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Vancouver Baseball – Treasures Uncovered by BSmile

1922 (Oct19) Spalding Store All-Stars (edit)4

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By Phil Hecken

I have a very special post for you all today, and as you can tell (I hope) from the splash photo, it deals with olde-tyme sporting — specifically, baseball in Vancouver from the early part of the 20th Century. A week ago, Bruce Menard, who posts as “BSmile,” approached UW and thought this would make for a wonderful lede. Paul demurred, as he was traveling, so I jumped in. Unfortunately, we couldn’t quite get together in time to run this last weekend (as it would have been an “anniversary” of sorts), but we’re all set today.

Part of that E-mail read as follows:

For a long time I’ve been sitting on some amazing photos from what seems to be the largely-unknown City of Vancouver Archives.

There’s some serious baseball gold in their baseball archives (The pic from the 1922 Spalding store opening is ridiculous!). I’ve been sitting on the photos because October 19th is the date that many of them were taken (1922 and 1934). Essentially the photos correspond to the 1922 and 1934 U.S. baseball trips to Japan…and I’m still in the process of editing a few of them. So maybe we could (re)launch them on the same day (19th)?

Obviously we didn’t make it for last Saturday, which was the 19th. We’re good now.

I don’t want to ruin any of the setup, so I’ll just turn this over to Bruce right now, as he takes you through a wonderful set of vintage photographs from the City of Vancouver archives (click on all photos to enlarge!).


Vancouver Baseball Treasures
By Bruce Menard

While searching the web for vintage baseball photos (especially panoramics and anything Babe Ruth related), I stumbled across a site that I couldn’t believe I’d never seen before: The City of Vancouver Archives. Judging from the volume and quality of the high resolution scans, it quickly became apparent to me that this was a gold mine of untapped resources. The first photos that I found were perhaps the best and most historically interesting, as they related to the famous 1922-23 Baseball World Tour, sponsored by Spalding. More specifically they were from that All-Star team’s visit to Vancouver on October 19, 1922. The team was comprised of some serious major league talent: Casey Stengel, Herb Pennock, George “High Pockets” Kelly and Waite Hoyt among others. The first photo (which Phil used as the splash) shows the guys at the grand opening of the Spalding Sporting Goods Store, flanked by the gear of the day.

Here’s just a small sampling of the great stuff in those archives:


1915 Opening Game Base Ball Season Vancouver vs Victoria (edit)3

1915 Opening Game Base Ball Season Vancouver vs Victoria:
Here’s an amazingly expansive panoramic of opening day 1915 in the old Northwestern League between the Vancouver Beavers and Victoria Bees.


1917 Arnold & Quigly Baseball Team (edit)

1917 Arnold & Quigly Baseball Team:

Some fantastic sweaters on the players for what seems to have been an amatuer team of the day.


1918 Tacoma Tigers Team (PCIL)edit2

1918 Tacoma Tigers Team (PCIL):

The ’18 Tigers played in the old Pacific Coast International League. I don’t know what’s better, their uniforms or those amazing outfield wall ad signs behind them.


1918 Vancouver Beavers Team (PCIL) edit

1918 Vancouver Beavers Team (PCIL):

The Beavers were also a part of the old Pacific Coast International League. The league also had teams in Aberdeen, Portland, Seattle and Spokane.


1920 Vancouver Beavers Team (PCIL) edit

1920 Vancouver Beavers Team (PCIL):

The 1920 version of the Beavers featured some sweet monochrome uniforms. I’m not sure of the color, but they’re probably navy blue.


1921 Vancouver Beavers Team (PCIL)edit

1921 Vancouver Beavers Team (PCIL):

This pic of the ’21 Beavers features quite an assortment of different uniforms, including a great Pasadena (possibly Elks?) jersey on McNabb in the back row.


1922 (Oct19) Vancouver BC American All-Stars (edit)4

1922 Vancouver BC American All-Stars:

The same players from the grand opening of the Spalding Sporting Goods Store (today’s splash photo). This shows the guys later that day before their exhibition game at Athletic Park in Vancouver.


1932 (Aug11) Vancouver Old Timers Baseball Team (edit)

1932 Vancouver Old Timers Baseball Team:

Quite a few vintage major league uniforms in this incredible photo, including the Braves, Yankees, Cubs and Indians.


