WNBA Marks Milestone Season With Very Odd Logo

The WNBA yesterday announced a series of measures to celebrate the league’s upcoming 25th season, which will begin later this year (the schedule hasn’t yet been released). The program’s primary visual initiative is a new logo, shown at right, which will appear on jerseys, courts, and game balls.

Some thoughts:

• As is always […]

Building a Better Soccer Ball

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on vacation, but here’s a piece he left for your enjoyment.]

Back around February, I had a great idea: Since soccer ball designs are constantly being changed and updated, I’d run a ball-redesign contest on ESPN, similar to the uni-redesign contests that I’ve been doing for years. And I’d run the […]

Adidas Gives Birth to a One-Pound Baby Ball

I think it’s no secret at this point that I am largely indifferent and therefore clueless when it comes to the world’s most popular sport. I say this with neither pride nor shame — it’s simply a fact.

But there’s one aspect of soccer that fascinates me: ball design. So I was intrigued when […]