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Clippers Finally Drop the Bomb

The Clippers finally unveiled their new logos and uniforms — the ones we’ve all known about since April — late last night. The home and road unis are shown above, there’s a press release here, and there’s a page with embarrassingly worded explanations of the new visual identity here.

My take on the Clippers’ new look can be found in this ESPN piece. Also, I’ll be talking about the new Clippers unis and other uni-related matters on The Dan Patrick Show today at 9:45am Eastern.

Meanwhile, the 76ers will be unveiling their new uniforms this evening. I’ll have an ESPN piece on that as well, probably around 8:30pm.

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More on the MLB All-Star caps: In case you missed it yesterday afternoon, it turns out that the MLB All-Star Game cap design that first surfaced here on Uni Watch yesterday morning is indeed the real deal.

The full 30-team set is shown above. Sorry, that’s the largest version of that image that I have at the moment, but close-up shots of some of the designs are emerging in dribs and drabs (including at least one from a retail setting, even though the caps supposedly aren’t going to be available for sale until next Thursday). Yesterday we had the Blue Jays, and you can see the the Reds version at right, plus there are the ones shown below:

A few thoughts:

• The most important thing to remember about these caps is that there’s no need for them to exist. The great thing about the MLB ASG is that the players wear their own uniforms, creating a crazy quilt that we don’t normally get to see. It’s sad to see the headwear aspect of that go by the boards (although at least they haven’t come up with with separate ASG jerseys — yet).

• New Era’s press release explains the design template like so:

Over a century ago, Cincinnati’s Baseball Club, known as the Red Stockings, wore their first version of a pill box cap, which featured wide, horizontal stripes, commonly known as pleats, around the circumference of the caps. This design, which became the basis for the cap that Cincinnati Reds mascot Mr. Redlegs has worn since his inception in 1956, is featured prominently in the 2015 All-Star Game logo.

That’s all very nice, but the stripes on these caps don’t go “around the circumference of the caps” — they’re only on the front of the crown. And Mr. Redlegs has never worn a cap with a contrasting front panel — he wears an old-school pillbox cap. In other words, the “story” doesn’t even come close to matching the reality. They’d be better off saying, “We needed a new design to sell at retail, and this is it” instead of trying to force a square-peg design template into a round-hole rationalization.

• That said, I like the National League versions a lot more than the American League designs, because I think the front panel looks sooooo much better in white than in grey. At least a couple of the N.L. designs, including the ones for the Reds, Giants, and Cubs, are quite nice. Not that they should be worn in the All-Star Game — they shouldn’t — but they wouldn’t make bad fashion caps. (In fact, as reader Reader Jimmy Lonetti points out, something very similar to this template was the basis for a line of fashion caps back in the 1970s.)

• I still think the fake designs from last month are way better than what the real thing turned out to be.

• If you want to look ahead, the next three ASG hosts are the Padres, Marlins, and Nats. What will their cap motifs be? My choices: Every team in brown, every team in teal, and every team in powdered wigs. (Actually, since the Marlins and Nats have fairly short histories, I suspect those two games will feature designs that reflect the heritage of the host cities, not necessarily the host teams. As for the Padres, there’s always the ugly possibility that they’d have everyone go G.I. Joke, but I’ll worry about that next year.)

(My thanks to reader Steven Hom for the Mets cap photo.)

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Mike’s Question of the Week
By Mike Chamernik

I got a note the other day from reader Liam Fernald, as follows: “One of the great moments I love in sports is watching the Stanley Cup champs skate the cup around the ice. Maybe a good Question of the Week would be to ask about other people’s favorite moments that happen each year in sports.”

Good question! What are your favorite annual traditions and occurrences in sports? I get a kick out of “One Shining Moment” every year. I also like watching the Lions play on Thanksgiving.

As always, post your responses in today’s comments.