1934 (Oct19.20) Babe Connie Trade Hats (combo)

1934 (Oct19.20) Babe & Connie Trade Hats

There’s also quite a few photos on the site of the 1934 Baseball Tour of Japan Team that was led by Connie Mack and Babe Ruth. Here’s a composite of Babe and Connie trading each others hats.


1943 C.W.A.C. Baseball Team (edit)

1943 C.W.A.C. Team:

The Canadian Women’s Army Corps was established during WWII as part of Canada’s war effort. They also had a ballclub with some pretty cool logo shirts.”


Thanks Bruce! Truly amazing photographs — thanks for finding and sharing! Hey colorizers — you won’t find a better set of photos in higher resolution than this — maybe a few of you can take a crack at a couple of these.

If you fine readers like these, be sure to check out all of the rest of his Bruce’s projects in the various corners of the Internet:

Bruce Menard

Visit his blog on Tumblr: Babe Ruth, Vintage Panoramics & Beyond. Bruce is also on Twitter and Pinterest.

Now that you’ve seen the pics, readers — what say you?


Guess The Game…From The Scoreboard


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It’s baaaaaack.

You guys are too good at this game. Today’s scoreboard might just stump you (or at least cause you to scratch your head). I’ll give you two tiny hints — pay careful attention TO the scoreboard itself. Things are not always as they seem. You might also need to link your answer from ESPN rather than Baseball Reference. Maybe. Think outside the box for this one.

If you solve it, as a courtesy to other readers, simply LINK (go to Baseball Reference) to the game and post that link in your comment — feel free to describe HOW you solved it, using any clues you may have gleaned from the Scoreboard.

OK? OK! Post your answer (in link form) in the comments section below. Good luck.

Last week’s scoreboard/answer: July 20, 1950.


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

Like the colorizations, I’m going to run these as inline pics — click on each one to enlarge.

And so, lets begin:


We begin today with Adam Cain, with a “Thanksgiving Cowboys” concept:

dallasthanksgiving - Adam Cain

Hi Phil,

I haven’t really seen many Cowboys’ tweaks, so here is mine. The 60’s throwback is played out, so I am moving ahead a decade. This is a nod to 1976 when Dallas added the red stripe for the Bicentennial. This would be a great Thanksgiving type uniform, or prime time when all of America can watch America’s Team, which is centered on the chest.


Adam Cain

. . .

Next up is Dylan Desimine, whose Rangers concepts I’d featured during a weekday edition of UW (scroll down) back in August:

Rangers Back - Dylan Desimine

Hey Phil,

Good Afternoon.

In response to a request for the back view of my previous Rangers tweak, I whipped up a little something. Simple, yet effective. I also have a small Yankees tweak. I slimmed the trim used on their NEW YORK text, and on the sleeves. I’ve included the Yankees’ current roadies for comparison.

Dylan Desimine

. . .

We close today with Blake Pass who thought Tennessee’s new “Smokey” uniforms would look better with an orange hat:

Tennessee Vols w/orange helmet - Blake Pass


Not much to say except the fact that Tennessee could have gone with an orange helmet on top of the Smokey uniform.

Blake Pass

. . .

And that’s it for today. Back with more next time.



U.W.F.F.L. Week 8 Update

By Rob Holecko


Here’s what’s going on in the UWFFL this week: We got all kinds of stuff going on! To paraphrase Cheech Marin, this week we got all kinds of uniforms this week — we got teams wearing 1920s throwback uniforms with grip strips, we got teams wearing 1960s throwbacks, we got teams wearing fauxbacks to teams that didn’t exist, we got teams wearing blackout uniforms, we got teams wearing whiteout uniforms, we got teams wearing Vietnam War hero tributes, we got teams wearing tributes to dead goldfish, we got Russian teams, we got Swedish teams, heck, we might even have a team wearing a Halloween themed uniform.


In the big matchups of the week, Detroit (5-2) and Minnesota (6-1) face off in a key Central Division game, plus San Francisco went uncharacteristically white at home to force the New York Sharks, who prefer their white jerseys, to wear their seldom seen blue road tops (sound familiar?). Also the league has announced a new “BCS” ranking system for all of the minor league teams, Dallas at 7-0 is the first #1, while Anchorage, Sacramento, Florida and Vancouver round out the Top 5.

