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‘Kind of Blue Views from Elysian Fields’


By Morris Levin

“Kind of Blue Views from Elysian Fields”

The St. Louis Cardinals are celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of their 1982 World Series championship. The Cardinals had defeated the Brewers in seven-games in 1982, and with the team in town earlier this month, the Cardinals made a weekend of it. For the Sunday game, the Cardinals sported what it called its 1982 “Victory Blue” road uniforms. It was the first time the Cardinals wore the “Victory Blue” in St. Louis.

It reminded me of the Blue Jays wearing their 1979 to 1988 road uniforms as a home alternate at (I’m still calling it) SkyDome from 2008 to 2010. The Royals introduced powder blue as an alternate home jersey for the 2008 season. Ostensibly, the powder blues were part of their tradition as “one of the clubs that initiated [powder blues] in that era” – which the Royals saw others to have copied.”

Perhaps The Onion was prescient in 1997 when it reported, “U.S. Dept. Of Retro Warns: ‘We May Be Running Out Of Past‘. We are now reimagining the road light blues as a distinguishing feature of team identity, as if the fabric color was the primary team color itself. Oh, how we forget the promise of the late-1980s as MLB came to its aesthetic sense and returned to grays.

Between the first road light blues of the White Sox in 1964, and the last in 1991, twelve of the twenty-six teams wore light blue on the road. The light blue color of the fabric served as symbol of the club playing on the road. But it was no more itself a team-representing color than gray is representative today of the Phillies or Yankees.

With few exceptions, gray was the MLB road uniform standard from the 1930s through the early-1960s. But while it was said that one could purchase any color of Model-T so long as it was black, this was not the case for gray baseball uniforms.

The image above shows a swatch of Color 26 on the left, and Color 58 on the right, in the Standard Club Base Ball Uniforms swatch book issued by GoldSmith for the 1932 season. The book belongs to Peter Capolino who graciously lent it to me for this piece.

The swatch book contains a full presentation of baseball uniform fabric swatch options by pattern and weight. Your local sporting goods store would have one of these books from which your local team (including professional) would select the fabric pattern and quality. In this case, home white was Color 14, white with thin navy pinstripe was Color 24, and here is Color 58 if you want a classic light gray, and here is Color 26 if you want your gray on the blue side.

Our contemporary powder blue uniforms have their roots in these multiple shades of gray.

The Chicago Cubs were the first to wear to go full powder blue in 1941 and 1942 on the road. That was it until 1964, when the Chicago White Sox changed their color from black and red to navy blue and white, and introduced road uniforms in a light blue gray. Note how light the blue-gray fabric is; this is the fabric in 1970. Paul surveyed MLB’s blue history here on Page 2 in 2005.

Baseball’s intro and use of the light blue road uniform paralleled the change in our viewing of baseball as mediated through the rapid adoption of color television between 1962 and 1972. ABC broadcast its first series in color in 1962, when only 3.1 percent of American households had color television sets. By 1966 and 1967, the three networks had switched their entire prime time broadcasting to color. It was not until 1972 that more color than black and white televisions were sold in the U.S., just in time for the Oakland A’s in the World Series.

The missing link for me is the 1972 Phillies road gray prototypes. Bill Henderson reports on these jerseys in the current Sixth Edition. The Phils wore flannel in 1971 and seemed to have intended to wear gray on the road when they introduced double-knits in 1972. Very quickly, the team found the gray jerseys to appear washed out on color television, and ordered the same uniforms in the the light blue. This was a move to change the canvas, not the team identity. [For those of you following at home, you can find this discussion on Page 1561 of the overall edition, which is in Chapter 26: Phillies, page 67.] This is the gray with a light blue tint worn in 1971, and light blue double-knits eventually worn in 1972.

The Seattle Pilots and Montreal Expos played their first seasons in 1969 wearing a true shade of blue on the road. The Pilots moved to Milwaukee in 1970 and the Brewers wore the Pilots uniforms, which became light blue double-knit in 1972. The White Sox changed to the bright light blue in 1971 which was rendered in double-knit like this in 1972. As for the Royals, they initially wore gray in 1969, subsequently switched to the darker light blue, and went blue in double knit in 1973.

Thankfully, as color televisions became the norm, and the explosion of color in the 1970s evolved into the late 1980s, teams remembered how much better they looked in gray than blue.

The Cardinals and Brewers returned to gray in 1985, the Rangers in 1986, the Twins and Braves in 1987, the Blue Jays and Phillies in 1989, the Cubs in 1990, and the Royals and Expos in 1992. The 1992 All-Star Game player intro was powder blue free. (Spoiler alert: White Sox wear black alternates, and the Reds are wearing the last pullover jersey).

The Phillies opened the 1989 season at Wrigley in the afternoon of Tuesday, April 4. I had baseball practice after school and was fearful I would miss the entirety of the Phils’ opener. But the game was in the top of the ninth when I came home after 6pm, and turned on the television. We did have a color television.

This is the Phillies in spring training in 1989; the picture was taken at West Palm Beach. The Phils wore their blue pants for road games, and for the first time in spring training, their batting practice top in place of their home and road game jerseys.

The Phillies, down by a run in Chicago, had loaded the bases with no outs against Cubs closer Mitch Williams. And they looked good. Striking out with the bases loaded all the same ”“ they were wearing lovely gray renditions of their road uniforms. Say what you will about Lenny Dykstra, but that maroon and white on gray is solid. The blues were gone and the Phils now looked proper.

In 2010, the G8 summit moved a Blue Jays-Phillies series scheduled for Toronto to Citizens Bank Park. The Blue Jays batted last and the designated hitter was used, and it led to the awful image of the Phillies dressing like visitors in their own home. Which might be precisely the point, and my optical discomfort with the Blue Jays’ 2008 to 2010 roads at home, or the Royals’ alternate tops, and the Cardinals wearing their “Victory Blue” at home.

Uniforms are less utilitarian in baseball than in football or basketball but serve as important mnemonics of place, time, and occasion. Or at least that is my optics, normalized to see powder blues through this lens, when they have grown to be branded team symbols all the same, the canvas now the object.

. . . . .

Morris Levin is an independent small business consultant in Philadelphia, a member of Athletic Base Ball of Philadelphia, a supporter of the Philadelphia Stars West Parkside commemoration project, and editor of William F. Henderson’s “Game Worn MLB Jersey Guide”.


