforms over the years. Check out these links: 1, 2, 3, and 4. There’s even an outstanding alternate tweak. It doesn’t get much better than this! So, there are many uniforms to choose from. I’ll have to give it some thought.

Jerry ended up passing on that tweak, but sent along an even better one:

JR: Because of the number of excellent tweaks of the Sox current uniform that have already been posted, I decided to tweak the uniform I wore in 1988. I used the red (RGB 218, 38, 75) as the dominant color to draw the focus to the center of the uniform. The dark blue (RGB 0, 28, 67) is used to highlight, frame and balance the tweak.

1988 Chicago White Sox

I made some changes to an already classically styled uniform.

1) The colors of the White Sox script and the number on the back have been inverted.
2) The front number colors have been inverted and moved from the upper part of the left pants leg to the uniform top below the script.
3) The name of the player has been added to the back of the uniform.
4) Dark blue piping has been added to each sleeve and to the outer seam on the pants.
5) The hat, belt and stirrups remain the original colors.
6) Not shown are the dark blue sleeves and the black shoes


Finally, Jerry had indicated an interest in doing a Pirates tweak — but there was one small problem — someone (Daniel Chianelli) had already done the exact one he was thinking of:

JR: I’ve enjoyed tweaking uniforms that I’ve worn. Next on my list would be the Pirates uniform worn between 1970-1976. Recently, I saw a post of that very uniform. The “old gold” color appears a bit green on my computer monitor, otherwise, it’s right on point. The only tweak I would consider would be black/old gold stripes, roughly the thickness of the band around the collar, on the outside seam of the pants.

The post also has an excellent rendering of another Pirates’ tweak so, it’s two great tweaks on one page!

UW: Would you consider tweaks of other Pirates uniforms you wore?

JR: I wouldn’t attempt the combination-style worn from 1977-1985. They’re my least favorite uniforms among all that I wore, though they did define the times of some great Pirate teams. The 1990 uniform, with the buttoned top and belts added in 1991, was excellent and for me, DCAT!

UW: Back to your tweaks. You seem to have common elements to all of them. Brighter colors in the center of the uniform, sleeve/pants piping and stirrups. Have you noticed?

JR: You’re right! I keep coming back to a similar style from my youth with some modifications to update them. My first uniform influence was the hometown Cardinals. I attended games at Sportsman’s Park from the ’50s to mid-’60s and saw games against the Dodgers, Pirates, Colt .45’s (Astros) and the pre-season exhibitions in 1964 against the Yankees. I recently found all the scorecards from the games I saw.

Since he mentioned his least favorite uniforms, the next question was obvious.

UW: You mentioned the combo-style as your least favorite. What were the favorites?

JR: The Dodgers and the pre-1971 Cardinals are in a first place tie. The emotional ties to the uniforms are as strong as the visual appeal. The Dodgers because of my personal success and the Cardinals, because I grew up in St. Louis and it was my first major league uniform. Next would be the White Sox because of the buttons and belt and the resurrection of my career and 1974-1975 Pirates, when I played my first post-season games. The 1990 Pirates (my final uniform), the Astros followed by the pullover/waistband Cardinals (the first time I was traded) would be next in line. The Angels, Brewers and Reds had great uniforms but I pitched poorly for each of those teams. Finally, there are the Pirates’ combos from 1977-1978.


We finished our conversation touching on today’s uniforms and how the players wear them.

UW: You watched the styles change during your career. It’s been over twenty years since you retired and the uniforms and styles that you wore have changed. Some thoughts on what you see.

JR: I like the concept of today’s specialty uniforms, jerseys and hats. Fans can watch their favorite team wearing spring training tops, batting practice tops, alternate in-season jerseys, alternate in-season uniforms, All Star Game BP jerseys, alternate hats, etc. I know I’m missing some other different looks, but I made my point. There’s a lot out there. I don’t like everything I see but I appreciate the spirit with which they’re presented. There’s some marketing involved with all merchandise but it’s all part of the fan experience. There’s so much available I wonder if MLB employs their own “tweakers!”

With regards to what’s worn on the field, I think that an alternate top or uniform that’s worn a few times a month (such as the Giants orange top worn on Friday home games, the Braves red Sunday top, the Dodgers psuedo-satin powder blues on mid-week home afternoon games) presents some visual interest and creates another level of excitement at the ballpark. But beware of overuse! It dilutes the experience and can alienate a portion of a club’s fan base. To put it another way closer to home, I like ice cream when served a scoop or two at a time but don’t force-feed me a whole gallon!

