Sunday Morning Uni Watch

By Phil Hecken

Week three in the NCAA football schedule doesn’t usually make for the best of matchups, as we’re past the big opening games, and we haven’t really settled into the conference matchups. Sure, there’s that Third Saturday in September game and the Holy War, but for the most part, there are still . . . → Read More: Sunday Morning Uni Watch

Olympic Beach Volleyball

By Phil Hecken

When today’s Olympic Correspondent approached me for a discipline, after a brief discussion, he asked me if anyone had decided to cover “Beach Volleyball.” My reply was “no, if you want it, it’s yours,” realizing there probably isn’t much in the way of uniforms for this particular sport, but then I . . . → Read More: Olympic Beach Volleyball

Gold Golden Gophers

By Phil Hecken

Paul has an ESPN column today — here’s the link.

A quick break from the Olympics as the main article — So we have a short lede, brought to us by everyone’s favorite whiffleball playing Gopher-loving sexagenarian…

Gold Golden Gophers… By Rick Pearson

Early in the doubleknit era, the Minnesota Golden . . . → Read More: Gold Golden Gophers

No No No

By Phil Hecken

It’s been a big past few days in the uni-verse, so much so that there are really three big stories on the front burner today. They’re all pretty bad, each in its own way. But let’s start with the two freshest.

As most of you probably know, Joe is gone now…good . . . → Read More: No No No