Thanks, Morris, as always. Another terrific job!


If you think this is bad…


…that’s the new Notre Dame uniform to be worn for what is being called the “Shamrock Series” game (Oct. 6 against Miami at Soldier Field in Chicago). I worked a 14 hour day yesterday, and I’m glad I did, because I missed ALL to the talk about this absolutely horrid, pseudo-Maryland ripoff (and that’s being kind) Now, I’m speaking about the helmet, for the jersey is actually quite nice, but it’s all for naught if they’re going to be wearing that Loki shit on their heads. Fortunately, someone more erudite than I — a gentleman who’ll be returning to full-time weekday duty on Uni Watch next week — wrote a nice post for ESPN on the new uni/helmet. Give that a read, and lets discuss…

but wait…you ain’t seen nothin’ yet because very much under the radar…very much so…is the next iteration of the Oregon Ducks uniforms — and if you think Notre Dame’s helmet is bad…

…This could be worse


Is that a two-tone (with semi-vertical/horizontal shading) jersey? Half “Lightning” half white? Really? Is that even legal under NCAA rules? Apparently the jersey on the left is of an ALL “Lightning” jersey — not a half & half — it only appeared that way to me due to the strong sunlight. (That pic, while not taken by him, comes courtesy of UO’s own Kenny Ocker via “Addicted to Quack”). I don’t really mind the new feather motif on the shoulders (basically these jerseys now feature the full color spectrum of their Rose Bowl Unis). And what wouldn’t the U of Zero be without a new helmet? Say, one to match their shiny Rose Bowl number, only in a different color? Maybe…something like this:


Yup. Now THAT is cool looking, and it’s actually (kinda) in a school color. But that new two-tone jersey? Sorry, Oregon, you’ve finally created a uni even I can’t get behind.. Now — the helmet? Awesome — but ONLY because it’s Oregon — anyone else pulls this kind of crap and I’m going to hate it (are you listening Maryland and Notre Dame? Whoops, too late). Own this helmet UO…but for the love of God, please reconsider that white/lightning jersey. K? Thanks.

Update: More on the new Oregon unis here.




#NoUniAds Campaign…Day 29

This will be a regular feature on Uni Watch until the NBA rescinds its incredibly offensive and stupid proposal to place corporate advertising on uniforms.

And now, a personal note from Paul:

It’s important that we keep making our voices heard: Call the NBA’s publicly listed phone number (212-407-8000), ask for Adam Silver’s and/or David Stern’s office), e-mail deputy commissioner Adam Silver at his his publicly listed address (, and tweet to @NBA with the hashtag #NoUniAds. Do it now.


Now, more of your letters to the NBA:

Dr. Pete Clark:

Unfortunately, your thought about adding advertisements to NBA uniforms will have the exact opposite of the intended effect, correctly analyzed.

Reduced fan allegiance, dramatically reduced sales of both jerseys and other team-branded goods and negative press cannot be over-emphasized. Whoever suggested this stillborn idea would fail any major university’s valuation course– including mine.

Take the dunce cap off– get an “A” and do the analysis right.

Matt Harris:

I am an avid reader of Uni Watch Blog, and am aware of their stance against the possibilities of ads on NBA uniforms. While I am usually in agreement with most of Uni Watch’s opinions/taste, I disagree here…to a point.

While I’d prefer pro sports uniforms without ads, I understand why leagues/teams would at least look into this. I do however think there should be some sort of regulations and/or limitations. Who the sponsor is, the size, location and quantity of the ads should be subject to approval to some sort of ‘Uniform Police’ (for lack of a better term).

A good example is European League soccer. Each of those teams have ads, and in most cases, it’s tastefully done.

Thank you for your time.

Thanks for keeping the faith readers! We can stop the NBA if we can keep up the pressure.


Thanks to Tim E. O’Brien and Chris Giorgio for the image in the upper right of this section!


Screen Shot 2012-06-24 at 10.32.36 PM

“Benchies” first appeared at U-W in 2008, and has been a Saturday & Sunday feature here for the past two years.

. . . . .

Oh…THAT’S why the cute salesgirl said he looked like a movie star…

8-17-12 d-stripey

Click to enlarge


ticker 2

Uni Watch News Ticker: “At Shawn Marcum’s rehab start, and he’s the only one not high cuffed on the entire team,” says Wayne Boardman. “Forgot my camera, had to take this with my phone. Not sure if it’s a team rule that he was able to bend or what the team’s policy is.” … Jon Forbes was watching the USA vs Mexico game last night, and “I noticed that the Mexican captain’s (Francisco Javier Rodriguez) armband looked like the American’s kits. At first, I assumed they had just swapped armbands, but US captain Tim Howard had a Nike armband and Mexico is Adidas so that wouldn’t make sense.” … Jon Solomonson says, “Here are 117 options you have for vanity license plates in Florida. I guess they’re really “support somthingerother” plates. All FL sports teams are represented.” … Here are the whole uniforms for UMass. Says, Joe Condon “At least it isn’t all black.” … Oh, God, no: Davian Almonte don’t know how solid this info is but saw this cap on new era talk a hat forum. “This is a possible example of what new era intends to release for their 2012 breast cancer awareness promotion in October.” … Caleb Borchers checks in with this: “Argentina have recently moved their rugby team to Nike. Given how awful the new jerseys are, I wonder why they didn’t just wear the practice jerseys.” … This admonition came from Zachary Gelber: “NBA ‘opposes’ Nets Jerseys! David Stern “allegedly” does it again. Have you guys ever heard of anything as ridiculous (and borderline racist) as this? In any league?” More on the Nets & JayZ here (thanks to Kyle Hanks) … Two bits from Chris Mahr: Putting an End to College Football’s Ridiculous New Uniforms, and (oh shit), Photos of Central Michigan’s New All-Black Football Uniforms. … Gregory Koch sends in this: USA Field Hockey Warmup Spotted at UConn Field Hockey Game – and there’s lime green piping! … Bills throwbacks from Nike? Timothy Tryjankowski says, “Perhaps I’ve been under a rock..but if not covered..this site lists AFL nike jerseys for sale. It includes the Buffalo Bills road white throwback jersey. Might we see Da Bills in their white tops, and spectacular standing red buffalo helmets this season? Patriots throwback is also there.” … This comes from Casey Hart: “The stencil for the dreaded mound logo at GABP.” … Unlike Matt Powers’ DIY, this one is really good: Dave Sikula was at the Giants/Nats game Wednesday, and while waiting for his friend, saw this guy in a “Boo” t-shirt. The front had a logo for “The Sons of Johnnie LeMaster,” but I didn’t get a chance to ask him about it. … Good spot from Adam Hep — Used Reebok NFL pants on LaMichael James. … My buddy, and our “Sunday Morning Uni Watch” correspondent Terry Duroncelet send us this. “Here’s something that Olympic junkies and gearheads in the drummerverse alike can appreciate: These are the Zildjian cymbals that Zak Starkey used for last Sunday’s closing ceremony at the 2012 Summer Olympics.” … I hope they didn’t charge her $106. Jim Walatis writes, “Here’s an image from the online Chicago Tribune story linked below of Alice Lundstrom, a 106 year old Cub fan who was given a $106 uniform.” I think he meant a “#” 106 uniform. Of course, I might know that if I could actually read the article where that picture was found. … Pacific Rim correspondent Jeremy Brahm checks in with this: “It is not often that you seen a macron (line over a vowel) in a script look like this.” … Mike Colvin from Big Slices of Wrong writes, “My brother was going through some old T-Shirts and came across this one featuring all the Minor League logos from 2001 on the front and back. Very cool!” … Both Brinke and Jeremy Brahm felt this was important, so here it is: USF unveils new logos, website. And finally, Johnny Bruno was watching Sportscenter and noticed Don Mattingly has changed to #88. He was wearing #8 but that was given to Shane Victorino when he got traded to the Dodgers.


