Many fans refer to the Red Sox number font as “the Red Sox font.” But as serious uni-watchers know, the font is actually called McAuliffe, and was created by the Tim McAuliffe sporting goods company. Although the Red Sox are the only team currently using the font (well, except for the Cubs, who’ve used . . . → Read More: McAuliffe-ology

Bill Henderson Sweats the Details

As many of you probably know, the Phillies and Padres wore 1983 throwbacks on Friday. They got a lot of things wrong, which Phil covered in his excellent Saturday post. But Bill Henderson, author of the awesome Game Worn Guide to MLB Jerseys, noticed some additional issues, which he has helpfully spelled out for us. . . . → Read More: Bill Henderson Sweats the Details

Reading the NHL Tea Leaves

The NHL and Adidas continue to release teasers in advance of next Tuesday night’s uniform unveiling. Lots of rear-view photos were released yesterday, and they appear to show lots of small changes taking place for various teams (and also reinforce what the Adidas logo creep will look like). One thing at a time:

1. . . . → Read More: Reading the NHL Tea Leaves

History’s Pinkest Number-Retirement Ceremony

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For five months now, ever since it was announced that Derek Jeter’s number would be retired on Mother’s Day, I’ve been wondering how the Yankees would handle the uniforms. Would they really wear pink instead of their usual timeless uniforms? Would they maybe wear their regular uniforms . . . → Read More: History’s Pinkest Number-Retirement Ceremony