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NBA Unveils 2023 All-Star Game Jerseys

The NBA has unveiled this year’s All-Star jerseys. Since the players won’t be assigned to their teams until just before the game itself, the league will need to have two uniforms on hand for each player.

The video above provides a good look look at the two designs. One features a yellow-to-orange gradient, which I like quite a bit:

The other design features a blue-to-black gradient, which I don’t care for too much:

Hey, at least it’s better than last year!

I’m sure the shorts and socks will appear shortly. The All-Star Game will take place on Feb. 19.

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    I design jerseys for a living, the fact that the design is just a gradient is weak. Could’ve maybe faded a design behind it or something. In the design world, we use gradients when we have a customer that we’ve been putting off and we give some sort of gradient idea just so we don’t have think too much and keep them wanting our business while we think of an actual new and cool design. Come on Nike, get some better designers on these!

    Very interesting insight and it explains why I find most gradient designs totally unattractive: sloppy design.

    Loving the inside info, and I get what you’re saying. I don’t find the gradients particularly hideous in this regard but they could have done better.

    the yellow-orange makes sense with the utah theme but the blue-black does not. purple-white or ice blue would have been better.

    Gradients should be prohibited by all means necessary: in logos, in uniforms, in decoration styles. The only gradients I like are the ones occuring in nature, like sunsets.

    Glad it has advertising from a company who’s cars are being stolen so frequently that people can’t get insurance on them.

    I don’t hate these, but the orange-yellow gradient could be way more pronounced than it is now, and the blue-black should be a blue-navy blue gradient.

    Not a bad design overall! All-Star game uniforms tend to have a short ceiling and a very, very low floor.

    Funny the game is in Utah and the models they’re using are in Donovan Mitchell jerseys, who they just traded this offseason

    The design isn’t bad. Much better than last season. However, I think we’re in our 15th consecutive year of players’ NOB appearing below the number, and I’ve never been a fan of that.

    My guess is these are somewhat inspired by the Jazz City set from the last few years, what with the game being in Utah. I still don’t like the ads, or the NOB being under the number. Relegating the actual NBA logo to the back of the jersey in favor of ads is silly, but also the most NBA thing ever.

    Geez….these days, “designers” think only in font, repeating “textures” and gradients….

    Amateurs pawn gradients off on their clients, who know nothing better…

    Where are the stripes? the icons? the contrasting colors that still compliment each other?
    Where is the fun?

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