Guess We Can’t Accuse Them of Having Overdesigned This One

The long-awaited Oklahoma City Thunder uniforms were finally unveiled yesterzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”¦.

Okay, so I pulled that same joke when the Rays’ uniforms were unveiled, but c’mon — these things are so generic, they might as well just have “Basketball Team” printed on the front and then they could have a cameo scene in Repo Man. . . . → Read More: Guess We Can’t Accuse Them of Having Overdesigned This One

Monday Morning Uni Watch

If you look at the breakdown of NFL teams wearing white at home recently compiled by reader Tim Brulia, you’ll see that the Raiders and Seahawks are listed as the league’s “only white jersey virgins.”

We’ll have to revise that entry, because the Seahawks now stand alone after the Raiders wore white at home . . . → Read More: Monday Morning Uni Watch

Not Afraid Of The Dark

When I first saw this picture, I nearly crumbled. I was overcome with emotion. It might not be possible to explain the full magnitude of its power, but I’ll give it a shot.

You see, I thought Georgia was hosting a football game and nobody showed up. Then I looked closer at the opposite . . . → Read More: Not Afraid Of The Dark

Kind Of Blue

Well, if nothing else, they at least looked like the Mets. I don’t think it’ll be much consolation to the Mets fans who hang out here, though. And I suppose you could make a doomsday joke about how they really did look like the Mets. (They lost, by the way, and fell a game . . . → Read More: Kind Of Blue