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Olympic Tennis at the Big W

Rainbow over Wimbledon

By Phil Hecken

Moving forward in our Olympic uniform coverage, I’m pleased to present a new collaborator for the boards, Stephanie Suarez, who (like about three of us — Brinke and myself come to mind) is a big tennis fan. So Steph will be handling the kits (outfits) that the players will be wearing for their respective countries at the Games — and they couldn’t have a better venue in which to contest the tennis portion than at the Big W — Wimbledon, the famed grass courts of the British Isles.

And so, without further ado…here’s Steph:


Tennis at the Olympics
By Stephanie Suarez

No white at Wimbledon, what? Some folks have been hyping the idea of color at “Wimbledon;” however, that’s not the way I see it. The Championships, Wimbledon is the all-white affair, but the Olympics at the All-England Club in Wimbledon, London is a different story. It’s not the first time the AELTC has hosted the Olympics, and the 85% white rule has been lifted for Davis Cup matches in the past. So before anyone starts dreaming of a Technicolor Wimbledon, remember that these are national kits, too, and magenta won’t be making any appearances. Unless, of course, Gael Monfils or Boris Johnson has his way.

Great Britain:

The highly publicized adidas designs by designer and Beatles progeny, Stella McCartney, have been heavily criticized for the lack of red represented, as it was demoted to a trim color. Andy Murray’s had to smile a lot in this outfit already, so he’s probably A.) grown numb to it, B.) loves it because it looks more like a Scottish flag, or C.) doesn’t care because adidas doesn’t dress him well anyway. The ringer collar and trimmed sleeve openings are a bit juvenile, I think. Four hues of blue are a bit rough, too.

The warm-up jacket stands out a bit (maybe too much) from the rest of the Team GB uniforms since it lacks the blocking on the body panels. It appears to have a more retro feel with the graphic placement on the sleeves, which I don’t mind.


Done up in national colors and adorned with a Chinese flag, Li Na will be taking the court in Nike’s Baseline tank and skirt combo. One of the promo photos is missing the flag with the swoosh reinstated to the left chest position. Regardless, it’s a simple, yet appropriate look compared to the fast food-meets-golf sleeveless polo from 2008.


The face of adidas by Stella McCartney, Caroline Wozniacki, will just be wearing regular ol’ adidas since Stella’s hands are full. Caro wears her country colors well, and this dress will look great on the grass courts. The dropped waist and pleated skirt are particularly flattering.


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’s monochromatic look is another safe design by adidas since Great Britain is taking center stage. Although not visible, I assume a country badge will be on the left chest as the brand logo is placed on the right, just as they did in 2008. adidas decided to carryover the same red ringer and sleeve finish from the Great Britain design, but this version doesn’t bother me as much. The white Doritos wedge at the collar could go though.


Nike has Roger Federer’s gear down to science now: a sharp polo with quality details paired with tailored shorts. RF logo? Check. Throw in some matching shoes, too. No surprises here, really. If you’ve never seen a RF signature shirt in person, Nike does a great job with the technical detail execution. I particularly appreciate the welded zipper opening and the subtle pinstriped chevron shape on the chest, which seems to be Nike’s seasonal design trend. My only wish is that the RF logo could take a break during the Olympics.


Venus Williams said she was designing a dress inspired by Wonder Woman, and, given her past interpretations of “inspired” outfits, I feared that she might borrow Serena’s convertible shoe-boots and be covered in lamé stars. Looking nothing like Lynda Carter, Venus went the other direction and produced this navy dress. The build-up let me down, but I don’t mind the end result, especially the red back detail. The only Wonder Woman features I can maybe indentify are the design line created by the white piping along the neckline and down the center front, and the body seams kind of match the newly re-booted Wonder Woman. There’s also a white top and skirt version for doubles play with her sister Serena. Not sold on that shaped hem, however.

Andy Roddick’s new signature shoe is all stars and stripes. The shade of blue on the Propulse 3 Shoe is a bit light for my taste, but will probably show up nicely on camera against the grass. Bubba Watson’s caddy even got on board with the look at the US Open.


Thanks Steph! I know tennis may not be many of your guys (and gals’) cuppa, but this is the OLYMPICS! And they’re playing for queen and country…or president and country…or something. Give it a look-see — there’s nothing quite like tennis on grass ;).


Screen Shot 2012-07-24 at 7.55.57 PM


This section will feature “lesser” Olympics stories — both the good and the bad — of the Olympic games, past, present and future (ok, maybe not future–we’ll see).

Today we have two bad and one good.


More douchebaggery is afoot in London, as I draw your attention to the London Street Artist Banksy (reported on The Atlantic Wire and also stolen and reprinted reported in the HuffPo) against the powers-that-be in what may turn out to be a victory for the little guy. You see, Banksy, who is a graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter, is a cult hero in Britain, and who has ‘graffitied’ two beautiful works of art: a missile tossing participant and a pole vaulter on London streets. Both of these works appeared on the Banksy website — but their locations were not revealed.

But since the recent tomfoolery and arrests of other graffiti artists, now Banksy’s work is threatened. Dare the police seek out Banksy’s works, and eradicate them from the streets — risking even more scorn from the world — or do they leave these alone (possibly emboldening others)? Not only is Banksy a cult hero, he also was nominated for an Academy Award for the film, Exit Through the Gift Shop last year. In light of all the bad press the IOC and organizers are getting, maybe it would be best if they just left these works alone.