Read all about all the stories going on in the league here, and be sure to come to the website and vote at


Alex Rocklein’s MLB Playoffs Uni Tracker


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The World Series moves from Boston to St. Louis today, with the two teams having split the games in Beantown.

Sartorially, this is one of the better looking World Series’, and we’ll see no ‘softball’ tops throughout (Boston does have both a red and a blue alternate jersey, but they only wear those on Fridays. As luck would have it, they won’t play on Friday). St. Louis does possess a cream alternate, with “St. Louis” script, and they’ll wear that today, as they have worn it for every Saturday home game throughout the season and playoffs.


ticker 2

Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: They were getting ready for the World Series in St. Louis yesterday. …According to The New York Times, “The World Series is a showcase for not only the finest teams in the game, but also, for about the 15th year running, the regrettable fashion trend of the baggy, pajama-pant look.” … More goodness from the NYT, this time from writer Tyler Kepner, who notes that, sartorially, the Cardinals never wear a colored, softball-style jersey, and they never deviate from their schedule. … Jeff Wilk noticed that Bret Barberie wore a double flap helmet when he was with the Expos, but moved to a single flag when he was a Marlin. “Bret was a switch hitter, but I guess the Expos couldn’t afford two hemets,” says Jeff. You see direct examples at these links: Expos; Marlin lefty; and, Marlin righty … The nutjobs in the Westboro Baptist Church don’t really ever deserve a mention, much less a ticker entry, but they’ve decided to boycott the World Series today, and according to this flyer, “This nation pours billions into worshipping this sport instead of worshipping God. Indeed, if you spent one tiny fraction of what you spend on your baseball-worship on learning what the Bible actually says, this would be a blessed righteous nation.” So how is this uni-related? Westboro also doesn’t approve of the red uniforms donned by the Sox and the Cardinals, saying they are “symbolic of the blood of murdered unborn children, and that of thousands killed in ”˜unrighteous wars’,” (according to the Christian Post). Uh-huh.

College Football News: Check out the turf designs being considered for Missouri State (from Paulie Sumner). … “Something is wrong with me,” writes Chris Mycoskie who sends in this video of a Wisconsin HS waterboy with Down syndrome scoring a 35-yard touchdown. “Main takeaway from story: he’s not wearing right color pants.” He adds, “Oh, and he has NOB. Nobody else does.” … Auburn is putting pink ribbons on the helmet with ribbons on the field (thanks to Clint Richardson).

NBA News: Interesting observation/find from Dallas-area Mavericks fan Kevin Wang who writes, “We’ve already seen the “crowd sourcing” that the Mavericks have enlisted in designing an alternate uniform. It seems that they liked the idea so much that they are extending the concept to game program art. Once again, rather than pay professional or up and coming artists for their work, the Mavs are not going to compensate the artists for their work. Rather,’we will spotlight your name inside the publication, along with any interesting information you’d like to provide us. All fans who have their submissions chosen for publication will receive a copy of the issue featuring their artwork.’ A free copy of the program they hand out for free at home games? Give me a break. I love my sports teams, but living with Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones as owners of two of my teams is downright embarrassing most of the time.” … So, yeah, the Knicks unveiled their orange alternate yesterday, to the surprise of no one. Here’s more if you want to read more.

Hockey News: New Rochester Red Wings Logo? “Just got this in my inbox,” writes Richard Jurnack. “I had heard zero rumors about this, so color me intrigued. I’ll try to attend the unveiling and report back.” … Sweden’s gold hockey jersey for the Olympics has been leaked/released. Says submitter Bobby Pinkham, “Of all the jerseys we’ve seen so far, this is by far the cleanest and most traditional, except for Nike’s stupid faux-laces and the Viking ships on the shoulders.” … Last evening the Kitchener Rangers wore “Remembrance Day” sweaters (scroll down) Here’s a writeup with photo of the game.

Soccer News: Boy this sure sounds familiar: Kenny Loo notes Independiente of Colombia forgot to bring their jerseys and tape white numbers on their training jerseys. Then went out and bought fake jerseys and used RED MARKER for the NOB. … Nicole Haase forwarded a tweet to me with the exclamation, “Whoah, Cameroon.” … The Brazilian Soccer Confederation (CBF) unveiled a PDF document of all the uniforms worn by all three soccer divisions. Submitter Igor Mello thought it was pretty interesting. Here’s the link to the release (in Portuguese), and here’s the link to the PDF.