And that is it for this week, folks. Paul has a pretty big week coming up on the mothership, beginning on Monday — so I think I’m gonna ask that he do a nice lede on that for Monday (ain’t I magnanimous?). Thanks to Morris for another stellar article, Ricko for his Benchies, and you fine readers for indulging me (and of course to all those keeping the fight against uni ads going). You folks have a great weekend — Ek will take you through to Monday. Catch you then.


“I’m not against everything new, but for corn’s sake, this is just crap. Is it so horrible to expect teams to once in a while play as themselves? It seems to me anytime there is even remotely anything special about a game, the corpos ruin it. Fuck all this shit man, they are killing uni watching, and I have nearly had enough.”
–Robert P. Marshall, III

Comments (173)

    that oregon jersey doesn’t look twp-tone: it looks like a yellow jersey that was placed such that sunlight reaches the left part of it. look at the shadow’s in the jersey’s right armpit (on the left side of the picture) – they’re yellow. my guess is whatever room those jerseys are in has a skylight.

    i know, i know – ruining everybody’s fun on a friday haha. can you imagine though? i think even oregon has better standards than that

    I’m just talking about you beating me to the punch. We both posted about it at 13 after. Haha.

    When it comes to Oregon I just automatically expect to be underwhelmed when they come up with yet another POS uniform.

    Yep. That’s a solid yellow jersey. It’s just weird lighting and poor image quality, nothing more.

    So… Oregon brings out 3 new jerseys, and 2 of them are actually team colors. We should be happy.

    ugh — thanks — this is what you get when i’m over-exhausted…my bad — post edited to reflect that the jersey on the left is a solid color…

    i need sleep

    Re: “yellow and white” Oregon jersey – pretty sure its just sunlight washing it out on the. Left. That jersey is just yellow. I mean yeah, it’s still ugly with those stupid-ass wings but it’s not two-tone. IMO any way.

    Did anyone notice the numbers on the Oregon jerseys? 6…6…6…

    Coincidence Nike????

    I thought USF logos were going to be South Florida not the one it turned out to be. Same colors though.

    Some of observations on that pic of Lefty in the “1972” Phils powder blue:


    Looks like his Adiddas cleats were shoe-polished red and are mismatched(?) as well.

    Also, the Phillies were still wearing button-front tops (with chain-stitched logo and #’s) in ’72:


    The Florida license plate picture is not up to date and not ALL teams are CURRENTLY represented. The Orlando Predators used to have a plate! There are currently listed 120 active plates on the DMV’s One giveaway on the picture being inaccurate is the Orlando Magic plate. Wrong logo/plate style.

    well it is a government run office so, it could be wrong for a long time and they wouldn’t even care

    Those are the ones they had on display yesterday at the DMV.

    How the “Imagine” plate (John Lennon) got approval, I’ll never know. I think the Ramones need one too.

    I like Lennon. I think the plate is attractive enough (with John’s self-portrait doodle on it). But why it’s a choice for a FL license plate…?

    The FL leg. has put a temporary halt on new designs. We’ve gotten carried away fer sure.

    The most ridiculous:
    “Agriculture Education” vs. “Agriculture in the Classroom”
    “Discover Florida Horses” vs. “Horse Country”
    “Family First” vs. “Family Values”

    If I put “Family First” does that mean I don’t have “Family Values?”

    Sometimes the more controversial designs or causes don’t sail right through. Gov. Chiles vetoed the first “Choose Life” license plate. And I don’t think there’s a Confederate Flag plate…yet.

    The funny thing about one of those family ones (I think it was family values)…when the license plate first came out, a few thousand people picked it up and the fund had about $30k in it, but there was no entity the money was earmarked for. So the state just had an extra $30k sitting there that all these family first folks wanted to give to but they didn’t even know what they were giving to.

    I’ve had a Tampa Bay Lightning plate since I’ve had that option. I think the license plate is two logos behind the hockey team’s current one. I might be the only licensed FL driver who gets excited about renewing…and then being disappointed when the Lightning logo is still outdated.

    I’ve wondered if the state just uses all the plates up before calling the sponsor for a new design.

    I noticed that the Marlins is the old logo as well. I would assume that they would have to update that one considering the team name changed in addition to the logo, no?

    There have been other discontinued/logo change plates as well. The Miami Hooters arena football league team used to have a plate. The Rays have had two, the first with their original logo and the most recent iteration with their current logo. Don’t think there was ever a version with the Rays second logo. As well, a plate was avaiable in the early 1990s for Super Bowl XXV. I’ve got the Hooters plate and first Rays plate in my license plate collection…


    It looks like the organization that sponsors the plate or requests a plate comes up with the design and the FL legislature then approves the design.

