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The Early AFL – NOBs or NNOBs


By Phil Hecken

If you’ve been following Uni Watch for any amount of time, you know that on the weekends I enjoy highlighting the many research projects undertaken by UW readers, many of which are the first (and sometimes only) such documentation of important uniform history on the interwebs. On May 8th of last year, the “launch” of the Gridiron Uniform Database was first detailed on Uni Watch. The project is the remarkable collaboration of Tim Brulia, Bill Schaefer, and Rob Holecko.

We began with Bill’s Story, continued with Tim’s Story, and concluded with a third part in which Tim & Bill got together with Rob to take the GUD to its own home on the net. Many of you read and enjoy the GUD (database and blog), and it is still the go-to source for pro football uniform history.

But as with all historians, Tim & Bill were not satisfied. It had been a long-held belief, as explained below, that the American Football League, which began as competition to the NFL in 1960, featured teams with nameplates (or “Name on Back – NOB”) from the outset (or at least from the beginning of the AFL’s regular season). It turns out that this is not the case — in fact, it’s not just an isolated incidence here or there, but was in fact a league-wide phenomenon.

And so, I turn this over to Tim Brulia and Bill Schaefer, who bring us yet another wonderfully researched dissertation on the AFL NOB:


A little more than a month ago, we at the Gridiron Uniform Database (GUD) blogged about a commonly mis-held notion by most pro football fans and historians regarding the American Football League’s team uniforms. Specifically, that the AFL eight charter teams kicked off in 1960 mimicking the innovation earlier that season of baseball’s Chicago White Sox by placing the players’ names on the backs (NOBs) of their jerseys just above the numbers.

Our blog stated that this was definitely NOT the case. We cited and showed several examples of where one or both teams did not have NOBs in game action. We were certain of a few teams that would eventually added the NOBs during the course of the season, but we weren’t sure exactly when the teams in question added the NOBs. Five or so weeks of intensive digging followed, first by Bill, then a little later by Tim. After discussing our findings with one another, we at the GUD believe we can can share with all of the Uni Watch faithful and our GUD followers, for the first time anywhere (as far as we know), a full chronicle, first by team and then by week, of the evolution of the placement of NOB’s during the course of the 1960 AFL season.

First off, are the three teams who stayed consistent for the entire season.

The Los Angeles Chargers wore NOB’s for the entire 1960 season on both sets (white and blue) of jerseys.

The Denver Broncos (also here) and New York Titans did not wear NOB’s for the entire 1960 season.

Now, the four teams that began the season with no NOB’s, but added them during the 1960 season, with the week the nameplates were added:

Buffalo Bills: The Bills opened the season with nameless jerseys for the first six weeks. The NOB blue jerseys debuted with a home game against the Oakland Raiders on October 23rd. They would not break out their NOB white away jerseys for another three weeks until their next road game at Oakland (well, against Oakland at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco!) on November 13th.

Dallas Texans: Lamar Hunt’s Texans went the first seven weeks of the season nameless. After a bye for week 7, the Texans started their NOB era with a road game in Denver on October 30th, confirmed by a photo found in the Library of Congress microfilm collection of the Denver Post. After another white NOB jersey tilt in Buffalo for week 9, the Texans wore red NOB’s for the first time on November 13 in the Cotton Bowl against the Broncos.

Houston Oilers: This was the one team that Bill and Tim had a hard time firming the handle on. After some discussion, it was determined that the Oilers started the NOB era with their home game at Jeppesen Stadium in Week 3 against the Raiders. The Oilers wouldn’t see the NOB’s on their white jerseys until four weeks later, in week 7 for their next road matchup at the Polo Grounds against the Titans. Part of the reason for Tim’s doubts may have been the difficulty in seeing the plain white lettering on the very light toned columbia blue jerseys as imaged in the newspapers of the day.

Oakland Raiders: The pre-Al Davis Raiders looked very much like the NFL’s Bears. Plain dark helmets, rounded numberals, triple stripes on the sleeves and socks. But that would change in a big way starting in Week 6 when Oakland broke out FULL NOB’s for their October 16th matchup with the Patriots. The names on the back didn’t just say “FLORES” or “SMITH” or “OTTO”, but instead said “TOM FLORES”, “JETSTREAM SMITH” and “JIM OTTO.” Oddly enough, the Raiders would go nameless with the white jerseys for the next two weeks before finally wearing the full NOB treatment in whites for their Friday night October 4th game in Boston.

