Uni Watch Celebrates 20 Years Around The World

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Who’s that good lookin’ (and happy) fella in today’s splash? Why, of course, it’s the one and only Paul Lukas — the guy who (a bit more than) 20 years ago brought Uni Watch into this world, changing the lives of many, and turning what many of […]

Two Days in D.C.: Of Pats, Nats & Racist Logo Discussions

By Phil Hecken

This past week, I joined Paul (and many a Washington D.C. Uni Watcher) as Paul hosted a Uni Watch Gathering in Hamilton’s Bar and Grill. The usual assortment of jersey wearing fans and readers (and contributors) were in attendance, and a great time was had by all. I wish I could […]

Greetings from Washington

I met many wonderful people at last night’s Uni Watch party, including Max Weintraub, who as you can see wears his sports heart on his sleeve — or at least on his arms.

Max was among about three dozen readers who showed up at last night’s shindig. It was a tremendous turnout — the […]

Busch League: St. Louis Party Report

One very hectic week later, and with apologies for the delay, here’s the full rundown on the St. Looey shindig. This was one of the best Uni Watch gatherings ever, with a big turnout, tons of great people, and a unique setting at the Corner Bar and Grill in St. Charles. Here are some […]