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Cubs Celebrate Strike Season, Cuban Independence

By Phil Hecken

First, and most important thing: Paul has his annual College Football Preview today (one of the most anticipated columns of the year). Here’s the link.

Now then. Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs continued their year-long celebration of Wrigley Field by donning their 1994 alternate jerseys, jerseys which many have said fairly resemble . . . → Read More: Cubs Celebrate Strike Season, Cuban Independence

Leaving your Heart in Their Kind of Town

By Phil Hecken, with keen observations by Tim E. O’Brien

Yesterday the San Francisco New York Giants and Chicago Cubs played a good old-fashioned 100 Years Ago Throwback game in AT&T Park in beautiful San Fran. It’s not often you see one team dressed in monochrome navy anymore. But it was like that 100 . . . → Read More: Leaving Your Heart in Their Kind of Town

Numbers Game

During a recent round-up of wire service photos, I linked to this photo of Rollie Hemsley and had this to say about it: “I’ve always thought there’s something a bit off about a manager who insists on wearing No. 1. Like, if you need a uni number to tell people you’re at the top . . . → Read More: Numbers Game