[H/T to Paul & Rocky Lum for the above]


Next up is still more assholery found in an article entitled, “Brand wars gather pace on streets of London” (link here). A couple highlights:

* London is buzzing with curious stories of those who have found themselves on the wrong side of the brand police such as a stall owner who was told off for displaying the London 2012 logo and a butcher in a town hosting sailing events who had to remove a sign showing the Olympic rings made from sausages.

* On a quiet side-street within walking distance of the Olympic stadium where the Games open officially on Friday, a cafe called Olympic has had to paint over the letter “O” to comply with the rules.

But the best quote, which almost echoed what Paul said yesterday, came from an “activist” named “Del”: “The problem with Olympic advertising is that there is no ethics. It’s supposed to be about excellence but it’s not reflected in their branding partners.”

And that may be the first and last time the words “ethics” and “advertising” were used in the same sentence.

[H/T to Jeremy Burton for this one]


But there is some good — sadly it deals with the halcyon days of Olympics’ past. Reader Patrick Woody writes, “Since we’re focusing on the Olympics right now — I was in Montreal last month and took a bunch of pics of the Olympic Park and venues, including a really cool display of old posters…(notice Munich is missing).

The whole set is here (actually, the first 8 shots are Parc Jarry – vive les Expos!)

Thanks Patrick!


If you have (or find) an Olympic-related story, good or bad (past or present) — send it to me. We’ll keep the good and the bad on the radar screen. Thanks.



#NoUniAds Campaign…Day 6

This will be a regular feature on Uni Watch until the NBA rescinds it’s incredibly offensive and stupid proposal to place corporate advertising on uniforms.

And now, a personal note from Paul:

It’s important that we keep making our voices heard: Call the NBA’s publicly listed phone number (212-407-8000), ask for Adam Silver’s and/or David Stern’s office), e-mail deputy commissioner Adam Silver at his his publicly listed address (, and tweet to @NBA with the hashtag #NoUniAds. Do it now.


No new news on the #NoUniAds front. Unfortunately, yesterday’s initial announcement that Elton Brand had joined our crusade was tempered by the revelation that the Twitter account was not verified, and probably fake. Too bad — having any player (past or present) on board would surely have strengthened our cause. Or as Paul said:

“OK, so it looks like that Elton Brand twitter account is probably a fake. To be clear: The fake account has been tweeting since June, so it’s not like one of our people pretended to be Elton Brand just to post “#NoUniAds” tweets. It still sucks, though. Nonetheless, our battle continues. #NoUniAds”

Many of you have dutifully E-mailed the NBA and shared those thoughts with me. There are far too many to post in one single segment, so I’ll share a couple each day. Some of your E-mails were quite long, so I’ve shortened them for publication here:

Daniel Klempner

Dear Mr. Silver,

I am writing to express my disgust at the idea that NBA jerseys will bear advertisements in 2013. American professional sports is saturated in advertising and the uniforms thus far have been refreshingly free of ads. I realize that this a “business”, but that does not mean that every opportunity for corporate advertising must be cashed in. With the number of options available for teams to generate revenue, introducing jersey ads seems to me to be a very uncreative, less-than-dynamic way of making a few extra bucks.

Do you think that there is nothing that is off-limits to advertising? Is there an ethic surrounding this? I would guess no, considering how much advertising to which I am subjected when I watch a game, whether on television or at the arena. I have had enough of the gratuitous advertising in professional sports and if the NBA follows through with this plan I will be very disappointed. I certainly will not be purchasing any merchandise, but I am sure that matters very little to you or your bosses. My dollars are probably not the ones about which you are concerned.


Daniel Klempner

Jared Rasumssen:

Dear Mr. Silver,

My name is Jared Rasmussen, and I am a 23-year-old lifelong basketball fan. Being the consummate top-tier professional basketball league, I have consumed countless hours of NBA content over my life, and I take great interest in seeing the league continue to thrive.

As a buyer of NBA fan memorabilia in the past, including authentic jerseys, the decision to advertise on the uniforms will cease my support of any NBA merchandise.

I would also advise that the reported estimate of $100 mil of new revenue for the league may be overstated. This estimate was reportedly derived from observations of advertising revenue in European soccer, where larger advertisements are shown for longer airtime to more fans, including more international fans. That figure could be significantly less for a league with a smaller visibility like the NBA. Even if the estimate is accurate, a 30-team league and 50% of BRI going to the salary cap would mean each team only gains $1.67 mil per year. The revenue is very small and irrevocable compared to what a team is losing ”“ a share of its own brand identity. I would staunchly oppose any company that sold my favorite team’s, and even my least favorite teams’ in my favorite league, identity for only an additional $1.67 mil. My fear is that this advertising issue would be a very permanent solution to a very temporary problem that the league is currently having in a bad economy. Sure, this could be offset by a minor spike in new revenue, but at what cost to the league’s image?


Jared Rasmussen
Milwaukee Bucks Ticket Package Holder

Andy Paschen:

Dear NBA,

Ads on the jersey is brutal. Bad idea. NOt going to patronize you guys because I understand the business behind it, but this is sad news to hear.


Keep it up people, keep it up! More of your E-mails to follow each day (and keep sending them to me.)