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The Ticker
By Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: The Rochester Red Wings and Syracuse Chiefs will wear USA hockey “Miracle on Ice” jerseys on Aug. 1. Next year, the teams should do a basketball throwback crossover and wear Rochester Royals and Syracuse Nationals get-ups (from Phil). … The Nationals are selling team caps that are rendered in the colors of local colleges. … Another day, another blowout, and another single-digit position player took the mound. That’s Tampa Bay’s Nick Franklin, who gave up a homer to Washington’s Wilson Ramos two nights ago (from William Yurasko). … And of course last night, Indians position players Ryan Rayburn (No. 9) and David Murphy (No. 7) pitched the final inning of a 17-0 loss to the Cubs. Didn’t get any photos, unfortunately. … My Little Pony has a MLB-themed line of toys that will be available at the San Diego Comic-Con (from Rob Siergiej). … Carew Tower in Cincinnati will have a old-timey baseball player projected onto it for two weeks in July in honor of the All-Star Game (from Patrick O’Neill). … SNY used the 2003 Blue Jays logo in a graphic during the Mets-Jays game yesterday (from Alex Spanko). … The White Sox wore their 1983 alternate throwbacks yesterday. Sox OF Avisail Garcia wore his regular batting helmet in his first at-bat, but from then on he wore the throwback helmet. “Not sure how this happens,” says Brian Skokowski. “Why were there even any black ones in the dugout?” … Taj Tedrow asks if a catcher has ever worn gear that matched the uniform, as shown in this mock-up that he made. I’m almost certain we haven’t, but it is an interesting concept. … Jeff Ash found a team photo of the Green Bay Fire Department baseball team, which he believes is from 1940. ”¦ Worst baseball uni ever? R. Scott Rogers thinks this one is in the running.

NFL & College Football News: The Steelers will wear their 1934 bumblebee throwbacks in Week 8 (from Phil). … Redskins DL Ricky Jean Francois wore Iron Man tights on the first day of minicamp (from Tommy Turner). … Progress is being made on the Vikings new stadium. … OYO Sports’ Giants figurines wear red jerseys, which they stopped wearing in 2012 (from Danilo Chaj). … Former Cowboys FB Moose Johnston said that the league was fine with him and his teammates use of silicone on their jerseys. … Looks like new uniforms for Colgate. ”¦ Reprinted from last night’s comments: Interesting captaincy “C” for Oklahoma Panhandle.

Hockey News: More photos of stick knob decals. Chuck Meisse sent in a shot of the Albany Devils’ decals, and John Taylor has decals on his own sticks. “I haven’t bought any sticks except Warrior brand for probably five years,” he says. “They have always used end plugs like that: The green is the older style and the red is newer. The end plug actually helps balance out the stick so the blade isn’t heavier then the rest of the stick.” This isn’t too surprising to me, because most aluminum baseball bats have a decal or logo on the knob. … I stopped into a Sports Authority in Chicago the other day. The store was selling mugs in NHL-branded packaging, only the mugs had Washington Redskins logos on them (instead of Blackhawks logos, I’m presuming). … The original Panthers gloves had claw designs on them (from Andrew on Twitter).

Soccer News: Costa Rica’s Wendy Acosta wore a protective mask against South Korea in the Womens’ World Cup yesterday (from Graham Clayton). … Within this story on the history of women in soccer is the line that women players on the Santos club in Brazil “have often had to wear men’s team jerseys and have had to make do with leftovers and cold food at the club canteen because the two sexes cannot be in the same place at the same time” (from Phil). ”¦ Here are Arsenal’s letters and numerals for their non-Premier League games this year.

NBA News: Nike’s Phil Knight said that LeBron James’s run to the Finals was a “great story” (from Brinke). … The 1947 Philadelphia Warriors had some awesome jackets (from Jonathan Daniel). ”¦ Here’s a soda display based on the Warriors’ “The City” logo (from Mikey Brethauer).

Grab Bag: A logo-clad North Central University team bus is up for bids on eBay (from Jared Peterson). … The design world learned a few things from the Gap and Airbnb logo change flops. And, Helvetica is just one of the most overrated ideas in the industry (both from Brinke). … Here’s a 1971 photo album of cyclist Eddy Merckx (from Sean Clancy). … Yale Club members are upset over the decline in dressing standards within the Manhattan-based Ivy League club.

Comments (104)

    They certainly could pass as trucker hats. Just add the plastic mesh on the back.

    Those caps remind me of the old racing stripes on an old Ford Mustang (which is where they belong). Also, wasn’t there a similar adjustable cap made some years ago (I know it was made for colleges – and they did have the mesh back).

    The Nationals could give a shout out to the Expos with their All-Star caps, the red, white, and blue beanie caps!

    Words simply fail to describe how badly those caps suck. Is MLB or New Era so desperate for cash that they need to market three (or more) shitty new designs every year?

    I agree, NOT a fan at all. I also agree with Paul’s sentiment; part of the beauty of the All Star Game was that players wore their own stuff, caps included. It’s funny, every year MLB comes up with these marketing designs to move product, and every year you don’t see anyone wearing them, lol. I think the only thing you see regularly are the All Star Game Batting Practice Jerseys, and purely at the stadium. Those hats for Canada Day/The 4th of July? No one will buy them.

