Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That

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As you know, European hockey uniforms are plastered with ads. Toss in a rainbow design for Gay Pride Night, as the Swedish team Örebro did on Saturday, and the results, as you can see above, are eye-popping.

The visuals notwithstanding, it’s interesting to see a team wearing […]

This is Not the Hockey Jersey Advertising You Are Looking For

By Morris Levin

Corporate advertising on game jerseys is an active discussion on this site. Paul and others explored rationales against advertising in April 2012. Paul covered the July 2012 announcement of the NBA’s intention to begin jersey advertising.

Advocating for NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB game uniforms to remain advertising free, Paul wrote […]

There’s Logo Creep, and Then There’s Full-On Logo Assault

Last week I Ticker-linked to this women’s hockey photo, which showed the largest Reebok logo I’d ever seen on a uniform. The person who sent it to me mistakenly said it was from the Olympics; it’s actually from the 1994 Women’s World Hockey Championships. It turns out that the men’s uniforms were similarly afflicted.


Meet Mr. Hockey (Jersey)

By Phil Hecken

He’s been a member of Uni Watch for a long time. You have undoubtedly heard of his wonderful blog (if you don’t already have that bookmarked, you really should). He’s probably met a few of you at a Uni Watch gathering. But today we’re really going to meet the man behind […]