Finally, the Boston Patriots did something rather odd. For the full season, the Patriots had some players with NOB’s and some players with no NOB’s for all 14 season games!! Really?? True. A very odd arrangement. Tim’s brother-in-law Shawn, a football fanatic and uniform follower, offered up what we think is the best (though unconfirmed) explanation. It is possible that the Pats made the NOB somewhat of a badge of honor by only affixing the nameplate on the 22 starters on offense and defense for the game. The backups would go nameless. Whatever the case, the with/without NOB story is definitely the case.

So, the following is a chronology by week on who wore NOB’s for 1960 (the Patriots will count as NOB’s with a *):

[table id=12 /]

Hopefully, this puts to bed once and for all the “historical” claims that the AFL always had names on the back of the players’ jerseys. From 1961 through 1969, that was the case for all regular season and playoff games. As an interesting sidenote, the AFL All-Star Game, played after each season from 1962 through 1970, ironically never had the All-Stars jerseys with nameplates!

We believe the above to be as accurate as possible. However, if you might find a reason to dispute our findings, please do not hesitate to contact us at GUD, or via Paul or Phil here at Uni Watch. We take this opportunity to thank UW for this report and their enduring support of the GUD.


Thanks, Tim & Bill. All of us in the entire Uni Watch community are grateful for your efforts and those of Rob (and of course, Ricko as well) to bring us up to speed on the history of the American Football League.


Benchies Header


by Rick Pearson


Careful, might be one of those “gateway” things…


Click to enlarge


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

And so, lets begin:


We start with Mike Engle, with a soccer patch (!), done in his best Vilkian style:


Did this way back in June 2010, but don’t think I ever sent it in! But the renewed chatter over how lame the US Soccer crest is (I can’t disagree) inspired me to send this to you.

Inspiration: The star-spangled crest is lame, but a star-spangled soccer ball is awesome! (Thank you, UEFA Champions League, for that idea.) So once I had a blue ball with white stars, I just had to use a red-and-white-hooped snake to complete the flag. (The snake alludes to the “Don’t Tread on Me” jerseys, which drew from the “Don’t Tread on Me” nautical flag.)



Next up is Lee Traylor, who sent this to Paul before the “Rename” contest and the Nike unveilings. I debated whether or not to run it, but because it was sent in before there were any “prohibitions” (and it’s a really well-done photoshop)…here it is:

Sent the link to my PhotoShop of RGIII in a Redskins uniform earlier and it got me thinking: with the ‘Skins trading up to get RGIII and Nike taking over equipment rights next year, any chance Washington makes some changes?

A former RGIII fan and current Cowboys fan,

Lee Traylor
Jacksonville, Texas


Closing down the show is Joe Bozek, with a Bills concept:

For whatever reason, I also suffer from the uniform syndrome. This is my Buffalo Bills concept created before our current ones were released.

*Our throwback logo is featured on the collar
*”Buffalo” is Written across the chest

Keep up the good work.
-Joe in Buffalo


That’s it for today. Back tomorrow with more.


Vilk 5 & 1 Hoops

MoVi’s NC2A 5 & 1

Everyone’s favorite uni critic, the one and only Mothervilker, loves his college basketball almost more than he loves life itself.

Sadly, now, Jumpin Jimmer will be in a catatonic coma until the summer, when he WILL resume his 5 & 1 duties for the beautiful game…and then again in the fall (we can only hope) for amateur football.

Last time, the Vilkman bringeth no honorable mentions, so who knows if he’ll give us just five good games today…or if he’ll throw some of the lesser matchups the proverbial bone. But enough of my yakkin… here’s Champervilker:


Only seven games, from March 24th to April 2nd. That means one matchup will be left in limbo.

If you’re curious, it’s Baylor/Kentucky — Not good enough to be named Honorable Mention…it’s just…there.

However, there ARE Honorable Mentions from the women’s tourney, including one for the person who designed the Final Four floor. — The Nuggets should just keep that floor, eh?