Ad Jerseys

Finally, I close not with a letter to the NBA, but to Uni Watch, from Richard Lynch: (who included the really nice graphic above — click to enlarge):

The NBA Ads on Jerseys are really bugging me. It reminds of grammar school. The teams that couldn’t afford uniforms had to go to Pizza Hut and see if they could buy them uniforms. And so, they would always have a Pizza Hut ad on their uniform. But I know the NBA won’t stick with the small patch on the corner of the jersey. In grammar school the poor schools had the pizza hut logo on the name plate at first and within a few years the schools name was on the name plate and the pizza hut logo was on the front chest. I was excited about the Warriors move back to San Francisco, because then we would get “The City” jerseys back. A jersey with a bridge that actually exists on it. But I guarantee by 2017 there will be a Virgin America logo on it.

My biggest fear is the NBA is a gateway league for these ads every other league will surcome to temptation and experiment with these ads. The only league, that I believe may not is the NFL. The NFL is the only league that has no advertisement on the field at all. The league makes a fair amount of its money from television ads and would not want teams selling uniform space to Coors Light, while they are trying to sell television ad space to Bud Light at a high price. Bud Light will say, why would we pay that much for something when the guy is going to the bathroom when we can just sew something to his chest. This is my belief on what could happen and it is bad. The current warriors jersey is what the NBA is doing. You can’t even read the company logo at 2.5 by 2.5. There is no way they could generate $100 million dollars. The rest is what I believe will be the case by 2017 as the US will be accustomed to ads on jerseys (possible with the exception of the NFL). The NBA has forgotten that in the 4 major sports we are #1 and the best from around the world come to play here. The other leagues copy us, we don’t copy them.


A smattering of non-form responses to reader E-mail seem to be filtering in. I’ll try to get to those tomorrow!

Thanks to Tim E. O’Brien and Chris Giorgio for the image in the upper right of this section!


Screen Shot 2012-06-24 at 10.32.36 PM

“Benchies” first appeared at U-W in 2008, and has been a Saturday & Sunday feature here for the past two years.

But was it long enough for chicks to dig it?…

7-25-12 d-Blast

Click to enlarge



Reminder: Paul is on summer break until Aug. 23. Phil Hecken is handling the weekday content and John Ekdahl is running the show on weekends; contact info for them is available here.

The Uni Watch e-mail address is being auto-forwarded to Phil, so any Ticker submissions or story ideas sent to that address will go directly to him. If you have a question or comment for Paul, go ahead and send it in, and Phil will make sure Paul receives it. We’re particularly interested in keeping up-to-date with college football uniform unveilings, so definitely keep submitting those. Thanks.


ticker 2

Uni Watch News Ticker: The Nationals not only lead the NL East and have the Mets number, they’ve also put the Curly W logo up in Mets bullpen (thanks to Chris Hernandez). … Prior to Monday’s Yankee/Mariner game, when Ichiro was traded, Marc Bauche noticed this “photo” and wondered, “how they get these photos done so quickly. I doubt Nike makes the turtleneck Ichiro usually wears also. And it definitely wouldn’t have the collar logo like that.” … Good spot by Joe Makowiec who picked up on this famous photo of Derek Redmond in the 1992 Barcelona games: “Redmond is wearing his team’s (Adidas) uniform; his father is wearing a Nike hat. (Probably other Nike stuff, too; I don’t recognize the t-shirt.)” … Do you want to purchase this giant Carolina Panthers cathead? You can, and some other Panthers souvenirs as well in an online auction that began Monday (thanks to John Muir, who remarked, “Fathead has nothing on this.”). … One of Bill Henderson’s readers, Bill Walsh, sent Henderson this photo of Dick Allen wearing an armband in 1976. “I was watching the Phils every day in 1976 and I have no recollection of an event that would have led to the wearing of an armband, especially right in the middle of the sleeve patch,” says Henderson. “Knowing Dick Allen, it was probably a solitary gesture.” … Great spot by John Zajac during Ichiro’s first game as a Yankee Monday night: “Ichiro apparently needed a pair of pants brought for a ballboy (Monday) night, as his pants for his first game with the Yankees had the Majestic logo on the back left hip. He was the only player with it, and we all know that the Yankees don’t have manufacturer marks on any of their on field gear.” … Matte gray/black is the new black: Michael Kanady reports that a new helmet for University of Toledo will be worn at least at one game this season. … By now, at least if you’re a hockey fan, you know that Rick Nash was traded to the Rangers yesterday — and almost immediately his new sweater was ready. “That was fast,” says Mark Kaplowitz. … “Check out this awesome DIY job,” says James T. Huening, who spotted this “Manchester United” truck yesterday (hopefully he wasn’t violating any vehicle and traffic laws at the time). … Chris Mahr notes the possibility of ‘Patriotic helmets’ for UTSA, via the Lost Lettermen site. … Awesome eyes department: Lou DeGeorge found a photo of David Cone circa 1995 wearing stirrups over what appears to be a pair of two-in-ones. … The West Coast Eagles will be wearing a special edition guernsey to raise money for cancer research. More info here (thanks to Will Pike). … The Phillies AAA team, the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, are celebrating Christmas in July today. They’re wearing this jersey for the game, according to Gary Mattox. … Casey Lombardo noticed that Long Beach Polytechnic High School’s baseball program has a logo highly derivative of the San Diego Padres logo. What’s kind of odd about using the wave element is that Long Beach famously has no waves — “our breakwater sees to that.” … Johnny Bruno notes that teams are now selling THOB (Twitter Handle on Back) player t-shirts. … The Dunedin Blue Jays are having a throwback game this weekend. Here’s the release (with a hat tip to Nathanael Kurant). … Very cool 1950s women’s bowling vest/skirt combo (from Robin Edgerton). … Jonathan Nussbaum asks an interesting question: “I was wondering what your take was on the Spanish basketball team’s use of first names on the back of their jerseys. The maddening part is that some guys get their first name (“Ricky”, “Rudy”, “Marc”) while others get last names (“Llul”, “Jimenez”). There is no rhyme or reason to it. Worst of all, one Gasol brother gets his first name, while the other wears “Gasol”. Does this make any sense? Know of any other teams that do this, at any level?” Readers? … Jeter not number 5? Matt Harris notes, “looks like someone at Safeco printed up some score sheets and thought Jeter changed his number.” … Chris Markham shows us the keen eye of a Uni Watcher on display: “Im sure this happens a lot, but here is Jayson Werth batting for the Syracuse Chiefs vs. Rochester wearing not only a Nationals batting helmet, but pants as well. The red stripe doesn’t really match.” Yup. We’ve covered it here before — MLBers on minor league rehab/assignment can wear their MLB gear — but it never hurts to see it again. … No linkage, but great catch by Matt Lesser: “When asked during the daily Ask Marty segment of today’s Cincinnati Reds radio broadcast, what he thought about the absence of stirrups, hall-of-famer Marty Brenneman responded by saying ‘I just assume (I’d just as soon?) see them running around with no pants on at all rather than those things they wear today’.” Awesome. … Are the Knicks getting new unis? Robert Silverman found an article that says all signs point to “yes”. … Are the Falcons going to wear a RED helmet this year? It could be, according to Garrett Blach who noticed the domes Atlanta was wearing “were a solid cherry red and did not sport the stripe that the throwback helmets did.” This seemingly new helmet also featured a red logo of the modern day Atlanta Falcon, that had been outlined in white. From this Reddit post & thread. … And finally, what better way to honor the glory and tradition of South Bend than to put “Play Like A Champion Today” on your gloves? C’mon adidas — you can do better than this (thanks Brinke).


