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New Installment of ‘Ask Me Anything’ Now Available

My latest installment of “Ask Me Anything” is now available over at Substack. Like all of my AMAs, this one is not paywalled, so everyone can check it out. Enjoy!

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    Thank you for answering all of our questions again, Paul! I especially liked your choice of favorite new (or retro inspired)uniforms from over the past 25 years per big league. That Sixers uniform was a surprise: very minimalist in striping, compared to your other picks.

    Some comments:

    My grandmother had an issue with those dealer frames. She would take her car to the dealer to get her oil changed, and every time they’d put a new frame on, and she’d get home and have to take it off. Eventually she snapped at them, asking if they intended to pay her to advertise them before getting it through their heads that she didn’t want the dang frame.

    The forklift traffic sign amuses me, because any time forklifts come up, my mind goes straight to Mystery Science Theater 3000, episode 306, “Fugitive Alien”, and the lyric “He tried to kill me with a forklift! (Olé!)”

    As far as athletes in uniforms from different eras than what they wore, I’ve always been curious about a what-if scenario – what if Wayne Gretzky had worn the 1980s Forum Blue and Gold Kings uniforms? I think I even drew an example up once, way back in the late 90s.

    I bought my car at one dealership and took it to another one to get detailed, and I can swear that the name of the first dealership was now less legible than before on the license plate frame. (Raised name on black plastic frame with white paint applied on the name.)

    Dealer license plate frames… I take them off but mount them on the wall of license plates in my garage. No free advertising for you! On the other hand, the vintage metal dealer emblems from the ’70s and earlier look cool on a vintage car. Back when I had a couple of vintage Buicks, I had several of those emblems and mounted them on magnetic backing so I could swap them out occasionally for a different look. Vinyl dealer decals blow chunks.

    Have you seen dealers replacing Ford emblems with ones with their names on it? I guess they are less tacky than separate dealer emblems…but not by much.



    Always have enjoyed your pics of the “kitties” over the years. My wife and I are always snapping photos of our cats in crazy poses and sending to family. I think my first memory of Uni-Watch was back when Ohio State changed the shoulder stripes on their football jerseys and the fans hated it. But, they made them match (back then kinda) the pants stripes (and much more now). So, yes, I have been following a long time. :)

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