Initialize This: Pitt’s Unusual 1989 Nameplates

The screen shot above is from the 1989 game between Pitt and Penn State. It shows Pitt wide receivers Olanda Truitt and Baron Jackson. It’s funny that their NOBs both included first initials, right? And it was a nice additional coincidence that the camera happened to capture the two wideouts and their two FIOBs, […]

Indians Remove Wahoo From Uniforms for Toronto Series

Notice anything different about this photo of Cleveland shortstop Francisco Lindor (shown above), which was taken during last night’s Indians/Jays game in Toronto?

If you’re an adept uni-watcher, you probably noticed that the Chief Wahoo patch, which usually appears on the left sleeve of Cleveland’s road greys, is missing from Lindor’s jersey. And it […]

A Raiders History Mystery

Yesterday’s Ticker included a link to slideshow showing the Raiders playing in various home stadiums other than the Oakland Coliseum. We’re going to follow up on that today, because eagle-eyed reader Tim Dunn spotted something interesting lurking within one of those photos. As it turns out, the photo he singled out may contain something […]

The Early AFL – NOBs or NNOBs

By Phil Hecken

If you’ve been following Uni Watch for any amount of time, you know that on the weekends I enjoy highlighting the many research projects undertaken by UW readers, many of which are the first (and sometimes only) such documentation of important uniform history on the interwebs. On May 8th of last […]