Restoring Baseball … (Magazine)

By Phil Hecken

You fine folks are all familiar with Bruce Menard, who has provided literally dozens (if not hundreds) of superb wire service photos which Paul has featured on Uni Watch, and you probably also know Bruce for his great colorizations (including one hosted just yesterday). I’ve also worked with Bruce many times […]

The NFL’s ‘Federal’ Division

By Phil Hecken

Back in the summer when I was pinch-hitting for Paul during the weekdays, I received numerous submissions for articles from you fine readers. I’ve gotten to most of them, but there are still a couple that I haven’t had a chance to run — today is one of those days I’m […]

Vancouver Baseball – Treasures Uncovered by BSmile

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By Phil Hecken

I have a very special post for you all today, and as you can tell (I hope) from the splash photo, it deals with olde-tyme sporting — specifically, baseball in Vancouver from the early part of the 20th Century. A week ago, Bruce Menard, who posts as “BSmile,” approached […]