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Monday Morning Uni Watch

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Good-looking game yesterday in Buffalo, as the Bills wore their white throwbacks at home, complete with the standing buffalo helmet. Naturally, I’m particularly fond of the striped socks. Additional photos here.

That game also produced an amazing photo of Bills wideout Brandon Tate’s face distending as he took a hit by Pats safety Devin McCourty. Dig:

No, that photo was not Photoshopped. Further details here.

And in what may have been an NFL first, a fan at that game threw a dildo onto the field, where it was dutifully removed by one of the officials:

You can see another angle of the dildo landing on the turf here.

In other news from around the league yesterday:

•  The Browns wore their orange alternate jerseys.

•  Speaking of the Browns, their fans had a little trouble spelling “Dawg Pound” (additional info here):

•  The Saints went mono-black.

•  Good to see the Chiefs going back to their beautiful red pants.

•  Washington once again wore their burgundy pants. It appears that they’re now sticking with burgundy pants for the white jerseys and using the yellow pants for the burgundy jerseys.

•  NFL helmets aren’t supposed to have maker’s marks, but Schutt has snuck one in, at least on Cowboys safety Barry Church’s helmet:

As you may recall, last week Washington defensive back Josh Norman had the Rawlings logo on his nose bumper, so that’s two weeks in a row that a maker’s mark has appeared on a helmet. (As for Norman, his nose bumper appeared to be blank yesterday, which is Washington’s standard look.)

•  Three teams wore white at home: the Bills (as already noted above), the Bucs and, of course, the Cowboys.

•  Players participating in postgame jersey swaps included Robby Anderson (Jets) and Tracy Howard (Browns); Darrelle Revis (Jets) and Terrelle Pryor (Browns); D’Qwell Jackson (Colts) and Tamba Hali (Chiefs); Tedd Ginn Jr (Panthers) and John Brown (Cardinals); Zack Sanchez (Panthers) and Tony Jefferson (Cardinals); and Jonathan Stewart (Panthers) and Calais Campbell (Cardinals).

•  Here’s a list of players who protested during the national anthem. Looks like the number of participants is getting smaller.

•  One final thought: The good news is that this was the final weekend of Pinktober. The bad news is that next weekend marks the beginning of G.I. Joevember.

(My thanks to @SteveBCreations for the Barry Church screen shot.)

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World Series Game 5 report: Cubs skipper Joe Maddon is so lovably odd, and he added to his legend last night by wearing a ski cap that still had the little plastic hang tab thingie stuck in the pom-pom (shown at right; click to enlarge). Completely awesome.

Other notes from last night’s game:

•  We can add Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo to the list of players who are superstitious about wearing the same cap. The outline of the Postseason patch is clearly visible beneath his World Series cap patch.

•  What’s that sticker on the backplate of Cubs catcher David Ross’s mask? It’s an emoji of himself!

•  Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens — now 96 years old — attended the game. And true to form, he wore a bow tie, just as he always did as a member of court.

•  After four games of using a red block “C” on the score bug, Fox switched to a blue block “C” for Game 5.

(My thanks to Mike Bilder, Ben Greenfield, Chris Luedde, and Michael Romero for their contributions to this section.)

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T-Shirt Club reminder: In case you missed it last Friday, the fifth of our six 2016 designs is finally ready to go. It’s our football shirt — check it out (click to enlarge):

Not bad, right? I can already hear a bunch of you complaining that the various stripe patterns don’t match, but that doesn’t bother me. Big thanks to my creative partner, Bryan Molloy, for his hard work on this one.

This shirt comes in three color options — grey, black, and green — and is available here until Nov. 10. My thanks, as always, for your consideration.

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Research query: When the Tugboat Captain and I were on our August vacation, we came across a few motels that put their own spin on the classic “Vacancy”/”No Vacancy” sign. For example, this one in Crescent City, California, uses “Welcome” and “Sorry”:

I’m interested in collecting other variants on the basic “(No) Vacancy” format. If you know of any motels with their own distinct versions, please get in touch. Thanks.

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Best Summer Ever, continued: On Saturday the Tugboat Captain and I continued our weekly practice of going for one last summer stroll in the surf, this time walking from Brighton Beach to Coney Island. Soon it’ll be too cold to do this, but for now I’m enjoying our refusal to accept the end of summer.

At one point we saw a small dead shark that had washed up on the sand. Never seen that before on a New York City beach (click to enlarge):

Afterward, we had a drink at a bar on the boardwalk as the sun began to set. Then we headed home, stopping on the way to pick up some mussels, which we steamed in beer for dinner. A very good day. However you spent your Saturday, I hope it was as nice as ours.

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The Ticker
By Alex Hider

Baseball News: CBS Sports reports that most fans are wearing Kris Bryant jerseys to Wrigley. … Jon Hamm trolled Cubs fans by wearing a Cardinals hat to Game 5 at Wrigley. He wore the same hat to Game 4 (from Jamie Burditt). … A German restaurant in Milwaukee is selling Cubs World Series steins (from Ryan Ridley). … Interesting note from Ferdinand Cesarano: When Davey Johnson managed the Mets in the ’80s, he wore “Johnson” as a NOB while Howard Johnson wore “H. Johnson.” But this screen shot shows that Davey Johnson wore “D. Johnson” at least once in 1985. {Paul here. I have zero memory of this. In fact, it’s a truism among uni-minded Mets fans that Davey never wore the first initial because he was the manager while HoJo was just a player. Great find by Ferdinand.]

