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Gold Golden Gophers


By Phil Hecken

Paul has an ESPN column today — here’s the link.

A quick break from the Olympics as the main article — So we have a short lede, brought to us by everyone’s favorite whiffleball playing Gopher-loving sexagenarian…

Gold Golden Gophers…
By Rick Pearson

Early in the doubleknit era, the Minnesota Golden Gophers baseball team was most definitely golden. They had been wearing maroon pins at home, as shown here on Dave Winfield, and gray roads. But by 1973 for sure (honestly don’t know about ’72) they had switched to mono gold, again on Winfield. [Holy shit, look at the size of that glove — PH]

Golden, indeed; they won the CWS in ’73. Despite later imaginings of many, I think the early version was more Old Gold. But maybe that’s just because around that same time the football team had gone to mustard.

Anyway, when Paul Molitor got there a few years later, they most definitely wore Athletic Gold. Also had added a maroon jersey to go with them, I believe. Nice white Riddells, too.

Some sidelights…

• Winfield was born the day Bobby Thomson hit the “shot heard ”˜round the world.”

• He is the only player to be drafted by four leagues in three sports: Padres in MLB, Atlanta Hawks in NBA, Utah Stars in ABA and, though he didn’t play college football, the Minnesota Vikings took him in the 17th round.

• And this: How ”˜bout a monster bobble head of Winfield?

And now a related question (because I don’t know for sure). Is Winfield the last major leaguer to never play a game in the minors? Or is it Bob Hoerner? Or someone else?


Thanks Rick.


Screen shot 2012-07-25 at 1.03.21 PM.png

And now a few words from Paul: Hi, gang. Two items of note today: First, for reasons not worth explaining here, I’m looking for excuses to go to Los Angeles — excuses that would make for good ESPN stories. The stories wouldn’t necessarily have to be uni-related but would definitely have to be sports-related (duh). So if you know of a cool little sports museum, an interesting collector (maybe it’s you!), or any other L.A.-based subject that might make for good ESPN fodder, please let me know. Thanks.

Meanwhile, the latest entry on the Permanent Record Blog is about a museum comprised of objects that were rescued from the trash. Check it out here.


Screen Shot 2012-07-24 at 7.55.57 PM


This section will feature “lesser” Olympics stories — both the good and the bad — of the Olympic games, past, present and future (ok, maybe not future–we’ll see).

And lordy lordy lordy, do we have a bunch of good and (mostly) bad for today:

But we start off with the good — got a nice note (actually on Tuesday) after George’s article of Men’s Football (which starts today, dontcha know) ran, from reader Christian Bergara, an Uruguayan, who offered up the following:


As an avid reader and an Uruguayan, I was very excited to see our small but historic country was mentioned today. I know it’s hard to get pics of the uniform, but you’ll see that there are slight changes. The unis are the same as the ones that are out now, but with a special Olympics shield instead of the AUF (asosacion uruguaya de futbol).

• Here you’ll see the team uniform for events, warmups, and sideline wear with a special sweater instead of the regular jacket.
• Here is a good look at the logo.
Sweater close up.
• A good look at the “home” shirt.
• And finally the regular home shirt with the AUF logo instead of the Olympics one.

It’s nice that puma at least did something, but there were rumors of using a special throwback from 1924 or 1928. oh well.


Christian Bergara

Thank you, Christian!


And some more good: Looks like there will be some Pepsi at the Olympics after all. Or, as Tyler Johnson, got this screen grab says, “Someone got through the safe zone (or put the shirt on in the bathroom).”


The Opening Ceremonies haven’t even begun, and we already have on field controversy: North Korea women’s soccer team refuses to take field over flag dispute. That’s right, the North Korean women’s football team walked off the pitch at their Olympic match in Glasgow after their images were shown on a screen beside a South Korean flag. Oops, their bad. (H/T to Clint Richardson and George Chilvers, respectively, for those).

Geez, how tough is it to Google that? It’s not like the first 25 results aren’t virtually identical.


Ah, but that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. It seems instead Of Nike Gear, Egypt Gave Its Olympic Athletes Chinese Knockoffs. I’m not sure there is any delicious irony there, however. (H/T to Chris Flinn.)


At least British Punk Bands haven’t given up their rebellious nature. The band “Goldblade” is set to defy trademark laws, risking criminal charges by releasing a “critical” Olympic t-shirt. Good luck with that.


Penultimately, a bit of good ol’ American humor: Seems like Scotty’s Brewhouse in Indianapolis didn’t win their bidding war to secure advertiser rights at the Games. So, and to avoid any potential legal troubles, they have come up with a logo that is sure to evade the Olympic Branding Police:


Awesome! (H/T to Kevin Tamosaitis for that)


And finally, in case you missed it — the ladies started playing football yesterday. Here’s a link to lots of pics.

Hope Solo 7-25-12



#NoUniAds Campaign…Day 7

This will be a regular feature on Uni Watch until the NBA rescinds it’s incredibly offensive and stupid proposal to place corporate advertising on uniforms.

And now, a personal note from Paul:

It’s important that we keep making our voices heard: Call the NBA’s publicly listed phone number (212-407-8000), ask for Adam Silver’s and/or David Stern’s office), e-mail deputy commissioner Adam Silver at his his publicly listed address (, and tweet to @NBA with the hashtag #NoUniAds. Do it now.




Mad as Hell…: Good Old Mad Magazine ran a really funny (of course, it’s Mad, duh) story on NBA jersey ads we’ll soon be seeing. Actually, it’s more memorable for the photoshoppery (and which can be seen on the left side of the page next to this — click to enlarge). Great line, “with this new revenue stream, maybe the league can finally pay LeBron a proper salary.” Yes, because he’s not going to be the first billion dollar athlete (is he already?) without this.


Gay Discusses “Last Taboo”: Ok, now that I have your attention, here’s an article which appeared in the venerable Wall Street Journal and authored by Jason Gay, who sounds like he’s channeling Paul when he laments that, “Sponsors invade nearly every inch of the action””uniforms showcase swooshes and trefoils, sideline billboards sell beer, banks, soft drinks, cable providers, season tickets, movie sequels, vacation destinations desirable and miserable,” and then intones, “But there’s still a slice of taboo territory in U.S. sports: the uniforms. Though it’s already partially claimed by the logos of apparel companies, the uniforms of sports like baseball and football have, to date, been spared the sprawling adverts that are found in European soccer or Formula 1 teams or even upon local Little Leaguers.” (H/T to Robert Silverman, who adds, “Some pointless grandstanding towards the end, but he makes some of the same points y’all have.)


A plea from one of our own: And finally, one of Uni Watch’s readers (I forgot who — so if you started this, please take a bow) is getting the word out on Reddit. Sadly, some of the commenters are not so averse to adverts on the unis as we the faithful.


