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Look Who’s Got a New Pair of Glasses (and I didn’t even have to go to the eyewear shop)


Longtime reader and all-around swell guy James Huening has been promising me a birthday present for ages now, and on Monday — exactly three months after my birthday — it finally arrived. It was totally worth the wait too, because the gift turned out to be the pair of DIY Uni Watch drinking glasses you see pictured above. Here’s how he made them:

I spray-painted the “main sock body” and then hand-painted the stripes. If you’ve ever seen that spray paint that’s used to frost glass, I used that as a primer. The masking tape did a pretty good job of keeping the paint off the parts I wanted to leave empty. After that, I tried to use spray paint for the stripes, but the masking tape didn’t work so well, so I went back and painted over the stripes with the maroon/burgundy color and redid them freehand.

Cool. I love that the stirrups extend all the way underneath each glass. And I’m happy to report that my Diet Coke never tasted better. Thanks, Jimbo — you’re the best.

And that’s all for today, because we’re making some security upgrades and other infrastructure improvements to the site. So no comments today, but things should be back to normal tomorrow. Thanks for your patience. — Paul

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