America’s (or at least Delaware’s) Most Uni-Obsessive Baseball Coach

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Back in early April, I showed you this photo of the amazing sweaters worn by the baseball team at Delcastle Technical High School in Delaware. At the time, I promised that I’d be telling you more about the team and its uniforms later in […]

Uni Watch Show and Tell: A Spectacular Curling Sweater

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On April 15, I received an email from longtime reader Will Scheibler, who lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The subject line was “Belated birthday gift” and the email read, “Came across a thrift shop purchase from earlier this year while doing a bit of spring cleaning. Too […]

Have I Mentioned Lately How Much I Like Varsity Jackets?

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve recently been running a rotating series of ads from at the top of the right sidebar. I’ve been particularly happy to have them on board because I’ve always loved varsity jackets. I have a bunch of vintage varsity-style jackets myself, and I’m always searching for more of them […]

Closet Case Vol. 4: Just Call Me Louis Lane

You all know how much I love old baseball cardigans, letterman sweaters, and the like. You also know how much I love green and gold. So you can imagine how much I’m in love with this wonderful 1940s Lane Tech varsity sweater, which I recently scored on eBay. I received it in the mail […]