I’m still receiving lots more reader submissions to the NBA, so I’ll post some more today. Great work people! Keep it up (and keep sending me your letters and any non-form responses):

Chris Weber:

Dear Mr. Silver,

We’re not Europe. This isn’t soccer, or golf, or NASCAR. Find other ways to increase revenue, but PLEASE do not deface your league’s jerseys. You’ll ruin them and bring about a plague that will foul every major sports league in this country. Part of the charm of cheering for our favorite teams is the fact that we all get behind our teams, regardless of our personal preferences when it comes to the products we like and/or buy. By intruding on this otherwise clean space on a jersey, you forever contaminate it. I ask you again, please reconsider this shortsighted proposal. Remember when you were a kid, and how it was the team name on the front that mattered most? Sadly, something tells me you’ve forgotten all about that in your quest for the almighty dollar. I hope I’m proven wrong.

Chris A. Weber

Rich Friedman:

Hello. I vote no on uniform ads.

I already resent the adidas logo on what I buy, and I really don’t want to become a (or watch) walking billboards.

I don’t think that I will be buying much in the way of NBA merchandise with ads any time soon.

Rich Friedman

Christopher Smith:

The decision to allow advertisements of non-NBA companies on the game uniforms must be reversed. I will never attend, or watch, another NBA sanctioned event if this is allowed to happen.

Christopher Smith


OK folks — that’s it for today’s update. DON’T GIVE UP THE FIGHT. We will not stop until the NBA has rescinded this douchebaggish proposal — you know what to do. More reader pleas tomorrow (and hopefully I’ll finally get to those non-form replies that some of you are receiving). Keep the faith! And don’t forget to hop on Twitter and tweet “@NBA — #NoUniAds” (and feel free to expound upon that — you’ve got 140 characters to play with).

Thanks to Tim E. O’Brien and Chris Giorgio for the image in the upper right of this section!


Screen Shot 2012-06-24 at 10.32.36 PM

“Benchies” first appeared at U-W in 2008, and has been a Saturday & Sunday feature here for the past two years.

. . . . .

How odd, something actually smells good around here…

7-26-12 d-Chicken

Click to enlarge



Reminder: Paul is on summer break until Aug. 23. Phil Hecken is handling the weekday content and John Ekdahl is running the show on weekends; contact info for them is available here.

The Uni Watch e-mail address is being auto-forwarded to Phil, so any Ticker submissions or story ideas sent to that address will go directly to him. If you have a question or comment for Paul, go ahead and send it in, and Phil will make sure Paul receives it. We’re particularly interested in keeping up-to-date with college football uniform unveilings, so definitely keep submitting those. Thanks.


ticker 2

Uni Watch News Ticker: “Bayern Munich CNOB” says Kenny Loo (that’s Chinese Name on Back). More photos in this slideshow). … The Phillies ballgirls have pinstriped shorts to match the home jerseys they wear. “Good little detail” says Marc Bauche. Anyone know if they have matching outfits when the Phils wear their alt creams? … According to Mark Gonzales, “Not all Seminoles are happy with FSU still using them as a mascot.” … The controversial London Rippers of the Frontier League is no more. They closed up shop Tuesday (thanks to Yancy Yeater). … Robbie Biederman thought it’s pretty interesting to see a picture of MJ wearing Nike’s but not Jordan’s. “This picture is clearly a few years into the Jordan brand,” he notes. … The 1st of the 2 games in this 1969 highlight video is AU and UGa matching off color v. color. “I’d love to see them bring this back. But maybe not with the groovy highlight music,” says Brad Warner. … The Charlotte 49ers have unveiled a new white helmet. … Lucas Arland forwarded a photo of the new Ball State football jerseys floating around Twitter. … From Jake Elwell: “Nice Uniwatch moment in the appendix of Tim Wendel’s masterful new narrative of the 1968 MLB season, SUMMER OF ’68: Willie Horton leaves the Tigers in 1977 and goes on to play for the Indians, A’s, Blue Jays, Mariners, two years in the PCL and one in the Mexican League. ‘Through it all, he still wears the same batting helmet from his Tigers’ days, which he repaints at each stop.'” His google search confirms. … Remember those Look at Me! “Play Like a Champion Today” gloves adidas came up with for ND? Well, they’re kinda stupid and flawed with the current design (thanks to Chris Mahr). … Andrew Horne states, “Dwayne Greer, a Valparaiso, IN native and fan of my alma mater – Valparaiso University – made a series of helmets showing the history of Valpo football. The second pic feeds off of Paul’s posts on brown-clad uniforms.” … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: The Staal bros. will wear their initials on their jerseys in Carolina but the Schenn’s won’t do the same in Philly. … Matt Benz thinks St. Michael-Albertville (a Minneapolis suburb) did a nice version of the old Brewers glove logo. … More from yesterday’s comments: Fascinating — On August 3 at 7:10 PM, the Los Angeles Dodgers will hold their first-ever “Star Trek Night” at Dodger Stadium. Ooooh…and look, here’s the shirsey (my money is on Jim Vilk saying “I’d Wear That”). … A reader who goes by the pseudo-email-nym of “Sunsplash7777” asks, “Nike in 2011? The Eagles acquired punter Mat McBriar from the Cowboys earlier today. However, this publicity mugshot shows McB in what appears to be a Nike jersey with the 2011 NFL Equipment shield neck patch.” …Wayne Edward Koehler noticed I referenced a release about the Dunedin Blue Jays wearing throwbacks on July 28. “What the release doesn’t show is the uniform which was displayed on the Jays’ Facebook page.” That’s SWEET! … Long time reader Dave Feheley offers his first submission: “This is at the Bauer Pro Camp. I don’t think it’s an optical illusion, but they couldn’t get these guys the same nameplate width or stroke weight on the numbers? Is nameplate width for shorter names somehow based on jersey cut/shoulder pad size? It looks like the top left and right corners are the same distance from the seams on both jerseys.” … Uni changes for Penn State? Long-time reader, frequent submitter and big JoePa fan Larry Bodnovich draws our attention to this article, in which Penn State football coach Bill O’Brien “has talked to Nike about changing Penn State’s plain blue and white uniforms, a staple of the program for decades under former coach Joe Paterno. He also said he’s looking to put names on the back of the jerseys.” Two different PSU message boards reacted to the rumors. … Kyle Shaner reports on more announcer uni banter: “On the Reds TV broadcast, Jim Day just said Brandon Phillips wore his pants high-cuffed once, but his mom told him to stop because it looked bad. He was going high-cuffed in the dugout tonight (he had the night off), but Day said he won’t go with that look on the field.” I don’t like to say bad things about people’s moms, but shit. … Last night the Lehigh Valley IronPigs played their first-annual Christmas in July promotion and the jerseys were auctioned off at the end of the game to benefit charity (if the dude in the black helmet looked familiar — it’s because he’s Ryne Sandberg, HOFer). Big thanks to Jon Schaeffer
(Manager, Media Relations & Broadcasting for Lehigh Valley IronPigs for that shot).


There you have it…another one in the books. We’re going to keep running the “long form” (no “click here to continue reading”) UW today and tomorrow to judge reader feedback (which was largely positive yesterday). If you like (or dislike) it the “old” (full post view) way, let us know in the comments below. Enjoy the footy today. Tomorrow I’ll be back with a “summer Friday while Paul is on vacation” favorite and bring you the first of several articles from my buddy, and guest writer, Morris Levin, who has a really special lede planned. Trust me, I read it (and prepped it, coded it, etc.). It’s gonna be good.

