Impossible but True: Pitch Ends Up in Ump’s Chest Pocket

Here’s a bizarre item that I missed over the weekend: During Sunday’s NCAA Regionals game between Arizona State and Fairfield, with the Sun Devils batting and runners on second and third, a pitch sailed past the Fairfield catcher’s mitt and struck the plate ump in just the right spot so that it plunked into […]

The Hidden Uni Connection Between Willie Mays and Tom Seaver

Willie Mays turned 90 yesterday, so there have been lots of Mays tributes floating around this week. One of them, improbably, taught me about a fascinating uni-related connection between Mays and another all-time great, Tom Seaver.

The tribute in question is this New York Times article about Mays that was published on […]

Dodgers Star Justin Turner Has Unusual Jersey Modification

There’s nothing new about MLB players who prefer to leave their jerseys partially unbuttoned. But reader Marc Gilbert has noticed that Dodgers third baseman, leprechaun lookalike, and Met-who-got-away Justin Turner does something more radical: In addition to going unbuttoned, he’s had his jersey modified to create a deeper V-neck.

Let’s start with this shot of […]