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ECHL Team’s Uni Announcement Sparks Jan. 6 Controversy

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A bizarre situation unfolded over the past two days, beginning on Tuesday night, when the Cincinnati Cyclones of the ECHL tweeted an announcement that they’d be wearing a throwback jersey (shown above) on Jan. 6. A few readers let me know about it yesterday morning, and I originally planned to include it in today’s Ticker — your basic uni announcement.

But as you can see, the tweet included the phrase “We don’t care, we paint the town red” — apparently a reference to the Doja Cat song “Paint the Town Red.” But the combination of the throwback date and the Republican Party’s association with the color red apparently led some folks to think the team was making some sort of in-joke reference to the 2021 Capitol Insurrection.

So the team deleted the throwback-announcement tweet yesterday afternoon and issued the following statement:

Rumors that Jack Del Rio has been working in the Cyclones’ social media department could not be confirmed at press time. Meanwhile, I’m fairly certain the Cyclones will make sure that they’re not scheduled for a home game on Jan. 6 next season.



ITEM! 2023's Top Uni Storylines, Plus Suggested Resolutions

For this week’s Uni Watch Premium article on Substack, I’ve taken a look at the year’s top 12 uni-related storylines. (As you may recall, I did something similar last year.) And this year I’ve added something new: I’ve come up with suggested New Year’s resolutions for assorted leagues, commissioners, and so on — resolutions that would make the uni-verse a better place.

You can read the first part of this article here. In order to read the entire thing, you’ll need to become a paid Substack subscriber (which will also get you full access to my Substack archives). My thanks, as always, for your consideration.



Too Good for the Ticker

This past January was the 45th anniversary of Uni Watch reader Kevin Largent’s father scoring 45 points while wearing this No. 45 jersey for Hebron (Ind.) High School. What a great family heirloom!



Your Now Somewhat Less Frequent Dose of Kitten

I’ve been cutting back a bit on the kitten pics because, you know, how many photos can I publish of the two of them curled up togther, or the two of them staring at the birdfeeder, or whatever? At some point it starts to feel repetitive. But I’m a total sucker for when they groom each other — enjoy.



Can of the Day

Love how the “HD” looks like it’s been carved into the side of a mountain. Definitely puts the “heavy” into “heavy duty”!

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We’ll have a new raffle as a separate post later today, so watch for that! — Paul

Comments (26)

    People read too much into stuff.

    You’d think they’d ve more concern with the songs actual lyrics

    Overreaction from all sides. A sign of the times, sadly. A nice sweater by the way, ehich could be worn to Reds and Bearcats games as well.

    Before I read the caption on the Hebron High jersey, I thought “My God, someone in Atlanta Gets It!”

    Is it bad that even before I scrolled the whole picture, I knew it was a Sand-Knit specimen?

    Awsome look.

    Sometimes, I really hate my species. We can’t have anything without some jack-wagon making it political.

    The thirst for people to be outraged over something, anything, is just getting out of hand. The song is a popular song that even I have heard as a dude in his 40’s, events will happen on the 6th of January for the rest of time, and their jersey is RED. Like c’mon.

    This is a really stupid controversy and a great example of the very, very small portion of Way Too Online idiots ruining something in the real world for normal people.

    Sadly with the renaming of Twitter I can no longer use the term twidiot but it applies here. It’s sad an organization has to waste time and resources to address a nonexistent issue. I doubt most people would have made the connection. These people need to unplug and get a life.

    There is no such thing as too many cat photos. I don’t care if you post the same picture for each post. They can sleep. They can stare at birds. They can hide under a bed because of the sound of a vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t matter. You can do it, Paul. Post those cats.


    I’m born and bred in Leicestershire in the UK, so am quite proud of the phrase “paint the town red” coming from the county.

    Was due to some drunken huntsmen in Melton Mowbray painting houses red after a few too many drinks, and the phrase paint the town red came to mean having a big night out.

    Someone may have called a song that, but the phrase does not originate from some stupid song!

    I have no clue who or what a Doja Cat is. I’m glad I live blissfully unaware of social media! It just sounds like a controversy that really wasn’t a controversy though.

    I’m not much of a basketball fan but that Hawks jersey is an oldie but a goodie! I’ve always thought that red, black and white make for a great combo. It just depends on how it’s designed, of course.

    Paul just get a YouTube channel and put those kitties on it, monetize this thing…
    “Show Meow The Money”

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