Everyone have a great Thursday!


“If you had read closely, I said, ‘casual Hurricane fans probably will confuse the two Staals’. If you want a dickish jab, I’ll make a comment about reading and comprehension skills in the south.”

–UW Hockey Wing President, Teebz

Comments (223)

    For me the “long form” of the page is great, because (I’ve mentioned this to Paul and Phil but it seems I maybe the only who experienced it) I used to get “long running script preventing this page from loading” when I tried to click to continue reading. I’m not getting that now.

    As always great articles today, but (and I know you’ll be sad about this) no more comments from me today – I’m off soon to Old Trafford to watch UAE take on Uruguay, and Great Britain play Senegal.

    I’ll be wearing my Xmas present from my daughter – my UAE shirt. She lives in Abu Dhabi.

    Hey, I don’t think the items in today’s Olympic coverage are a mixed bag. It’s all good. Those Uruguay soccer unis are tasty. [By the way, can you imagine communicating in Spanish as well as Christian handles idiomatic English?] The Pepsi-shirts are good, the story of the Egyptian military skimming the Olympic uni budget is good, Goldblade and the Punk Resistance are good, and Scotty’s Brewhouse is good. And the Korean flag snafu is wonderful, since it insulted a country well deserving of insult.

    yeah…i guess it was better than i expected — when i started compiling items for that section, i somehow thought that there was some “real bad” but it turns out it’s pretty much all good

    unless of course you’re a coke fan or a north korean sympathizer

    I like the long form the first visit of the day. I want to read the entire entry and not have to click extra to do it.

    I like the shorter form when I come back later to view the comments. It’s a little annoying to have to scroll through a long post multiple times to recheck the comments.

    imho, best would be long form with comment link on the top. Or a way to show the long form only on the first view of the day, then revert to short form

    I like the short form better. That way I can click on the comments and read the long version.

    BTW Phil, good work so far but I think there are too many miscellaneous items, especially with the ~~~ thing. You also have 11 separate ideas in one column, including Benchies. Might want to somehow clean up the clutter a bit? But that’s just me.

    I agree with Fred on favoring the “continue reading” format especially for Phil/weekend posts because they tend to be lengthy. Not a deal-breaker, but that’s my 2¢.

    Long time reader, but I rarely post. Just chiming in…I like it this way too. I don’t like the extra click & time it takes to pull up the full post. I like it on the main page. I don’t mind the click if I decide to comment.

    I’m sure that this has been covered and that I just missed it, but what’s up with the US women’s soccer jerseys? In the country where Nike is located, we have jerseys that are too bland for AYSO and yet the men’s basketball team has something that is as futuristic as Space Jam. Come on Nike, get in the game!

    Perhaps the soccer team wants to be bland?

    Plus, which sport are more people in the US going to watch? Women’s soccer or Men’s Basketball? Exactly. Nike could make the Greatest Soccer Uniform Ever Created, and no one would actually see it.

    I like the dark blue and the general understatement. My one pro-flashy suggestion would be to convert the white sleeves into red-and-white-stripes.

    I excoriated Nike yesterday (thinking that they could have told US Soccer what they were doing for Brazil, South Korea, etc), but US Soccer isn’t blameless, either. Surely someone at Soccer House could have said to Nike “hey, last time our unis were bland, this time can we have a flag or a USA wordmark or something?”

    Individual teams are not allowed to have their National Governing Body logos on their uniforms.

    I’m a little surprised the U.S. didn’t have either their Olympic Team logo:


    or the Team USA logo that the USOC tried to popularize a few years ago:


    At least we haven’t seen the Waldo jerseys yet …

    Speaking of “logo creep” — anyone notice that there was a FIFA banner at midfield of yesterday’s USA-France game? I haven’t seen it since. I guess Jacques Rogge does trump Sepp Blatter.

    Each international federation (the governing body for the sport) gets to fly their flag at their venue. So you’ll see the FIBA flag at the basketball arena, the IAAF flag at the Olympic Stadium during track and field, etc.

    Fascinating – On August 3 at 7:10 PM, the Los Angeles Dodgers will hold their first-ever “Star Trek Night” at Dodger Stadium. Ooooh…and look, here’s the shirsey (my money is on Jim Vilk saying “I’d Wear That”).

    I’d wear that… but they should have worn these: link

    I’d rather the Dodgers had a Battlestar Galactica (original series, that is) Night, but yeah, I’d wear that Spock shirt.

    They should have that when the Giants are in town, since Starfleet Academy is supposed to be in San Francisco.

    “First, for reasons now worth explaining here…”
    *Did he mean “not”…

    & the Jim Day link is not working…

    1)i do believe he meant “not” — now fixed

    2) there was no link for the uni banter…just text

    Wikipedia has a list of players who debuted with thier major league clubs without having played in another professional league (Minors, Japan, Negro Leagues, etc.)


    Doesn’t take into account players that went back down for rehab or poor performance.

    I know.

    But to the great unwashed, leaving out the “h” would have looked like a typo and been distracting.

    One of those “artistic license” things.

    Plus, I was afraid maybe there might be some kind of Olympic-like enforcement team out there looking to slam dunk me.

    (Oh-oh, someone hasn’t protected “slam dunk,” have they?)

    To bastardize Jim Vilk and steal him for my own cause, I wouldn’t click through that.

    Also, does each Notre Dame player have to touch each other’s gloves coming out before the game now? God, those things are heinous on multiple levels.

    OK…maybe I’m crazy…but doesn’t the link for the Google search on the North Korean Flag have the text “South+Korean+Flag” in the URL?


    If I had to guess… I’d say the cause for the mistake was probably a google for “Korean flag” which does show the South Korea flag first.

    We didn’t get it wrong in 1966.

    I can see HOW the mistake was made, and bemoan current standards of education, what is inexcusable that there appears to have been no checking in place.

    What’s shocking to me is that the IOC is raking in like $3 billion dollars for a two-week event, and that money doesn’t buy a standardized graphics package with, you know, the right flag for each team. There should be like one DVD-ROM that’s given out to the crews at every venue with all the necessary and branding compliant graphics. Seems likely that instead, each sport, or possibly venue, is building its own graphics packages, so instead of doing the work once and getting it right, several hundred people are duplicating efforts and basically guaranteeing that errors will be introduced.

    They do have such a DVD for the anthems. Multiple redundancies when you select one. You go to a menu and type in the name of the country. Its flag and name pop up and ask “You have selected (Country name). Please touch to continue.” Then it says “Are you sure you want the national anthem of (country name)?” After you confirm again, it cues the anthem up for you.

    Kind of points out the dangers of countries using the same name. I know that “North Korea” isn’t actually the country’s name – Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or something is – but “Korea” is still in there. Better when you separate from another country to choose a new and improved name. Why not change it to Juchea or something and avoid confusion?

