A Very Busy Day, but First: A Uni Watch Look at Rowing Blazers

Today is going to be a very busy day in the uni-verse. In the NBA, the Mavericks are going to reveal have revealed their alternate uniform for 2015-16 (that’s next season, not this coming season), plus another team that I can’t name will be unveiling a new alternate uni. a new Pelicans alternate has leaked. […]

And Shamu Looks Pretty Sharp, Too

Yesterday’s ESPN column generated so much response that I’ve created an FAQ page for it. To see it, scroll down to the entry immediately after this one.

One comment that came up repeatedly — and occasionally comes up in other e-mail I receive — was that I’m a prime exemplar of “the media’s east-coast […]

Shirts Off Their Backs

The other day I got an e-mail from Matt Kowalski. The subject line read, “The only sport where the winner gets the loser’s uniform”¦” When I opened the e-mail, the sentence was completed: “is rowing.”

The rest of the e-mail read like so:

“Shirt racing” is the way things are done at all major […]