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The Guy Who Shot The Catch

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By Phil Hecken

You know the photo above (or at least you should). It depicts a play known simply as The Catch. The photo itself is iconic. Paul even uses it during football season as his avatar for the “Catch of the Day.” It’s a damn near perfect photo. Hell, it . . . → Read More: The Guy Who Shot The Catch

The Tao of Steve -- Part II

By Phil Hecken

Last summer, when I took over for Paul during his 2012 hiatus, I ran a post featuring fantastic baseball photography from a (seemingly now-defunct, since it hasn’t been updated since 2009) blog called “Steve’s Baseball Photography Pages (A pictoral history of baseball in the 1960s and 70s)” — If you missed . . . → Read More: The Tao of Steve — Part II

True Colours - Volume II

By Phil Hecken

Some of you fine readers may recall an article I penned back in April of 2009, entitled True Colors – Volume I, which featured the first article on colorization on Uni Watch, and featuring the fantastic work of Larry Bodnovich. Although I’ve done several pieces on colorization since then, I never . . . → Read More: True Colours – Volume II

“O” My God — What the Duck?

By Phil Hecken

“Not seeing the forest for the trees?”

“Oregon Being Oregon?”

“What the Duck?”

So many headlines went through my head when I first saw today’s splash photo. It’s actually quite difficult to put into words. Well, my own words, anyway. So, I’ll let Tinker Hatfield, the man who designed the court, . . . → Read More: “O” My God — What the Duck?