That’s it for today folks. Big thanks to Stephanie and all you Uni Watchers who are keeping up the #NoUniAds pressure on the NBA! We can stop this — but we need to keep up the pressure. Have a great Wednesday.


“As a dual citizen, I failed to qualify for both the US and Ireland Olympic athletic delegations. Thought I had a chance for the Irish entries in beach volleyball, welterweight boxing, and rhythmic gymnastics, but fell short during last day of competition. Now training hard for Rio.”
–Conn Nugent

Comments (178)

    I’ll say.

    Stephanie, I just think that’s a terrific piece: clear, informative, tart, witty, the whole deal. The red countries — China and Denmark — look very good, I agree, and I also dig Venus’ dress and Andy’s footwear. The McCartney GB duds are, well, distinctive, but I don’t want to say anything more that might deepen George Chilvers’ already poignant dilemma of having to report on the Olympic Games with the worst collection of host-country graphic designs since the crazy surrealism of the Corinthian Organizing Committee in 353 BCE.

    Agreed. Very good job! I was afraid that Venus Williams would come out for her first match looking like Apollo Creed did in the 1st Rocky movie.


    Great job by Stephanie! I wonder if the English version of double rainbow man (lede photo) would simply take a slow sip on a cup of tea and mumble, “Smashing.”?

    Did you know that “smashing” as a word meaning “very good” comes from Manx Gaelic ” ‘s mie shen” which means “that’s good”?

    Great job, Stephanie! I’m a huge tennis fan and very happy to see a column dedicated to sport which, frankly, isn’t usually uni-notable.

    That appears to be just some “fancy” red flare on those Falcons helmets. They still appear to be black to me. Not to mention, the black helmets also use a heavy white outline around the modern bird.

    So, nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

    Thinking same sort of thing.

    Either artistic license or the helmets are going to be some kind of black-red gradient a la San Diego State…

    It’s an old photo from no later than 2010 touched up. Note that Matt Ryan is wearing a Riddell helmet, as he did all his career until last season when he switched to a Schutt Air XP helmet. Also note that the players are wearing Reebok-branded uniforms.

    I see I’m not the first to think those are black with some fancy Photoshop effects or something going on.

    That is, in fact, “fancy” red flare. They’re not changing their helmets. The End.

    I just received my Falcons season ticket book yesterday and I can reassure a 100% the helmets are black, there is a red flare on the cover. According to the actual tickets the Falcons will wear their 1966 throwbacks on September 30th against the Carolina Panthers (the ticket uses the old logo and has a picture of Ryan in the throwback). This is the only ticket with the classic logo so they might just wear their black alternate jersey later in the season.

    And his father is wearing a t-shirt advertising the old Nike Huarache boot, the phrase “have you hugged your foot today” is on it


    Thought it was funny that someone was offering a “custom” Ichiro McFarlane figure as a yankee.


    It is clearly an Alex Rodriguez figure with a lame little mustache painted on, and a new number.

    It’s Jorge Posada from 2008. The 2008 jersey patches are scribbled out with his amazing MS Paint skills.

