Fixing Maryland (and Winnipeg, while we’re at it)

By Phil Hecken

By now, you are all surely sick of hearing about the Maryland Terrapin football uniforms, in particular the bizarre flag costume they broke out last Monday evening on national television. Throughout the week, we’ve had record numbers of comments, Paul has been on several tv and radio shows, the twittersphere and […]

Let’s Fix the Seabirds…

By Phil Hecken, with Tim E.

As Tim says below, “Football is back!” With the NFL lockout over and camps just beginning, we’ll be having plenty of football news soon enough. One thing you may have missed, or perhaps not, is that Nike is taking over the NFL clothing contract after this year. Many […]

THE Jeff Tweaks MLB (Part I)

By Phil Hecken

A few weeks ago, I ran a post with my buddy, Jim Vilk, (Jim & Tim Tweak MLB), in which Jim, with able assistance from Tim E. O’Brien, attempted a league-wide set of revisions for many major league teams. In the comments which followed, “THE” Jeff Provo expressed his opinion of […]

Rolls Reuss, Volume IV

By Phil Hecken

Today we continue with the Jerry Reuss series, and in this part, we will take a look at one of Jerry’s nascent talents — uni tweaking. Jerry is not only a stand up gentleman, a tremendous ball player, and a terrific announcer, he has a few more talents (some of which […]