Other than that, the only problem is getting the managers, coaches and players to wear the assigned uniform or top. This spring, I’ve seen pictures of uniformed personnel wearing cut-off nylon jackets, hooded sweatshirts, fleece tops, t-shirts, shorts and pants without belts on the field during spring training drills instead of the assigned top. I’m all for comfort but this isn’t a professional look. This trend isn’t limited to spring training. Once the season begins, there are some managers that don’t even wear a uniform top or a jersey during the game! Maybe I’m nitpicking but it’s a disturbing trend.

UW: You touched on an interesting point. How about the way uniforms are worn today with baggy shirts and pajama-style pants?

JR: It’s not a style that I would embrace. I’m from a different era and my time has come and gone. At 61 years old, I’d look like a fool if I wore a baseball uniform the way a 20 to 40 year-old man would. Besides, if I want to see “baggy” and “saggy”, all I need to do is look at myself in the mirror when I get out of the shower!

So, with that, we’ll end today’s segment. I’m hoping Jerry will continue his tweaking prowess now that the baseball season is in full swing. They’re always welcome.


Once again, a huge thanks to Mr. Reuss for sharing so much of his knowledge with us all. Make sure let him know you appreciate it.


colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Very small set again this week. But size isn’t everything — our heavy hitters are back for more:


Leading off is George Chilvers, who begins with this:

Came across this on Wikipedia the other day – Bobby Lowe of Boston Beaneaters (what a great name!).


PS Have you come across this before?

No George, I hadn’t — but that looks fantastic!


Of course, George wasn’t finished either. Here’s what came a bit later in the week. Check out the 1919 White Black Sox:

Hi Phil

This was more complex than it looked at first sight – has kept me out of mischief through the week.

Best wishes



And our final colorizer is Gary Chanko, who also colorized the Black Sox, and also provides a very neat history lesson. Dig:

Hi Phil

Thanks to BSmile for submitting two great team photos last week. I chose the Chicago Black Sox to colorize and the project resulting in some interesting discoveries.

If you look closely at the top row of players, the second from the left (his name is Lefty Sullivan, a pitcher) is wearing a different uni then the rest of the team. Similarly the player to his left is wearing even another uni version (the “Sox” lettering is slightly different and the neck and sleeves have white piping). Also the fourth player from the left on the first row seems to be in the same uni. So there are three different uni variations in a team photo.

Typically these vintage photo colorizing projects start with some basic research to determine color schemes. This time the research provided answers to the uni variations along with a few other bits of uni related information.

Uni Variation: As it turns out the owner was tight fisted with money. Players arriving on the team after the start of the season were issued whatever uniforms that were available. In this case Lefty got a 1918 uni set. Same situation I suppose for the other two players.

The Black Sox Nickname: If you thought, as I did, the “Black Sox” nickname was directly related to the World Series scandal, you want to consider an alternative uni-realted source. see this article.

Home or Away: With vintage B&W photos it’s often difficult to make accurate determinations between home whites and away grays. Sometimes there’s pin stripes or other variations that help with the determination. So I thought for this image because research indicated the 1919 White Sox wore gray pin stripes. But as it turns out, the initial research by Marc Okkonen (Baseball Uniforms of the 20th Century (1991) was incorrect based on a faked Joe Jackson uni.

You read all the details and more in this article.



Great stuff George & Gary! Instead of the “M&M Boys” we’ll just have to call them the G&G Boys.

OK — For next week. Since no one has yet colorized BSmile’s 1913 Cubs, lets keep that one in there.

And, since Paul ran a tremendous Wire Story writeup, lets see if we can’t do one or more from the following:

Joe DiMaggio, San Francisco Seals

1939 Cuban Team, International Tournament

Carmen “Specs” Hill, circa 1913 Pittsburgh Pirates

and two non-baseball ones, for those of you who don’t believe:

Sammy Baugh and the NY Titans Coaching Staff

Rochester Royals Basketball


Thanks again to George and Gary. Now get cracking colorizers! Lots of great stuff for next time! Cheers.


