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Category: Minor League Baseball

MLB Officially Announces Rickwood Field Uniforms

MLB confirms the Negro League throwbacks to be worn next week at Rickwood Field; MiLB unis also announced.

Best of the Wurst: Madison Mallards Launch Sausage-Driven Rebrand

If only City Connect designs were even half this good.

EXCLUSIVE: Oat Milkers Caps Have Two Surprising Design Omissions

The Oat Milkers saga keeps getting stranger.

Here Are Those Oatly-Themed Minor League Baseball Uniforms!

Yesterday I told you about these uniforms. Today I can show them to you.

EXCLUSIVE: All 120 MiLB Teams to Wear Oatly-Themed Uniform in 2024

Every minor league team will play a game this season as the Malmö Oat Milkers. (Yes, really.)

Pete Crow-Armstrong’s Epic NOB Makes Its MLB Debut

Where does he stand in the MLB NOB sweepstakes?

Syracuse Mets to Honor City’s Pivotal NBA Role by Becoming Syracuse Shot Clocks

The 24-second clock was invented in Syracuse, and now it’s finally being honored on a uniform — but for a baseball team, not a basketball team.

Minor Leaguer Goes Topless to Prove He Was Hit by Pitch

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, something new pops up.

Spring Ahead: Lexington Legends Become Lexington Counter Clocks

Kentucky’s Atlantic League team has a new identity — and something to teach us about horse racing history.

Giants Prospect Goes S&S: Stirrups ’n’ Shorts

Vaun Brown has the potential to have the most distinctive pants/hosiery stylings in big league history.

The Evolution of Minor League Baseball in Jamestown, New York

Guest writer Derek Smith traces the evolution of minor league baseball in upstate New York.

Tales From the Dream Shop: Buried San Diego Treasure

Click to enlarge [Editor’s Note: Today we have another guest entry from baseball jersey restorer extraordinaire Bill Henderson and his business, the Dream Shop. Enjoy. — PL] By Bill Henderson …

MiLB’s Copa de la Diversión Returns with 10 New Teams for 2022

Click to enlarge Minor League Baseball will once again feature its popular Copa de la Diversión (Fun Cup) promotion this year, with 85 MiLB teams rebranding with Hispanic/Latino identities for …

A Treasure Trove of Awesome Colt .45s Photos

Click to enlarge A few weeks ago, I ran a 1960s photo showing Houston Colt .45s infielder Mike White receiving a flu shot while in uniform (and also while holding …

Staten Island FerryHawks Roll Out ‘Storytelling’ Detail That Actually Works!

Click to enlarge As most of you know by now, I tend to take a pretty dim view of “storytelling” details in sports brand design. Most of them tend to …