College & Other Hoops News: Big submission from Clay Brown, who writes, he “came across pictures of the Jersey Shore Warriors AAU team. I think the stripes match up best when the shirt is untucked (like the kid on the far right). There aren’t a lot of great pics, but I really love these with the “cross-body” stripes…Reminds me of the non-matching hoops unis from the 70s like K-State. Here’s the link to their site.” … Good stuff from Tom Morris, who notes the fun night Thursday night at Louisiana Tech’s Basketball Madness, where Raheem Appleby went throwback in the dunk contest. Tom notes Appleby wore a uniform from 1971-72 Bulldog team which averaged 101.1 per game and more than 100 for 18 of their games. There’s also video of the event (from Matt Lange). … Here’s an update on the Providence Friars’ new court (thanks to Matt Bessette). … Presbyterian has added 100 year patches to their jerseys (h/t John Reynolds). … The Montana State Bobcats have new hoops unis. … Check out the Mizzou hoops throwbacks worn last night.

Grab Bag: “Long an icon of the Seattle skyline, the script ‘R’ from Rainier Beer is back atop the old Rainier brewery just south of downtown,” writes Markus Kamp It really is a gorgeous letter, and the Seattle Times had an appropriately gorgeous photo of it yesterday morning. … Here’s a pretty interesting piece from The New York Times, entitled “Winning Sports Fans’ Hearts by Giving Them Somewhere to Go.” If you couldn’t glean it from the title, it entails porta-potties (thanks to Tommy Turner). … Pinktober rears its head (Part I) on the caps on prescription bottles at Walgreens (spotted by Jim Brunetti). … A bit of sarcasm from Maks Skuz who notes he was watching a video and a commercial came up for American Cancer Society (ACS). It showed that birthdays are sponsored by ACS. “I didnt realize that my birthday is sponsored by ACS (of course, I do understand its to help cure life and all). It now makes me feel like, ‘so if I want to celebrate my birthday, I have to make sure I have ACS logo so I wouldn’t be sued? Does this mean I can’t use Chicago Blackhawks deco or any other deco? My family and friends can’t sing Happy Birthday?'” … “Someone designed this flag?” asks Tom Mulgrew. Two counties in Northern California hope to join some of their neighbors in southern Oregon counties in seceding from their respective states. The goal is to form the new 51st state, Jefferson. “Whether or not their logic is flawed,” says Tom, “their flag certainly is terrible.” … And some comedic relief comes from David Firestone who notes “The mark of the Beast has hit new lows.” … Pinktober rears its head (Part II): “Ohio State’s student newspaper has taken Pinktober to another level. Every page is pink.” (h/t Jay Mazzone). … Don’t you just hate when you show up for a golf tourney and someone else is wearing the same outfit as you? (thanks to Johnny Ekdahl).


And that’s a wrap for this fine last Saturday in Pinktober. Thankfully. Next month some teams will play soldier, but we’ll tackle that (no pun intended) when we get there.

Big thanks to Bruce “BSmile” Menard for the wonderful photographic finds, plus the concepters, Rob and Alex.

Make sure if you see anything “odd” or just a uni-quirk in general, you post it in the comments, or e-mail or tweet it at me, and I’ll make sure I get it to Terry for tomorrow’s SMUW. And if you have a game (or 6) you think would be good (or bad) in Catherine’s 5 & 1, post ’em below or shoot her an e-mail at

You guys have a great Saturday — enjoy the football & World Series — and I’ll catch you guys tomorrow.

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“It’s a convenient logical fallacy — no matter what the cause it, there’s *always* something more important. What’s the point of ever doing anything if we’re not physically saving lives of dying seals?”

Comments (63)

    “Shades of Gray”

    The game was delayed because, The number two ranked team in the state, Miami Central Rockets (Green & White) showed up for the game to wear gray jerseys and it was determined that the gray was too close in color to the orange of Miami Carol City Chiefs (Orange & Black). Apparently when Carol City stated they were wearing dark jerseys Central thought they meant “black”……. link has the pictures


    The game on the scoreboard is the 3/4/12 spring training tilt between the Twins and the Red Sox at “Fenway South”/JetBlue Park. Gleaned from the scoreboard that it wasn’t Fenway because it says “AMERICAN” atop the linescore instead of “FENWAY,” and JetBlue Park is relatively new, so the game could only have been from this year or last.