Benchies Header


by Rick Pearson


First, thanks to everyone for all the entries. Tough, tough decision. I did listen to yesterday voters and it was horse race but, ultimately, I was swayed by..the color. Can’t imagine why (runs away, ducking).

About today…

Okay, the course ain’t exactly Augusta National, but big plans are being made…

s-Contest golf

And of course, here is the full size


Contest Finalists:

So who were the five finalists and how did they describe (if they described) their creations?

Mick #1 was sent in by Coleman Mullins who described his submission, “I thought since I live in New Orleans and Mardi Gras just passed that I’d do a Mardi Gras theme. I wanted a little personal touch for Mick so there are M’s on his hat, shirt and shorts.”

Mick #2 came from Brian Fitterman, who didn’t describe his creation, but I loved the red/white/blue theme and classic rups.

Mick #3 was a Jim Vilk color by number. Said Jim: “And here’s an outfit he can wear for Friday outings.”

Mick #4, which was selected as the winner, was crafted by Tim E. O’Brien, who also did not describe his creation, but I love the fuchsia top over purple plaid plus-fours.

Mick #5 was designed by Mako Mameli, who opined, “Maroon & Gold for a classic look. It was not intended as a shout out to Minnesota, unless it give me more points ;).”


Great job by one and all. I can see why Rick had such a hard time selecting a winner. Well done gentlemen, well done.


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks

We have another nice of tweaks today.

If you have a tweak, change or concept for any sport, send them my way.

Remember, if possible, try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per tweak. You guys have been great a keeping to that, and it’s much appreciated!

And so, lets begin:


Up first is Johnny Bruno, who has a past and future soccer tweak:


I was reading the “Tweaking the MLS Part II” post and I got to the New York Cosmos and I wanted to pass something along to you and Lance that I don’t know if you guys are aware of. Last August the New York Cosmos were reformed as a Youth Development Academy with an ultimate goal of becoming the 20th MLS expansion franchise in 2012. The club is headed by the legendary Pele as the Honorary President with Eric Cantona and Cobi Jones as the Director of Soccer and Assistant Director of Soccer respectively. More information can be found on their website

Anyway, the main point of me writing is to show you the home shirt that they have created along with the new logo. If you look here you can see the new home shirt which is inspired by the this jersey which is the 1978 alternate shirt. The new logo is essentially just a tweak of the old logo.

I also made my own uniform set for the Cosmos as I hope that they get to be that 20th team. The home kit is essentially the new jersey they have created but I added a collar. The away kit I created is a tribute to the away kit the team wore when Pele was playing with the Cosmos. The third jersey was inspired by the colors of the jerseys of the 1980’s and the design of the 1973-75 shirt. The other alternate I made was just for the heck of it and to see how obnoxious I could make it because the third jersey always seem to be completely different.

My apologies for this being over 50 words. My original intention was to just write about the Cosmos coming back but then while writing this email I decided to make my own uni set. Keep up the good work!

-Johnny Bruno


Next up is Alex Acosta, who has some concept logos for the Lightning:

I’m not to thrilled about the changes the Tampa Bay Lightning are making to their identity package for next season, hence I created a single TB crest for white, black and blue jerseys.

Black jersey version

White jersey version

Blue jersey version


Closing out the tweaks today is Alex Cloutier, who has a Rockies and a Nationals set for us:

With baseball starting up I had to start getting these made so I have the first 2 here.

ROCKIES: A team that needs to have its image changed. Who decided to bring the purple unis back I don’t know, but the team needs an overhaul. I decided to use the color scheme of the original Rockies( you know, the NHL team that is currently in NJ.) and simplified the design.

NATIONALS: First things first the Nats NEED to choose if they are red team or a blue team, The home red & road blue Irritates me. Secondly they need to create there own logo (tons of people had it before them: The senators in the 60s, Walgreens, ect…). I think with this they can finally have an Identity.



Thank you folks. Back next weekend with more tweaks, concepts and assorted revisions.


PS Giants

Parting Shots…

So the Worlds Champs finally broke out their special gold laced unis and caps last night, against the Cardinals…

✔ Up close, and in good lighting, the lettering looked aight

✔ Likewise, from the side, it looked good; nice view of their patch

✔ Pretty nice silver & gold ring, much like the Commissioner’s Trophy

✔ Win the World Series and you get to fly a special flag

✔ So yeah…the uniforms looked pretty good in the twilight (Lince looks baked tho)… but …

✖ They actually look OK here, because of the angle, but once the sun went down and the lights came on…

✖ The jerseys became almost impossible to read — most of the game on TV was shown from the CF camera angle, and it really looked like the players were not only NNOB, but N#OB as well.