    I still don’t understand why South Sudan chose to name itself South Sudan when it had the alternatives of Cush and Nile Republic on its list of possible new names. That’s just asking for foreigners to fly the wrong flag and play the wrong anthem when your people visit the rest of the world.

    South Sudan has only one athlete in the Olympics, he will be marching with the Olympic flag.

    I’m pretty sure Pete Incaviglia didn’t play in the minors – I think his rookie season might have been 1985 or 1986.

    He might have fast-tracked straight to the majors, but he was most certainly a New Orleans Zephyr (PCL-AAA) on his way to retirement. I would know–I saw him in person.

    Gay makes the important conservative case against NBA uni ads. It’s been a tradition in major American sports since American sports became major in the 1870s that unis don’t have advertisements. You don’t turn your back on such long-established tradition and practice without very compelling reasons, and “to make a little bit more cash” is never a compelling reason to abandon traditional values. Money is not a license to trash tradition, nor is profit a justification for abandoning heritage.

    Props to the dude who made it into that match with the Pepsi shirt… but on the other side of the score bug, link… that white shirt looks like it’s got the face of link from Homestar Runner on it!

    Could be possible, the railing is in the right spot to block a potential panda mouth.

    Though now I’ll be spending the next little bit thinking about Crack Stuntman’s link

    After all the bad publicity Sir Sebastian backed off of the ridiculous policy and said that individuals would not be denied entry as long as they were not part of large groups trying to display something.

    Matt Benz thinks St. Michael-Albertville (a Minneapolis suburb) did a nice version of the old Brewers glove logo.

    Then I’ll bet he thinks Venom did a good job with Roger Dean’s Yes logo.

    On Jordan’s shoes…

    Those are air max’s, popular street shoes i.e. off the court. I think what we’re seeing here isn’t very unusual as we’re used to seeing athletes do these photo shoots without their usual game shoes/cleats/sneakers/boots.

    This shot would also predate any of Jordan brands off court stuff too so it makes sense that he’d be in plain old nike. 1992 was pretty much when the ‘Air Jordan’ brand became its own thing anyway

    Thanks for the classic Dave Winfield pics, Ricko.

    I found it odd a couple of days ago that Ichiro switched numbers when he joined the Yankees; he didn’t want to take Bernie Williams’ number but had no issue with taking Winfield’s?

    Winfield isn’t exactly in the Yankees’ Pantheon. You’d have as much hubbub over Ichiro taking Ed Figueroa’s old number.

    My brother would love that 8-foot bobblehead!

    He’d settle for the smaller version, though. Anybody got one to trade?

    Mike Leake, he of the high cuffs and the Cincinnati Reds, was the last player to go straight to the majors without passing go in the minors.

    To clarify…

    Yes, there are a lot of players who went right to the majors…Sandy Koufax and others during the 1950s when the Bonus Baby rule was on the books, for example.

    I was asking the last guy to spend his entire career in the majors, never playing a game in the minors.

    Inquired about Bob Hoerner cuz think he might have done a rehab or something late in his career. Kinda have vague recollection of thinking, “Oops, that takes him off the list.” But not sure.

    Getting someone’s name wrong is just…bad.

    Worst part is, I didn’t even remember the device I used to employ to get it right: “Horner on the corner.”

    My apologies.

    According to Mark Gonzales, “Not all Seminoles are happy with FSU still using them as a mascot.”

    Does this once again delegitimize Indian iconography? Given the tender sensibilities on this subject, shouldn’t approval be 100% unanimous before Native American nicknames can be used? Mind you, I’m being the devil’s advocate.

    Their approval/feelings shouldn’t matter. If they all approve today, they FSU can use it. If they then disapprove tomorrow do they have to remove it. If their feelings change again on the third day do the have to go back again?

    Feelings/Approval should have nothing to do with it.

    I have heard in the past that while Florida State had the approval of the Seminole tribe in Florida, there were other Seminole tribes in the country that did not approve. In a case like this (and, perhaps, others), there are certainly tribes that will disapprove because they genuinely dislike it. But I also wonder if some of lack of approval from some tribes is based more on not being asked for their input, not getting a portion of concessions, etc.. There’s no real way of figuring out how many are in the former and how many fit the latter, but it does make me wonder.

    Penn State almost has to change their football uniforms. Their current minimalist design will remind everybody of the Joe Paterno Era and Sandusky scandal. IMO, it will be a long overdue upgrade.

    Or, they could play in dark glasses and fake beards.

    Don’t necessarily disagree, but from an image standpoint they’d likely be better to wait a year or two, so as not to give the appearance that they think a cosmetic change will “make things all better” or “make people forget faster.”

    Agreed. Personally, I’d wait to time uni changes to coincide with the hiring of a new permanent coach after the complete reorganization of the program and the athletics department is put in place. Make it more about the new coach putting his stamp on the program, less like Ryder changing the color of its trucks right after the OKC bombing.

    Me, I’d leave the uni as-is, but reverse the colors on the helmet. That way, the white helmet will stand to represent the Paterno era. For Penn State fans, that can even be a mark of respect, almost like retiring a number. A change doesn’t have to be a rejection of the past, as an immediate uni redesign would necessarily be seen to be.

    PSU has a permanent head coach. Bill O’Brien. Not only that, but his original contract got an automatic four-year extension due to clauses providing him one extension year per any year of sanctions, making it a nine-year contract.

    I checked the PSU boards today. Still a lot of talk about possible changes or tweaks. Some are dead set against it. Some are ok with tweaks or going back to early 70’s style or Rip Engle style.

    Why not change the name of the University? For that matter, why not have every NCAA Division I football program change their colors to baby blue and black for one year? Why not have the athletic directors at all colleges wear dunce caps for a year? Maybe paint the Beaver Stadium field black? Force all men over the age of 50 entering State College to wear neon yellow warning signs stating “WARNING. I am a middle-aged male like Jerry Sandusky was, and am therefore potentially dangerous to all young boys”? Oh, I got it – Change the NCAA officials’ uniforms to look like police uniforms.

    There’s only one guy involved in any of this who is known to have raped boys. His name is Jerry Sandusky and he’s already in prison. His crime is his and his alone. The crime of cover-up was one of a dead man and two others who have already been fired. The only person to have witnessed one of the rapes (and therefore the only person who committed the felony of not reporting it to the police) is Coach McQueary.

    Uniforms, statues, murals, library endowment names… It’s all just noise from a public guilt based on every single time any of us has seen someone wronged and “didn’t want to get involved” or had a best friend or relative get involved in something they shouldn’t have, but we stay loyal and protective of them. Sandusky committed the crime alone. Sandusky is accountable alone. May he rot in a prison cell, feel the wrath of justice in the form of some bad-ass inmates who, according to rumor, don’t take kindly to child abusers, and ultimately rot in hell. Alone. Don’t go painting the players, coaches, administrators, students, or fans with a “child rape” brush. The 2012 Penn State football team has done nothing wrong. They should wear the colors and the uniform of the near 50 years of very highest levels of greatness that came before them.

