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Wrapping Up the Costumes of a Sport That's Not a Sport

By Phil Hecken

Well, the “sport” of Olympic Figure Skating wrapped up yesterday (with a bunch of non-counting exhibitions), and we can all continue the debate on whether it’s an actual “sport” (if you’re unfamiliar with what I’m referring to, please see Paul’s column from this past Wednesday). Or not.

I tried to . . . → Read More: Wrapping Up the Costumes of a Sport That’s Not a Sport

Some Thoughts About Figure Skating Costumes

My colleague Jim Caple recently ran a column in which he asked members of the U.S. Olympic figure skating and ice dancing teams how they’d feel about wearing a standardized Team USA uniform, instead of the costumes they usually wear.

This is a subject that Jim and I have discussed quite a bit . . . → Read More: Some Thoughts About Figure Skating Costumes

With Glowing Hearts

By Phil Hecken

The 2010 Olympics from Vancouver, British Columbia, come to a close this evening, but there’s still some big excitement ahead today. Of course, I’m speaking of the Mens 50 km cross-country skiing, which will be held at 9:30 local time (12:30 ET). No, no…the big deal today, of course, is the . . . → Read More: With Glowing Hearts