Pro Football News: With the Saskatchewan Roughriders playing their final game at 80-year-old Mosaic Stadium, here’s a quick history of the stadium and a look at the new Mosaic Stadium. … Jamie Burditt noticed that while the Cowboys keep their striping intact on SpeedFlex helmets (a topic Paul explored in depth last Friday), the striping is cut on Madden 17.

College Football News: Frank Beamer wore a hybrid Virginia Tech/NASCAR shirt while visiting with Wood Brothers Racing yesterday (from James Gilbert). … Here’s some more shots of the “Blackbird” uniforms UTSA wore on Saturday (from Tyke Whitney Floyd).

Hockey News: The Islanders wore purple jerseys during warm-ups as part of the NHL’s Cancer Cure initiative (from Shlomo Sprung). … The Canadian women’s national team debuted new jerseys yesterday (from Zach Pearce). … The Stars shared some pieces of Dallas/Ft. Worth hockey history on Twitter last night (from Timmy Westside). … QMJHL news from Patrick Thomas: Apparently, Rimouski Océanic forgot their white socks and had to borrow socks from the Chicoutimi Saguenéens.

Basketball News: Color vs. color last night in Phoenix, as the Warriors debuted their blue “Run TMC” crossover jerseys while the Suns wore orange at home (from Phil). … Also from that game, Kevin Durant lost a shoe during play and still managed to sink a bucket (from our own Mike Chamernik). … The Bucks’ Tony Snell had an upside-down 2 on his jersey yesterday (also from Mike). … Is Louisville basketball changing its NOB font? Here’s what it looked like last year (from Jason A. Wyrick).

Soccer News: West Ham’s André Ayew had a crooked Premier League patch this weekend (from JT Orlando). … FC Köln of the Bundesliga in Germany wore special Karneval-themed kits in a game against Hamburger SV on Sunday (from Anthony Zydzik)

Grab Bag: An entire Cricket team in India went MNOB (mother’s name on back) during a match on Saturday (from AV). … Interesting jerseys for this youth football team in Buena, New Jersey (from Frank McGuigan).

Comments (60)

    was watching the Eagles-Cowboys game last night and didn’t see a single instance of an Eagles player wearing a Speedflex helmet. or do they just not have the cut out hexagon in the front?

    The hybrid VT/Motorcraft shirt is a pit shirt used by the Wood Brothers for two races at Bristol and Martinsville this year, as the 21 car carried Virginia Tech livery for those races. They aren’t the first college hybrids, but certainly are a great looking scheme IMHO.

    I noticed during the game last night that Dallas’ stripes were cut during the preseason. Here’s a shot: link

    Do the Buena Braves pronounce it “Byoona” or “Bwayna”?

    Just wondering.

    Buena Vista, Colorado goes with Byoona

    Lake Buena Vista, FL goes with Bwayna

    Here in South Jersey, it is “byoona” for reasons I can’t explain. And Byoona Vista Township. *shrugs*

    I play the Buena Vista golf course in SJ whenever I go home to visit family. I never questioned it being pronounced “Byoona” until someone pronounced it wrong.

    There is also a Greenwich that is pronounced “green witch”

    Whoa. It would never have occurred to me to pronounce it any other way than Florida (and the Spanish language) do.

    There’s a town in central MO named Versailles. Freshman year of college, a roommate from that part of the state informed me it’s pronounced Ver-sales. Also, there’s the county and town in the bootheel of New Madrid. Unlike the Spanish capital, the emphasis is placed on the first syllable.

    Santa Fe, Missouri is Santa-FEE. Nevada, MO, is Ne-VAY-da. Cairo, IL is Cay-ro.

    There’s just no end of …differing…pronunciations in that area of the country.

    Illinois also has Vienna (VYE -enna), and you pronounce both S’s in Des Plaines, but of course, not the S in Illinois.

    I live in Colorado…have for my whole life (41 years). I can honestly say that I’ve never heard anybody here pronounce it other than “bwayna”.

    The Broncos and Texans Jersey swap was last week. Denver played San Diego and Houston played Detroit yesterday.

    Ugh. That’s what happens when you (read: I) wait until after the World Series to compile certain parts of the lede.

    Now fixed.

    Slightly off-topic, but the mention of Joe Maddon’s ski cap got me thinking about manager attire in general… Managers wearing an alternate top such as a hoodie or pullover seems to have become the norm (although I’ve read that by rule, they still need to have their uniform top underneath), to the point where I can’t recall the last time I saw a manager with their uniform top visible. I’ll admit that my sample space is kind of small, since I don’t get to watch tons of games and a variety of teams, but are there any examples of MLB managers who still sport the traditional uniform top more often than an alternate top?

