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‘Boo,’ Radically

New ESPN column today — here’s the link.

Meanwhile: Everyone loves to hear about unusual NOBs, like Andy Messersmith’s “Channel” or Elvin Hayes’s “E” (complete with history’s biggest quote marks). Photos, however, aren’t always so easy to come by. I’ve read (and written) abut Jim Grant’s “Mudcat” jersey, for example, but I’ve never . . . → Read More: ‘Boo,’ Radically

Coughlin to Media: ‘I don’t like to brag, but it’s this big’

Ah, Super Bowl Media Day — otherwise known as “the price we pay for having a free press.” I’m sure there are sillier rituals out there, but thinking of them would just be too depressing. Here’s a quick rundown of thoughts from the latest edition of this annual exercise in pointlessness:

• What exactly . . . → Read More: Coughlin to Media: ‘I don’t like to brag, but it’s this big’

Coolest Throwbacks Ever!

I like curling. The rocks (striped!), the brooms, the target (very mod, don’tcha know). Too bad the uniforms are so lame-o.

Ah, but it didn’t used to be that way. Curlers used to wear special sweaters. And as Canadian readers Nick Maibroda and Aram Sarkisian both informed me yesterday, curling sweaters made a comeback . . . → Read More: Coolest Throwbacks Ever!

Monday Morning Uni Watch

The NHL All-Star Game was last night, but I found the uniforms to be unremarkable at best (and besides, I was busy participating in Soup Night for most of the game). Fortunately, reader Chuck Miller has a report on another all-star game that recently took place — one that featured many more interesting uni-related . . . → Read More: Monday Morning Uni Watch