Overall, as long as this was one and done? Count me as a fan. I even liked the gold embossed cap (the Say Hey Kid was a nice touch). But it really does show to go you that, especially if you happened to watch this game live, there should have been more though put into how the jerseys would look under the stadium lights. You can get an idea of this by checking out the video.

☛ OK, folks. That’s all for this weekend. Thanks of course to Jerry Reuss, Ricko & his tweakers, the colorizers, and the other tweakers. Y’all have a great week! I’ll be curling with Paul on Tuesday and then catching the Mets that evening with some classmates. Woo-hoo. Semi-charmed life, indeed. Peace.


Put a beer in the Celtics logo, have him passed out against a wall, maybe give him 6 or 7 little Celtics running around, and have fans with their shillelaghs walking snakes and eating potatoes, etc., then maybe you can approach the “Sambo Wahoo,” or names like Redskins. — Comrade Robert Marshall

Comments (86)

    That absolutely needs to stop. Immediately…

    Bud Selig preaches the “integrity of the game” but allows the players to dress like common street thugs and miscreants.

    But I have to remember, it IS Bud Selig after all.

    As long as they don’t act like street thugs, I don’t have a problem with the way players dress. Selig should stay out of that decision-making.

    As much as I don’t like the Yankees , their uni is a beaut – so it really takes a lot to screw it up – these guys manage to do it.

    A decent chunk of my career has been dedicated to opposing long baseball pants…

    But saying CC looks like a “thug” just makes you sound racist. Please take that somewhere else. Thanks.

    And who are you to determine what is racist? As a black man, I see no problem with someone saying that CC looks like a thug because quite frankly, he does. This is supposed to be a discussion about uniforms. If you want to start a political/social justice blog, be my guest, but there is no need to bring your insidious thoughts on what racism is to this site.

    I took it as Ricko pointing out the past inequalities at Augusta, not promoting them himself. Nothing about the man has ever suggested racism to me, including this comic. Let’s not go down this road tonight. It’s late.

    Noticed that a while back on C.C.
    Pajamas AND jodhpurs in MLB now.
    He needs to complete the look, though, don’t you think?

    In regard to Colorado Rockies uni tweak, I like the idea of adopting the original Rockies colour set, but I would take it a step further and adopt their logo as well, placed on an vintage expo type uni design.

    I really liked the swinging friar design of yesterday, although do you really want some over-weight beer swigging monk logo that front and centre. Only baseball – something about the sport – allow fat guy logos – I’m thinking the Milwaukee Brewers logo – must be some influence Babe Ruth had. Although admittedly the Boston Celtics logo has a nasty paunch.

    The NHL Rockies logo was derived from the Colorado state flag. That look is too similar, in colors and design, to the Cubs’ cap logo. Besides, nearly every team in baseball wears red, blue or both. It’s good to have someone look a bit different.

    Were I to come into a large enough fortune to buy the team, the colors would change ASAP to green and silver.

    Green and Silver? We can do that.

    Sorry. I’ve been working on a different MLB project and happened to have the Rockies logo open.

    Great job by all the other Benchies finalists and congratulations to Tim E.! I knew once I saw the competition that I was done for! It’s like the Oscars or Grammys or whatever, I’m just happy to be nominated.

    I can’t wait for another opportunity to do something like this. It was really fun.

    Tell you what, picking just one was tough. Really tough. Every one of them was something Mick would wear. I debated grabbing five playing cards (Ace through 5), throwing them up the the stairs and letting the winner be the one whose number landed on the highest step. I used to do sommething similar every month when deciding which bills to pay. Hmmm, come to think of it…

    Anyway, as I noted, I let the “objectionable color” (wink) be the tipping point, because I could find no other.

    Thanks again to everyone for the imaginative ensembles. Over the Summer Mick may wear more of them. They’re just too much fun not to show up again.

