A Unique Uniform Modification

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I always loved watching George Brett hit. The sweet swing, the big chaw of tobacco, the sense that he could wake up at 3am and knock a double into the gap. Okay, so he left a bit to be desired in the stirrup department, but whatever — […]


You know the drlll

I want to go slightly off-uni today to talk about a design-related experience I recently had. The story begins about 19 years ago, when I bought the heavy black leather jacket you see above. It was, and still is, damn near perfect. From the moment I […]

Back to the Future

New ESPN column today — here’s the link.

Meanwhile: We all know about the futuristic uniforms that most MLB teams wore in 1999. You may also recall that about six months ago I linked to a hilarious SportsCenter diatribe about said uniforms. That video mentions that the ’99 Turn Ahead the Clock program was […]

It’s Academic

The College World Series is currently taking place in Omaha, which happens to be the home base of reader Bryan Redemske. Bryan’s a longtime Ticker contributor (he works at a newspaper, so he often sees wire-service photos before I do, and he once forwarded me the amazing shot of a Nebraska pitcher with a […]