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My Favorite Thing About Halloween: Bike Kill 2023 Report

Saturday brought my favorite thing about Halloween, and one of my favorite things about living in New York City: Bike Kill, a combination block party, freak show, and mutant bike festival held each year on a dead-end street in Brooklyn on the Saturday before Oct. 31.

The premise is simple: The organizers provide dozens of bizarre bicycles (tall, tiny, long, short, etc.), which anyone can ride back and forth — preferably in costume. It tends to attract lots of art-punks, anarchists, and freaks, but you’ll also see relatively “normal” people, sometimes with their kids.

You can get a sense of the mood in the video I shot (see above), and these pics provide a closer look at some of the bikes:

Bike Kill is presented each year by the New York chapter of the Black Label Bike Club, an arts/cycling collective that builds all the crazy bikes and allows the public to ride them. The members are easy to spot, because they have a uniform of sorts:

A great time, as always. I love Bike Kill!

Comments (11)

    nice pictures! bike kill is always a hoot. I spotted you, but didn’t get a chance to say hello.

    Maybe I’m just not hip enough, but there’s no chance I’m hopping on some of those without a helmet. Some awesome designs though – that triple-stack where the rubber from the top wheel turns the middle wheel, which turns the bottom is a work of engineering mayhem.

    Very nice indeed. I come from a real bicycle country but we don’t have cool bike gatherings like this one!

    Hey Paul, my partner and I went this year based on your report from last year. What a blast! We got there around 5:00. The crowd was much larger by then, so I didn’t get a lot of great photos of the bikes. Also, the % of “normal” people among the riders was much lower. The joust was a trip. I really appreciate that you share slices of life like this on the blog.

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