    On the Jordan picture:

    He’s wearing Air Max’s, popular off-court sneakers. We’re used to seeing athletes not wearing their usual on court/field/pitch sneakers in photo shoots

    Also, its not several years into the Jordan brand. This is from 1992, the first year that Air Jordans didn’t include the nike logo

    Robin Yount never played in the Minors to my knowledge, but he was also drafted in ’73 along with Winfield (Yount was the pick before him).

    Yup, but Winfield played til ’95 (two years longer than Yount), so the question remains, was Winfield the last to do it? Of those whose careers are over.

    Leake, for example, would be, “Well, so far, anyway.”

    Now, if Olerud never played a day in the minors, then it would be him, cuz he lasted til ’05.

    That’s why I asked. Knew Winfield and others had done it. Wondered if the there’d been any additions to the list since him.

    Just did some reading. When Olerud joined his final team (Red Sox) in spring training, it was on a minor league contract.

    Oh, great, a technicality to debate.

    I’m not arguing FOR Winfield. Just trying to figure the answer to the question.

    And, please, don’t someone say, “Ichiro.”

    Pete Incavigilia I think was on that list too.

    Two different ends of debate here: Player that NEVER played in minors versus player that although maybe went straight to MLB from HS or NCAA but later in their career got sent down, did a rehab stint, etc, etc

    A “minor league contract” is not a technicality. He either suited up and played a game for a minor-league team during a regular-season minor-league game or he did not. Which account his paycheck is drawn from during spring training is immaterial to the question.

    As it happens, Olerud played 3 games for Pawtucket in May of 2005. Easy to check any candidate on Olerud’s Pawsox stats:


    Why not say Ichiro? Also Daisuke Matsuzaka and Hideki Matsui. At least for the version of the debate of “debuted in the majors without having played in the minors”. They’re perfectly legitimate answers. Otherwise, an overt racism is at play here if you really mean “American born players who played childhood ball in the USA and then got scouted and drafted and advanced through their respective teams’ systems”.

    Wait a minute. Saying that the overall level of professional Japanese baseball isn’t up to the level of play in MLB is racist?

    Um, sorry, no. Has nothing to do with anything ethnic or racial. It’s a comment on the baseball.


    Great job on the Golden Mustard Gophers, Ricko. I also liked that football pic — the visiting team’s uniforms were sweet.

    And I think I was at one of those. Probably have pictures on an old hard drive, too.

    I think it was just a publicity stunt, but I remember hearing/reading something about Winfield getting drafted in 1974, by the Minnesota Fighting Saints of the WHA.

    The Saints story seems to be apocryphal at best, as I have yet to turn up anything definitive. HockeyDB doesn’t list him in any WHA draft, and Dave’s own website makes no mention of it, though it does mention he was drafted by teams in four leagues (MLB-Padres, NFL-Vikings, NBA-Hawks, ABA-Stars).

    fighting saints “drafted” the minnesota governor / former olypian, but, not winnie.

    Northwestern unveils their new Under Amour football uniforms at 9 AM CST.

    Northwestern Unis – link

    This is certainly going to be an interesting internal struggle for the stripe-loving, purple-hating contingent.

    Agreed. I was pretty excited when UnderArmour posted a video about the design and the Northwestern stripe was repeatedly mentioned, but I’m not sure that’s the way to feature the stripe. Given the positive feedback on the classically-understated Brooklyn Nets logo, I thought maybe the big designers would finally realize that simple can be awesome, but I guess UnderArmour isn’t on board with that.

    “positive feedback on the classically-understated Brooklyn Nets logo” HAHAHHAHAHAHA

    … that the stripe doesn’t wrap around all the way because of those side panels, just makes it that much worse.

    That’s definitely the best soccer jersey ever worn to play NCAA football.

    Fascinating how some visual idioms that work in one sport don’t in another.

    Strangely, I really like these, though I would have preferred a plain block numeral set and lettering, as well as a grey mask as the chest stripe feels vintage to me.

    So refreshingly surprised at Under Amrour, though I’m sure there’s more to the design than mets the eye in that photo (patterns, etc.).

    I love the stripe, but its very reminiscent of a soccer kit rather than a football uni.

    The stripe looks like a typical “hoop” on a soccer jersey, on which it really works well. Not so much on the football jersey.

    I’m glad UA didn’t go crazy with it, but it feels so under-designed now that it looks like something you’d order from a catalogue for a pee-wee team. Not even a stripe on the pants?…

    There is more, the numbers are made up of bricks from the Northwestern campus. As an NU alum it will be great to finally have one shade of purple.

    I’m usually a fan of the more traditional unis, but I think UA did a great job of mixing the old and new and not looking like South Carolina.

    I could do without the black pants. Otherwise, I like this design. It will be interesting to see how it works on guys who don’t wear the compression shirts, but I’m glad they’re embracing the stripe and using it in an unconventional (but not garish) way.

    My alma matter looks like a road striping crew ran over us!?!

    Northwestern stripes across the stomach? These are horrifically bad. So much worse than I had feared. And just when we had finally gotten everything right.

    A one-off deal for one game is OK, but our REGULAR uniform??? Does anyone think this stacks up with Nebraska, Michigan, PSU, OSU, or just about anyone else we play?

    I knew that when we signed up the Barnum & Bailey of sports suppliers that we had the potential to look bad, but this is insane. Seriously, if we are to do this, I think we should make the whole left half of the uniform purple, the whole right half white, make them out of satin, and put fuzzy balls in the middle.

    I would say it does. It’s instantly unique, distinguishable, bold, holds one of NW’s hallmark design elements at the forefront…

    OK, but why do we have to always use the “Well, it sucks, but I can think of something that sucks more” standard.
    After all the years I saw them scrounge to develop a really sharp looking uniform, and then it goes to hell
    after only two seasons.

    I know NU is playing up the Northwestern stripes (as well they should). They’re featured prominently on the billboards I’ve been seeing all over the place lately.

    But I gotta say, I never expected anything remotely like this.

    Point that’s being missed here. Putting the stripes across the front of the jersey allows them to be visible even if the player isn’t wearing an undershirt. That means that no matter how short the sleeves get, the stripes with always be visible. Like it or not, sleeves are disappearing and this could save classic stripe patterns (Bears, Packers, Browns, Steelers) from going extinct.

    I like Northwestern stripes as much as the next person, but why not put them on their calves, or thighs, or shoes, or helmets, or any other place that the stripes were never designed to be? They look ridiculous across the chest. And then add on the completely unnecessary wordmark that has no historical precedent just makes it even more cluttered.

    Reading all the comments, I was a little hesitant to click the link to the NW uniforms. I imagined something with multiple stripes and extremely garish. Glad to see I was quite wrong. Those are beautiful.

    Two thoughts:

    * I believe Florida State wore gold monochrome uniforms during the late 70s or early 80s.

    * Willie Horton was a very popular and excellent player for the Tigers during the 60s and 70s. But he’s not a Hall of Famer, and Horton is one of the few players with a statue I can think of who didn’t have an early demise, or similar circumstance.