    QotW: I enjoy the awarding of the green jacket to the winner at the Masters, both in the clubhouse and later outside by the putting green.

    Eh, so long as the ASG leaves league-specific uniforms and caps to the batting practice events, this doesn’t bother me. It always struck me as odd that, say, a Yankees fan would buy a Mariano Rivera BP jersey from 2013 when it features Mets colors.

    I guess you might have forgotten that it’s already too late to save the caps which starting last year are now worn in the ASG itself.

    “The great thing about the MLB ASG is that the players wear their own uniforms”

    very debatable .. to me it just seems lazy

    Lazy = “unwilling to work or use energy.”

    Not sure how wearing their own uniforms is lazy. Wearing no uniforms at all is lazy.

    These ASG caps look like gas station caps. Whoever designed these must have worked at the KWIK-E-MART with Apu at some point in their career. Agreed w Paul, the fake ones are way better. Maybe if customers do not but these ASG caps (and the stars and stripes ones,) they will stop doing this!

    Not a fan of the caps but probably will buy one anyway. I can’t wait to see the BP caps because the BP jerseys look awesome! I wish that they would wear those during the actual All Star Game instead of just for batting practice.

    Not a fan of the caps but probably will buy one anyway.

    Why? I don’t understand this mindset. Why waste money on something you don’t like? They’re not pokemon, man. You don’t have to catch them all.

    QOTW: Opening Day by a mile, but also like the Kentucky Derby. Both days allow me to gather with friends and imbibe.

    Favorite moment is perhaps the hand shaking after each round of the Stanley Cup playoffs concludes. Also, don’t like that funky underline thing on the Clippers jersey.

    Opening day used to be the greatest, when it was in Cincinnati and started with a weekday parade, and not on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball with the Yankees and Red Sox.

    …Or when opening day was held in Australia last year, a full week before the rest of the clubs played a game.

    Spain played South Korea in the women’s World Cup last night, Costa Rica played Brazil. FYI

    Well, I guess when the ASG gets to Nats Park, they could just recycle that year’s ugly Stars & Stripes hat.

    Uuuh… very disapointing from the Clippers… first, am I the only one to see pink instead of red when I look at their new logo ? Second, the new uniforms are not “new”, but the real problem now is that there is this big block of black letters at the center of a jersey that already shows three colors, and nothing else is black, so it seems out of place and I find the new font less classy than the old wordmark. The uniform is now screaming “Hey guys look, I was not thought as a whole !” It’s like replacing the current Denver Nuggets or Phoenix Suns wordmark by Arial black letters while keeping the jersey as it is…

    I don’t see pink, but that doesn’t make the result any better anyway.

    That’s a logo? I mean, I get the Brooklyn Nets–simple, refreshing, even though it doesn’t have a lot in it. It replaced the New Jersey Nets’ plethora of ideas and colors.

    But for the LAC: Somewhere in time is a clipper ship logo that coulda been made to work here. Los Angeles is a coastal city with a port. Why did this go this way?

    Actually, the city of Los Angeles has several neighborhoods that are quite on the coast.


    Agree — the black letters on that white jersey stick out like a sore thumb, and the font is way too generic to be splashed across the front in large type like that.

    The Warriors also have a boring, generic font, but they went the smarter route of emphasizing their (much nicer) bridge logo on the front of the jersey and minimizing the lettering.

    I don’t mind the blocky “LAC” logo, but the way it’s used on the red jersey is also terrible. That logo should be used as the secondary mark on the side of the shorts or something, not front-and-center like that.

    Terrible job by the Clippers here. The old uniforms were not exciting, but they were much easier on the eyes than this set.

    QOTW: it bothers me in other sports when the championship trophy is handed to the team owner. The players earned it & the trophy should be presented to them.

    sure but without the owner’s money and input the players wouldn’t have a chance to win said championship

    Perhaps I’m just naive, but the whole point of sport is the on field stuff – players using their skill, talent and training to score/prevent the scoring of points/goals/runs etc. An owner’s money and “input” might well be integral to a team’s success, but in the end he is only ever facilitating the real work done by the players.

