Seahawks and Cardinals Stage Entertaining Uni Clown Show

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Quite the spectacle last night in Seattle, as the neon-clad Seahawks hosted the Magic 8-Balls mono-BFBS Cardinals (lots of additional photos here), creating one of the more entertainingly awful uniform matchups in recent memory.

Seattle and Arizona are in the same division, so they play each other […]

I’m Glad I Lived Long Enough to See Sebastian Janikowski Go Mono-Neon

We’ve known for a while now that the Seahawks were planning to wear their mono-neon uniforms last night — the first and I believe only time they’ll be wearing them this season. This marks the third straight year they’ve trotted out this design, and a bit of the retina-searing novelty has now worn off.


It’s Not Easy Being (Neon) Green: Seahawks/Rams Report

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Okay, so that happened.

I’ll get to last night’s game in a minute, but first I want to take a look back. Most of you probably know that the Seahawks wore neon-green jerseys (without the matching pants) on one previous occasion in 2009. That game had […]