    Look closer, the mustache is painted on the picture, along with the gloves and socks. Not painted on actual figurine.

    What we do in spring training if a player has a headshot from another team is to take a headshot from another player, and photoshop the jersey / undershirt / cap onto the headshot of the player that we need to adjust.

    Often times in spring training non roster players, or minor league callups don’t have headshots of their current teams online or on the mlb pressbox website.

    The “red helmet” is no such thing. They are wearing black helmets reflecting red light given off as if the ball held aloft was a torch or something.

    Crappy Nash replica jersey is crappy. If they’d vertically arched the name (like it’s supposed to be on a regular Rangers jersey), that would’ve been impressive. But just regular letters in a radial arch? No thanks.

    And I still hate the cuts into the sides of the waistline on those replicas.

    Regarding the Dick Allen black armband. I can’t in any way confirm, but is it possible that he wore it in protest of Tony Taylor being left off the 1976 postseason roster? I know Bill would remember his volatile reaction (I read he refused to play a game in Montreal as a result of the perceived snub). In fact I wonder if this isn’t their first home game after the incident–10/1/76. Allen is wearing long sleeves, which would be appropriate for the time of year. The lights reflecting off the helmet indicate it was a night game–10/1 was a Friday and almost certainly had to be a game played at night. If we could just identify the player blurred in the background i think we could solve the mystery The Phillies played a lot of backups that night and I believe that could be one of them. I did some googling on it and came up empty.

    Would be interested in Bill’s thoughts on the matter an whether it makes sense.

    Good call:

    This photo from the Evening Independent newspaper shows Pete Rose being “tripped up” at first and Dick Allen standing over him, wearing a helmet and what appears to be a black armband:


    Oh, and the armband had nothing to do with the dispute over Tony Taylor’s playing status in the final week of the season, but rather the death of Bob Moose:


    Good job by University of Toledo for orienting the flag in the correct direction on their patriotic helmet.

    Also, I don’t know if this has been covered before, but I have to ask.

    Why has Mike Napoli been wearing black catcher’s gear and not gear in team colors?

    Personal choice, based on link This was covered link.

    Basically, he’s going BFBS for his own amusement. I’m surprised Ron Washington and Rangers management have allowed this, though. (Of course, I don’t know the MLB rules governing catcher’s gear…)

    Thanks for the clear-up. I’m surprised as well. I assumed catcher’s gear had to be in team colors. But I suppose that’s because up until Napoli, every catcher’s equipment has been in team colors

    Somedays the Rangers are a red team, other days they are a blue one.
    Black catching gear eliminates Napoli’s guesswork and simplifies the equipment manager’s job as well?

    When the aging Pudge Rodriguez came back to Texas for the last time, his gear was RED, period. He didn’t give a damn as to whether it was a red day or a blue day. I’d think Napoli could and should pick red or blue, and stick with it.

    I suppose the saving grace is that black matches other Rangers’ “equipment” in that they wear black cleats no matter what today’s uni combo is.

    Though, yeah, Napoli could just as well have chosen royal. Or red.

    But regardless, Napoli’s black helmet is horseshit. *That* is an approximation of batting helmets and caps, so match your team.

    No, it’s his catching helmet (flap-less, we’ll note). He obviously doesn’t chose to wear one that looks like he just stepped off his Kawasaki. Y’know, with flames and feathers and lightning bolts or something.

    Joe Mauer’s tri-color helmet’s not about matching the “hat du jour” precisely. About matching all Twins hats in general.

    In both their cases, I imagine it’s because they’d rather wear the same catching helmet every day, which is entirely understandable. Catching is no picnic. Might as well go for comfort and familiarity when you can

    As I said, it looks kinda like Napoli may have thought, “Well, we wear black cleats every day, so we’ll go by that.”

    I dunno. I’m OK with the black gear. It certainly looks better than link.

    Anyway, it’s kinda throwbackish. Wasn’t all catching gear black in the days of yore?

    Thankfully Soto retired that crap and now goes with a solid blue chest protector.

    And I don’t know about all the way back, but I remember Thurmon Munson’s chest protector was orange.

    If you can’t bother buttoning your jersey all the way up, why bother with team colors?

    I kind of like the Matte gray/black helmets, esp for a school like Toledo (Coach Bowden is going to make them the next Boise State)

    You’re right. My bad. All I remember was that he went to a school in Ohio.

    Yea for sure Akron needs some new unis. Bowden’s going to make Akron a powerhouse.

    UTSA needs a complete overhaul of there logo and there helmets. Those look horrible.

    Brazil does the nickname/last name thing. Usually, Leandro Barbosa will have his nickname, Leandrinho, and Marcelo Huertas will have his last name. Soccer national team does the same, as any other.

    P.S.: I know I misspelled “despises” on the e-mail I sent Uni-Watch (appeared yesterday on the “NBA sponsonrship” e-mail). Thankfully I saw the mistake before I sent it to Mr. Silver.

    What I don’t get is that it says they’re for weekend home games, but most of them aren’t white.

    It looks like Ichiro used the same pants again last night for his second game with the Yankees because that Majestic logo link. I guess he’ll use these pants again today and he won’t be logo free until the next road trip.