And to UConn/Notre Dame — The Irish women’s uni looks a lot more Irish than the men’s. And speaking of men…

5. Louisville/Kentucky — The Wildcats salvaged this game from “&1” infamy, too.

4. Kansas/Kentucky — Seen enough Kentucky yet?

3. Ohio State/SyracuseBill Raftery was calling the game…do you think Jared Sullinger’s yelling, “Onions!”?

2. Kansas/North Carolina — The Tar Heels may have to vacate their #1 from two weeks ago, because I failed to notice their tramp stamp then.

1. Ohio State/Kansas — It not only looks great, but you get a rare zero vs. zero matchup as well!

And the bad one: Florida/Louisville — Some white outlining would save the Gators’ unis, while the Cards need a whole bunch of white-out.

The big Best-Of-The-Tourney List is tomorrow. See you then!


How great was that? OK, well, it was still good, right? No? I kid, I kid. Thanks to the Zip-kid. He’ll be back tomorrow…after hiding his eggs.


And Finally…

Paul covered most of the new MLB stuff in yesterday’s post, but a couple things caught my eye or were brought up in yesterday’s comments:

• As promised, the O’s ditched their spring training black crown/orange brim helmet for their regular season tri-color beauties, but they didn’t quite match their even more beautiful earlier iteration.

• Just what we need — and something Paul will probably avoid watching at all costs — the Rockies are introducing Purple Mondays. Better than Black Mondays, I guess.

• Did the Giants piping get thicker between 2011 and 2012? Also, note the new headspoon roadie.

• I’m not really into helmets (football or baseball) but a few people have noticed the new, sleeker s100’s.

• Holy Shit — the Sox actually wore their designated road uniform and did not disrespect the sanctity of the Rangers home opener.

This looks familiar — but it’s still gonna take some getting used to.

• So is this (yes, that’s from spring training, but still…)

• Here’s a rare sight: green ivy at Wrigley for Opening Day.

• Last NL opener for the Astros. Maybe they’ll get the first Interplague game next year — hopefully against the Crew.

• No need to panicyet.

• Got an e-mail from reader Diego Bauzá, who made a neat observation:

Hi guys,

So this year, baseball had four opening days, and it seems that each stadium wanted to advertise it’s own first day of the season differently.

I went to Citi Field yesterday (Thursday) and on the grass, they painted “Opening Weekend.” Fine. However, I noticed the Marlins, Tigers, Yankees and Angels each with their own logo.

Has MLB always done this? I’m sorry for the quality of the Angels picture, I had to take it off my tv.


– Diego

Good spot, although shortly after sending that E-mail, Diego noted that Yankees logo is from not 2012, since they opened in Tampa yesterday. Be interesting to see what they use when they open up NYS next week.

• Great video showing the difference between Cubs and Chisox fans (and the best pizza IS in New Yawk):


OK, everyone — that’s it for today. Thanks to Tim & Bill for the fantastic research on the early AFL. Everyone enjoy the first weekend of the greatest sport ever invented, and enjoy the Masters, too. For all those who celebrate — Happy Passover & Happy Easter. Catch you tomorrow…


Yeah, Phil. On June 1, the erstwhile Broadway Connie will assume duties as the new boss of a DC think tank. The whole damn family is going, too.

I’m enduringly fond of the Mets (feel better?), but I like to root for local clubs whenever possible. Nats look good, that W is sweet, and I really like ballparks convenient to mass-transit. Which is just one of many reasons to continue my profound dislike for all things having to do with the local NFL franchise with the insulting aboriginal cognomen.

— Conn Nugent

Comments (160)

    “Jetstream” Smith:

    Um, greatest nickname for a pro-football runningback ever?

    The fact that it said “JETSTREAM SMITH” on his NOB just makes him even more legendary!

    Is this the first ever NickLNOB (pronounced Nickel-NOB)? (Nickname AND Last Name on Back?)

    The first time I saw the Raiders on TV in ’60 I was struck by the almost lyrical quality of the announcer identifying the Oakland running back tandem…
    “Jack Larscheid and Jim ‘Jetstream’ Smith.”

    Like an earworm.
    (I guess so, it’s stuck with me for more than half a century now).

    Can you imagine John Facenda saying that? Pure poetry!

    However, I think the rhythm depends on how do you pronounce “Larscheid”. What is the proper pronunciation?