    God and the team owner: two old white guys who inexplicably get more credit at trophy presentations than the guys who actually busted their asses to win the damn thing.

    i am not saying give them more credit but lets not act like they arent important to the team as a whole and some owners have a huge passion for the sport and team, so i think it’s a discredit not to include them in that presentation. though they shouldn’t the be the first people to touch the trophy

    I suppose that’s reasonable. Still though, how little dignity or self-awareness must be present for these predominantly unathletic, fat old white guys in khakis to think that it doesn’t look completely ridiculous to stand in front of the young, virulent, athletic youngsters who just actually played the game and go “look what I won” with the trophy?

    Not just the Stanley Cup getting lifted, kissed, and skated around the ice, but I love seeing the first handoff from the captain. It isn’t a meritocracy; instead, it’s usually a case of an old first-time winner, or a pending retiree, or, in the case of Edmonton’s Steve “Own-Goal” Smith, a “don’t worry about it.” Kimmo Timonen, Ray Bourque, Willie Mitchell, Robyn Regehr, Michal Handzus, Marian Hossa…that’s where it’s at for me. Aside from Ray Bourque, the Carolina one is noteworthy because it went from a tortured captain Rod Brind’Amour to tortured old veterans Glen Wesley and Bret Hedican.

    I’ll be talking about the new Clippers unis and other uni-related stuff on The Dan Patrick Show, today at 9:45am Eastern.

    The new Clippers wordmark uses the same font EA used to use for their sports games in the 2000s.

    A very Microsoft-y thing to do, appropriate rather than innovate.

    An easy way to tell whether your cap template is a good design or a crap design: If the Miami Marlins have the most attractive cap of the lot, your template is a crap design. Tellingly, the host-team Reds have the ugliest cap of the lot. Good job, New Era “design” minions!

    What I mean about the Reds is that too many of the NL caps put a white team logo on a white background, but at least the Nats and Phillies, for example, have a contrasting outline around the logo. Looks like crap, but at least it’s possible to see the logo if you look closely. But the Reds have a drop shadow below their white-on-white cap logo, so the wishbone-C bleeds into the front panel background at the top. The top of the team logo is literally invisible. It’s like, I wouldn’t expect a high-schooler doing an art project to produce such terrible work as the Cincy cap.

    “I still think the fake designs from last month are way better than what the real thing turned out to be.”

    That was exactly the thought that I had the moment I first saw the real ones!

    Uni Watch values have gone mainstream. My Facebook feed overnight was filled with comments from acquaintances I know to be very much not uni-watchers mocking the Clippers’ addition of black. Multiple posts along the lines of “Hey Clippers, the 1990s called, and they want their fashion trend back.”

    The shame is the new Clippers look, logos and unis, would be excellent by NBA standards if not for the black. Just change that to a navy blue, keep the rest of the identity as-is, and bam! a top-ten NBA team identity.

    Regarding the Nats caps in local college colors, the Tigers are doing a “University Day” promotion this season that feature Tigers caps in the colors of the major Michigan schools.


    Except, the Tigers aren’t doing any caps for the U.P. schools. #UPPower

    Da U.P. t-shirt is bleh, eh!

    Of course I’m at PT the morning you’re speaking on the DP show. Can we get a link to your clip later today by chance? Pretty please?!

    On the Clippers – Are the images of Griffin “wearing” the new uni’s … those are photoshopped, right? He’s not actually wearing them, right? Whether true or not, I now understand the whole “runway model” presentation that so many teams have moved to lately. Those images look much more fake than the fan proposals that have found their way online.

    As for the ASG caps – my first thought was – while I don’t like the caps, I respect MLB for limiting the colors used for the “basis” of the caps – almost primarily Black/Navy, Royal Blue, and Red (plus brick red for the D-Backs and Green for the A’s). My second thought was … Oh, my gosh MLB teams are unoriginal … that’s just demonstrating how LITTLE the color palettes change between cities. Kind of sad, really. Makes me long for the aqua of the original Florida Marlins.

    Thanks for the Eddy Merckx photo album. It is absolute Porn for classic cycling fanatics like me! I’m trying to figure out which soccer team he is on the field with, any thoughts?

    QOTW: Gotta go with the Cup. Seeing it skated around, that’s always a great moment, even if it’s not your team that gets to do it. And, incidentally, it was Ted Lindsay who started that tradition with the Red Wings, though he only carried the top half around, not hoisting the whole thing over his head (the first version of the wide-barreled Cup didn’t have the top section secured to it the way the current version does).

    As for the item I submitted… after I sent that e-mail regarding the MLB/MLP item, I got to thinking. The fact that this is a limited-edition item, with only one pony and six teams available only at the SDCC, I’m thinking that was likely driven by Hasbro. They’re really keen on exclusive collectibles, after all – just ask any Transformers or G.I. Joe collector.

