The Hy Peskin Archives, Vol. 3

Okay, one last batch of beautiful Hy Peskin pics. In previous entries we’ve covered baseball and basketball and football; this time around we’ll cover a range of other sports.

Without futher ado:

• Check out Arnie Palmer with the off-center belt buckle.

• Now that’s a lot of club head covers.

• One of […]

Getting It Right The First Time

By Phil Hecken, with Giancarlo

A couple weeks ago, in the comments section, reader Giancarlo raised an extremely germane comment/suggestion/question; to wit: What teams got their uniform exactly right from their inception, so much so that every subesquent uniform iteration that followed has failed to replicate the superior first effort for that team. In […]

All Good Things In All Good Time

By Phil Hecken

So, the Derby’s today. The Kentucky Derby. You know, the “Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports.” The kick-off to the triple crown. The Sport of Kings (or is that boxing?). No matter. It’s Derby Day and that means eight hours of buildup on ESPN and then well, two minutes of racing […]

Your Guile, My Guile, Our Guile

[Editor’s Note: Although intern emeritus Vince Grzegorek has moved on to greener pastures, he’s still going to contribute occasional entries — like today’s, for example.]

By Vince Grzegorek A few weeks ago, there was a mention in the Ticker of the Slipstream cycling team’s search for a new uniform for next season. […]