    Apparently, there are current Lightning & Marlins plates. (Check the link above.) I suspect your local tax collector’s office will wait until they clear out the old designs before ordering more.

    Here in Virginia, I’m kind of annoyed that there is not a Nationals plate. (The Commonwealth offers Redskins and Capitals plates, not Nats.) They did just come out with a link plate, which I’m only not getting because I don’t want to deal with everyone assuming I’m some kind of tea partier. I’m just a fan of the Gadsden flag. I’d totally go for a Bennington flag-themed plate, too.

    You really wouldn’t want to order a Nationals plate anyway. You’d probably end up with a missing letter and should you happen to get a ticket or something, that would cause all kinds of problems for you.

    That, or my car would shut down after 160 miles.

    Back around 1990, there was a news story of a guy in California who ordered a custom plate. He listed his first and second choices, then wrote “none” on the line for third choice, so of course the state sends him a personalized plate that reads NONE. Soon, he’s pulled over and arrested on a bench warrant for hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid tickets. Turns out the state database for outstanding fines listed “none” as the license plate number for cars that were stopped without plates.

    What I don’t get is that the I’m-still-calling-them teabaggers (because that’s what they initially called themselves) that get that yellow plate in Virginia will have to pay extra for it. So, they think the government is too big and taxes too much, but they’ll give them extra money for that plate.

    Bills throwbacks from Nike? Timothy Tryjankowski says, “Perhaps I’ve been under a rock..but if not covered..this site lists AFL nike jerseys for sale. It includes the Buffalo Bills road white throwback jersey. Might we see Da Bills in their white tops, and spectacular standing red buffalo helmets this season? Patriots throwback is also there.”

    I really hope the Bills aren’t going to wear that damn uniform again, their current uniform is already an almost throwback to the 70’s, if they’re going to wear any kind of a throwback uniform, it should be the early 90’s uniform.

    I’m not sure how much I trust that site though – while it does show the throwback jersey for Buffalo, it doesn’t show white jerseys for 5 different teams, so it’s obviously not the complete collection and may not be indicative of anything.

    Last I knew, the Pats red throwbacks are their alternate uniform. It was last year, at least.

    The Jeff – You can trust the Pro League Authentics site which is referenced. Those jersey pictures are from Nike. The other five white jerseys you mentioned have simply not made available by Nike yet.

    Today’s guest Uni Watch author, Morris Levin, has contributed to our blog on the PLA site, and Paul and Phil from Uni Watch have met the PLA gang in Philly. We strive to provide interesting (authentic) information and products to uniform and sports apparel enthusiasts.

    If you’re ever in Philly, please stop by the store.

    And they still don’t use the proper striping pattern for the Bills throwback. Until they offer the correct striping save your money by refusing to buy this crap.

    I agree, the mid-late ’60s Bills in white have probably become my favorite look for that team all-time and it’s really jarring to me that they did such a poor job of recreating those sleeve stripes on this throwback.

    I’ll also say the new regular uniforms notwithstanding, the mid-late 1960s uniform to me is by far the team’s best and my vote is to see it revived as often as possible. The new uniform is good but still somewhat inferior to the original and not a replacement for it in my opinion.

    those argentina rugby shirts aren’t really the new argentina shirts, they were just place holders used during the june tests.

    the new shirts can be seen here:
    and will be worn tomorrow in the south africa-argentina test.

    significant downgrade from the 2011 world cup shirts.

    Guys, remember it never rains at Autzen Stadium so it could be sunlight, but it is not as fast as lightning.

    I’m not in the business of defending David Stern, especially given the possibility of NBA uni ads (cardinal sin), however the ticker item labeling him a “borderline racist” is absolutely the most absurd thing you could have possibly published on this site. Shame on whoever decided to run something with such a biased and ill thought accusation especially when the article to which you linked 1, fails to name a source other than “an NBA spokesperson” which is as vague as one can possibly get, and 2, rightfully states (in an update) that several NBA teams already employ black as a primary color. Now someone who logically thinks about marketing might say to themselves, maybe the reason the NBA didn’t okay the unis right away is because the color pallete is so similar to the Spurs. But alas, that would be so much harder than jumping to conclusions.

    By my count, fully half of the current NBA teams have worn a black uniform at some point…

    i, um, have to, um, *cough*, agree with the esteemed jeff here, they always quote who sent in what in the ticker, so your problem is with kyle not paul or phil.

    I am Kyle and I did not write that comment in my email to Uni-Watch. That quote may have come from Zachary, who submitted the previous link. I don’t like Stearn (I’m from Seattle, I couldn’t?) but I wouldn’t accuse him of that either. Just thought the article was interesting and emailed it in.

    sorry. kyle, zach, fred, steve, it doesn’t matter, i just did a quick scroll up and looked for a name. the point is phil just cut and paste. besides i didn’t think the quote was a big deal, it was a non issue, made an issue by someone looking for a reason to say the site has an agenda. so if it was you or someone else, no big misstep anyway.

    Nick, there is no liberal agenda here. As noted, calling out the NBA as borderline racist, based on an article with little to no credibility is not a big deal and is a “non issue”. Please disperse.

    The problem is with the “journalist” who wrote the “article.”

    I could *almost* see him forgetting the black alts certain teams have worn, but HOW do you forget the Spurs?

    And unless there’s an actual quote from an actual named NBA rep, I’m not buying the accusation. Not saying there’s never a reason for an unnamed source, but in this case the headline took the alleged statement and ran with it.

    Nearly forgot to mention… Ricko, killer Benchies today! I actually chuckled out loud. As always, the lead-in comment of yours was JUST as funny, after you read the strip and see what you were talking about.

    In the link for the Bills white alternate, the page only shows AFC. I was able to find the NFC.


    Looks like New Alternate for the Iggles, Throwback for the Bears, and Alternate for the Seahawks.

    There is a Powerade display at the store by my house featuring an Oregon player in these unis. However,the colors were changed to a medium blue jersey and dark gray pants.