    FSU wore gold uniforms 1 time in the early 80’s for a homecoming game. I’m not entirely certain but I believe it was in 1983 against Cincy, and the jerseys were bought by Burt Reynolds. The uniforms looked awful and were never seen again.

    The players who won all those games for Penn State, over the years, are represented by the classic uniform.

    I am not sure if Paul is in the progress of doing this or not, but Sirius/XM radio host Dino Costa is in extreme support of the #NoUniAds movement. He has mentioned it a lot on his show in the past week, and I know Paul has been on his show in the past to discuss uniforms.

    Wouldn’t his show be a great vehicle to get the word out on the #nouniads movement? I guess I don’t really know how guests on his show works. My assumption is you can’t just say, “Hey I want to be on your show, thanks,” but maybe we should get the wheels in motion on that. It would be a ton of exposure for our great cause.

    I was unaware of Costa’s stand on #NoUniAds and had nothing to do with it.

    I have appeared on Costa’s show in the past, but that was before I was aware of some extremely offensive comments he’s made. I will not be accepting any further invitations to appear on his show.

    I welcome anyone’s support for #NoUniAds, but I think we can get a better person to carry our flag than Costa.

    If not Costa, how about Costas? No doubt he’s got to be against the ads as well!

    Probably an unpopular comment in these parts, but I have no problem with the NBA and uniform ads…if limited to 1 or 2, much like Euro soccer.

    So, I will not be emailing the NBA offices.

    Matt — just wondering, when you say you have no problem with it, does that mean you actually think it’s a good idea?

    Like, do you think putting ads on the players will actually improve any aspect of the NBA?

    Just to let people know: The Matt who posted the original comment in this thread is Matt Harris, former Mets batboy, so he’s actually seen bigtime sports from the inside, unlike the rest of us.

    That doesn’t mean his opinion is more (or less) valid than anyone else’s. I just think it adds an interesting level of context and perspective.

    If someone asked me if I thought it was a good thing, I would say it’s a little worse than having nothing there, but all in all nothing to get your panties in a bunch about. I understand folks on this website feel differently and more adamant about not having the ads there and thats fine, I don’t see it making much difference thought.

    As always I do take objection to Paul telling us all how to feel, by telling every uniwatch reader to email and call and tweet the NBA offices and tell them no. I’d rather he tell us to call and tweet and email and let them know how we feel whether we want the ads or not. Telling us to voice our opinions, not saying “Here’s how I think. Now you think that way too.”

    I don’t gather that at all. You are absolutely allowed to love purple, eat a vegan diet, vote Republican, support uniform advertisements, OR ALL OF THE ABOVE, and still be a reader. No conversions here. It’s a website curated by an author–a human being with opinions and penmanship–not a cult. Everything Paul writes about #NoUniAds, I read it as, “If you feel this way too, here’s your recourse.”

    hey, we don’t all have to agree with the world according to paul lukas. examples:

    indian mascots
    un-popped corn kernels
    phil hecken
    ads on youth soccer goals

    but we love him just the same!

    j/k phil, you’re doing a great job feeding us for a month (still not reading the weekends though…) lol. kidding… not really… seriously… :-)

    Well, there ARE slight restrictions on the love of purple around here, but I get your point …

    Well Mike, if you’ll re-read mondays post you’ll see where Paul did urge ALL uniwatch readers to contact the NBA with a big no to uniform ads. I don’t think Paul ever urged us to eat meat and hate purple though. So yeah, he is asking all of us to follow him blindly like sheep.

    It’s things like that that make me email these folks and tell them uni ads would be good and hope that it does happen, good for the league, good for business, it’ll reduce ticket prices, etc. Nothing better than a guy who doesn’t care about it getting his way while people much more well versed and with more invested not getting their way. #YesUniAds!

    Look, theres probably a 75% chance this is going to happen this year, a 100% chance it will happen at some point. The only saving grace is that backlash will be SO great that the league will abandon it. Will backlash be that great? Will the 10% of people who actually care about stuff like this get their way? All the owners have to say to the fans is “hey, pony up $100M and we’ll keep ads off the jerseys.”

    I hear your argument…but I’m not buying it.
    If you go to a concert, the singer might ask everybody to clap their hands. A plea to act like sheep? Nope. Buying a ticket yields a totally reasonable explanation that you’re into the music. Can’t really account for that one less-than-enthused girlfriend who got dragged out to see her boyfriend’s favorite band. (Or, heh-heh, vice versa.)
    So welcome to (also known as “Uni Watch” if you’re not quoting the website URL itself), led by Paul “Sports teams are civic entities of unusual loyalty and pride, and certain things just shouldn’t be made available to the highest bidder, even if you think they could be” Lukas. That’s been his modus operandi for years.

    Wait. You mean that Paul won’t be ordering the UW faithful gather outside our house with torches and pitchforks if he finds out that we just bought our daughter a pair of purple Nikes?

    I have no problem with Paul’s modus operandi or his ideas, but when he shoves it down our throats to agree with him well it works against him sometimes. Not good for business. Kinda like Chick-Fil-A.

    So when entities like Chick-fil-a and Paul shove their opinions down my throat, it’s a bit of a turn off, I can think for myself.

    I picture “Chelsea” walking into Sterns office and says “Here Mr. Stern, heres some emails from fans who want ads on uniforms!”

    “…If you go to a concert, the singer might ask everybody to clap their hands…”

    But the singer doesn’t URGE you to clap your hands and show you four different ways to do so.

    A few notes of sanity:

    1) To be clear: I would like everyone to call/tweet/email the NBA. Not just everyone on this site, but everyone, period.

    But do I expect that to happen? Of course not. Not everyone agrees with me on this particular issue. But for those who do agree, I’m going to provide — and keep providing — encouragement to action, and the means for executing that action. If you somehow find that offensive, well, I can’t really help that, but I think you’re being a bit oversensitive. Ask yourself this: If I can’t use my own fucking web site as a soapbox for a call to action about something I feel strongly about, what’s the point of having a web site?

    2) The term “shoving [whatever] down our throats” is an inflammatory nonsense term that does nothing to advance the discussion and basically means you’re too childish to deal with someone else’s point of view. If anyone is shoving anything down anyone’s throat here, it’s the NBA imposing uniform ads on its fan base. But I’ll never use that language when describing their plan, because (a) I’d rather encourage people to email/call/tweet than use inflammatory nonsense terms, and (b) nobody is forcing fans to watch NBA games, just like nobody’s forcing anyone to read Uni Watch. If the ad plan goes thru, fans can boycott (and I will certainly encourage them to do so); if you don’t like Uni Watch, you don’t have to read it.

    3) Nobody ever minds my strong opinions on anything until it’s an opinion they disagree with. If I’m making fun of pajama pants, it’s “Preach on, brother!” But if I say X while you believe Y, suddenly there’s talk of shoving and throats and such. One would hope for a greater level of intellectual consistency.

    “…I would like everyone to call/tweet/email the NBA. Not just everyone on this site, but everyone, period…”

    …And tell them “no uniform ads” right?…

    So basically, yes, you want everyone to think like you.

