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Culinary Corner: The Annual Homemade Irish Cream Post

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A longtime December tradition here at Uni Watch is the preparation of my annual batch of homemade Irish cream. In other words, homemade Bailey’s. In other words, melted ice cream that gets you drunk. It’s super-easy to make, it’ll make you the hero of whatever holiday party you bring it to, and lots of you have told me how much you like it. Here’s how to do it:

Start with some decent Irish whiskey — Bushmills, Jameson, Tullamore Dew, something like that (but not super-high-end stuff, because the nuances will be lost in this preparation). Pour a pint of the whiskey into a large-ish container and mix it with a can of sweetened condensed milk; a pint of heavy whipping cream; a tablespoon of chocolate syrup; a teaspoon of vanilla extract; a teaspoon of instant espresso dissolved in two tablespoons of hot water; and a quarter-teaspoon of almond extract.

Mix well (if the container has a tight lid, you can just shake vigorously), refrigerate, serve over ice, top with a bit of grated nutmeg if you like (that’s what I do), and get ready to become the most popular person in the room. No need to thank me afterward, but you’ll want to do so anyway — trust me. Enjoy!

Tomorrow we’ll have another December tradition: the annual year-end raffle!

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    I can vouch for how great this recipe is, as I’ve been making it for years now. I normally make it exactly as written. Or, on occasion, I may substitute a lighter cream. It truly is wonderful stuff! Thanks for the annual post, Paul. I look forward to seeing this each year, and reading comments from people making it for the first time. I made my first batch of the season about a week ago, and it’s nearly gone already. Almost time for a second batch. Cheers!

    I’ve been looking for this recipe again for a while as I’m about to make an Irish cream chocolate cheesecake and didn’t want to buy Bailey’s
    Thanks again, Paul!

    Made some last week and headed to the store tomorrow so I’ll be replenishing my heavy cream stock to get us through Christmas. Good stuff

    Brought a batch to a party. Left with an empty bottle. It has become a tradition in our home, er, neighborhood. Thanks Paul.

    100% as advertised…makes a great gift, too! Scale the recipe up, pour into mason jars, lid them up and there you have it!
    I do dial back the booze factor – YMMV.
    This and Derby pie have only helped my social standing!

    Paul, I’ve been using this recipe for a few years now myself and can attest to how dangerously delicious it is… might need to whip up the first batch of the season tonight!

    I should have known considering it does say a pint of whiskey but hoo boy is this deceptively strong. It goes down so easy you may be wont to lose track of your consumption as I was last night lol

    I would say its closest culinary cousins are that Panera lemonade and the original 4loko that was banned in the US

    (This is not a complaint btw) Good stuff

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