    Interesting tux accessory for Roberto Clemente, Jr. Not sure if I’d go there, but more power to you, Clemente…

    Interesting that from the one side, the Notre Dame uniform is a total departure, but from the other, it’s a perfectly normal ND uniform. I wonder if that was the idea. Obviously a lot of vintage racing influence as well with the finishes and asymmetrical stripe designs. Makes sense considering Indiana/Michigan history and with Troy Lee Designs doing the helmets again. The pant stripe isn’t really any wider than a standard Steelers pant stripe, is it? Overall, wild and shocking, but well designed and very cohesive from top to bottom. Even if you don’t like them, they were clearly designed with skill.

    damn andy, that’s a great evaluation.

    i immediately loved the uniform (and oversized helmet logo) because a) college unis are going to shit anyway, and b) i’m a huge fan of all things TLD

    That’s exactly what I noticed when I looked at it. Completely different looking uniforms from different sides. And that’s one of the biggest reasons I dislike it. Two guys on the same team are going to look entirely different and it’ll look almost like three different teams on the field.

    The idea may be cool, but the implementation will suck. They realize this takes the “uniform” out of uniform, right? No? Probably not.

    I disagree. I think these will look real good on the field and they are all wearing the same uniform so taking the “uniform” out of uniform does not make sense. I really don’t get all the backlash on these compared to other college uniforms we have seen over the past few years. It’s basically a traditional look with a asymmetrical design to it.

    I’m not a huge fan of the design in general but it would feel more balanced even with the asymmetrical design if the Leprechaun on the left side of the helmet was gold instead of white.

    Just came across this line “The Club is pleased to advise that it will replace any 2012/13 replica kit, including ‘Wilshere 19’ or ‘Park 9’, which was purchased from any official Arsenal club outlet or” in a story saying that they updated a few numbers following the recent loss of a certain Dutch player.

    1) Anyone know if this is common?
    2) Can you imagine a US sports team doing this? Then again I think it is harder to switch numbers in the US and leagues like the NFL have rules preventing that or requiring players to buy up unsold stock…although this is a step farther in certain respects.

    Full link here:

    They did this when Bendtner changed numbers from 26 to 52. For those not in the know, he did so because he “wanted to be twice as good”. Didn’t really work out!

    The worst thing about those new Oregon jerseys is the way they cut off the whole left side of the Uni number on the green one! What the hell?!

    Oh wait, never mind, that’s just the way it’s folded over…

    Guys and gals, can we please get some help for Comrade Marshall? I think he’s just holding things in too much….he really needs to learn how to communicate his feelings.

    His passion is outstanding. If he taught courses in how to be an angry fan of traditionalism, I’d sign up. The man is truly a lover of the uniform.

    Keep on war-pathing, Comrade! I like your belligerence!

    yeah yeah, it looks a bit crazy when it stands alone, but it was in the comments where a rant is more acceptable originally, and that was what it was written for. so i am a bit embarrassed to have it sitting there. but i can’t help it, certain things boil my blood.

    ND is desperate, and that has become perfectly clear. they have not won in forever, and they think following the O path is going to propel the dome to success like it did the duck. they could have stopped with a unique, albeit kind of stupid helmet last year. but whatever, i can dig that helmet i guess. but the michigan uni’s last year, the ireland game unis, the chicago unis, and i am sure it won’t stop there this year either. it smacks of a desperate attempt, but more power to them i guess, i mean that link might be the original duck move, so maybe phil should say only ND can wear alts instead of the ducks.

    Ahhh, but you say that, Bernard, without knowing my extensive collection!

    I actually have a traditional Islanders jersey with #81 Satan on the back. The Fisherman, however, is a highlight of the collection because so few have them (or admit to owning one). I happen to think it was way ahead of its time.

    But I do have traditional hockey uniforms: a red Blackhawks with #10 Amonte and a cream-colored QMJHL Quebec Remparts jersey with #25 on the back, for example.

    Then again, I do own a Dallas Mooterus jersey, a St. Louis Gretzky-era jersey, and a Boston Pooh Bear jersey as well. LOL

    I happen to think it was way ahead of its time.

    I know some people have a fascination with ugliness, but that’s what the Fisherman jersey is. It’s just another bad NHL 1990s design. It looks like a generic minor league hockey jersey with a trendy color scheme. It was also completely unnecessary. I don’t find a single thing remarkable or revolutionary about it.

    I think the only reason why some people like it is because of the massive hate & protests that it brought. If I was an Isles fan, I would consider that jersey a nightmare. I would put it in the same category as those awful Birrai & iD-backs jerseys. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

    I completelty agree with Morris. I LOVED when the Phillies went to the Gray away in 1989. I was so tired of seeing the 70-80s double knit blue by that time.

    I can fully understand many Phils fans prefer the gray to the blue road set, but my hunch is countless older fans will always have good memories of the blue. That set will always be connected with the first World Championship club in Phillies history, and their greatest player wore that style.

    “…countless older fans will always have good memories of the blue.”

    In part because if a Phils fan living in The City of Brotherly Love back then wanted to see the home pinstripes in regular season action, they’d either have to get to the Vet or subscribe to PRISM?

    It’s kind of tough to have many good memories of those gray/maroon wearing, Nick Leyva managed teams.

    I miss the blues, and I miss the maroon. Having been born in the early ’70s, that’s what I knew.

    As someone who discovered baseball as a child in the mid-’80s, I hated seeing all the color steadily disappear from the game, seemingly year by year. I hate dull gray polyester uniforms.

    The Phillies looked much better in the blue, not least because they only had one team color (burgundy) so the addition of the blue didn’t feel like an outside imposition.

    I vividly remember 1993, when the gray infection finally claimed every team. There was a really nice set of link that year, with (IIRC) very saturated colors, and it was a waste because link.

    Maybe gray could be tolerable if it were in fact a range of colors like the swatches at the top of the article, but in this era of polyester there are really only a few shades that all teams share.

    I can’t wait for gray to disappear again. There’s nothing standard about it, not even historically; if your team played any games before about 1920, you probably wore interesting colors like link or even (in 1882) link; fortunately by link.

    I’d prefer to see light at home and dark on the road, but no restrictions on what shades those can be. Gray in particular — it takes away team identity, it’s only traditional to people aged 55-85, and it’s boring.

    My tastes in baseball uniforms were forged in the mid 1960s and refined a bit through the 1970s so I’m a strong advocate of both a broad color pallet AND a traditional look (“softball tops” are my single least favorite uniform element). So I like gray as the road color for a majority of teams and would prefer to see most of the rest in monochrome light blue and a few in monochrome navy, tan, yellow, etc.