    I would think that if Major League Baseball had their way, they’d push Hasbro to give us baseball ponies for every team, in every style available, since they’d get a piece of the action on every unit sold. I mean, we could easily have gotten a Padres camo Rarity, a Pirates black Rainbow Dash, a Brewers throwback Berry Punch, or (what I’m sure would be Paul’s favorite) Rockies purple Twilight Sparkle.

    I suppose I’m glad it’s a limted thing after all… though, do we really need such a crossover to begin with?

    I could certainly see them rolling out all 30 teams if these sell out quick enough. I wonder how they picked the 6 teams they used though. The Con is in San Diego and there’s no Padres version? Really?

    I really appreciated the reference to the MLB fashion caps of the ’70s, and the similarity of the new ASG caps to them. I couldn’t get my hands on a “real” fake hat back in those days, and I had a Reds version of the caps pictured. I worn that thing daily for way too long; polyester lasts forever.

    Oh, and someone started making those old hats again a few years ago. They didn’t fit quite the same, but the look was right, and I of course had to buy one.

    Arsenal’s letters and numbers are pretty terrible (to go with some lackluster kits this year) but I love that they put the umlauts on the O on the style sheet.

    QOTW: The first time Michigan runs out of the tunnel to touch the Go Blue Banner. Gives me goose bumps whether I’m in the stadium or not. Lots of great (and not so great) memories associated with it.

    Marlins ASG hats: designs all over the hat done by artist who created that monstrosity in center field.

    MLB has reached a point of absurdity with hat variations akin to that of the mass beer producing breweries’ creating new gimmicks every 5 seconds (vortex and the “it’s cold blue” bottle winning the absurdity race for me). Stripes, camo, multi-colored panels, etc. They can go on like this forever.

    Caps that change color with sweat to indicate that the player is really leaving it all on the field?

    In the Clippers embarrassing news release they say the red and blue lines “allude to the teams nautical roots.” Actually their roots are in Buffalo with the Braves. Your roots are where you started dummies. This uniform looks like it was designed in 1994 when video games allowed you to design your own jerseys. The Clippers hardly acknowledge that they were ever the Braves, evidenced by Jamal Crawford wearing the #11 that should be retired at Staples Center (and First Niagara Center in Buffalo) for Bob McAdoo. End Rant.

    Thought I posted a QOTW answer on my iPad, but I guess it didn’t stick. OK, repost.
    Not only is my favorite annual tradition the hoisting, kissing, and skating around with the Stanley Cup, but I have a favorite part within that. My favorite part is the first transition from the captain to a teammate. That honor typically goes to a long-tenured veteran who has waited his whole career for that moment. Joe Sakic didn’t even lift the Cup first in 2001. He gave it straight to Ray Bourque. That was really memorable. The Carolina Hurricanes’ recessional was also memorable, because there were so many old vets who were first time winners: captain Rod Brind’amour, Glen Wesley, Bret Hedican, and more.

    ” Joe Sakic didn’t even lift the Cup first in 2001. He gave it straight to Ray Bourque. That was really memorable.”

    It was almost like a hand off. Handed Cup by commissioner, turned around, handed off “Here you go Ray”

    I swear it dusty in here.

    If MLB is going to localize the hats, here’s a quick and dirty version of a potential Indians design for 2017 in Miami


    “… The design world learned a few things from the Gap and Airbnb logo change flops…”

    The article says that the Gap change was indeed a flop and withdrawn but that the Airbnb logo provoked little outrage and is in no danger of being pulled. Appropriate outcomes, I’d say.

    “The Nationals have fairly short histories”

    Somewhere, Youppi! is shedding a silent orange tear.

    I guess I’m in the minority here, but I kind of like the red Clippers uni. The logo is too simplistic and unimaginative for my taste, but overall I think it’s a decent look.


    In no particular order;

    Hoisting the Stanley Cup. I still get goose bumps and ok a tear in my eye when I see pictures of Ray Bourque with it over his head (you probably guessed life long Bruins fan here)

    Opening Day. I wish that MLB would go back to Cincinnati having the very first game of the day and having nothing but wall to wall games all day. Seems this year everything was “off”

    QotW: While I’m rarely home to watch it, I like the idea of the Masters’ par 3 contest, seeing families hanging out together the day before the stress of the real deal.

    And, of course, my local 9’s home opener. Pretty big deal around these here parts, parading the team’s legends & current players around the warning track, and the Budweiser clydesdales.

