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EXCLUSIVE: How TGL’s ‘Boston Common Golf’ Team Brand Was Created

As you may have heard, a new golf league called TGL will be launching in January. Conceived by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, it will feature six three-person teams competing on an indoor virtual course in two-hour matches televised in prime time by ESPN.

The Boston team is unveiling its brand identity this morning. I was given exclusive access to the story behind the creative process — which, as you can see above, involves a frog.

I’ve written about this one for Fast Company. The article is available here.

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    It’s funny to me b/c “Boston Frogs” is a team in the 1987 NES Game “Double Dribble” w/almost the same green and mascot!

    First I’ve heard of this league. Interesting concept. Not sure how the virtual indoor golf will resonate, but star power of the players may be enough. I imagine they will include a lot of interaction & chatter amongst the players (I’m envisioning like a manningcast hangout kind of vibe)
    The frog logo is nice. Well done. The wordmark is too common, I understand that was intentional, but I think a better font would be helpful to the lettermark and the flag logo. I really like the roundel just wish they skipped the neon ring.

    Below is a link to the corporate limit signs the wordmark references. link

    I like the branding overall, but the sign reference didn’t hit until I read the article (by the way, nicely done Paul), and I’ve lived in MA for 30 years now and spent too much time on the Common when going to school in town. I’m not sure how to fix that, though. Outlining the wordmark with the corporate limits sign seems interesting, but I wonder whether the wordmark would fit.

    I am totally afraid of frogs (terrible youth memory) but I love this logo. The wordmark reminds me of the Boston Celtics wordmark they used on a white jersey recently. Even the hole in the secondary logo looks like a shamrock.

    I see how you might think of that logo as a shamrock, but I think it’s supposed to be a lilly pad.

    Paul, your writing is great! Clever. Insightful. Usually an inside joke or two snuck in (saying “good luck with that” and then crossing out mascot…
    Really enjoyed the article, and I’m not a golf fan.

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