    I’m a big Phils fan and prefer their 1950-60s look (and their current version of that design), but also liked their ’70-80s look. My family and I saw an early ’72 game in SF (Carlton hurled a one-hitter) and were blown away by the beautiful light-blue road uniforms. That was always a great look as far as I was concerned. I didn’t mind them going back to gray but the blue was beautiful.

    Tenz pretty much sums it up for me. I grew up with the baby blue Phillies uniforms so I have an affinity for them. I was kind of ready for the change to gray, though. By then, I thought the baby blues overall (O.K., the Blue Jays get a pass) had started to look dated. I’m not opposed to the Phils bringing back the baby blues as an alternate (presuming Majestic would do a better job than they’ve done in recent history with those reproductions and that you could ban pajama-pantsing), but I really like the current alternate better. The one look from my youth I could live without is any team wearing the pullover jerseys in a game. That was just lazy.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly, Mark. I think the powder blue road uniforms are a good and refreshing look, and would like to see a few teams wear them on the road full time. It’s a relatively subtle way to add color and differentiate a team from the gray-clad masses, especially if these teams took care to adjust the level of blue to complement their primary colors.

    Specifically, I like the way the powder blue looks in contrast with primarily red teams like the Phillies, Cardinals, and early-to-mid 70’s White Sox.

    And I love that 1970 White Sox look — the light blue/gray with WHITE lettering outlined in navy blue.

    I too was another whom discovered baseball in the mid-1980s, but I thought the powder blues looked ugly & I still do. It reminded me of dated tacky 1970s designs, Astroturf, doughnut multi-purpose UGLY stadiums & long-haired players – all stuff that doesn’t look like real baseball.

    it takes away team identity, it’s only traditional to people aged 55-85

    I say “bullshit”. The only problem with gray roads is its bland polyester tone. A faux heathered gray would do link

    If baseball players actually wore socks or stirrups like they’re supposed to & teams actually used colors other than black, navy, royal & red, then they would have some team identity. Hardly unique or an identity when almost half the league was wearing powder blue roads & you couldn’t tell the difference who’s pitching between the 1980 Braves or the 1980 Royals. And I sure as hell don’t want to see that crazy shit the Pirates, Padres, Astros, Braves, Indians pulled or a bunch of softball tops – the popularity of the latter which only makes a bad thing that much worse.

    I have no problem with different shades of gray, or cream or tan for roads – but it has to be subtle & not some jarring link. You keep that shit in your beer softball league where it belongs.

    Letters to the NBA…

    “…Reduced fan allegiance, dramatically reduced sales of both jerseys and other team-branded goods and negative press cannot be over-emphasized…”

    These folks who are projecting these images of nobody buying jerseys, do they have any real data to back up their claims? I know there was an ESPN poll a month ago, and it was very in favor of no ads. Not scientific, but that seems like a good cross section of sports fans. Yet another poster went on his teams message boards and nobody cared the uniforms would get ads. So it’s hard to assess.

    Anyway, I’ve read a few very good letters regarding this issue, but I’ve read plenty that their only back up is that ads on uniforms will make them sick to their stomach (NBA doesn’t care about your health) or that jersey sales will be in the garbage (unfounded to this point.) They would have to lose jersey sales of about 15,000 to lose the same revenue they’d get from the jersey ads. And there are plenty of people who don’t care about jersey ads and a bunch of fashion forward folks who would even encourage it.

    How does being “fashion forward” equate to encouraging jersey ads?

    As far as I can tell, it doesn’t.

    Because theres going to be plenty of “fashion forward” people in Brooklyn who are going to embrace jersey ads, the more busy the jersey, the better. They’re going to love the fact that there’s a barclays ad on the nets uniform, credit cards baby!

    I don’t think “fashion forward” means anything. It’s not about fashion, it’s about social status.

    Just say what you mean – that there’s a bunch of people who just *have* to have the newest this and authentic that. They’re proud of the fact that they’re wearing a $250 “authentic” jersey instead of a $75 replica. The jersey ad is one more thing to set their jersey apart as “real” for their street cred or whatever.

    I think The Jeff hit it.

    I’m just jaded enough to think that “fashion forward” should imply a modicum of taste.

    Well, my “fashion forward” reference was probably misunderstood. I really meant the folks walking around brooklyn with thick gold chains dangling from their necks wearing an authentic Nets jersey happily displaying a credit card patch. They would also have the 5950 sticker stuck to the brim of their cap. None the less, they will have given their money to the NBA for that jersey.

    I believe Tome’s merely acknowledging that for a good long while now, “fashion” and “taste” have barely even intersected on the Venn diagram, if at all.

    It seems to me that the leprechaun is almost always shown facing the right. That helmet logo looks backward to me. If they were going to have it on only one side of the helmet they should have chosen the other side.

    I’m sure its just the video capture, but the jersey that Mark Langston is wearing in that 92 AS game sure does look a particularly blue shade of grey compared to the rest.

    My NBA Letter:

    Dear Mr. Silver and Mr. Stern –

    I appreciate your recent announcement that you feel you have found your niche among American professional sports leagues. When I think of the NBA, I have traditionally aligned your network of teams with the likes of the NFL, of Major League Baseball, and – to a much lesser extent – the NHL.

    It appears, however, that you don’t see it this way. You seem to have decided that the NBA and it’s players perform at a level more consistent with organizations like – and athletes from – the NBADL, the WNBA, PGA, MLS, and NASCAR. This shocks me, to be honest with you. I thought that NBA players would be likely to hold your league to a higher level than the other “major” professional sports. Instead, you are telling your fans that the NBA is – at best – a second tier league, and soon the players will begin to look like those athletes from those other second- (or third-?) tier teams.

    I know that many others have asked – some have probably begged you to reconsider uniform ads in the NBA. I’m not going to do that. All I’m going to ask is that you consider very strongly who you would rather align yourself with as a league – NFL/MLB/NHL, or NBADL/WNBA/PGA/MLS/NASCAR? Do what you feel is right to represent your league, your players, your fans, and yourselves.

    Thank you

    How do you make a 300 pound linebacker look a little less menacing? A Gilligan hat would work just fine.


    Those hats are actually quite popular around these parts…….(not that your average folks are walking around in them) They are worn by most of the Bears and coaching staff during practices – not to mention the weekend warriors on the links.

    I just tried to click the link, and it sent me to the page of “Colonel Tribune”, who looks slightly like if he was wearing a paper hat. Very amused by this.