    Along with balancing the mass, the plug on a hockey stick also acts as a damper to reduce the vibration in the players hands while shooting and taking passes. It really helps it feel like a rigid stick.

    From the embarrassingly worded press release explaining the Cliparts’ new identity:

    “The Clippers blue ‘C’ wraps around the LA, literally embracing our great city.”

    Ugh, no. It’s not “literally embracing” Los Angeles unless it’s about 100 miles in circumference and could be seen from space. as if the language about the addition of black lending a “modern edge” to the uniforms wasn’t bad enough…

    For a guy who does nothing but tear the hard work of designers apart all day, maybe you should put a little work into the design of your own stuff? This site is a full on tire fire.

    I agree that the site’s design could be better.

    I’m not a designer — just a writer. Similarly, movie critics aren’t filmmakers, food critics aren’t chefs, literary critics aren’t novelists, and music critics usually aren’t musicians. None of that disqualifies them from doing what they do.

    Re: Clippers & All-Star caps–two DOA disappointments. The pillboxes, sadly, would’ve been the better choice IF they absolutely had to wear these. Just a bland mess. The Clippers look like clip “art”, with zero emotional appeal and zero visual identity with the team name or city. They could very well be Your Town Clippers. “Alluding to the team’s nautical roots” my posterior.

    QOTW: The new inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame slipping on their gold blazers for the first time.

    QOTW – and tying it to the All Star Game caps … I love watching the MLB All-Star game, not only because I’m a baseball fan, but I enjoy seeing the different uniforms on the field at the same time. That unique-ness is one of the most special aspects of the game, in my opinion.

    Regarding SNY using the 2003 Blue Jays logo on a graphic, they always use a throwback logo when discussing a team’s history. When they played the Braves they used the logo they used in the 80s. When they discuss the Pirates the same thing.

    Yeah, that fake cap project last month was half-assed, and it was much better than the real deal. Quarter-assed at best.

    Maybe 1/6-assed, since they already half-assed the design by going with a standard 5950 template instead of a pillbox.

    QotW: I’m not even much of a watching-golf fan, but even so the awarding of the green jacket at the Masters is something I try not to miss.

    My real favorite recurring thing in sports isn’t annual, though. It’s the windup and delivery of the first pitch of any baseball game where I’m in the stands. There’s that moment when the crowd gets as still as it’s going to get for a few innings, and the pitch, and then the collective “awwww” or applause, depending on strike or ball. Goosebumps, man.

    QotW: The build-up to the start of the Indy 500. “Back Home Again in Indiana,” release of hundreds of multi-colored balloons, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines. To witness this in person is pretty amazing.

    QotW: How about the lighting of the Olympic torch? That’s always/usually pretty darned cool!!

    Like when Ali did it.
    Or the archer shooting the arrow into the cauldron.

    Those were a couple of especially good ones.

    As native Los Angeleno Ive always felt that the Clippers needed a total rebranding. “Clippers”, as a name, just sounds lame….and it would do better in San Diego than up here. Also, a complete rebrand will be a symbolic step away from Sterling and all the horrid years (competitive-wise) of his tenure.

    At the same time the have one of the best logos and NBA unis within their own franchise’s history. Would love to have them give a hat tip to the past while melding it with the present. I would just take the original Buffalo Braves design: link) and rebrand them the LA Blackbirds. Its one of the best all time sports logos (IMO), the bird is indigenous to the area…and by using that mascot (link) you get to keep the colors, feather and B in the logo. Then switch back to a version of these awesome unis: link

    Done and done.

    I agree. The Clippers should go for a full rebrand, not just update the uniform and retire logos.


    I’m surprised that Jackie Robinson Day hasn’t been mentioned yet.

    Good stuff, people. Let me add the NBA Draft Lottery and the Christmas Day slate of NBA games to my list, too.

    All the ASG hats suck, but I don’t like the Cubs design because I feel the stripes swallow up the smaller C that the Cubbies use.

    QotD: I always liked the chugging, spilling, and spraying of booze after winning the World Series. The World Series. Not a playoff series. And without all of the goggles and plastic.

    The worst? Gatorade shower. Should have only happened once.

    Agree on both accounts.

    The spontaneity is gone from the locker room champagne party.

    And then Gatorade shower to SO passé .

    Wow, totally was not expecting to see my QOTW today after a long day at work, thanks Mike. It truly is an awesome moment. My favorite one time only moment was the Sox winning the Series in ’04.

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