    Regarding London’s graffiti art:
    I’m not opposed to provocative ‘street art'(some nice examples of which can be seen in the COTD); I’m just opposed to it where it doesn’t belong. Bansky, while clearly gifted, free to express himself(?) and having displayed his artistic talents through lots of other mediums…film, digital art, canvas(?)…isn’t simply breaking some unwritten rule and embracing a centuries-old practice…he’s violating the law and defacing public and private(?)property, right? Does he really need the extra exposure, or is he just being self-aggrandizing?

    Best lines:
    Aesthetically, there’s no conversation. No matter what the NBA says, no matter how classy the sponsor is, the patches will be lame. If given the choice between a Knicks jersey with a pizza logo and a Knicks jersey without a pizza logo, I choose no pizza. So would you, and I suspect the CEO of the pizza company privately would, too.

    Still, let’s not delude ourselves that advertisements will ruin all uniforms. Many professional sports teams–if not most–are perfectly capable of ruining their uniforms all on their own. Pro leagues should be more concerned with the fact that the art of uniform design has pretty much died along with $3 beer and complimentary parking.

    No uni ads!

    Hi prolly. I’m finding it had to raise a hackle about it. Sports is already a big ball of phlegm; may as well hock another loogie in its direction.

    I like discovering and celebrating the magic of sports past here. Too much focus on the awful present lately, for my taste.

    That Atlanta Falcons helmet photo doesn’t look like red helmets to me. Yes, they have a red tint, but this looks like one of those deals where they try to saturate the photo to make it look more red. The end result is that the black takes on a strong red hue. If you look to the right side of all of the helmets they are more black. And those pictures were not all taken with the light on the same side. The red-to-black shading should be from angles respective of each individual photo, not the entire mashup.

    Jared, you need to send that letter to the Senator, as well. Since he is the third richest Senator in the country, so he doesn’t need revunue from uni ads.

    The only teams in college football that should have white hats are Texas and SMU. Everyone else needs a colored hat!!!!!

    i like white helmets – auburn, the colts, titans, South Florida

    but you got to have:

    1. a good logo- if the helmet is white, that means your logo is the main attraction. and if you have a crappy logo (like UTSA or Char) then the helmet looks like a PeeWee/ bush league semi pro team

    2. helmet strips

    3- colored facemask

    i remember a while back someone posted a prototype San Francisco 49’er helmet for the early 90s.

    instead of the iconic SF, the helmets had “49ers” in block as the logo. is Char’s similar too this?

    Please tell me we are back full-time to the UWB format where, like today’s, the entire day’s post shows up on the front page, and not just the first paragraph or two. I havent read through a full day’s news since the switch. Guess I’m too lazy for that extra click!!

    paul suggested i go back to the old format for a spell —

    reader feedback is greatly appreciated — if you guys want us back to the “old” format full-time … make sure you let your voice be heard!

    I also miss the full post old format. It made it much easier to search for specific topics that I was looking for from earlier entries in the week. Ctrl + F is our friend!


    I’d be OK with it if UW’s hidden-text trick could be accomplished the way it’s done here:


    (Scroll down to find an example of “Read On >>” Clicking that expands to the full text without reloading the page. It’s the full page reload that bugs me; UW is a very slow-loading site to begin with, and having to do a second page load to see full text is a little slice of suck every morning.)

    I actually pefer it where you have to click to see the whole thing. Otherwise, when I get to the bottom I need to scroll all the way back up to get to the comments. And I might add that this blog – along with Joe Posnanski’s blog – are the only two sites where I will actually READ the comments. I guess smart writing attracts smart readers.

    I actually like “click to continue.” Makes it easier to jump straight to the comments upon returning to the site later in the day.

    Ice Jerseys, a reputable beacon of NHL jersey shenanigans and wonderful place to get your sweater customized (I’m a paying customer, not a paid endorser), reports a bit of FiNOB news.
    For the Twitter-phobes, apparently the Hurricanes are giving the Stall brothers FiNOB’s (even Eric!? Holy cow, must need an excuse to sell even more jerseys), but the Flyers aren’t doing likewise with the Schenns.

    Following up on myself…
    I personally don’t see any need whatsoever for FiNOB’s. Or NOB’s. I think that fans should take a little time to know their players, but I guess the NOB ship has sailed, in the name of NHLPA merchandise. But if I were to suspend my belief that FiNOB’s are much more stupid than useful, I could see the logic. There is no reasonable way to mix up Luke and Brayden Schenn. Luke is a righty blue liner, while Brayden is a lefty forward. Eric and Jordan Stall, on the other hand, might either both be centermen, or on the same line as each other.

    We’re talking about Carolina here, Mike. Most people there couldn’t identify Eric Staal if he was wearing a name tag.

    Personally, I believe it’s a way to promote the two stars they have. Both are centermen, and both will see time on the ice together. Unless they are clearly identifiable, casual Hurricane fans probably will confuse the two Staals, if they even realize there are two.

    Cut the dickish jabs at Carolina. Yes, people recognize Eric Staal. And Cam Ward. And Chad LaRose. The Canes are pretty well known and visible in the community.

    Dickish jab? If I asked anyone in Raleigh to point out Eric Staal, could it be done by the average human being? How about if ask them to point out a NASCAR driver? I guarantee you that they could. And how about Jordan Staal? Even less than Eric Staal, I’d imagine.

    If you had read closely, I said, “casual Hurricane fans probably will confuse the two Staals”. If you want a dickish jab, I’ll make a comment about reading and comprehension skills in the south.