    Ugh. Should read that “Colonel Tribune” looks slightly like John Cleese if he was wearing a paper hat.

    I was at the 1991 All Star Game in Toronto.

    I distinctly remember the last All-Star to wear road powder blue….Ivan Calderon of the Montreal Expos….

    I remember it so well because he stood out so much against a sea of white and grey.

    i actually like the ND uniforms. but i do have a big problem with the helmets. the 2-tone should be illegal. im upset with the NCAA for allowing this garbage. and the gold paint is weird.

    i like the black/white hobbit decal. the pants are odd, but ok in the end. the jersey looks awesome.

    anyway maybe this is the first step of ND joining a conference. they really cant play the tradition card anymore after being a slut for Adidas.

    The helmet really is the only bad part of the uniform. If they just had 2 separate helmets instead of the single split one, it’d be an upgrade over their normal look. They could wear the shiny gold helmet at home and the blue one on the road with either a white or gold version of the jersey. It’d look good. Unfortunately, with the split helmet, it’s pretty much just a big FAIL.

    So close, Adidas… so close.

    it seems to me that notre dame doesnt want to field a football team that doesnt have gold helmets. this was prob a compromise….an ugly compromise

    1. It’s “Lokai”, not “Loki”.
    2. You actually linked to an image of Frank Gorshin’s character, Bele, rather than Lokai, who was played by Lou Antonio in that episode.

    3. Yes, I’m a Star Trek dork.

    1. It’s “Lokai”, not “Loki”.

    Indeed. We all know Loki is a gray alien: link

    2. You actually linked to an image of Frank Gorshin’s character, Bele, rather than Lokai, who was played by Lou Antonio in that episode.

    You have to admit that’s an easy mistake to make… linking to the guy who was half black, half white, rather than the guy who was half white, half black.

    You say “Loki”, I think “Dogma”

    2 of his best lines:

    “Mass genocide is the most exhausting activity one can engage in…next to soccer”.

    “Let it never be said that your anal-retentive attention to detail never yielded positive results.”


    i probably shouldn’t have bothered at all with trying to get the ND and UO news up, seeing as i did it about 2am and after working a full 14 hour day before compiling the ticker, lede, sub articles, etc…

    but i do know (and love) star trek (the orig, not anything that followed) and i should have been more careful…googled “loki” (as opposed to the correct spelling) and that’s what came up — rather than finding the name of the episode (which i used to know) and getting it 100% correct

    trying to do this stuff at that hour just doesn’t really work, considering i’m working on an average of 3-4 hours sleep the past three nights

    my bad

    Good but for the button in the middle of the letter “a”. Were the wordmark moved down about two inches, it would have looked much better.

    I love the preponderance of vests (sleeveless’) in link but some of the traditional looks are a little too cookie-cutter.

    Has UW ever done a “best season” rundown/poll? That would be pretty interesting; submit the 5 best, 5 worst from specific years.

    That’s the MLB anniversary patch teams wore that season, most of them on their sleeve.

    The teams wearing vests had to go to Plan B.

    1969 has got to be very close to the top of my list, if only because it was the one year we had an all-time favorite, the Seattle Pilots. Also my favorite-ever Padres uniform (though I might give an edge to the 1972 design that used a yellow cap on the road). Senators also still around in ’69 one of my favorite designs, A’s still in their great vest uniforms and a very good version of the White Sox. Biggest problem with 1969 for me is that I much prefer the Reds of the 1961-66 era. I also lean toward the Colt .45s vs. the Astros so I’d also be tempted to go maybe with ’64.

    You’re not missing anything with that blocked Chicago Tribune article. It was written by a Cub-hating White Sox fan, who’s a lousy writer to begin with.

    I can read the article. #subscriber’d

    I love it when Cubs fans bitch that there aren’t White Sox fans, there are only people who bash the Cubs, then those same people go on the internet and bash professional ass-hat John Kass for being bad at his job (which, admittedly, he is) and therefore he must be a Sox fan.

    I have no idea his allegiance, but you North Siders have to put up with John Cusack, Eddie Veder and Vince Vaughn. We have Daley, Rahm and the mutha fuckin President. If that means we have to take Kass, I still like our famous fans better.

    The Tribune does that shit now with the on-line version. Our family has had a subscription going back generations, but it still pisses me off. Occasionally I dump all the cookies on my browser, and sure enough, I have to ‘sign in’ to read what’s in the paper sitting downstairs on the kitchen table.

    The worst is the New York Times, which allots you something like 15 stories a month, then blocks you unless you buy an on-line subscription. Some newspaper of record!

    Kass IS a sox fan, and has written (very badly) about it many times. Nice description of him, by the way.
    I’ve nothing against the White Sox, and wish more fans would go to (I’m still calling it) Comiskey to see them.
    You forgot to mention the biggest douchebag Cubs fan of all, Jim Belushi. Anytime the Cubs get near the post-season, he shows up with damn harmonica and sings. No wonder the baseball gods wont’t let us win.

    I seem to recall the blue jackets doing some kind of jersey swap or sweater renumbering after they traded carter, who they had just signed in the off season.

    Morris, fantastic article!

    I’m fascinated by the notion that the road blues evolved from the varying shades of blue offered back then (Ebbets Field Flannels stocks different link for re-creating old jerseys).

    I saw the ticker for the captain’s armband for Mexico. Not sure why nobody else has said it. It has 3 red stripes and they are sponsored by Adidas. Just sayin

    “Jon Forbes was watching the USA vs Mexico game last night, and “I noticed that the Mexican captain’s (Francisco Javier Rodriguez) armband looked like the American’s kits. At first, I assumed they had just swapped armbands, but US captain Tim Howard had a Nike armband and Mexico is Adidas so that wouldn’t make sense.””

    Gotta read everything bro… ;) Happens to the best of us.

    The Uni Watch Power Rankings, in which I’ll be ranking all 122 NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL teams on the basis of their uniforms, will roll out next week on ESPN. Five installments, worst to first, beginning on Monday.

    ESPN’s giving it a big push. Here’s a little segment they just did on their corporate PR blog (which I didn’t even know existed until now):

    They’ve also come up with the hashtag #UniRank for tweeting.

    I’ll have more details on all of this on Monday morning.