    Many, maaaaaany examples. Here in NYC, Terry Collins and Joe Gerardi routinely wear the regulation uniform.

    I’ll let other people who follow other teams chime in.

    Are Managers allowed to wear suits (ala Connie Mack)? Or is the issue the same as with the NFL and that the managers/coaches are required to wear team branded gear?

    Remember back in 2006-07 and Mike Nolan/Jack Del Rio having to ask specific permission to wear a suit on the sideline? And that an agreement carveout had to be made with Reebok (supplier at the time) to allow both to wear suits? I wonder if that same carveout exits in the Nike contract?

    As far as the Mariners, Servais seems to like to wear the uniform, but when it’s colder, he opts for the branded overshirt.

    I am 90% certain that there’s nothing in the MLB rulebook preventing a manager from wearing a suit. But MLB’s agreement with Majestic requires managers to wear licensed apparel, and managers have that language in their contracts.

    But a manager doesn’t have to go on the field. The *coaches* have to — they’re in the coaching boxes. But a manager can stay in the dugout if he chooses. Some managers (a) leave the pitching changes to their pitching coaches and (b) rarely go on the field to argue with umpires. In fact, video replay has cut way down on arguments.

    Buck Showalter wears a windbreaker every game regardless of weather and does not wear his jersey underneath. The last time I can remember where he wore the jersey and not a jacket was the first home game after the Baltimore riots, where we wore white jerseys with “Baltimore” on the front instead of “Orioles”.

    Thanks for the insight on managers wearing the proper uniform. I’ve always given them the benefit of the doubt that they were being compliant and wearing a uniform short below their jacket, hoodie, etc. I’m guessing that was probably naive of me, otherwise there wouldn’t be much benefit to wearing a different top (especially on hot summer days), as it would be warmer than just wearing the uniform itself.

    RE: NFL jersey swaps from yesterday. Also a swap between Bengals RB Jeremy Hill and ‘Skins RB Robert Kelley.


    In that Madden 17 screenshot, the 75th anniversary patch has the modern NFL logo on it while the period appropriate NFL logo is on the chest!

    Can’t believe we missed this…

    The Red Wings had their Hockey Fights Cancer game on Saturday against the Bruins, and goalies Jimmy Howard and Petr Mrazek had link.

    Very cool that they got Dave Strader, former Red Wings TV play-by-play announcer, involved. He’s fighting cancer himself, but is still working, calling games for the Stars these days. I especially like that Howie had Strader on his backplate. Seeing the composite-scar picture of Terry Sawchuk on Mrazek’s mask is pretty cool, too.

    Also, the Red Wings’ purple warmups featured link, which actually look pretty sharp against the light purple. Can’t say so much for the gray panels, but that’s the downside of that Reebok practice jersey template.

    My wife noticed the Cowboys captains as they came out for the OT coin flip, that they appeared to have three different colors of pants. I didn’t get a screenshot, anybody notice?

    I just came here to post this. No screen shot from me either but they were 3 distinctly different colors

    Several people have mentioned this to me but nobody had a screen shot and I haven’t been able to find any video of it. Visual proof or it didn’t happen!

    G.I. Joe-vember actually began yesterday, with the Houston/Detroit game getting the “Salute to Service” treatment. Sorry I don’t have pics.

    For some reason K Stephan Haushka wore teal on one of his shoes yesterday. Maybe someone has a screenshot

    After the complete eyesore that was Thursday night’s Jags/Titans game, it’s nice to have a combo as classically gorgeous as the Chiefs/Colts match-up. I love the Chiefs red pants almost as much as I love the Skins burgundy pants.

    Hey, all…the upshot of Jon Hamm’s Cardinals cap is that it is a 1908 cap. People have commended him for his trolling ability in Wrigley.

    Hmmm… well, given your proximity vs. my own, Paul, I’ll have to defer to you on this one. Wonder, then, what it was. -C.

    Why is wearing the same cap automatically considered to be “superstitious”? Or is that just just a convenient catch-all phrase here? I would want to wear the same too, only because it would be broken in and would feel more comfortable, not because I think it would bring me luck.

    Why is wearing the same cap automatically considered to be “superstitious”?

    Because many ballplayers over the years have stated that they are superstitious about wearing the same cap. But your point is well-taken — my assessment of Rizzo being superstitious was an assumption, not a known fact.

    I agree. Those hats are not easy to break in so I would want to keep one just because I had already started the process.

    The Bills throwback socks look great (btw, Washington wears some awesome stripped socks too). Gee… if the Bills could just figure out a way to link in their socks and apply it tolink they’d… ah… take away one of my favorite topics to bitch about every season. (Since 2009!)

    That beach stroll looks fantastic, Paul.

    I’ve never seen a shark like that in the city, but a couple years ago my kids and I found one just like it washed up on Montauk during a September beach walk.

    When Davey Johnson managed the Mets in the ’80s, he wore “Johnson” as a NOB while Howard Johnson wore “H. Johnson.” But this screen shot shows that Davey Johnson wore “D. Johnson” at least once in 1985.

    And this one shows Howard Johnson wore “Johnson” at least once in either 1987, 88 or 89.


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