    Nailed it. Perhaps it’s “cheating,” but I found the answer by simply Googling the image itself.

    yes, that’s cheating.

    It’s obviously not Fenway, also, because at Fenway they change the numbers on the line score and the first two columns of out of town scores from inside the Monster.

    The idea of a State of Jefferson has been around since WWII. Dissatisfaction with the governments of California and Oregon in that area is nothing new. And before you go dismissing the design aesthetics of the flag, did you bother to research it’s meaning? Green for the land, gold for mining in the area, and the two Xs are actually “crosses” – a “double cross” they feel was perpetrated by the current state governments. It’s actually rather brilliant. The more you know… (and this from a New Jerseyan)

    State of Jeff,

    Meaning shmeening… a rip off is a rip off no matter how you steal it.

    I agree with you it is a rather brilliant design – because the MAN they stole it from was indeed Brilliant.


    MJ, that sounds like the standard story-behind-every-detail that design firms release with every new minor league re-branding. All the explanation in the world won’t make that Jefferson flag a good design.

    It’s just a bad design with a backstory.

    Between the references to “pajama pants” and “softball tops” and the quotes from a uniform columnist named Lukas, the two New York Times articles show how much of an influence Uni Watch has on that august publication.

    Can we just agree that the Westboro Baptist church is nothing more than a hate spewing cult? If they hate the National pastime for such a ludicrous reason such as bogus uniform symbolism, they should just leave the US and establish an island nation as far away from any country as possible.

    Would Westboro Baptist church receive instant credibility if they spoke out against the Washington Redskins’ team name, or would doing so only serve to retain their cult-like status?

    “Would Westboro Baptist church receive instant credibility if they spoke out against the Washington Redskins’ team name, or would doing so only serve to retain their cult-like status?”


    Not sure what that has to do with anything (other than trying to stir up shit on the ‘skins debate), but if you know anything about WBC, do you seriously think they’d actually come down on the side of Native Americans or oppose the name?

    And even if they were to, how would that make any of their other hateful actions any less hateful? If you happen to be pro-(“r-skin”), would their support for that name endear them to you? I would hope not.

    The Westboro Baptist Church serves nobody but themselves. They would never inject themselves in that controversy, unless someone dies, then they will protest the funeral.

    Going back to the series, though, I hope no one is stupid enough to attack them. if that happens, they will use that as an excuse to file a lawsuit, and then we get another legal battle. Honestly though, and I know it’s against my religion and it goes against the commenting policy of the site, but I believe these people are evil incarnate, and need to burn, or at least be banned from our country.

    Did anyone notice the homophobic hate speech in the side bar featuring the MLB logo? Totally disgusting.

    I have a cousin who lives in Topeka, and she took us by the church – and the ‘Rainbow House’ right across the street. Weird to say the least!

    The only kernel of value in what Westboro said was how the nation pours billions of dollars into the sport. The point they make in that statement from that phrase forward is silly, but I think there’s something to be said about how much value is in MLB and the NFL.

    It’s impossible to comprehend how much money both leagues generate. However, something [i]can[/i] be said that it’s idealistically a “waste,” in the sense that there’s something idealistically “better” to spend that money on.

    I think there can, and perhaps should, be a reasoned discussion about that in some way. Epsecially when a lot of these stadiums are publicly backed by local and state governments.

    Just a quick note of thanks to Phil for letting me run with the lede today. The edited photos that ran were what I thought to be the highlights of the Vancouver website, but please do check it all out when you have a chance…there’s a lot more amazing photos to see there. It seems to me that the Uni Watch community (more than most) would properly appreciate it.


    The State of Jefferson flag was also designed around 1941, so take that into account when you badmouth its aesthetics.

    The boxscore: link

    March 4,2012 at Jet Blue Park. It is the original Fenway scoreboard that had been in storage and was installed at the park as part of renovations.

    Bruce, those are great pictures. Thanks for doing the legwork. Just for fun I picked out one guy from that amazing ‘old-timers’ picture, link, and looked him up. Turns out he had one at bat in the big leagues with the 1908 Pirates. And he whiffed. But that’s one more at bat than pretty much everyone reading this had so that’s something.