    Big thanks to the obsessive Tim and his mates for that rundown of AFL NOB history. I was a total AFL fan from the gitgo, and that LA Chargers uni just, well, electrified the whole scene. And JFK was running for President!

    Also love Mile E’s new logo for US soccer.

    Let me be the first to say that it’s nice to know SOMEONE in Washington will be thinking, and that Conn will be in charge of it.

    I’ve always like the idea of think tanks.

    Do you all get put in a room and told “you can’t come out till you’ve got an idea”? Looking at some ideas that think tanks come up with over here that seems to be the principle ;)

    Best wishes, Conn.

    This is a small scale version of what goes on in a think tank:

    Good luck, erstwhile Broadway Connie.

    With Conn pacing in the background, exhorting them.
    “That’s right, boys, just keep matriculating…”

    I’m very sorry, but there seems to be a misunderstanding. My fault entirely. When I said that I was going to run a “think tank in DC,” some of you misinterpreted that to mean I would head up one of those soporific, beard-stroking, self-important offices of people who deign to tell you where your opinions should lie.

    No, no. Sorry. By think tank, I meant literally a place where we think about tanks. Panzer tanks, propane tanks, tank tops, tanks-for-the-memory, etc. Denver Gregg (below) comes close.

    Yes, great job on that AFL sleuthing. Even though I didn’t start following pro football until ’67, the AFL was always a source of fascination and interest.


    Connie, we’ve got to get together once you’re in town – I’m on the “tank” side of a think tank here in DC. Welcome to town! We have great baseball fans here – not many of them, but the ones we have tend to be pretty smart about the game. On the downside, this is the most overdressed town in North America – casual Friday is when you wear your suit without a tie.

    “casual Friday is when you wear your suit without a tie”


    casual friday is the death of proper office attire

    it should be replaced by stirrup friday

    Yes, great job on the research…but are there really people out there who obsessively believed that the AFL was sewing names on uniforms 5 minutes after the team colors were determined? I sure didn’t.

    No other top-shelf sports league (certainly not the NFL) had ever attempted it on such a widespread basis, so why would anyone think it would be an instant process? Teams had to adjust the NOBs to jerseys already procured (we would see this with the NFL in 1970) or plan future jersey purchases to accommodate NOBs.

    I’m more interested in how the policy came about. Did Lamar Hunt and Bud Adams talk the other owners into it? Did the Chargers and Patriots create some sort of “peer pressure” (look, all the cool kids are doing it!) or was it a planned phased rollout (we’ll get to it as soon as we have time/money)? There’s an idea for your next research project…

    Ed, you’ve put more thought into this 52 years later than most of us have ever bothered to. We knew that the AFL had NOBs and just assumed they were there from the beginning. Their TV network (ABC?) might have had a role in creating the policy as well.

    And, of course, kudos to the GUD team for their excellent work.

    Ian Darke called Tottenham’s alts “mauve”. I’m pretty sure I have never heard that word used for a sports uniform before.

    At least he got it right.
    I remember Merle Harmon describing the 1974 WFL Southern California Sun’s unis as being “margenta” and orange.

    I remember a lady rugby league presenter on radio once describing Huddersfield as wearing “purple and orange”. When the male presenter then took over commentary he almost patronisingly said “of course Huddersfield are actually in their traditional claret and gold”.

    I’ve seen them play. They wear purple and orange :)

    Anderlecht are called “les mauves et blancs” and another Belgian team Beerschot have shirts described as mauve. There have been over time quite a few teams who have their shirts described as mauve, including recently Dunfermline’s away kit. In lower divisions in England there are a few.

    It’s a bit of a moveable feast though, as football colours (apart from a few exceptions) aren’t often called by their “official name”, and so the terms mauve, violet, lilac and purple are rather interchangeable.

    The official colors of Wimbledon (the tennis tournament, not the soccer team) are mauve and green.

    If Ian Darke said it, I believe it. At least when it comes to soccer. Best announcer the beautiful game has.

    I love me some Ian Darke, but you need to hear Martin Tyler and even Peter Beardsley (mostly FA Cup matches). I’m sure George Chilvers will correct me, but isn’t the FA Cup guy Peter Beardsley?

    Sorry Silver Creek, but I don’t recall Peter Beardsley commentating – he has quite an unusual accent and I can’t really see (or should that be “hear”) him being succesful.