    The Jeff’s official prediction for the top 10, not necessarily in order: Packers, Yankees, Raiders, Celtics, Dodgers, Red Wings, Browns, Bulls, White Sox, Maple Leafs.

    If this were a test (which it’s not), you’d have flunked.

    I’m not particularly concerned with meeting or confounding people’s expectations, or with being (un)predictable. My job here is not to surprise anyone; my job is to give my honest opinion. Some people are already familiar with some of my opinions, so they probably won’t be all that surprised by what they see, but that has no bearing on my job for this project.

    >You are no fun at all.

    Says the guy whose main role on this site is to be Mr. Contrarian.

    I never said there’s anything wrong with trying to pick the top 10. I was just explaining that it doesn’t particularly concern me whether you go 0-for-10 or 10-for-10.

    Just wondering, guess I’ll find out Monday, what the parameters will be. Such as, will you be judging the best or most commonly thought of single one of a team’s wardrobe of unis – i.e. Cowboys or baseball Cardinals whites or the Raiders or Knicks coloreds? If so, and your best is still #122, you’ve got some seriously nasty threads. I actually hope this is the case as I don’t want to see a team downgraded due to one horrible alt or something of the like. Why do I think the Vikings don’t have a chance?

    The travesty known as the Vikings uniform, should be burned and buried. No list touting that piece of shit should ever land on the interwebs.

    I was referencing an interview Paul gave a while back where he said he ranked the Cardinals right up there with the best.

    That’s all.

    Not about to handicap it. Just gonna read it.

    IIRC PL doesn’t like the Pale Hose sets due to asymmetric road pants stripes.

    Guesses for PL’s picks: Packers, Football Giants, 49ers, Habs, Hockey Rangers, Baseball Cardinals, Cubs, A’s, Celtics and some other basketball team.

    My top ten (no particular order): Bears, Cowboys, Raiders, Tigers, White Sox, Baseball Giants, A’s, Black Hawks, Hockey Rangers and Senators.

    Finally, a nice reason to look forward to Monday. Other than the regular UW offerings, I mean ;)

    Interesting timing that Kimmel writer Dame Dameshek, who often calls himself “the Uniform Czar,” just released his list of jerseys today.

    And I say that as a fan of Shek.

    Paul, i know racing is not the covered here. Not quite the Chelsea sponsorship of Sauber, but its pretty cool


    To expand on my cymbal link:

    I dubbed them “O” Customs for shiggles, but I’m unsure of the actual model. I want to say that they look like K Custom Sessions, but the hammer marks look a little too big for that. Maybe they’re K Constantinoples? Any cymbal geeks out there know? Please and thank you in advance.

    probably too late for anyone to see the appreciation for the minor league logo t shirt. not usually prone to noticing, or ever commenting on an article of clothing. but, that baby is one busy *ss beauty…

    Morris’ article got me thinking…what if some other teams went powder blue back in the day? For example, what about my Pirates?

    I could dig that. And back then the Penguins wore light blue, so it wouldn’t be a completely foreign look to Pittsburgh.

    Been thinking about resurrecting the Free The Orange Caps movement (last night and tonight are link why), but the Marlins are just a hopeless case. Contract them.

    Here’s the text from the Tribune article about the 106 year old Cub fan. Forgive the formatting, it’s from the source code. No wonder the Trib charges for everything, crack journalism like this can’t be free!!

    And how old are you, Alice?”I’m 106 years old,” said the Cubs fan. “And that’s a long time.”She was dressed in her favorite colors, black and white. And me too, but mine was White Sox black, and later as we walked out onto the field, she teased me for wearing a White Sox shirt in her ballpark.Her favorite Cub of all time? Ryne Sandberg, because of his Scandinavian ancestry.And she told me the secret of her extremely long life.”Good genes,” she said.What else?”I just love sardines,” said Alice. “I just eat them right out of the can. But sometimes I eat them on rye bread, or hardtack.”Hardtack? Like a pirate?”King Oscar sardines. The ones in olive oil,” she said.When she was born, on Aug. 15, on her mother’s dining-room table in Logan Square above her family grocery store, there were still wooden sidewalks. Later that year, the underdog White Sox — the “Hitless Wonders” — would beat the powerful Cubs in one of the greatest World Series in history. But I didn’t tell Alice that. I figured she knew.Her parents named her and her brother Theodore after two famous American children whose father was Teddy Roosevelt, president of the United States. Up until she was 94 and suffered a stroke, she drove her own car her own way, fast.She still lives in the family farmhouse in Dundee that was built in 1844, with hand-hewed post-and-beam construction, the same house where she raised the kids and worked in her husband’s insurance business, and cooked the pot roasts on Sunday. The same house where last December, and for every Christmas Eve that can be remembered, she cooked the Scandinavian meal.Swedish meatballs, pickled pig’s feet, other sides and rice pudding.Rice pudding? Greeks invented rice pudding, I said.”No, the Vikings invented it,” said Alice. “And they had boats, and long ago the Vikings must have mixed with the Greeks and left their rice pudding recipe.”When she was a girl, as the Cubs began their century of utter futility, this newfangled contraption called radio was still in development. Frozen food was but a dream. Henry Ford was about to start his assembly line. Wrigley Field hadn’t been built. She was a grown woman when the “talking pictures” came out.TheSt. Valentine’s Day Massacre hadn’t happened, “but my husband remembered hearing the shots.”

    To me, this Notre Dame garbage is more heinous and catastrophic than uni ads or any other problems in the uni-verse. I feel an intense urge to contact somebody at Notre Dame’s PR office or something and let them know that this is pure horsesh*t. In a perfect world, Uni Watch would run a segment similar to the No Uni Ads one and rally the troops to prevent this horrendous crime against humanity. I’m officially requesting that right now (although I also know full well that most likely will not happen). But I’d love to rally the troops and get the people at ND PR to reconsider. If anybody has any contact information of anybody at ND please let me know and anybody that wants to join my cause, use social media to let them know! Write to them on Facebook or Twitter or if you can write a direct letter to a person. ANYTHING you can do to prevent this, whether you’re an ND fan or not, this cannot happen in respectable society.

    Re: Melissa Gonzalez.

    The Nike warmup is likely one that was given to her by the USOC as casual wear during the Olympics. The uniforms worn on the field (including pregame warmup jerseys) by the U.S. field hockey team are sponsored by Asics.

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