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How MLB Marked the 22nd Anniversary of 9/11

Yesterday was the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. As you can see above, the Mets marked the occasion by wearing first responder caps. In addition to the FDNY cap, players also wore these designs:

Also, Mets first baseman Pete Alonso wore first responder-themed shoes:

And shortstop Francisco Lindor wore a first responder-themed glove:

The Yankees were rained out last night in Boston. It’s not clear to me if they were also planning to wear first responder caps.

Most of the other teams playing last night wore 9/11 cap patches:

The Blue Jays, however, wore crossed American and Canadian flags, symbolizing solidarity between the two countries:

While we’re at it, Bills coach Sean McDermott and some members of his staff wore first responder caps for last night’s NFL game against the Jets:

Jets coach Robert Saleh did not wear a cap, which is standard for him.


In case you missed it yesterday, I had some thoughts about 9/11, which you can see here.

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    Great tribute to the first responders and heroes; could do without New Era maker’s mark, though.

    It’s not going anywhere! At this point, harping on about it could be seen as more disrespectful to the cause than the mark itself.

    Agreed, makes no sense. If you’ve visited the comments, commenter Charlie tends to be contrarian. Sometimes I appreciate it because it can be nice to consider the opposite of what the generally accepted majority views are on UW, and other times it falls flat like this. Sure, it’d be disrespectful if all anyone did was talk about makers marks on these types of caps and never talk about what the caps are honoring, but that’s not what’s happening here, especially on a site dedicated to aesthetics. Mentioning that it’d be nice to not have these marks on tribute caps is not wrong, nor disrespectful.

    I can’t respond to Jim’s comment so this will have to do.

    I don’t know whether to be flattered or insulted by the term “contrarian”. It’s usually tossed about to imply that someone disagrees just for the sake of disagreeing, which is absolutely not the case. I disagree with people who toe the UW party line in every possible situation and are incensed by those who don’t, especially when it comes to makers’ marks, uniform ads, players expressing themselves, or anything that differs from the good old days when everything was perfect.

    The New Era maker mark is on MLB caps, and it’s not going anywhere. Paul’s comment would have been perfectly fine, if not superior, if he had left out the unnecessary jab.

    Charlie, you’re still not making sense with this. How is it more disrespectful to point something out that shouldn’t be there? Please explain.

    You can state any opinion that you would like, but you can also be wrong in what your opinion is about. Some opinions are neither right or wrong as well. It’s all on a sliding scale that hopefully most of us are constantly evaluating and updating.

    Well dchis, my comment was deleted anyway. Paul explained why, and while I disagree with his characterization of what I said, I respect his right to moderate the discussion as he sees fit.

    Rather than repeating what I said, let’s focus on what you said. Why should the maker’s mark not be there?

    You have not given any points to why your opinion is it’s more disrespectful to point out the problem. Your previous comment didn’t explain any of that.

    All MLB on-field caps feature the New Era logo. That in itself is not disrespectful nor wrong. Focusing on that, or even mentioning it at all (especially after years of berating makers’ marks), draws attention away from the cause the caps are supporting, which could be seen as disrespectful.

    These styled caps have been worn many times over the years since 2001. These were gestures of solidarity and good will and not born out of a way to sell merch. I believe the first time these hats showed up the players got them directly from the service members.

    With MLB having officially sanctioned and then made caps by New Era and using the makers mark it comes across as just another way to generate revenue for that entity. That is wrong in this instance and should not be what’s happening.

    Just because MLB hats have a visible makers mark should not mean that these specialty non-team branded hats should.

    Pointing that out is not detracting or disrespectful.

    It’s tacky IMO. Why how could my opinion that it would be nice to not have it be on there be disrespectful? Using your “logic,” why isn’t your opinion about it being disrespectful itself disrespecful to the cause? Do you have a monopoly on not only my feeling but the feelings of everybody in the world affected by 9/11? Isn’t what you’re doing called “virtual signaling,” which can come across as disrespectful to others? Just because it isn’t going anywhere doesn’t mean that it belongs on there. So if MLB players started wearing ads on caps as well we couldn’t express our feelings? Isn’t the 1st Amendment the essence of America? Sorry about the rant. If I have offended anybody then I apologize in advance. Love and peace and happiness and harmony.

    Jets’ sideline wore the caps as well. As did players, notably Aaron Rodgers when he was carted off.

    Sanitation workers are first responders now? Usually the first responders to my trash bin are the Fred Sanford wannabes.

    “Approximately 3,700 Department of Sanitation (DSNY) employees were involved in clean-up and processing at Ground Zero and other sites around the city.

    1,500 sanitation employees were deployed to Ground Zero within the first 24 hours after the attacks to aid the recovery effort with debris removal and dust suppression. The primary goal at that point was to secure survivors and protect civilians from ongoing fires and crumbling building parts.”


    Seriously, I cannot imagine being in their positions for all that time immediately and then in the weeks/months that followed. Much respect to those workers who helped make the area safe to inhabit again.

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