    How is that a unique Nats set if it steals the Capitol dome “W” from the Caps? Furthermore, why make a point of wanting to decide ” red team or blue team” ( valid) and then proceed to submit red- heavy homes and blue- heavy roads? Back to the drawing board.

    All text from “Benchies” on down is appearing center justified–something hinky with the website?

    In regards to the claim that the name “Black Sox” came from the dirty uniforms the players had to wear…
    This same stance is taken by the top Black Sox historians who are all interviewed on the special features of the movie “Eight Men Out,” who say that the team really should have been called the brown sox, because that would have been closer to the color of their jerseys.

    A note to all of you colorizers. If you’re going to colorize Bobby Davies of the Rochester Royals please keep this in mind. The picture was taken with a flash. In flash pictures the colors of Royal Blue and Red (Scarlet) can often be reversed by well-meaning people. The “flash” of light will reflect off of the Blue making it appear lighter. While the Red actually absorbs the light making it appear darker.

    I have studied the Royals photo of Davies and compared it to other Black & White photos where there is no doubt as to the placement of colors. Therefore I would say that the Royals uniform worn by Bobby Davies should be colored as such:

    Lettering and Numbers: Red with Royal Blue outline.
    Belt: Royal Blue horizontal trim, Red loops.
    Braid on shorts: thin Royal Blue/thick Red/thin Royal Blue
    Patch: Royal Blue crown & shield outline,

    continuing on colors for Royals patch-

    N.B.L. & CHAMPS ribbon are Red. (The NBL pre-dates the BAA or NBA)
    ’45-’46 Royal Blue.

    Jersey neck & arm trim: Royal Blue (next to skin), Red (next to shirt).

    Bobby had Blond hair and Blue eyes (Hey, I knew him-no remarks LOL).

    I feel this to be an accurate assessment of the Royals uniform, but if someone feels the colors should be reversed that’s your choice.

    It does seem the White Sox and their fans are missing out on something that makes baseball fun…color! They look like Team Depression to me.

    Those Giants unis bring to mind link of all their unis.

    Great job with the colorizing George & Gary!!
    It’s really cool to see a variation of colorizing styles. Gary’s reminds me of some of the old advertising art, like this one of Daffy & Dizzy Dean (1934): link


    Great stuff indeed. And what a cool bunch they were, those 1919 Sox.

    George: A) I also loved your Bobby Lewis the Beaneater; and B) I write these lines entrenched in Blighty. In Henly, to be precise, on a stunning fine Spring day surrounded by rowers and ruggers. Fair and Pleasant Land, for sure.

    Henley? Regattas etc. Don’t forget to stick your little finger out when drinking your cuppa – they’re very posh down there :)

    We’re a bit more rugged up North though lol.

    It IS nice weather though at the moment – not going to last they say :(

    I’m glad you brought up the posh business, George, Boy, are they ever! Just too quaint and fey and picture-bloody-esque. And no soccer. Blighty without Footie!

    Of course you’re a Northern man. Should have remembered your Wigan loyalties.

    And indeed it is nice weather.

    I could not agree more with Jerry Reuss’ opinion about the Dodgers and Cardinals home uniforms. The white has bothered me since I was a kid.

    As for the Astros tweaks – I would give anything for the team to embrace a uniform like that. Both of those suggestions are absolutely beautiful.

    I had a dream last week I was talking to Larry Dierker, and there was a big flash in the sky (it was daytime) and we looked up to see an exploding star with contrails just like the 70s Astros uniforms.

    Then we talked about how we both hoped the new Astros owner will go back to a similar uniform. I hope they pick one of Jerry’s suggestions!!!!

    Totally agreed. I grew up with the ‘Stros Tequila Sunrise unis and loved them as a kid, but the earlier ones are classic. The current set aren’t awful (except for the red alt), but switching to Jerry’s versions would be a huge upgrade and a nod to the past of the franchise (though I’d love to also incorporate the old orbit logo somehow – see link)

    With apologies to Dodgers fans for link tweak that didn’t quite look the way I had envisioned, link is what I was suggesting.
    I had neglected to tell Tim to extend the connection between the d and the g. Thanks to his help, it looks much better now.

    And Jerry’s tweak is very good, too.

    Funny, you mentioned Daniel Chianelli’s tweak of the early 70s Pirates…I often reference that when describing what I’d like the Pirates to wear. One of my favorite tweaks of all time.

