The WNBA Expansion Project

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[Editor’s Note: Today we have a rare weekday appearance by weekend editor Phil Hecken, who has a great project that just couldn’t wait until Saturday. Enjoy. — PL]

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Good morning, Uni Watchers! […]

WNBA Marks Milestone Season With Very Odd Logo

The WNBA yesterday announced a series of measures to celebrate the league’s upcoming 25th season, which will begin later this year (the schedule hasn’t yet been released). The program’s primary visual initiative is a new logo, shown at right, which will appear on jerseys, courts, and game balls.

Some thoughts:

• As is always […]

Paint by Numbers: Amazing Women’s Footy Scoreboard Art

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Got a note the other day from Australian reader James MacNeil, who wanted to let me know about a great new art project, called Keeping Score, by his friend Naomie Hatherley. She’s taken a bunch of old metal number placards that were used on manual scoreboards and […]

Uni Design of the Year Consists of Seven Red Dots

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Paul here, making a rare August appearance. I had planned to run something else at the top of today’s post, but the real world had other ideas. As you probably know by now, the photo above shows the WNBA’s Washington Mystics, who last night knelt during the […]