Squatchee Etymology: A Uni Watch Investigation

At some point six to eight years ago — I no longer recall the exact date but I’m pretty sure it was in 2008 or ’09 — a handful of Uni Watch readers began telling me that they called the little button on top of a baseball cap a squatchee. They said they’d picked […]

Close Inspection Reveals Huge Mets Uni Advantage

As you can see above, there’s a sizable squatchee gap in this year’s World Series. The Mets’ orange cap squatchee is mirrored by a matching squatchee on their batting helmet, while the Royals’ white cap squatchee does not have a counterpart on the team’s helmet. Advantage: Mets.

That’s one of 10 uni-related items regarding […]

Another Uni Watch Exclusive: Watch the Squatch

Yesterday I mentioned that the Mets and White Sox would be debuting a new uniform element — one that has never previously appeared on an MLB diamond — in their respective Grapefruit League openers on Monday.

Several readers who were watching the White Sox game came close to spotting the detail in question. But nobody […]