The Hy Peskin Archives, Vol. 2

A quick note to start: We’ve made some adjustments to the site’s coding. If anything looks amiss, please let me know. Thanks.

Now then: Today we have another batch of remarkable photos by the late Hy Peskin. Last time around we did baseball shots; today we’ll take a look at football and basketball. It […]

Iowa: the Hawkeye Museum State

Ten years ago, in the middle of a month-long cross-country road trip, I stopped in Shelby, Montana, where I checked out the Marias Museum — a tiny facility devoted to local history. Shelby had been the site of Jack Dempsey’s heavyweight title defense against Tommy Gibbons back in 1923 (it was supposed to put […]

The Received Word, Updated

New ESPN column today — the long-awaited prototypes installment. Here’s the link.

The prototypes column probably wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Bill Henderson, who’s just published a new edition of his MLB Game Worn Jerseys of the Double Knit Era (formerly known as The Double Knit Era Collector’s Reference). By any […]

Houston, We Have No Problem Whatsoever

For years, if I’ve needed an old Astros photo, the first place I’ve looked has been Astros Daily, an excellent blog with loads of great images. What I hadn’t realized, however, until reader James Poisso recently pointed it out to me, is that the site includes a page of video links, which provide a […]