A Uni Watch Look at the NFL 2020 Season Opener

The 2020 NFL season got underway last night, as Kansas City hosted Houston. As KC took the field, I was surprised to see that they weren’t wearing a Super Bowl champions patch. As I noted in my NFL Season Preview column, a team source had hinted to me that they’d likely unveil the patch […]

Colts Make Five Uni Changes but Announce Only Four

Honoring our past. Always evolving. pic.twitter.com/BBWqIG7p6p

— Indianapolis Colts (@Colts) April 13, 2020

With no advance warning, the Colts announced their uniform and logo changes yesterday. The video shown above isn’t bad (although I’d recommend muting the sound, which is annoying), so that’s a decent place to start.

Let’s take […]

Be True to Your School: Giants, Cowboys Wear College Logos

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I came home last night from the movies (more on that in a bit) to learn that a surprise development was unfolding on Monday Night Football, as players on the Giants and Cowboys were celebrating the 150th anniversary of the first […]

A Close Look at NFL Helmet Bumpers

By now you probably know that there are three NFL teams — the Chiefs, Saints, and Washington — that have blank nose bumpers.

But of the remaining 29 teams, how many put a wordmark on the bumper? How many put their primary logo? And how many have blank rear bumpers?

Longtime Uni Watch reader/contributor […]