“So relax! Let’s have some fun out here! This game’s fun, OK?…

By Phil Hecken

…It’s fun, Goddamit!” — Crash Davis, Bull Durham

Yesterday the Cubs, continuing their throwback-to-each-decade-in-Wrigley’s-existence promo, turned back the clock to 1988, for their game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Of course, the Tampa Bay Rays weren’t in existence in 1988, so instead of throwing back to a minor-league team, they […]

A Throwback for a Fauxback

By Phil Hecken

Last night, the Tampa Rays, nee in 1998, threwback to a uniform that never existed — until last year that is. As you’ll recall, in a wonderfully gimmicky promotion, the Rays “invented” a fauxback road uniform they would (in theory) have worn had the club been in existence. That game took […]

Ladies and Gents, Your 1979 Tampa Bay Rays

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Joe Maddon? Seriously, how many other big league skippers could wear that uniform and look like they were enjoying it? Or to put it another way, how many teams would use their manager, instead of a few players, for this type of photo shoot?

My crush […]