    OK, gotta sit back and enjoy the rest of today’s piece.

    Same thing happened to Indiana Jones re: “fortune and glory.”

    (at least you’re in good company)

    How about an internet high-five?! Like I stated way up there somewhere, congrats Tim.

    By the way, out of curiosity, is that plaid your own design or is it a stock pattern type thing? Either way, it beats the crap out of my hand-drawn one!

    Holy Crap! I’ve seen that site before and totally forgot about it! Well played sir. Well played indeed.

    I like and admire Jerry’s uni-tweaking (though maybe he could consider that 1919 look and give the White Sox white socks), but I am blown away by that total SoCal look he’s got going on with the guitar, perfect hair, and velour Adidas leisure suit. Rock on!

    Getting in to Jerry’s flickr pics is the real treat. Those stadium photos are incredible! Jerry even captured the old hockey plexiglass in left field at the Kingdome which nobody believes existed when I tell them about it.

    grrreat benchies!

    love JR’s perfect cardinal tweek, been calling for that one.

    on the heels of feeling bad about telling off a guy i really liked as a person…common street thugs? did someone just say that?! yoooou too might are a racist. what is with people? in my neighborhood “thugs” don’t wear baseball pants, but if i get you, ballplayers also don’t wear their pants down their arse, sooo what the hell are you talking about? besides, baggy isn’t the problem, wrapping your panataloons around your heel is the problem. look you racist bastard, link, link, link and they are white guys from white guys only time. um, shhh, white people, shhh, used to wear their pants baggy, their uni baggy, their hat slightly ascue. you know what is missing? the hose! the rest of the shit is all systems go. what the heck is wrong with people?! you can’t say things like thug, and have other people not know what you are talking about, you racist.

    There are white thugs, too. Let’s not assume the guy is a racist for one word that isn’t as clearly defined as others are.

    sadly thug means black to most people jim. i know you are somewhat blind to some of it, i really believe that, which is one of the reasons i love you, but it is clearly code in common parlance.

    RPM – Can you really speak for “most people”?

    And, what is this “code” you speak of?

    It might be in your common parlance, but not mine.

    Now, can we get back to unis?

    listen man, if you can use thug in a way that isn’t “code”…good luck man, more power to you, prove me an ass clown in a sentence goodl uck with that, go….

    …but this is about unis, and peoples opinion about how they are worn etc, corectamundo. but i am going to guess dwayne that you also hate, um, let’s see, um, thugs?. am i right? do you “thugs”? you know the code dwane ooooooooor you are a dumb ass, either or, take a choice.

    But you don’t watch hoops, so I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn’t know that. Why don’t we all give each other the benefit of the doubt and call it a night?

    i understand that there are “thugs” like bill laimbeer, don’t insult me movi. that isn’t what people mean when they say thug! and if you are trying to be sly, i gave you to much credit for your innocence, now i know where you stand. ask for a discriptor or two on thug when it comes up, it will be obvious.

    you know what really grinds me dwayne? when people say things like …you can’t speak for people and what they meant. of course i can’t. but you know what i can say about a bunch of racists clowns? if they use words like “thug”, um, quite honestly, um, they prrrrrrrrrolly want a use a word that starts with N. that is as obvious as the sun coming up dwayne. or how do you use the n word? how do you make it palatable?

    Just a bit more on the Nats wearing red on the road for the first time ever, because they’re doing it again today in the finale against the mets. The nats radio play by play guy Charlie Slowes just said the Nats are planning to wear the red jerseys with red caps and grey pants for all weekend road games this year. (Someone might already have posted this, sorry.)

    No screen grab, but Mets’ manager was just giving the Nationals 1st base coach grief for wearing a BP jersey as the game was about to start.

    and wright is wearing low pants…again…for a day game

    just when i thought the anti-pajamist crusade was taking root too

    The Nats probably won’t be able to wear red tops for all weekend roads games, though, especially if they have to play in Arizona, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Houston etc.

