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Collector’s Corner for August 16, 2022

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Tuesday greetings from sunny Southern California. My wife and I are on our first vacation in quite awhile, seeing the sights only SoCal can provide. Today, we’re at Disneyland in Anaheim, also home of the Angels! Speaking of the Halos, Funko has a terrific two-figure set of the two-way superstar Shohei Ohtani. Here he is at the plate and on the hill!

(I collect 007 Funko POP! figures, so we visited their Hollywood store yesterday. It’s one of only two places on the planet- the other being their corporate HQ in Everett, WA- where you can create a Funko POP! of…yourself. Ahem.)

We also went to the Petersen Museum and took in the 007 exhibit!

OK. So, enough travel news. Read up on this week’s picks and can someone point us towards the Finding Nemo Submarines?

• Apex One was the manufacturer of these late 1990s St. Louis Cardinals shorts.

• “Win, Twins!” All of the team’s stars are shown on this 1974 placemat from Metropolitan Stadium.

This print ad is from 1948: “Chesterfields Make a Hit With Me Because They’re Milder!” That’s a quote from actor William Bendix, who starred as The Bambino in The Babe Ruth Story.

• In 1939, Yankees Manager Joe McCarthy was featured in this print ad for “Bromo-Seltzer. Key quote: “Plenty of headaches, nervous strain when you’re managing a big league ballclub. Like millions of others, I take Bromo-Seltzer.”

• Remember these? Here’s a set of 1970s MLB fridge magnets.

• Terrific cover art on these NFL PP&K (Punt, Pass & Kick) booklets from 1968 and 1970.

• “Here Come The Majors” is the headline for this 1969 Seattle Pilots ticket brochure. “There Go The Majors” would be the theme in 1970 as they moved to Milwaukee after just one season in Seattle.

• Check this out! A combo lunch cooler/radio from WGN Radio in Chicago. It’s decorated with the Chicago area teams they carried at the time. The seller says the radio doesn’t work “but it may be something simple.” Got batteries?

• A simple, clean Cleveland Browns single bar face mask decorates this 1970s ashtray.

• This 22″ x 42″ 1970s Boston Celtics rug/banner says “Where The Fun Is.”

That’ll do it for this edition of CC. See you back here next week!

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    I wonder how many DB5 replicas there are out there. The SPY Museum has one in DC that I walk by fairly regularly. Can’t help but hum link

    Those fridge magnets are great! I still have a couple of them. State-shaped magnets in that style can still be found at highway rest stops. Would love to see pro teams make them again.

    I used to have that 1970 PP&K book! Paul has it now.

    In the near future I’ll be sharing a DIY based on the artwork.

    Take a look at page 2 of the Seattle Pilots ticket brochure. It says “Get in line for ‘69.” NICE!!

    I collect funko pops as well, nothing specific, just anything that calls out to me, and now I need to go to Hollywood, for… reasons.

    Here’s how it works. They’re open seven days a week, but only thru the summer; then it’s Weds thru Sunday. You go in, give ’em your name. They text you to confirm ‘you’re on the list’. Then they text you to say, ‘come over and make your POP.’ They show you to a kiosk, and you touch thru the screens to select options.

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