    Don’t give us this BS I’m too childish to deal with others viewpoints, I’m all for everyone having their own opinions, and voicing them too, but I don’t agree with folks shoving their views down my throat, whether I agree with them or not.

    Like I said I encourage others viewpoints, and the more knowledgable the better, but honestly, I haven’t heard one good argument for a reason to keep ads off of uniforms. I’ve heard it looks crappy, it doesn’t belong there, and made up stuff that jersey sales will go down, but not the real “here’s why we can’t have ads” argument.

    And Paul, as I’ve said in the past, I enjoy Uni-watch immensly, todays lead photo is a reason why. I never even knew winfield played for Minnesota, and I can never get enough of the stylized M they use along with the maroon and yellow, good stuff. I enjoy mispellings on jerseys and the fact that nameplates for two different flyers with the same names are different, honestly, what the hell. But with the good comes the bad, and when you urge all your loyal followers to think exactly like you, sometimes they question it, call the NBA and voice the opposite opinion. Don’t worry Paul, it comes with the territory! Keep up the mostly good work!

    OK, at this point you’re just being silly. If you truly haven’t heard one good argument against the uniform ads, then you haven’t been paying attention to this web site for the past six years.

    You can keep referring to content on someone else’s free web site that you don’t have to read as being forced down your orifice if that makes you happy. But back here on planet Earth, the rest of us are going about our business. Let’s move on.

    I heard that the members of KISS shoved drum sticks down Shawn Cassidy’s throat.

    Paged through those PSU message boards for a minute (a minute I’ll never get back)… You’ve got to love the perspective.

    More than once I saw “this will be the final straw”

    OK, so your iconic head coach covering up the defensive coordinator for over ten years and THIS would be the “final straw”.

    A little perspective people.

    Always want to ask them, “Would you have the same feelings if all this was happening at Ohio State?”

    I don’t understand the article about the Notre Dame gloves. If you read ‘CHA PION’ and can’t figure it out, especially in that context, then you’ve got a bigger problem that you need to address.

    Plus, the sign is burned into the consciousness of the players (as they pound it on the way down to the field), and the ND fans.

    It’s a bit analogous to the Michigan version of the gloves, which have the lyrics to “The Victors” on them. They might be missing one or two words, but all a Michigan person needs to see us one or two words to get the reference.

    Sorry, forgot to mention that McGoohan’s jacket wasn’t a new look made for The Prisoner. A blazer with piping is a venerable garment for Etonians and other “public” school folk when attending summertime sporting events, most particularly the Henley Regatta. Which, in turn, conjures Ray Davies and the lyrics of “Well Respected Man.”

    I am pretty sure john olerud never Played in the minors and clemens didnt until a rehab start

    USC won the CWS in 1973, not Minnesota, even though Dave Winfield was named the Most Outstanding Player. The gophers won the CWS in 1956, 1960, and 1964

    Y’know, I saw that CWS win in ’73 listed on some website, used it when I wrote the piece about a week ago, and then just the other day thought, “Wait, wasn’t that the year of Fred Lynn and USC?”

    Thanks for setting things straight.

    Jordan is wearing the Air Max 180, a shoe released in 1991. This is obviously a 1992 Olympic photo shoot.

    Jordan Brand began in 1997, so it’s not “clearly a few years into the Jordan brand.”

    Anyone know anything about this? From Charley Walters’s column in today’s St. Paul Pioneer Press:

    “Ex-Edina hockey and football player Jim Finks Jr., who died suddenly at age 59 Tuesday evening and was a son of late Vikings GM Jim Finks, wrote a book on NFL uniforms and was working on a book on NHL uniforms.”


    Hey wait a minute there Phil. hahaha you are a funny guy.Big JoePa fan. hahaha

    Uni changes for Penn State? Long-time reader, frequent submitter and big JoePa fan Larry Bodnovich

    I wish the Pirates wore a monochrome gold alt like that. With the black-brimmed gold hat, of course.

    You mean Guld, as in Gulden’s mustard. I’m thinking about hot dogs when I see that color.

    More football teams used to wear that. Now they all wear that drab shade Vegas gold, or the very nice athletic gold, but nobody wear’s Gulden’s or true old gold anymore.

    My absolute pet peeve of all-time that almost no teams wear this color anymore.

    Damn Lou Holtz for his Notre Dame change to “Vegas Gold” and his teams’ success with that color. Within 10 years almost EVERY team wearing Old Gold – sans Army and a few lower division teams – were all wearing Vegas Gold – the color of very weak Cat Piss. Even Army abandoned Old Gold for the waekling Vegas Gold about 5 years ago. Likely it was the uniform manufacterer that aused this, as Old Gold is hard to find.

    Don’t get me started ….

    Damn Lou Holtz for his Notre Dame change to “Vegas Gold”

    Gerry Faust used Vegas Gold as a trim color when he went to royal blue jerseys from 1981-83. In any event, it was Champion that switched from athletic gold.

    DJ – now that I think about it, you are right – Gerry Faust went with the Vegas Gold – I should remember because in those early days of ESPN and college dorm cable access, ESPN almost every day ran those Notre Dame football games from that era. You could see Steve Beurlein and Francisco Hiawatha in your sleep.

    In the scysophrentic Gerry Faust era, he seemed to get the idea of Unis meaning something to fans and players. His Moeller HS teams wore pretty detailed uniforms, and he apparently spent alot of time thinking about the ND unis. If I remember right, upon succeeding Dan Devine – who by that time had the football team in Green jerseys full-time – Faust announced that the Irish would wear Blue, as if Royal Blue was good enough for The Virgin Mary, it was good enough for his team.

    After awhile, and too many mediocre seasons, he had them wear Green. Then, where he couldn’t decide between Green jereys or Blue jerseys – He dressed them in Green jerseys with a Blue stripe.

    Nonetheless, the petilence of Vegas Gold truly began to polute other programs during the Lou Holtz years – a pox upon them both.

    Jordan is wearing the Air Max 180, a shoe released in 1991. The photo shoot is obviously for the 1992 Olympics.

    Jordan Brand did not begin until 1997, so it’s not “clearly a few years into the Jordan brand”.

    Jordan is wearing the Air Max 180, a shoe released in 1991. This photo shoot is obviously for the 1992 Olympics.

    Jordan Brand didn’t start until 1997 so it’s not “clearly a few years into the Jordan brand”.

    In addition, I love how my old email was blocked from commenting. I’m sure because my opinions differ from the general Uniwatch population…

    Sandberg has been coaching in the minors for several seasons. And at least it’s AAA and not Appalachian League. Plus, he’s with a more competitive organization. Don’t know the specifics, but the Cubs didn’t keep him in the orginaztion.

    Someone musta googled “Penn State Uniforms” and “O’Brien” in the same search because my website is blowin’ up right now with links from a PSU board.

    Someone has possibly suggested this already but how about keep the current day’s post in long form and post from previous days with the ‘click to continue reading’ link. That way everyone can see the current post in it’s entirety and old posts are compressed to save space.

    Regarding the new Northwestern uniforms, this would be a classic case where many will hate, but many will also love the new look – IN THEORY. I am one who really likes the look. In Theory.