    I’m not sure who it is you mean. But in the meantime here’s a little clip that you might like of Chris Kamara paying attention to a game.


    I’d heard, but never seen, that before. Classic.

    I actually like Steve Banyard as well. Very distinctive voice.

    Definitely not Peter Beardsley. I want to say his first name is Peter and here in the States, he commentated on many FA Cup matches, especially in the 90s and 2000s.

    I’ve heard Martin Tyler. He’s good. Very good. But Ian Darke is fantastic.

    Not only did I enjoy the scholarly research on one of my favorite topics – the AFL, I also enjoyed the great photographs from the league’s first season. Terrific boys! Would love to see the new regime in Oakland show some balls, and arrange with Nike to whip up some of those 1960 unis for a game in 2013 or 2014. Would be great!

    Ick. Only if you can get their opponents to play along too. Both teams in throwbacks, like the NFL did in 1994 or in 2009 with the AFL games is alright. One team in a throwback and the other in a modern uniform tends to look goofy.

    Throwback weekends would kick ass. I would love one game during the NFL season dedicated to throwback games. I mean, we have four pink games a season, so a throwback weekend wouldn’t be too outlandish.

    Nothing on the Frozen Four National Championship tonight, as two schools that both were Maroon and Gold will be playing for the title.

    You have Ferris State, who should be wearing their throwback style Maroon sweaters.


    Against Boston College

    Who should be wearing the gold uniforms as the top-seeded team.


    Good tip, Jerry. Those Ferris State unis are terrific. Outstanding. Actually, four pretty good-looking teams. Those black-and-white Union sweaters with the big U on the front are particularly fine. That Ferris/Union game is an eyeball’s delight.

    The NCAA Frozen Four, btw, beats the NCAA Final Four ten ways comin’ and goin’.

    Nothing is better that the first weekend of March Madness, though. No one questions that the last three games aren’t always that great, but the first 48 are amazing.

    As a very casual college fan, I liked that first weekend better when:

    1. CBS was switching around the various games.

    2. The floors weren’t generic. It was always fun to see how they “cleaned up” NBA floors.

    3. Teams wore their regular unis rather than alts or tournament specials.

    Now, it’s probably better for serious fans, but it does very little for me. (And live, four games in one day was too much for me.)

    I can’t take your spotlight, but there were a ton of great uniforms when all sixteen teams were still alive.

    Besides, I have bigger things to worry about. The HBIC Playoff Pool will launch tonight after all the games and seedings are done. Canada and the US play in the IIHF Women’s World Championship tonight. And the Frozen Four Final is all about David vs. Goliath.

    This is a great weekend for hockey. :o)

    You’ve missed some of the best hockey seen this year, Phil. It may not generate the recognition or the money that NCAA football and/or basketball does, but the Frozen Four is the best hockey played exclusively in the US. If I could catch more NCAA games in Canada, I may never watch anything but hockey on TV.

    Oh, I’d still watch that, Vilkster. That was seen early this morning thanks to the time difference. :o)

    Canada’s Glenn Howard plays Scotland tomorrow for the World Curling Championship. Should be a beauty!

    Blue For Blue’s Sake?

    “The official colors of the University of Houston are Scarlet Red and Albino White, the colors of Sam Houston’s ancestor, Sir Hugh.”

    I graduated from UH in the early 90s and they had some blue floating around even then.

    Notice the blue on the stripes on Andre Ware:


    And David Klingler’s belt, pant stripes…


    Oh, I knew that.
    Was too tired to go into it.
    Houston has used it to separate the red and white for a long time.
    (Did they use black the same way, back in the days of Warren McVea and before? Or was that blue, too? Never was sure which it was; not a lot of widely circulated color images then.)
    This new stuff seems to use it as more than merely a divider/outline…is what I should have said.

    UH has a sports museum in the Alumni Center/Athletic Department Headquarters. There’s a pretty extensive collection of uniforms and memorabilia. The school has used varying shades of blue, from a deep navy to something close to royal blue, for decades. From time to time, black was used. It seems like every individual sport had its own uniform supplier, and the accent shade depended on the whims of the supplier.

    The beveled interlocking “UH” was unveiled late last football season. It went up on billboards all over the city. It actually looks pretty good: lot of alumni prefer the “skinny UH” to the thicker type that they’ve been using on the football helmets and baseball caps.

