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The Thick and the Thin of Saints History

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The photo shown above was taken during the Saints’ inaugural season, 1967. Take a look at the two players in the center — quarterback Gary Cuozzo and running back Jim Taylor. As you can see, their jersey numbers are much thicker than the ones being worn by . . . → Read More: The Thick and the Thin of Saints History

The Miami Heat’s Early Uniforms Were a Mess

The Heat didn’t waste any time getting their new black throwbacks onto the court. After announcing them on Tuesday, they wore them on Wednesday night against the Bulls (lots of additional photos here).

When the throwbacks were revealed on Tuesday afternoon, I thought something about the chest insignia looked a bit off, but I . . . → Read More: The Miami Heat’s Early Uniforms Were a Mess

A Cincinnati Reds History Mystery

Time for a trip down another rabbit hole today, people. This one involves a four-season stretch in Reds history, from 1968 through 1971.

Let’s start by consulting Dressed to the Nines. If you look at Marc Okkonen’s renderings for those four seasons, you’ll see that the “Cincinnati” lettering and front numbers on the road . . . → Read More: A Cincinnati Reds History Mystery


Many fans refer to the Red Sox number font as “the Red Sox font.” But as serious uni-watchers know, the font is actually called McAuliffe, and was created by the Tim McAuliffe sporting goods company. Although the Red Sox are the only team currently using the font (well, except for the Cubs, who’ve used . . . → Read More: McAuliffe-ology