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Category: Typography

EXCLUSIVE: Cubs Number Font Has Subtly Changed for 2024

In an unannounced change, the team’s number font has undergone a slight adjustment — and that has opened the door to a classic history mystery.

Finally, a Player Whose Name Benefits from Smaller Lettering

Simeon Woods Richardson’s NOB has undergone an interesting evolution over three seasons.

EXCLUSIVE: Mariners Finally Scrapping MLB’s Worst NOB Font

The lettering on the Mariners’ navy jerseys is finally getting upgraded.

A Frank Howard History Mystery (Plus a Very Funny TV Commercial)

An epic Uni Watch investigation.

The Untold Story Behind the Jacksonville Jaguars’ 1997 Number Font

For this week’s Uni Watch Premium article over on Substack, I have an interview with designer Eric Bodamer, who was working for Nike when they had to quickly redesign the …

Is It Time to Stop Using Scripts on Sports Uniforms?

With cursive writing no longer being taught, some brands are abandoning their script logos. Should sports teams be next?

Pats Still Having Players Suit Up in Wrong Number Font!

For the fourth consecutive year, New England can’t keep its fonts straight.

Giants Doing Public Service with Heroic Uni-Centric Stadium Exhibit

If every MLB team did this, they’d have a much more uni-literate fan base.

A Book About Video Game Type Fonts

If you ever played 8-bit video games, this book is definitely for you!

So Did the Mets Fix the Number Font on the Seaver Statue?

They had all winter to fix it. Did they?

Premier League Announces New Font, Sleeve Logo for 2023-24

Things will look a bit different on the pitch next season.

Why Can’t Teams Use the Right Fonts on Retired Number Banners?

It seems like a simple enough thing, but a surprising number of teams get it wrong.

New ‘Best Players by Uni Number’ Graphics for Denver and Detroit (and Phoenix!)

Chicago got us started last week. Today we have two more cities — wait, make that three more — joining in on the fun.

Little Things Mean a Lot: La Stella Gets a Lowercase ‘a’

Click to enlarge Greetings from northern Colorado, where I’m currently spending a few days doing outdoorsy stuff (but may have to high-tail it due to an approaching storm — we’ll …

Let’s Talk About the Coyotes’ Bizarre NOB Lettering

For all photos, click to enlarge Good morning! In last Sunday’s Ticker, Phil briefly mentioned the really fun “Los Yotes” pregame jerseys that the Coyotes wore two nights earlier. I …