    As for the cougar head in profile logo, that’s new. I’m not a fan.

    The headspoon on the Giants logo isn’t nearly as annoying in-game as it looked when the first pictures of the jersey started showing up.

    I think it looks really good. Only two games on the road, so who knows when we see the SF version. Of course, we’re now 0-2 so the new spoon jerseys may get trashed.

    The Rockies SHOULD be in purple over generic black. The last thing MLB needs to be doing is limiting its palette. I don’t like teal at all (aqua would be better), but it would serve a purpose for the Marlins. Black is for Johnny Cash, goth & vampire freaks & Raiders fans.

    The Diamondbacks should go to a straight crimson & ditch the black. Keep the sand IF the Astros ditch it in ’13.

    His cover of Hurt was ok, and I don’t mind Ring of Fire. ;)

    I actually agree about the Rockies though. They’re the only team in the league with purple, USE IT.

    …and it’s spelled Megadeth, not Megadeath.

    he made hurt his own song (the guy who wrote it even said it was no longer his but Cash’s song), ok is not an accurate description of that performance.

    Diamondbacks should have copper featured prominently in their color scheme.

    I’d like to see them go back to purple, but I’m not married to that idea.

    “Diamondbacks should have copper featured”



    copper and turquoise

    please, for the love of christ, stop with red and black, everyone

    It seems the difference in the “Opening —-” phrasing depended on the number of games the team was playing at home – except for Tigers. The Marlins were only playing one game and then going on the road. Some teams were playing three games at home then going on the road. Others are playing two series at home then on the road. A little variety is kind of nice.

    “and the best pizza IS in New Yawk”

    Ha. HA (as I say again). Surely you jest. That flat disc lifeless & seasonless New York pizza with its patent sewer water vile sweet sauce can’t hold a candle to link link

    Yes you need a fork & knife. It’s not some crummy diner fodder you link in half & shove into your loudmouth while you curse at taxis on the street.

    Not only do we have the best pizza, we have the best style link & link. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s roast beef cooked in a delicious au jus & topped with sweet or spicy Giardiniera on an Italian roll & preferred dunked.

    Who the fuck cares about tacos. I do actually, but I never heard of a link.

    “Who the fuck cares about tacos”


    a certain ex-chicagoan who’s about to return home, sorta

    and he don’t know shit about tacos

    Pizza = flatbread. Period. End of story.

    The Chicago meat-and-cheese casserole may be good eating, but it ain’t pizza.

    Exactly. Thank you for stating it so clearly. Much as I loved the year I lived in Wrigleyville, the best thing about Chicago was the food. The worst thing about Chicago was the “pizza.” Meat and cheese casserole, indeed.

    The odd thing is the other than pizza, Chicago has by far the best Italian food in the country.

    Chicago…New York…why choose when it comes to pizza? I’ll have some of both.

    Chicago hot dogs, on the other hand, are nasty.

    How exactly are they nasty, unless you had bad ingredients? The Chicago dog was a cheap meal for honest working people, a salad on a bun.

    Personally, I prefer chili dogs or just a dog with mustard but if I can get celery salt (the secret weapon of the Chicago dog) to accompany the mustard, I’ll jump at it.

    Combining the two (chili and mustard) is a bridge too far, but to my surprise, the Varsity in Atlanta pulls it off; a great hot dog.

    I hate raw onions and I hate peppers. Not a big fan of relish, either. And a poppy seed bun? Poppy seeds belong in pastries, not with meat. The tomato and pickle are fine…on a burger.

    Plus, I like ketchup. Not on every dog, but it has its place. If eating more than one I eat one with mustard or kraut and one with ketchup.

    The best pizza in the world is made in North Tonawanda, New York, at a place called Good Guys pizza. It manages to combine the feed-half-of-Botswana-with-one-large-pie heft of the Chicago style, with the aesthetic sensibilities of the New York “flatbread”. It is a wonder, a food fit for the gods.

    And the greatest hot dog in the world is made at Ted’s, the legendary western New York (and Tempe, Arizona) char-grill stand. Nothing else compares. Nothing else comes close.

    The best barbecue is either Smitty’s or Kreutz Brothers, both of Lockhart, Texas. The best tacos used to be King Tacos in East Los Angeles, but I haven’t been there since 1984, so I cannot speak to their present quality.

