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MLB Alternates and New Looks, Pretty Boy Style

by Phil Hecken, and UW Design Expert, Paul Soto

Well. “Pretty Boy” Paulie Soto is back with a fresh batch of incredible stuff. And I do mean incredible. If MLB ever needed some design changes to the alternates, or some fresh new looks, the designs that follow would be a good start. If you . . . → Read More: MLB Alternates and New Looks, Pretty Boy Style

Check Your Head

If you were to go back and check every rugby item ever to appear in the Ticker, you’d probably find that about 70% of them were contributed by reader Caleb Borchers, who regularly peppers me with rugby-related items in the faint hope that someone will, y’know, give a shit. He realizes most of the . . . → Read More: Check Your Head

The Good Life

By Phil Hecken

This past week, a number of pictures from the outstanding Google-Life magazine collaboration, featuring the treasure trove of Life magazine pictures, have been again popping up on the blog. The collection, which was originally released in November of 2008, features literally millions of gorgeous pictures from Life‘s archives. You can begin . . . → Read More: The Good Life

The Frozen Four Sixteen

By Phil Hecken, with Uni Watch Hockey Wing President, Teebz

We begin with a some words from Teebz:

As some of you have seen on this blog, I have railed on certain NHL teams for their unbelievable and seemingly ridiculous jersey designs. I’ll admit that I like the way hockey looked before Reebok got . . . → Read More: The Frozen Four Sixteen