    Teebz, I think I’m saying “six,” while you’re saying “half-dozen.” I think FiNOB’s are stupid, but Carolina’s rationale in FiNOBing E. and J. Staal makes sense, whereas Philly is just as correct in sticking with NOB’s, for the same reason.
    You don’t ever NEED FiNOB’s, but if you insist, it might as well be to differentiate two like-handed players who either play the same position, or who would be on the ice together often.
    Come to think of it, though, I’m surprised that it sounds as if Eric will get the E. You would think that Eric’s seniority and current stock in the gift shop would leave his jerseys as is, and encourage Jordan to get FiNOBed with J.STAAL.

    They would probably be as likely as if you plucked a random person off the street in Chicago and asked them to identify Patrick Kane.

    Just admit that you don’t know anything about Carolina or other Southern markets beyond what the Toronto media tells you. As a southern hockey fan, it absolutely comes off as dickish. And ignorant.

    Regarding no name on back…if you’re wearing an Islanders 91 jersey…whose jersey are you wearing?

    Even more confusing is that number 8 Yankees jersey you have.

    Personally, that doesn’t bother me one bit. Actually, that might be really fun! You’d turn the jersey-buying experience into a bit of a karmic stock market, or something.

    Have the Flyers ever used/ever needed to use FiNOB?
    Even with the FNOB’s I was always able to distingush Joe from Jim Watson and Ron from Rich Sutter.

    Thanks Teebz.
    Perhaps I misused the abbreviations.
    First name…yes.
    First initial…not sure, but I doubt it.

    Oh, from the link where they put together their ads for the year.

    Though this isn’t news. There was a photo floating around with pictures of both jerseys on a hangar in some store on HF Boards a few days after the trade.

    USA-France Olympic women’s soccer from Glasgow. France in white Adidas kits (I guess Adidas has the contract for the French Olympic Committee). US in their navy with white sleeves. No federation badge, no Olympic team logo, no US flag

    F to Nike. You couldn’t give them a friggin logo???

    Um… Nike supplies uniforms and on-field wear, not logos. If you’re giving an F to them, you’re blaming the wrong people.

    Blame US Soccer for the lack of a logo. The Olympic rules state that a country cannot wear a logo of a federation as well. This was glaringly evident in Vancouver where both the US and Canadian hockey teams had to abandon their hockey federation logos. If US Soccer didn’t adopt something “identifiable”, that’s their choice.

    I’m well aware of the “no federation logo rule.” But Nike also outfits the US Olympic team as a whole (the podium wear). They could have taken the logo from there and added it. Or the flag. Or even a simple USA.

    Nike doesn’t make that call. US Soccer does. They run their team, they dress them as they see fit.

    If you’re the United States of Nike, by all means blame Nike. But if youre still flying the Stars and Stripes instead of the swoosh, you’re still blaming the wrong people.

    I don’t understand why more people don’t get it. Nike is simply supplying the uniform. The team, university, federation, olympics or whoever are the ones (mostly) calling the shots, Nike simply puts together what gets ordered by the team within Nike templates, etc. The team in conjunction with Nike and their leagues work together to get a uniform that is acceptable to all.

    Think about if you wanted Nike to make you a custom shirt. Do you just say “Nike, I’d like 1 shirt”?

    Or do you pick out your color, logo, text style, number style and color and shoulder panel colors to your liking, or do you just take whatever Nike gives you?

    In the end this is all on the teams in conjunction with what their league says. Just because Paul gets the masses riled up over Nike because they plaster their logo everywhere and are DB’s about it, doesn’t mean you’re right to be mad at every single little thing Nike does.

    Honestly, I much preferred the USA and Canada uniforms without the federation logos. Not a huge fan of that Hockey Canada logo, the plain maple leaf (even with the tribal design) looked much better, and I’ve never liked that USA hockey logo on a jersey. Somehow, nothing but some form of a block lettered “USA” looks quite right on the front of the jersey. Well, maybe the shield they used in ’32- blow that up to the size of a modern jersey logo and put it on the front of the current template, and you would have a killer jersey. But the swooshy USA hockey logo has never quite struck me right.

    GB v New Zealand at Cardiff has GB in white, NZ in all black.

    While you may expect NZ to be all black, actually the football team are the All Whites, so I’m not aure what’s happening there.

    The GB kits have such a pale Union Flag design that I’m presuming it’s there, I can’t see it on screen:

    It looks like the kits are going to be very plain.

    Yes, TA, but GB’s colours for these Games are dark blue with a Union Flag motif. In this game BOTH teams have changed when they could have both worn their first kit.

    This plain, white sleeved uniform for the US Women look terrible.

    The other thing that really bugs me about soccer in general is why, for the love of God, can’t teams match their uniform/kit color, and their cleat color? Wambach has blue kicks, while Morgan has neon green ones, and Rapinoe is sporting orange kicks.

    I presume by “cleats” and “kicks” you mean their boots? ;)

    Boots are not part of the team kit – each footballer has their own preferred brand and (outside Olympics restrictions) their own sponsorship deals.

    I understand that point, but can’t they at least match color? Have different brand boots/kicks/spikes/cleats… but at least make them the same color.

    Johnny, these are players who have spent an entire season breaking in a pair of shoes for a team not named “USA”. They aren’t going to just put a new pair on and call it a day. Who, in their right mind, breaks in a pair of shoes for a three-week tournament just to go back to the shoes they love, feel comfortable in, and that that match their regular team colors?