    When I listen to folks from Chicago or New York brag about Gray’s Papaya or Lombardy’s or Pizzeria Due or Gene’s & Jude’s (or when I hear North Carolinians call that vinegar-soaked shredded pig meat “the world’s best barbecue”) all I can do is shake my head, and wonder at the world’s ignorance.

    @ JimVilk The opium brings out the flavor in the dog. You put ketchup on a dog or sausage in Chicago, they’ll throw yo’ ass in jail, where you belong.

    @ TimE cheese on a non-chili dog? Why don’t you put mayonnaise on there while you’re at it. Ick.

    you must not have ever had one, they are the bomb champervilker…first thing i am doing when i move back is getting one.

    nah, man

    movi hooked me up with both a vessel of stadium and a tube of ballpark…

    and the stadium blows everything else away…it even goes good with pizza (for, ya know dippin’)…

    i do wish they sold that shit ’round these parts

    and the stadium blows everything else away…it even goes good with pizza (for, ya know dippin’)…

    That reminds me…I once made a Polish pizza with kielbasa, kraut, stadium mustard and cheese. It was quite good.

    Did the braves leave their road greys in atlanta? Just saw JJ warming up and he has on the softball blues again… maybe one day they will dress for success!

    If football jerseys must be skin tight pullovers, then I think Lee Traylor’s concept might be the way to go. Pullovers certainly can’t support stripes, as evidence suggests….


    …So why not open of the front of the jersey with the template that Lee has come up with for Washington. Each club, showing some restraint (ha!), adorns a circle with some indication, some suggestion of logo or stripes. All numbers inside the circle must–must–be standard block.

    Let’s not force circles on everyone. The Raiders could use their shield, the Colts could put the numbers in the middle of a horseshoe, the Bears inside the wishbone C, etc.

    Well, that’s one possibility.

    Forget what I said about circles. Forget what I said about all block numbers. There’s some room for creativity.

    For example, I just borrowed some images off the web and stuck numbers in them, quick and dirty….




    Somehting like that, done in team colors. I dunno.

    Yea, I had a bit of an uneasy feeling seeing the snow whites. I flashed back to how they kept wearing them all the time in ’97 and then went off the cliff in ’98. I have to keep reminding myself that that’s not about to happen again.

    Personally, I could do without the snow whites because they’re simply unnecessary, but I think they look fine without the black drop-shadow and without the f***ing 2-tone caps (i.e., the de facto home uniform from 1998-2009 that was the worst possible combination of what they had). The Mets script really pops and looks great without the needless clutter; you can actually read “Mets” from a distance. It’s a good uniform but one they don’t really need.

    Oh shush. They look great! Just be happy there’s no black shadow anymore! There have been soooooo many uni-related complaints on this site from Mets fans these past few days.

    the do look great, but i’d prefer to see the pins

    and what complaints have you heard?

    Yesterday, someone complained about how the Mets’ pinstripes are their alternate uniform when they’re actually the primary.

    Seriously looking forward to seeing the road greys in action.

    “Yesterday, someone complained about how the Mets’ pinstripes are their alternate uniform when they’re actually the primary.”


    that was just spanky, and he knows not

    he’s from chicago and went to IU

    Giants roadies look like total shite. They should have left the San Francisco jersey exactly how it was, and added the headspoon only to the “SF” jersey. The simple neck and end of sleeve piping was unique and understated. This hybrid mash-up is awful.

    Totally agree…and if you have a headspoon, why not make it orange-black-orange to match the sleeve piping?

    On the Orioles’ helmet, I noticed yesterday that Matt Wieters is still wearing the tapered white panel helmet that was worn last year (pretty sure I saw the taper). Meanwhile, the base coaches were wearing the all-black batting helmet. So, 3 variations yesterday on the field for Orioles helmets.

    Only thing better would be if the Nats wore blue pants.

    I kid…

    But I would like to see the Jays wear blue pants with their alt. Oh yeah.

    You kid? I don’t. The red softball jersey is OK over home white pants. Looks like shite over road gray pants. Blue road pants would be a huge improvement. That, or just don’t wear the red softball jersey on the road.

    Well, I kid as in I wouldn’t expect them to do that. But if they did, I wouldn’t complain.

