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Category: Ball Design

Brilliantly Obsessive Site Documents Tennis Ball Can Designs

Until now, I didn’t know I’d been waiting my whole life for this amazing website.

Game-Changer: Interviewing the Designer of the ‘Basketball of the Future’

Paul has an exclusive, in-depth interview with the engineer behind Wilson’s new “airless” basketball, which has the potential to remake ball-driven sports.

Report: Yankees Games May Have Had Juiced Balls in 2022

Research indicates that MLB may have used three distinct baseballs last season.

WNBA Marks Milestone Season With Very Odd Logo

The WNBA yesterday announced a series of measures to celebrate the league’s upcoming 25th season, which will begin later this year (the schedule hasn’t yet been released). The program’s primary …

Building a Better Soccer Ball

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on vacation, but here’s a piece he left for your enjoyment.] Back around February, I had a great idea: Since soccer ball designs are constantly being …

Adidas Gives Birth to a One-Pound Baby Ball

I think it’s no secret at this point that I am largely indifferent and therefore clueless when it comes to the world’s most popular sport. I say this with neither …