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Dodgers Add ‘VIN’ Scully Memorial Patch to Jerseys

With the unfortunate passing of legendary broadcaster Vin Scully yesterday, the Dodgers have added a “VIN” memorial patch to their jerseys.

The patch will be worn on the right arm of the jersey:

There has been no announcement on how long the team will wear the patch, but I’d imagine it will be for at least the remainder of this season.

UPDATE: The Dodgers will wear the patch for the rest of the year.

RIP, Vin. GOAT broadcaster.

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    Born in 1975 I’ve watched a lot of baseball on television and listening to Vin Scully was such a treat and still to this day I remember the day I realized that he called the ball games solo and you would never notice and awkward pause.
    He just kept the ball rolling and steered the ship ahead.

    I know it’s been years since he’s been in the booth, but I can’t believe that we’ve had both Chick Hearn and Vin Scully for decades on both TV and radio and I miss them good old days.

    We will miss him. Nice gesture by the Dodgers. Incredible career, starting out in Brooklyn and moving with the team to LA and witnessing all the ups and downs of the franchise there. It almost reads like a novel.

    Vin being the best of a golden era of broadcasters doesn’t earn him a unique patch? Name over the old timey mic again? He was 94 years old, they could’ve had something special ready years ago. Try better.

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