    BTW.. his actual name is Royal Shaw and he had a nice long 12 season minor league career.

    When I looked at Brett Barberie in a double-flap helmet, his uniform seemed off to me.
    At first I thought the pic was from his minor league days (back when affiliates were branded to closely resemble their parent club). I’d forgotten that the Montreal MLB team added blue shadowing to their numbers and workmark in the waning days of the powder blues, and that Dennis Martinez pitched his perfect game wearing that set:


    Thank you Jeff Wilk for jarring my memory.

    Miami going orange jersey/orange pants for the second time this season, after almost 30 years without using that look.

    Did I ever mention how much I love the Peter Puck icon in the hockey section of the Ticker?

    Bruce, amazing images. Thank you.

    This one, in particular, is mind-boggling…


    There’s the character of players themselves (which we can only speculate on, of course), the fantastic uniforms, the sturdy architecture of the homes and all those advertisements, all that graphic goodness. It’s a bombardment of riches.

    If that scenario was photographed today, I’d probably call it visual pollution.

    A uni watch without the biased Skins Watch grandstanding. Enjoyed the read. Let’s keep it that way

    It ain’t grandstanding, pal. It’s an opinion. just like your opinion isn’t grandstanding.

    Nebraska-Minnesota is a very visually-appealing matchup today (Nebraska with white helmets and jerseys, red pants; Minnesota maroon helmets and jerseys, athletic gold pants). Will it make the 5&1?

    White socks for Arsenal today instead of blue and yellow hooped socks usually worn w away kit. Apparently they were too close to Crystal Palaces blue socks?


    I’ve seen BSmiles jawdropping pictures on I’m just absolutely amazed and the pictures he finds and shares with the rest of us. Check it out if you get the chance. As amazing as these photos are, its just the tip of the iceberg.

    Thanks so much Jay.
    Yeah, I’ve been posting over there since 2008…it’s where everything really started. I run two threads in the Baseball Photography section, one for panoramics/team photos and one for Babe Ruth. They can be seen at the top of the page here: link

    That news about the Rochester Red Wings new logo should be in the baseball section of the ticket. The Red Wings are AAA with the Twins.

    Yeah, see the first comment. Apparently Phil hasn’t either noticed it, or for some reason isn’t able to make the necessary fix.

    Maybe it’s because I’m from Wisconsin, but that kid running the TD? Must have got some dust in my eye while I was chopping onions. Very touching.

    Oregon is wearing the silver winged green helmet again, but the bigger news is that they are rocking green jerseys with Carbon numbers outlined in yellow. I was bummed when they got rid of this look for the 2010 season, glad to see it come back in their new template, hoping its not a one time thing.

    It’s a weird dichotomy in this Oregon v. UCLA game.

    On one hand you have Oregon successfully pulling off the modern look, and on the other you have UCLA failing miserably at pulling off the classic look.

    Adidas needs to address the stripes, I know I’m not the first one to say that and I won’t be the last, but they have managed to get worse and worse with each year.

    First time I’m watching a Hawks game on WGN this year. Not only are they doing CGI ads on the glass behind the nets, but also on the glass just inside each blue line. Not what I would call progress.

    Ugh. Yeah, they’ve been doing the virtual ads on the glass behind the nets on the Fox Sports regional broadcasts for a few years now (at least, I know FS Detroit has been doing it, I just assume all the other regionals are doing it as well).

    Looks like Grambling got new uniforms. Pretty basic black jerseys gold numbers no NOBs, and black pants with just the Grambling logo on them.

    I wonder if the school ordered them to replace the mildewing ones or if Russell donated them given the disarray the program is in.


    This should make Paul’s head spin: all the dasher board ads in tonight’s Rangers-Red Wings game were printed in purple, in “honor” of Hockey Fights Cancer. Also, some of the players had purple tape on their sticks and Jimmy Howard still has pink trim on his goalie gear. Quite a spectacle!

    Edit: I can’t tell from the pics but the center ice stripe and logo may also have been purple.

    They’re not the first team to have done that, and I think Paul has commented on it (either in a ticker, or the comments).

    Lavender/light purple is not nearly as obnoxious as the blindingly hot magenta-pink the NFL uses. I think we can all agree on that.

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