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Tiger Woods Partners with TaylorMade for New Sun Day Red Brand

After dropping lots of hints, Tiger Woods and TaylorMade Golf made it official last night, announcing their partnership for a new Woods-themed golf apparel brand, called Sun Day Red. The name, obviously, is a reference to Woods’s famous habit of wearing red on Sundays (although that assumes he makes the cut for a tournament’s final round, which is no sure thing at this injury-ridden stage of his career).

The brand’s logo is shown above. The tiger’s 15 stripes represent Woods’s 15 major championships. If Woods pulls off the unlikely feat of winning another major, I suspect they’ll update the logo’s stripe count.

Here’s some of what Woods will apparently be wearing on the PGA Tour from now on:

Woods’s partnership with TaylorMade comes after he spent 27 years with Nike. He announced the end of that association last month.

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    Is it me, or is that tiger logo kind of hideous? Also, I hate that it’s Sun Day Red instead of Sunday Red.

    It was originally reported that he owned the famous TW logo, and would continue to wear it along with the new logo, similar to how he wore it along with the swoosh. Is that not the case?

    Interesting. I’m reminded of when Roger Federer and Nike parted ways a few years back. Each had his own “custom” logo

    Tiger: link

    Fed: link

    I know Federer fought to keep “his” logo, only to have swooshie say it was theirs: link

    Don’t know if the same thing will happen here or if Tiger is even trying to “keep” his logo.

    Not a fan of the new one — at least not yet — but will be interesting.

    Not-quite-related: I curl with a buddy who grew up during Tiger’s dominant years, and he is so into Tiger’s “Sunday Red” look that if he (or we, if I’m curling on his rink) makes a Sunday finals while bonspieling, he will wear a black cap, red shirt, and black pants…just like Tiger does if he makes it to Sunday.

    Yep. There’s a UniQlo in the mall near me and they still sell those caps. I knew he eventually got it back, just not without a fight. My point was that I wonder if Tiger wants “his” logo and if Nike is going to fight him on it as they did Fed. I greatly prefer the TW logo to…this

    I think the old TW logo is kind of dull, but it’s better than this new mess by an order of magnitude.

    He gave reasoning for why the name Sunday Red. However, I would love to know the reasoning why Sunday was broken up into 2 words. Sun Day Red is just odd. The logo with the S D R is not good either. Font choice was very basic. The tiger logo is looking a little better than the first leak but still very Greg Normanish in design. Think they could have done something much better, that created a better visual, and still worked in the 15 stripes.

    I guess I’m in the minority here, but I actually like the logo (though the Sun Day thing is too clunky). I never liked his other logo – I always thought it was weird that a guy with the name “Tiger” had two combined letters as a logo instead of animal imagery. It seemed boring and a missed opportunity.

    No, I also like this better. The tiger looks like a petroglyph, distinguishing it from the Le Tigre insignia. SUN DAY RED can be arrange in a square, creating options.

    Count me as liking the logo too…and thinking Sun Day is clunky. But I think the logo works as a simple and striking brand logo. Plus it looks good on apparel / merch.

    Is there a hidden TW in the logo? If not, seems like a missed opportunity…especially for something to add to the corny narrative of the logo (lol). Would have been pretty easy to incorporate.

    That logo at the bottom of the shirt placket doesn’t really show up and it just looks like a bunch of thread.

    I’m a golfer and I would not wear the TW Nike gear (or any Nike gear for that matter). The logo doesn’t bother me but the shoes are great looking.

    Strange. I wonder if it look be better without the legs.

    Those stylized personal initial monogram logos always seemed a little cheesy to me, so maybe its an upgrade?

    They should use that extremely generic typeface and just write “Tiger Woods” and have that be the logo. Then everybody asks why it low-key goes so hard in minimalism and is actually kind of fire. Set the price point at like $399, or $549 for the “Tiger Woods +”

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