    Two things overheard at yesterday’s Astros home opener:

    1) “When are they wearing the Colts jersey again?”

    2) After the first pitch, “…AANND the Astros are mathematically eliminated.”

    Watching the LA Galaxy/Sporting Kansas City game out of sheer boredom. The new sash on LA’s kits look pretty damn cool (would be better without the sponsor… and if they were made my Nike or Umbro, but we know that a’int gonna happen anytime soon). And as much as I freaking LOVE light blue, there’s almost no contrast between the two teams (LA in all-white, KC in all-Columbia?).

    If anyone is watching the LA Galaxy/Sporting KC match right now on EPSN is it me or does it look like there are 3 Stripes cut in the grass? Could it be a new way for Adidas to advertise?

    I noticed that, too. I decided to leave it alone, knowing someone in the UW comments would notice and say something about it. Sure enough…

    It is an unusual multi-stripe pattern; you’re not hallucinating. I’m not quite sure I’d go so far as to say it’s a sublimated Adidas ad.

    True, they’ve put three stripes at the sides of the dark lines. No idea about if it’s advertising, but I’ve never seen anything like that here in Europe, and trust me I’ve seen tons of matches.

    people, people…

    the MASTERS is on …

    and you’re talking about adidas logos on soccer fields?

    Having played golf regularly for 30 years, I still find it boring on TV. Back 9 on Sunday of a major can be okay if close. But today I watched the Adidas soccer game. It was much more exciting. Go SKC. Unfortunately, there is no way that field wasn’t intended to be an advertisement.

    Then I caught part of the Blues/Stars game. Those all black Dallas unis are practically the same and even worse than the Islanders alts.

    I’m glad that the Orioles “fixed” their helmets. I never liked that curvy triangle on the helmet because it didn’t match the hat. It matches now.

    The San Jose Sharks have announced that they will wear black at home for the playoffs again this season. Why do the Sharks even wear teal as a primary colour when they prefer the black uniforms? Just make their colour scheme black, white, and gray. Idiotic.

    The only good news is that they will play either the Canucks, Blues, or Blackhawks. And none of those teams will wear black.

    Not to sway the HBIC Playoff Pool, but I’m officially writing off the Sharks because they choose against colour. That’s a first-round exit in my books. Again.

    Why do they wear black? Don’t they have a sponsorship deal with Seagate and their Blackarmor storage devices? All you need to know right there.

    You’re effing kidding me, right? You’re telling me that the sponsorship is more important than the team identity?

    I’m very aware of the sponsorship. I ripped it when they first announced it, and I’ll rip it here again. If the corporate community can dictate what a team wears, why have an identity at all? Why not just be the San Jose Blackarmors? Hell, just call them the Seagate Blackarmors and we’re done with it. At least that would make sense in allowing a corporate entity to dictate what the team will wear.

    No, DJ, that bullshit excuse doesn’t fly here. And if the Sharks use it as their excuse, they deserve to lose in the playoffs in four games.

    I like the all-black look. I prefer the teal-and-black look. I also think the sponsorship deal deserves all the scorn and ridicule it gets.

    Yeah when I saw the Black Armour thing, I rolled my eyes. Tail wagging the dog.

    Although, if we must have sponsorship, their place is called the “HP Pavilion” which is pretty clever.

    Tho most everyone locally just calls it the Shark Tank.

    because the mothervilker forgot to remind me…

    there’s the usual free MLB extry innings preview going on now folks…if you weren’t aware

    and a softball game broke out in camden

    So does this more traditional matchup:
    That was taken Thursday, but they’re wearing it again tonight.

    does look great

    but we all know that pins don’t belong on roadies anyway, so of course it would

    Good for Gene! It’d be nice if CBS would allow him to announce the starting lineups during the Final Four, but I guess Jim Nantz needs the extra sound time.

    Couldn’t get a screen shot, maybe I’ll be able to get it later.
    Bartolo Colon is wearing the Japan series jersey for his start today

    New Era had an extended cut of the ad, about 37 more seconds of video, its worth checking out (the additional time was cut for time rather than quality of jokes)

    They did a good job with the spots featuring John Krazinski (sp?) and Alec Baldwin, either last year or the year before. The Yankees-Red Sox rivalry was the focus for those.

    Here’s a link to extended cut:

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