    Crucial to the clean look of the vintage Knickerbockers’ uniform is the vertical arching of the player’s name. Can they even bribe anyone to do it that way, now? I recall a style guide mentioning NBA player names now are standardized.

    You’re right, Walter. Vertical arching.

    I should mention, though, that they can clean up the Knicks all they want, but if they put some corporate logo on the uniform then it’s all an exercise in futility.

    Anyone else notice that the Athletics green jersey clashes with the rest of their green items (Hats, undershirt, catchers gear, helmets,…). It seems too dark. While watching the Blue Jays/Athletics game last night , it looked like the jerseys were more dark teal than green. The arm pit area was the proper shade however. Maybe it was only the lighting and cameras for the telecast.

    Also, how did Ichiro make his Yankee’s cap look like he has been wearing it all season when he just got it hours before his first game? You would think that he would have other things to do than shape a ball cap.

    Just a news tidbit out of Chicago this morning. Chick-Fil-A was planning on building a unit in the city. The local Alderman objected to the restaurant being built due to the owner’s stance on gay marriage. Seems that Mayor Rahm is backing the Alderman.

    Good for them! I hope Chik-Fil-A doesn’t put too much political pressure on TPTB to force this.

    Unfortunately people are turning the event into yet another, “We white male American Christians are, like, so totally oppressed, ‘n’junk…”


    I love the argument that the alderman is preventing his district from growing. Uh, it’s one fucking chicken shop in Chicago, it might provide 20 jobs – and shitty ones at that. I highly doubt that no other company will want to do something with that land/storefront. Idiots.

    I didn’t see any proof that the account was set up by chick-fil-a, could just be someone out to defend them with a made up account.

    Would he have been able to build a catholic church in the city?

    Maybe it was “Elton Brand”?
    It’s safer to say that Chicago has more serious issues to address than the personal marriage views of the owner of a national fast food chain.

    Valid point, but probably not true, but valid.

    “Would he have been able to build a catholic church in the city?”

    NOT a valid point.

    Private business and religious organizations don’t have to follow the same rules, just ask the IRS.

    _____________ has more serious issues to address than _____________.

    Works every time.

    And why are you bothering to defend this company? Just because they have similar views as you (I’m assuming) on one topic doesn’t mean they aren’t assholes.

    They’re proven liars about the Muppet toy recall. Caught red handed. Instead of just owning up to it and saying, “Oh sorry about the recall, the Muppets disagree with our stance on gay marriage,” they took the VERY low road and created a fictional – and potentially libelous – storyline about a safety issue for children.

    I can think of few excuses for said recall that would be more despicable.

    Listen, I have similar views to Nick Saban about how to run an NCAA offense, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a GIANT tool bag…

    Great post today! After about a decade hiatus, I’ve been watching some more tennis lately so it was a fun article to me. Those Swiss uniforms look solid.

    Haven’t seen this mentioned on the site yet, but apparently the Egyptian OC supplied it’s Olympians with counterfeit Nike apparel:


    Phil, how crushing would it be for you if Charles Wang bought (if it were possible) the All-England Club?

    Oh dear – we’ve only gone and upset the North Koreans even before the opening ceremony.

    Showed pictures of their team on the big screen with South Korean flags. :(

    NK wouldn’t play for an hour till it was sorted (how long does it take to Google the North Korean flag)?

    This does not augur well.

    How did somebody NOT catch this before today? Those videos were made recently (presumably as soon as LOCOG got the North Korean roster and photos from accreditation. Nobody caught it?!?

    what i find most surprising about the nba considering jersey ads is that they don’t even allow adidas to put their mark on the game unis. seems odd that they’d jump, sort of, from one extreme to the other. regardless of what the nba eventually decides about allowing ads come september, this has to give adidas some bargaining leverage to add their mark now, right? as much as i dont want to see it, it wouldn’t surprise me considering recent developments

    Adidas has branded the ASG jerseys for at least a few years now. Unfortunately, it is realistic to imagine Adidas branding on the team jerseys on the horizon.

    re: the Long Beach Poly baseball/Padre logo similarity — I’m guessing it’s not a coincidence that the greatest player in Poly baseball history and the greatest player in Padres history are one and the same: Tony Gwynn.

    Scott, nice follow up on the arm bands. It’s always fun to do some digging to try and figure out the origin of old photos.

    Yes, and the video ad for it makes it look like he’s pleasuring himself with said bobble fist.

    For whatever reason, I think the logos in the visiting bullpens at Citi Field have to be done by the Mets’ grounds crew, no? I can’t believe two teams would take the time to make their own intricate logos on a bullpen mound.

    Following up on the Spain FiNOB thing – I can think of two instances in international sport. The easy-to-explain one is India’s cricket team. All (most?) Sikhs take the last name of “Singh,” so players such as Harbhajan Singh go FiNOB.

    The I-have-no-idea-why example is Turkey’s World Cup soccer team in 2002. Several players had LNOB, several had FiNOB, and several had FNOB. My only guess is it may have to do with the various ethnicities on the team and what name they go by. This issue has actually been in the back of my mind for some time, and I’ve been waiting for Turkey to qualify for a major tournament so I can submit this question to the crack research staff at UW, but alas Turkey has failed to get in on a major tourney for some time now.

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