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WNBA Teams Unveil New ‘Rebel’ Uniforms

Five of the 12 WNBA teams have released 2023 “Rebel Edition” alternate uniforms today. While the category name is embarrassing (anytime a big corporation claims to be a “rebel,” you know they’re even more full of shit that usual), some of the designs aren’t bad. Let’s go one team at a time:

Dallas Wings

I’m generally a fan of diagonal stripes on basketball uniforms. It would be nice to see how the jersey stripes align with the shorts stripes on a human being, but the only player photos they’ve provided don’t really show that. Sigh. Additional info here.


Indiana Fever

Ugh — I will never understand why the same company needs two ads on the front of the same jersey. Additional info here.


Minnesota Lynx

No additional info available yet on this one, but I’ll add a link once the team provides an unveiling page.


New York Liberty

My favorite design of the bunch. Additional info here.


Washington Mystics

Not bad at all. I like that color scheme. Additional info here.


The WNBA season is scheduled to begin on May 19.

Comments (15)

    When I need to rebel, I turn to Salesforce. Find a perfect solution for your rebellion, no matter your size, industry, or needs at

    As a Las Vegas Aces fan, I dislike the “Rebel Edition” for a different reason. To many Las Vegans, when you put the word rebel together with basketball, it invokes images of Jerry Tarkanian and Larry Johnson.

    I’m getting 1994 riot grrrrl vibes from that lead photo. I guess what’s old is new again.

    The unis are fine, a couple of them are pretty cool, actually.

    But that picture at the top… Ouch! Wondering if actual kids really find that vibe cool…

    Are the women in the lead photo actually WNBA players or just models?

    NBA fans, take a good look at those Indiana and Minnesota WNBA jerseys. That’s the ad future for NBA jerseys coming in 2-3 years.

    I hate when uniforms have harsh gradations, but for whatever reason, the “speckling” transition for the Liberty makes me like it a lot.

    It’s hard to take rebel seriously when the uni’s are plastered with advertisements.

    I notice that the promotional photo either removes them or covers them up, but the real jerseys have them. Disappointing; knowing what WNBA jerseys normally look like, when I saw the photo I was pleasantly surprised.

    I missed this post yesterday. Thanks for creating a W recap Paul! I am a fan of the NYL and Wings uniforms. Will need to the Washington in action.

    I wish these teams would release their uniforms one at a time or perhaps not during the NCAA Final Four when all attention is on college hoops at the moment.

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