    Doesn’t the home team get “first dibs” when it comes to uniform color choice in these instances–just like the NFL’s rules?

    yeah…that’s why they might not be able to wear them in ‘zona, ‘lanta, ‘natti & houston (and a few other NL cities — and prolly a few AL cities for the dreaded interplague)

    but, if the equipment manager “forgets” to bring the gray tops, they may be able to *force* the home team to change out of their red alts — either that or we’ll have some interesting color-on-color games this year

    it’s not unprecedented — in 2009 the mets and braves went black vs dark navy and im pretty sure last year you had like the twins and white sox go black/navy…or maybe it was the blue jays…

    anyway, it’s not unprecedented to have teams go color-vs-colored softball tops, even though it’s the home teams *call*

    to my knowledge, tho — there has never been a red-vs-red game that counted in the bigs…yet

    I distinctly remember a game in which the Giants and Mets went black vs. black. I think it was early in the season and the Giants were at home, plus I remember an unusual event in that Bonds stole third (this was well past his base stealing prime) so I bet I could pinpoint the exact game…let me see…

    Okay yes. It was definitely this game on May 11, 2001. link Just in case anyone wants to look it up in an archive or something.

    I remember thinking at the time and I still do (although I am no fan of the Mets’ black jerseys) that it was sort of cool how they both went with the same color, because when it comes down to it, why does it really matter in baseball? It’s not like football or basketball where you if you something too close to your team’s color out of the corner of your eye mistakes could be made. So that’s why I’m surprised there has been this kind of discussion regarding the Astros’ red. If they face another red team, who cares? I mean, unless you are against it for aesthetic reasons, which I know many people here would be (I count myself in the minority there). For practical game purposes I don’t think it really matters.

    I remember a game in Oakland last season where both the Athletics and White Sox wore black jerseys. On top of this you had the umpires wearing their standard black uniform tops. I wonder how many times that has happened.

    Not crazy about the Nats in red on the road. Love them taking 2 of 3 from the Mets in NY.

    Chad Gaudin (and maybe others?) was also wearing last year’s red Nationals cap over the red jersey. The contrasting MLB logos on the back gave it away.

    Jerry is great. His uniform tweaks for the White Sox unie in particular are terrific– except for the fact that they do not (yet)include the extreme raised arch lettering of the early/mid 60s– any photographs of Knick great Dave DeBusschere as a White Sox pitcher? As I remember, his name roughly went from mid-back to mid-back.

    Also, I would have loved to see Jerry’s “41” in an early 60s Reds unie– the ones with with the names UNDER the back number. Awesome.

    That link Astros look is some kind of special. So is Johnny’s link tweak.

    Hmm, Astros, Cosmos…there’s a pattern emerging. Too bad we don’t have the Expos around anymore to tweak…

    They’re showing the ’75 Masters on CBS right now and I just noticed someone in the gallery wearing an Atlanta Flames hockey jersey. It was a little too blurry or I would have taken a screen shot.

    In Benchies, Ozzie’s hat reminded me of a funny thrift store moment.

    I found a brand new Titleist hat with the tags still attached, brought it up to the cashier to hand over the $1.99, and she asked me, “what’s a tit least anyway?”

    Reminds me…worked my way through college at a charter deep sea fishing business. Every once in a while we’d sneak “tunafores” and “orangeways” into the fish count we’d call into the local paper. Naturally, the phone would ring off the hook the next day with readers asking:
    “What’s a tunafore?” “What’s an orangeway?”

    Final day of the Extra Innings preview, and all I got to see was part of the Dodgers/Padres game.
    They should wear that hat all the time.

    Dick Enberg called the game, so that was nice.

    Don’t know what the Sawks and Yanks are wearing (’cause they just don’t get enough exposure, don’tcha know), but for the rest of today’s action, the Rays/White Sox, Cards/Giants and Tribe/Mariners were the only gray vs. white games.

    The link and link went color vs. color.

    It was only 67 degrees in PHX today.

    I guess they wanted to see if the roof still worked. LOL

    Either LeBron didn’t like the Celtics’ link or Rajon Rondo kept chanting “Game 6!” to him.

    But the rest of the players seemed to enjoy them, as shown in this link

    Wait, that wasn’t a hug? Play nice, fellas.

    The season started 11 days ago, right? So why do they still have the ‘Opening Week’ logo on the field?

    “Great stuff George & Gary! Instead of the ‘M&M Boys’ we’ll just have to call them the G&G Boys.”

    Or, to reference a baseball club that is NOT Satan’s personal representative on Earth, how about the G-Men, reminiscent of Gehringer, Greenberg and Goslin of the 1930’s Tigers…?

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