    However, how will that look look on a lineman? (I know I don’t plan to wear a horizontally striped shirt any time soon) How will it look when the NWS on the sleeves don’t match up with the NWS on the jerseys? It’ll be like a button down jersey where the look is great when standing still, arms at side, but when you do something as bizarre as make an athletic movement – the intelligence of the design goes away.

    “How will it look when the NWS on the sleeves don’t match up with the NWS on the jerseys?”

    That’s NUS not NWS, Northwestern is one word. NU not NW.

    You know, studying in Canada, I used to see blank CFL jerseys for sale. I’ve never seen a blank NFL jersey for sale (save for a rare TJ Maxx find), so they always looked strangely empty to me. This could very well be an exception.

    For first blush, at this distance, I like the new uniforms. Not too garish, but unique. We will have to wait and see what hey look like in action, but I like it.

    As long as we’re talking about John Olerud, he was going to be my answer until I found out that he’d played in Pawtucket at the end of his career. Learn something every day.

    Bringing it back to uniforms, here’s a cool photo that I don’t think has been posted here before – the 1970 Winnipeg Whips, featuring (in the second row) Jimy Williams and John Olerud Sr.


    My wife got me a Whips cap from Ebbets Field Flannels a couple of years back – love it!


    Holy crap that’s an awesome hat. If I had some connection to Winnipeg (studied at McGill, and never ventured west of Waterloo in Canada) and if I didn’t already have a similar Expos 5950 (Cooperstown Collection repro, Dior batter man on back, not a vintage item by any stretch of the imagination), I’d have to have one!

    Probably the cap that gets me the most compliments and/or questions from curious strangers. From women as frequently as men, too, which is true of no other cap I’ve ever worn.

    Yep. Everyone recognizes the Expos colours but not the logo.

    I’ve worn it in Winnipeg and got plenty of comments – invariably from people who don’t know that Winnipeg briefly had an AAA IL team.

    NU Unis:

    They could be worse.

    Glad purple is still the home jersey color. I like white pants better than black ones though.

    I wouldn’t mind a black uni with purple pants, though. Great memories: link

    OH EM GEE, THEY DIDN’T FUCK THE HELMET UP! That’s the best part, the helmet remained untouched.

    The road white jersey needs to always be paired with the purple pants.

    Purple pants = winning: link

    Glad there’s no stripe on the pants. I thought they’ed throw a stripe on there.

    I did guess the sublimation of the bricks on the numbers, though I had the numbers in a Gothic font: link link

    I was thinking they’d be more along the lines of these:

    Hey Tim E. O’Brien and Chris Giorgio – either of you got a higher resolution image of that NBA logo with all the brand marks?

    Great design, want to push it out a little more.

    I’d appreciate it if PL would lead a crack team of ESPNvestigators to track down/identify #28 in this photograph:


    Oh, right. I guess you were part of that conversation. I should have actually looked at the comments.

    Maybe Northwestern should have kept the stripes on the sleeve and added the stripes instead on their helmets and socks. The stripes on the jersey are horrifically bad.

    The Gophers played in the CWS in 1973 but didn’t win. They lost to USC in an elimination game after blowing a seven-run lead.

    Just herd on 94 wip (philadelphia sportstalk station) and PSU coach Bill O’Brien wants to change the uniforms for Penn State and already as contacted Nike in doing so. He wants to start a fresh new chapter in Penn State football

    Am I going out on a limb by assuming that NBA-inspired designs with sponsor patches will be off-limits for future membership cards?

    First of all, membership cards are based on the back of a jersey, and that’s not where the NBA is putting its ad patches, so that’s kind of a moot point.

    However: We have never included any corporate logo other than a team, league, or conference logo on a Uni Watch membership card. That’s always been our policy. No maker’s marks, no advertising patches. That policy remains in place, irrespective of the NBA’s plan to sell out its jerseys.

    Fair enough, and thanks for the response. As hard as it might be to believe, I was NOT trolling! I really am not that familiar with the membership program, but I had thought the front of a jersey was an option for those that might not want their NOB.

    Jim Abbott didn’t play a game in the minors before his debut with the Angels in 1989. He did however end up playing a few games in the minors in the late 90’s after struggling late in his career.

    Wow! Not only a rare apostrophe catastrophe in the blog, but an ultra-rare DOUBLE apostrophe catastrophe!

    “Nike’s but not Jordan’s”

    I dont t’hink Ive’ e’v’e’r’ seen’ a d’o’uble” A’C’ i’n here’ ‘be’fore!

    …or does it actually mean “belonging to Nike but not belonging to Jordan”? Or “Nike is but not Jordan is”?

    Also, apparently the Schenn is won’t do the same in Philly. Or something that belongs to the Schenn won’t do the same in Philly.

    I prefer the long version, thanks. I never thought I would have ever said this, but if Penn State were to put names on their jerseys then that would be a way of showing accountability. Also, numbers on the helmets & stripes on the pants would look great too.

    No screen grab, but the early NY Giants unis also come to mind, with a similar horizontal stripe around the jerseys.

    Not sure if mentioned. That is Iowa vs Minnesota in Rickos picture. Iowa before the Steelers copy cat look.

    I was actually gonna post something before the Mad Magazine pic was released and see if someone wanted to do mockups of The Old Milwaukee Bucks, Taco Bulls, Brooklyn Aqua Nets and Miami Heat and Electric…


    New Mississippi State uniforms. Not bad but I’m not crazy about the banner logo on the chest. Also, the matte helmet looks more Alabama crimson than MSU maroon. The overall look is not that much different from what new SEC rival Texas A&M recently unveiled.

    For those north of the 49th parallel, the Edmonton Eskimos away uniform, despite breaking all the traditionalist rules for a good football uniform, including having rampant cluttering, nonetheless I find them oddly appealing. The green helmet and green pants, look a whole lot better than what they often wore on the road last year, athletic gold helments with green pants.

    No offense, but if I’m going to have to scroll through a whinefest about the NBA ads every single day, I’ll be reading this blog a whole lot less.

    I already know how you’re going to respond, and yes, I know it’s no skin off your back if one reader stops, but my God, the whining on this blog can be too much sometimes. We get it, you guys think corporations are manifestations of the Anti-Christ. There’s no need to bash the readership over the head with that.

    It’s not like the NBA is going to do what soccer teams do with huge logos across the front because they don’t have to. You’re making a mountain out of a molehill. Get over it. Ads on the jerseys will not ruin the game.

    People said the exact same thing when soccer teams started putting sponsors on their jerseys and guess what? The game survives to this day. Basketball will not die if the Heat put a small American Airlines logo on their jersey.

    Hi there. Long time reader, first time (Second? idr) commenter. Personally, I LOVE the long-form version of the site. When you guys run up the short form version, without thinking, I’ll click the ‘Continue Reading’ button and open it in another tab, which messes up the magic code that opens links in a new tab– instead of doing as they should, they’d load in the current tab, and I’d be off UniWatch. It’s a little thing, but it bugs me… Does it make sense?

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